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Old Friend, New Relationship

Chapter 1: Bugs' Crush

Lola was in the courtyard playing some basketball. Bugs on the other hand, was in the dorm room working on some pretty hard homework. Lola looked up at their dorm window, then over to a group of pretty big guys playing basketball on the other court. She smiled to herself and strolled over, watching them. Soon, she spoke up. "Y'all need one more?" Lola asked. "Sorry, doll. You're too little!" The guy rabbits laughed. Lola suddenly narrowed her eyes. "Doll...?" Lola snatched the ball from the rabbits and went to half-court. She took a shot, making it in with ease. "Dang! Girl got skills, man!" One of the rabbits said to their group "leader". "Do me a favor..." Lola whipped her hair away from her face. "Don't call me doll," She said.

With that, she turned and walked away, a seductive sway in her steps. She smiled confidently to herself, she loved putting guys in their place and showing who the real dominant gender was. She went back to the court she originally was at and began to shoot hoops again.

With the audition on Bugs' mind, he seemed kinda stressed. He put his pencil down and sighed. He twiddled with his tumbs for a minute before suddenly having the urge to go down and see Lola. So, he did so. "G'day, Lo!” Bugs waved and smiled.

"Hey," she said, not really paying attention to him, she was too focused on shooting baskets.

Even though Lola didn’t pay much attention to him, he was a lot more focused on her than he was with his homework. He just absentmindedly watched her shoot from behind her. Lola stopped and slowly turned her head towards Bugs. “Uhh... What’s up?” Lola asked.

Bugs shook his head to get him out of his thoughts and back into reality. "Huh? Oh nuttin'. I just spaced out, dat's all."

Lola giggled. “If you say so,” Lola shot another basket. “Say, Lola... If you want to, did you wanna go somewhere tonight?” Bugs asked, his heart racing.

Lola was so startled by his question, she missed the basket horribly. The ball bounced off the rim and hit her square on the side of her head. She wobbled for a second, comical blue birds flying around her head, then fell to the ground with a thud. The guy rabbits who she beat earlier pointed and laughed histerially at her. She groaned and sat up, rubbing her head and flicking away the birds.

“Don’t listen to them, Lo... You alright...?” Bugs kneeled down next to her, offering his hand.

"Yeah, I'm ok..." she took his hand and stood. They stood there for a while, an awkward silence falling between them. Finally, Bugs decided to break the silence,"Well?"

“H-Huh? Well, what?” Lola asked. “I asked if you wanted to go somewhere with me tonight...” Bugs’ expression was even more shy than last time.

"You mean like a- like a-?" "Like a date," Bugs finished for her. She flinched a the word "date". A huge blush crept across her face, so big that it was visible through her fur. She bit her lip and looked down, "Bugs..." she started. She didn't know how to word how she felt, Bugs was a pretty popular guy at the college; funny, smart, witty, a ladies man attribute of his bothered her. Bugs was known not only for his wit, but for his ability to get any woman (bunny) he wanted. That's why Lola had promised herself never to be more than friends with him, lest she would feel used. "I..." she tried to start again, but the words were so dead that they didn't even make it to her throat.

Bugs grabbed her hand and helped her up. “Well, if you don’t exactly know, you could talk to me about it in our room,” Bugs smiled his innocent, caring smile that he always gave to Lola.

Lola took her hand out of Bugs' and smiled kindly at him, "I'm gonna need some time to think, is that ok, Bugs?" she hoped Bugs would understand, she really did like him, but she wasn't sure if she was ready to start a relationship. She needed to talk to someone, get some advice from someone with more experience than her in the field of dating.

“Sure. I can live with that,” Bugs smiled kindly and started to walk off. Deep down, he wanted an answer ASAP, but he didn’t want to seem too anxious.

Lola was about to thank him, but he had walked off too soon. She could tell that he was disappointed about not getting a quick answer, since he was so used to it. As soon as he was far enough away, she turned and ran to her friend, Sylvia Cat's dorm. She knocked on Sylvia's door, she heard some rustling from inside and some lisped swearing before the door oppened a crack and out peeked the face of a rather disgruntled yellow and white female cat. "Lola? What are you doing here?" she asked. "I need to talk to you," Lola replied. Sylvia looked behind her, "can this wait?" "No!" Sylvia sighed. "Fine....hold on..." Sylvia closed the door and even more rustling sounds could be heard. After a few minutes the door opened again and out walked Sylvester Pussycat, Sylvia's boyfriend of two years.

