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Beautiful Blue and Green Planet (Continued)

Siamese: You know? I almost forgot about the basketball and the whole talent thing. Good thing I didn't. I want to use the idea.

Blackcat: Thanks.

Doggirl: You know? I love Sylvester Jr too. Even though he was an existing LT character, I love how I developed him into the way that I see him after being mistreated by the nasty Nerdlucks.

And don't worry. I won't let the story hang on a string. I will get onto this story as soon as I finish the final draft.


I don't know what's going on. But when I tried to submit this post onto the other part of this topic, it said I had to start another topic up because of this 2-65 something or another. What's going on with it?

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Chapter 17

Th darkness of the night settled on the Moron Mountain amusement park as the gloominess of the park was revealed across the attractions. Near a more grander looking building which looked like a skyscraper, an area full of spaceships was well lit in the hangar. Foot steps then echoed as two of the Nerdlucks; Null; the green monster and Nada; the red alien, marched down the hangar grinning to themselves.

"How pathetic did those Looney Tunes look when we arrived?" Nada giggled to Null.

The green alien chuckled in response.

"Yeah. I really enjoyed grabbing that Lola Bunny. Shame we didn't have to beat her."

"Well that's Swackhammer for you." The red one replied.

Just as they were going to comradder more to each other, they both pricked their heads up in response to a clanging sound. They both looked behind them.

"Did you hear that?" Nada frowned.

"Someone else is here." Null said.

Without hesitation, both of the Nerdlucks started walking in the opposite direction to where the sound echoed from.

"I bet it's Void being clumsy again." Null grumbled.

"But he's meant to be checking around the park." The red alien recalled. "I say we have an intruder in our hands."

Nada then faced his comrade and pointed to the left side of the hangar.

"You go left and I'll take the right." He instructed the green alien.

They both nodded in agreement as both of the Nerdlucks split away from eachother.

Null strolled down his side for at least a few miles away from where they split, sniffing the air incase he caught scent of a clue. As he checked the area, a whirl of wind sounded making the green alien turn his head in response. He stood bold and growled.

"Come out whoever you are!" He ordered. "I know you're here. You can't hide away from me! Come out!"

"If you insist." A voice emerged as a black and white cat in a green jacket and orange shorts appeared from the shadows, holding a brick red basketball under one arm. The Nerdluck clicked his fists as he caught one fist in his humugious hands.

"You don't ever learn do you Sylvester junior?" He growled.

The cat gave a cheeky smile back to the monster.

"Nope." He shook his head. "But I'm going to get something back that you stole."

"I love to see you try." Null laughed as he extended his arm and hooked the air encouraging the cat to approach him. "Here kitty kitty kitty. Don't be shy now."

"Seriously. You look so dumb doing that." Sylph snorted. "If you want to keep what you stole, come and get me."

Wound up, Null charged angrily at the cat. But Sylph calmly dodged the stampeding monster. Null stopped himself and spun to look behind himself to find the cat taunting him by pulling down some skin from under his eye while sticking his tounge out at the same time, while still holding the basketball. The Nerdluck snarled as he charged at Sylvester J.R. again. The cat charged at the monster the same. But just as both of them came close to each other, Sylph brung his leg up to Null's knee and sprung over the monster, landing behind him.

Now the alien was really mad. He swung his arm to punch the cat. Sylph knew that now was the time to take back what didn't belong to the monster. He showed the basketball to the monster's fist. The Nerdluck made contact with the ball. But instead of the ball bursting from the impact, the ball and the monster's hand glowed a flashing yellow colour. Small swirls of some form of magic circled Null's hand. The Nerdluck panicked as he noticed his brute strength decreasing. He felt his energy draining from him and soon he noticed his body shrinking down towards the floor. The Nerdluck screamed as he shrunk until he was no taller than than an ordinary stool. Sylvester J.R. giggled as he watched the small creature struggling to jump up to grab the basketball that the cat was holding high in the air.

"Give it here! Give back my talent!" The alien squeeled.

The cat ignored the creature by looking around the hangar. He then spotted a big cardboard box sitting near a concrete column. He looked down to the alien and pinched the back of his skin and carried him towards the box. The alien still struggled from Sylvester J.R.'s grip.

"What are you doing!?" He screamed. "Where are you taking me?!"