"Sufferin' Succotach!" ~Sylvester the Cat


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Chapter 2: Dating

"Sthee ya later, hon!" Sylvester said as he left, spraying spit everywhere because of his lisp. "Bye!" Sylvia waved, she then turned to Lola, "come in," she said, pulling Lola inside the room. Once the door was shut and locked, she turned to the bunny and asked, "what do you want?" her tone was half curious and half annoyed, Lola could tell she had better cut to the chase right away.

“Bugs. Dating. Advice. Yes or no. Now!” Lola simply stated.

"Whoa! Huh? Wha-? Lola slow down!!! Speak full sentences!" Sylvia exclaimed.

“A few minutes ago... Bugs and I met in the courtyard. He asked me to go out with him somewhere tonight and then all of the sudden, my own basketball hit me in the face! I felt so embarresed in front of him... I need you to give me some advice about dating!” Lola explained. “I could really use it,” She added.

"I can tell...." Sylvia muttered under her breath. Then she turned to Lola, "well, do you like him?"

Lola nodded. “I do! But, I don’t want to make myself look like a fool whenever i’m with him,” She said. Bugs was in the dorm room working on his homework. Really, he wanted to be smart for Lola. He wore a camo shirt that read: “Can you see me now?” On the fron with some blue jeans and a pair of black sneakers.

"Hmmmm," Sylvia scratched her chin thoughtfully. "Well you should just be yourself around him, don't think of it as a date, think of it as hanging around a friend. Though, I don't see why you like him in the first place, he's a total womanizer! And you're like the biggest feminist in the entire university!" Sylvia did have a point, Lola and Bugs' personalities were a lot like oil and water, they just wouldn't mix.

“So what? He’s really nice and we’ve been best friends! We’re in the same dorm,” She said. “Well, thanks for the advice, anyway. I guess I should tell him yes or no,” Lola started for the door.

"Lola, wait!" Sylvia exclaimed, stopping the bunny in her tracks. "Just....don't get hurt ok? If he's not what you think he is, don't be too disappointed."

Lola nodded. “Thanks,” She smiled and walked out the door. She entered their dorm. Bugs looked over his shoulder to see Lola. He got up. “Lo!” Bugs smiled. “Hey, Bugs...” Lola smiled a little.

"Listen....I've thought about it and..." she bit her lip, "It'd be nice if we went somewhere together tonight...if you still want to that is..."

Bugs almost shot up. “W-Wow... Really...?” Bugs stuttered. Bugs didn’t know what else to say. “G-Great!” Bugs added.

"So...what time?" she asked, her shyness gone and a flirty smile on her face.

Bugs blushed. “Se-Seven?”

"Great! I have to go to the library right now, so I'll see you then. Bye Bugs," she said, emphasizing his name. She then walked out of the room and started walking to the library. Suddenly, Sylvia's last words to her popped into her head. She stopped and frowned, 'am I going to regret this?' she thought, she then shook her head and kept walking.

"Sufferin' Succotach!" ~Sylvester the Cat


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Chapter 3: The Date

Around 7, Bugs borrowed his father’s car. A Lamborghini Gallardo. Silver with spinners on the rims.

Lola was in Sylvia's room, still getting ready, with Sylvia helping, of course. The bunny kept fidgetting and looking at the clock. Sylvia noticed, "hey, sweety, what's wrong?" "I was thinking about what you said earlier. I think I'm having second thoughts about this," Lola replied. Sylvia laughed, "Jeez, you make it sound like you're getting married! I knew I shouldn't have said that, look, just be careful, and I know for a fact that you can take care of yourself so there's nothing to worry about. Got it?"

“Is Bugs outside? Check the streets,” Lola said. There he was. Bugs was leaning against his car, looking around for Lola but didn’t see her anywhere.

"Oh no! I'm late!" she exclaimed. "For a very important date?" Sylvia asked, chuckling to herself. Lola stared at her then smacked her upside the head, "what's wrong with you!? Does this look like some Disney program to you!?" With that she ran out the door. Sylvia rubbed her head, "well I thought it was funny..."

Lola came running to Bugs. “Bugs, sorry I- Whoa...!” Lola froze when she saw his car. “What...? Too much...?” Bugs laughed.

"Nice car, Bugs!" she exclaimed, she then looked at Bugs, "you don't look that bad yourself."

“I try,” Bugs grinned. He wore a black tuxedo with a dark red tie, black tux pants with white stripes at the sides, and black dress shoes, all picked out specially for this night. “You think that’s all?” Bugs lightly kicked one of the spinners, making it spin. As it spun, it suddenly lit up in gold with blue letter’s that read: “My date with “her”.