Sylph didn't answer as he opened the box and dropped the alien into the box. With a bump, the Nerdluck was dazed until he noticed the top of the box being sealed by some form of tape. The creature bashed violently against the sides of the box.

"Let me out! Let me out you rotten cat! Let me out!"

But all Sylph could hear from the outside was a muffled sound from the box. He then slipped the dimly glowing basketball into a navy blue bag and carried it while he ran.

"One down. Just five more to go." He told himslef.



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Sorry I haven't written a chapter to this story for such a long time. I was just so busy with things. But here ya go. Chapter 18!

Chapter 18

The rabbits, ducks, coyotes, roadrunners and Tasmanian devils waited patiently on Moron Hill, over-looking the amusement park of Moron Mountain. Suitcases surrounded each family, big and small. Everyone was silent though. No-one made a sound, or asked when they were going. They just waited there. The silence was broken however when they heard quiet thumping towards them. They all spun around to find the four pigs running towards them. When they stopped at the group, they panted just to get their breath back.

"Eng-eng-eng-S-Sorry we're late!" Porky stammered. "Are we t-the last eng-eng-ones to arrive?"

"No." Bugs replied. "We just have to wait for the Sylvester cats."

As if on cue, the older Sylvester came running towards the group in an immense amount of panic. He stopped at the group with fear written across his face.

"Where's my son!?" He exclaimed. "I haven't seen him since a few hours ago!"

"It's okay Sylvester." Lola assured him. "He must still be packing his things."

"No. He's taking care of something else." a voice emerged as a taller figure approached the group.

Everyone else looked up to the figure with faces of puzzlement. It was Micheal.

"So you know where he is Micheal?" Daffy inquired.

Micheal crouched down to Sylvester's level.

"Don't worry." He comforted the cat. "Your son is okay. We just have to wait for his signal."

"What signal?" Chet asked.

"Look!" Lily pointed down at the amusement park.

Everyone else gazed at a faint glowing golden light from the darkness below. Micheal smiled to himself.

"He's done it. We can move now."

Again, everyone else looked up to Micheal.

"You mean my son's down there where the Nerdlucks could have caught him!?" Sylvester panicked again.

"No." Micheal shook his head. "It means that he's got the Nerdlucks out of the way so we can escape."

"Well then," Chet announced. "Lets go!"

Everyone put on determined faces and started to march down the hill towards the amusement park.

After managing to squeeze past the fence and get through the amusement park without getting lost, the huge group wandered around in the empty hangar with only a few scraps of litter fluttering across the floor. The footsteps echoed around them and they were constantly peering around incase they saw someone. The children clung close to their parents so they felt the security that they wouldn't get lost. The atmosphere felt intense as nothing but the echoes around them were to be heard. It was until Danny pointed to a black dot in the distance.

"Look over there! I see something!" He said in excitement.

Without hesitation, the whole group ran towards the silhouette in the distance. The roadrunners were obviously faster and ahead of everyone else but everyone didn't seem to tire until they finally reached what looked like a purple spaceship. The adult looney tunes remembered the fact that it was the same spaceship that took them away from their home planet. But everyone gazed at it in amazement.

"This is it." Lola murmured. "We're finally going home."

"We're finally going to see our planet again." Daffy agreed.

Suddenly, they heard foosteps from someone running as they saw a figure running towards them carrying what looked like a bag. At first everyone froze on the spot. But then they sighed for relief when they realised that it was Sylvester Junior who approached them. His father then wrapped his arms around his son and sobbed into his shoulder's.

"Sylvester Junior! Where have you been!?" He cried. "I thought you got caught by those aliens!"

"It's okay dad." Sylph gently pushed the older cat away from himself. "But we've got to move quickly or we'll all get caught."

"What do you mean by that?" Daffy snorted.

"It's Swackhammer!" Sylvester Junior answered. "Swackhammer is coming!"



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Chapter 19

Everyone gasped at the news.

"What!?" they shrieked.

"He's gonna try and stop us from leaving!" Sylvester JR said.

"But without his Nerdluck goons, we still have a chance." Chet noted. "We can't stop now!"

"Chet is right!" Bugs held onto his son's shoulders. "We can't stop now! After all, Sylvester's boy managed to give us a head start by shrinking them."

"Then lets get onto the ship then!" Micheal declared.

Everyone punched their arms up into the air with a unisions of determined "yeahs" and started to try to open the entrance door. Everyone growled throught their gritted teeth as they struggled to pull the door down. It was only a few moments later before the door finally floated down slowly to let them enter. Once the door touched the ground, everyone frantically pushed themsleves into the purple spaceship. Micheal pointed at Wile Coyote as the other tried to shut the door back up.

"Wile! You take the wheel and figure out how to get this thing off the ground!" Micheal ordered as the coyote gave a salute to him and found the steering wheel. Artie followed his father to the steering wheel the same.

Once the door was completely closed, everyone else sat themselves down on the seats, that the adults once had to sit on. But the atmosphere was intense of excitement and fear instead of doom and gloom.

"So we're really going home right mommy?" Lily asked Lola as she clung onto her mother's arms.

Lola gave a heavenly smile upon her.

"I guess so."

"Don't look now, but Swackhammer and his goons are coming!" Sylvester JR pointed at the window.

Some of the toons peered through the window and widened their eyes to find that the cat was right. They saw an angry fat khaki alien, waving his fist at the ship, while the smaller and pathetic looking aliens struggled to run properly alongside their master. The toons turned their heads and all glared frightfully at the coyote on the pilot seat.

"Come on!" They squeeled. "Hurry up!"

"We're trying!" Artie shouted in response, panickally pressing any buttons that he saw in front of him.

"Come on!" You're not doing it fast enough!" Daffy yelled at the coyotes.

Lola stood up from her position and glared at the Duck.

"Will you shut up!?" She bellowed at him. "They're doing the best they can to turn the ship on! Just sit down and shut up!"

With that, Lola swung a punch at Daffy, as he flew towards the pilot's panel. He thudded against some of the buttons, one of which looked like a big red one. He accidently pressed it when he landed on it and sure enough, the engine snarling was to be heard. Everyone's faces lit up in delight.

"Yes!" Micheal hissed. "Now lets get off this planet!"

One cue, Wile grabbed the steering wheel and pushed his foot down onto the pedal. Everyone suddenly felt a vibration all around them inside. Sylvester JR looked out of the window and pulled a excited face.

"Look! We're moving!" He exclaimed as some of the others peered through the same window as the young cat was peering through.

Indeed he was correct. The ship seemed to be speeding further away from Swackhammer and the Nerdlucks. They all gave suprised smiles as they watched the aliens trying to catch up to the ship to no avail. Suddenly, the ship rumbled more violently. Everything inside shook as everyone tried to grab onto anything just to keep themselves from falling.

"This is it!" Micheal clenched onto the chair where Wile sat.

"We're going up!" Bugs Bunny shouted.

"We're not gonna make it!" Sylvester SR cried while hanging onto a handle.

"Yes we are!" Chet yelled.

The rumbling continued to carry on like an earthquake until moments later, it started to calm down. Everyone started to let go of whatever they held on once the shaking completely stopped. Chet ran towards the window and stared through it. He turned to everyone else and smiled at them.

"We... made it." He whispered. "We actually made it!"

Everyone cheered and hugged each other. The marveled at the achievement they have done. They all knew that there was no inspiraration to escape for such a long time until now. For ten long years, they were enslaved by the Nerdlucks to entertain for the alien public. But finally, they could rejoice at finally returning home. Suddenly, the happiness was interrupted when they heard Sylvester JR's voice. They all turned to the cat to see the reason for the interruption.

"Um... I'm not sure if we could celebrate just yet. Look."

They all peered through the window and gasped once more. They all saw in horror, another purple spaceship, with the Nerdlucks inside. And through the window of their ****pit, Mr Swackhammer beared his slime covered teeth like a dog growling at the escapees.



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Chapter 20

Once they saw Mr Swackhammer's anger, they glanced at each other in panic. Shrieks and screams filled the air.

"W-Wh-What shall we do!?" Porky stammered as his pupils narrowed.

"We're gonna keep driving!" Micheal shouted above the noise just to silence the toons. "We didn't escape by this ship just so we could get pulled back by them Nerdlucks! We are not gonna lose to them like that! Not now!"

He then turned to Wile on the pilot's seat.

"So whatever you do Wile, don't you dare get off that seat!" He demanded.

From the frightened expression on the coyote's face, there was no way that he'd even think about moving about in his seat.