"Cool," Lola smiled. Bugs looked at her atire, a modest, light blue dress with matching shoes and a white ribbon choker around her neck. Lola didn't have much money, but she knew how to manage her budget well enough to get herself something nice. Bugs new he'd need more than a flashy car and sharp clothing to impress her.

“Shall we ride...?” Bugs opened the passenger door for her, the door moving up instead of to the side.

"Uhh, sure..." she said getting into the car.

Bugs got in the other end. “So, where shall we go? Dinner? Park? The moon...?” Bugs joked.

"Hmm...well I haven't been to the moon in a while..." Lola joked back. "The park sounds nice," she replied seriously.

“Right-o!” Bugs drove off to the park. “You know, those TV Show auditions are in two days... I dunno if i’m ready for it...” Bugs muttered.

"I'm sure you'll do fine," Lola told him reasuringly. "You're the most tallented actor I know, you're funny, bold, and you should have more confidence in yourself."

“Thanks, Lo...” Bugs smiled, parking his car in the lot. He quickly went over to Lola’s side and opened the door for her. “Here we are, mam...” Bugs smiled.

Lola rolled her eyes and got out. Bugs wasn't acting the way he usually acted. Sylvia's words popped into her head again, she frowned slightly, was that all it was with Bugs? An act? Did she really know the real Bugs Bunny?

Speak of the devil. Bugs came up to her and slowly leaned in to kiss her cheek. He pulled away soon after the kiss. “I really do want to be with you, Lo...” He said.

Lola didn't speak, she was still too suprised by the kiss on the cheek Bugs had just given her.

Bugs started coming clean. “Alright. So, maybe i’m not the fanciest guy in the world. The suit and car is NOT me.” He was soon reminded of his report card. “Oh, and I got this today...” Bugs handed her his folded up report card.

She took the report card from his hand and unfolded it, straight A's. What a total geek. She smiled at him, "good job, Bugs!"

“I really did it mostly because I heard that you really liked somebody smart. Remember, back at Sylvester’s party? I overheard you and I just wanted to do the best I could at school,” Bugs smiled shyly.

She gave him a small smile, but on the inside, she was unimpressed. A guy shouldn't have to change in order to get a girl to like him. If she didn't like him from the start, then it was never meant to be. To her, if a guy thought he had to change for a girl, he lacked confidence in himself and wasn't worth her time. She really hoped Bugs was more than that.

Bugs was silent for a while as they walked along the park. He felt like she wasn’t having a good time. Come to think of it, neither was he. Bugs slowly walked up behind her and lightly poked the back of her neck.

She jumped slightly and playfully whacked him in the stomach. She then poked him in the side. As hard as she could.

“Ow!” Bugs jumped back a little, rubbing his side. “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised,” He chuckled a little.

Lola smiled and stuck her tongue out at him.

Bugs did the same to her, chuckling. He suddenly thought of music. “Say... I know what’ll make you happy... Let’s go back to my car,” He said.

"Say what, now?" Lola gave him a glare.

“The night couldn’t be more perfect...” He said, walking back to the car. He opened the door and switched on some slow jazz music.

Lola's glare turned into a smile and she stopped reaching for the pepper spray she had in her purse.

As the melody of the soft music speard into the air of the night, Bugs took Lola's hand and stepped closer to her. "Need I tell you that I love you...?" Bugs gave her his usual grin.

Lola's eyes widened in shock. "W-wha-?" her hand fell limp and slid from his hand and she just stared at him for a good solid five minutes.

Bugs' grin went away. It soon turned into a raising eyebrow. "Lo...? Are you alright...?" Bugs asked.

"Bugs..." Lola started, a tear rolling down her cheek, she looked away from him as more tears fell. "I like you...a lot, but...but this is sudden....I don't know what to say...I'm sorry..." she apologized as her tears started flowing down her face steadily.

"No, i'm sorry..." Bugs wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her close. "No, don't cry, Lo... I came on too strong, is all..." He said, closing his eyes.

She wrapped her arms around him and hugged back, "Bugs, can you take me back to the dorms?" she asked as her tears died down, "I'm really confused right now and I need to think things over. Please?" She looked up into his eyes, hers moist and red from tears.

"Sure..." Bugs smiled and nodded slightly as he escorted her to the car. He drove off and occasionally looked at Lola to see if she was alright.

"Sufferin' Succotach!" ~Sylvester the Cat


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I like the story so far Do continu

in the end nothing maters so why be coshes in life? live like you whant to live but do not dwingle in sorow. You deside your mental status so why desid to be sad? desid to be happy. Even if you live a thousedn years life is still short. Even if you live a milon years life is still not worth it with out love.
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