"We're just gonna have to make things harder for them to catch us right?" Artie finally spoke up.

Chet looked at the coyote and nodded his head.

"That's right."

"But how are we gonna make things harder for them?" Bugs stroked his chin. "They might have weapons and things."

"Then lets see if we got anything to fight back with." Micheal said as he approached the coyote again. "What have we got to use?"

Instead of Wile checking into it, Artie looked onto another screen and tapped rapidly on the keyboard. In seconds, he got some results.

"We have four torpedoes and a laser head on top of the ship." He confirmed.

"Okay." Micheal nodded his head. "See if you can work out how to work each of those things. In the meantime Wile, keep zooming from side to side. Make it difficult for them to catch us."

The coyote saluted to the man and turned the wheel from left to right alternatively. But as he did so, everyone else rocked from side to side like they were sailing through some rough seas. Artie looked on the control panel to find the button that would release the torpedoes or worked the laser head. He finally came across a green button. Without hesitation, he pressed the button and hoped for the best. Suddenly everyone heard some sounds that sounded like a laser gun was being fired. Everyone who was at the window watched the purple lasers dart across towards the enemy ship. The enemy ship battled but struggled through the lasers. Sylvester JR turned to the young coyote from the window.

"Keep firing!" He cried out in excitement.

Artie's finger still held onto the button as the laser fired.

Everyone staring out of the window smiled in glee as they watched the other spaceship trying to dodge the harmful lasers. But at that moment, no-more purple lasers came out. Their faces dropped to dismay, wondering if the coyote stopped to rest. They turned around to see what he was doing. Artie tried pressing the button frantically. Nothing seemed to come out nor was heard. Artie turned to everyone else.

"The laser must run on some form of fuel!"

"Then it's onto plan 'B'!" Daffy announced as he rushed over to the control panel. "The torpedoes!"

His finger randomly pressed a blue button. And sure enough through the window, the other toons saw a torpedo hurtling towards the enemy ship. But it was miles away from it. It zipped to the side of the ship and disappeared into the black background. So it wasn't a suprise that Daffy recieved so glares of anger from his other escapees.

"Daffy!" They all frowned at him.

"Now we only got three torpedoes left." Micheal said calmly. "We just got to line them up with the target and shoot when both are aligned with each other."

Wile swerved on the steering wheel a bit more before he managed to line up a shot alongside the opposite ship.

"Fire!" Micheal barked.

Immediately, Artie pressed the blue button.

Through the window, another torpedo zoomed from the ship towards the other ship. Unfortunately, the Nerdlucks steered the ship away before it got hit so like the first torpedo, it just disappeared into space.

Everyone gasped as the Nerdluck's craft was catching up to them very quickly. Sylvester SR turned around in panic.

"It missed!" He wailed.

"Steady." Micheal cautioned Wile. "We've got two torpedoes left."

Moments later, the coyote managed to line up another shot. Micheal gave the order. Artie pressed the button. The missile flew out of their ship and charged towards the Nerdluck's ship. The enemy ship dodged the missile and so they missed again. Now the atmosphere grew intense and the other toons were more than fearful of being caught.

"That's it! We're gonna die!" Sylvester SR cried out.

"I told you this was too early to escape!" Daffy yelled. "We may as well have spent eternity on that planet slaving away to those aliens!"

"Don't you dare say that Daffy Duck! Don't you dare say it!" Lola exploded in anger.

"Mommy! I'm scared!" Lily wailed.

"Stop it! You're scaring the children!" Sylvester JR bellowed.

Amongst the shouts and cries, Chet sat down onto the floor and covered his ears with his hands while he tightened his eyes shut. He tried to analyse the situation as he also tried to block out the arguements from everyone else. They are inside a spaceship. The Nerdlucks were chasing after them. They only have one torpedo left to fire. They'll get caught if they miss the last shot they have. But what could he do? Hum the song that Lola sang back at Moron Mountain to calm his nerves. He tried to envisioned his dream that he had been dreaming about all the time. The golden sun, the blue sky, the green trees and grass, everyone playing and being cheerful. That's what he wanted in his mind. For this nightmare to be over. For the Nerdlucks to disappear and leave them at peace.
"That's it!" Chet thought.

He needed to bring peace into the group right now. He snapped out of his mental state and ran towards the control panel. As he rushed past, the others focused their attention on him. Once the rabbit got up to the control panel, his finger aimed at the blue button. Everyone else wailed for him not to press it. But Chet knew it was the only way to finish the nightmare. This was the only of ending the terror and fear that everyone in the same ship as him had to endure. His finger slammed onto the button. Everyone fell silent. The torpedo blasted off from the ship. Everyone suddenly ran towards the window and held their breath as they watched the missile fly towards the Nerdluck's ship.




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Thats very impressive Akira. I just used 3 hours reading the whole thing, I dont think many people here on LUO have the same writing skills you do. But... I'll tell you in a private message.


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Chapter 21

The Looney Tunes held their breath. This was it. The last torpedo to be sent out from their ship to try against the Nerdluck's ship. None of them could blink. They kept their eyes focused on the missile. Some of the toons chattered their teeth on their nails. Some even covered their eyes. The moment seem to freeze. Chet even wished time would stop and the moment will be paused for all eternity. But he knew it couldn't be the case. He wanted know if they were gonna make it. Everyone wanted to know. The suspense was piercing inside of them. They watched out of the window as the missile drew closer to the Nerdluck's ship. The toons waited for the crucial moment. After the prolonged silence, Speed finally piped up.

"How come their ship isn't even moving?" He asked.

"You're right." Micheal agreed.

"Do you think they run out of power or something?" Danny spoke.

"If they did," Chet wondered. "Than that means..."

Finally, the toons saw it. The collision between the missile and the enemy ship. But instead of destroying the ship, it just clearly knocked it backwards and sent it speeding away from the escapee's ship. Eventually, the enemy ship disappeared into the darkness and a silver star briefly winked in the black sky.

For a moment, there was silence. But then everyone cheered victoriously.

"We did it! We finally did it!"

"We're free! We're free!"

"We can go home! Back to Earth!"

Porky and Petunia Pig danced around the ship while most of the other hugged and wept for happiness in each other's arms. Chet watched the celebration from a short distance. Suddenly he was snatched up into the air by his father who gave a proud smile to his son.

"Son. We're so proud of you." He said to him.

"If you hadn't have pressed the button at the right time, we could have been slaves again." Lily also commented.

Bugs then put Chet back down onto the ground. The young rabbit looked around him to see all the faces were smiling down on him. Sylvester JR steeped forward and knelt down to see eye to eye to the rabbit. Sylph couldn't help but smile.

"Chet. You're a really good kid. I like you." The cat said as he ruffled the hair on top of Chet's head like he was a dog.

Chet brushed his hair with his hands the way it was until he saw Micheal kneeling down in front of him. He gave a really broad smile to the rabbit.

"Chet. You're the one who got us this far." He started. "If you hadn't have followed your dreams and stuck to the path of leading us to freedom, we would have still been stuck on that dark, grey foresaken planet. And we all thank you for that. So whatever you do, don't give up that determination. Because that determination should be remembered for all eternity."

Chet didn't know what to say. He just nodded his head.

"I promise." He murmured.

"Look!" Lily interrupted. "Look outside the window!"

Everyone else looked at the big from window near where Wile sat the whole time. They gazed through the window and felt the nostalgic atmosphere of amazement hang upon them. In front of them, the blue and green planet glowed in the black background. They all continued to stare.

"Is that your home mom?" Chet whispered to Lola.

"Yep." Lola whispered back. "It's beautiful isn't it?"

Chet nodded in agreement.

"Yep. That beautiful blue and green planet."



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In a gymnasium, four men sat in a group on some benches near the basketball court, while another man wandered around near the group. All of their faces however expressed disappointment. The black man who wandered around finally faced the group.

"Guys, we suck!" He declared it to the rest of the men. 

"My grandmother plays better." another black guy moaned. 

"You guys are still tall." A short black man spoke up. "l'm nothing now. Just a short guy."

"You're right." A white man agreed with the statement.

"That's the only thing you got right." A black man with a moustache added.

They suddenly heard the doors open. All of the men turned to see two figures entering into the gymnasium. They raised their hands up to their faces to block some of the light blinding them and tried to make out the identidy of the people. They felt unsure until they could make out a tall black man walking alongside a short fat white man following the tall man. Finally, both figures stopped as the black man stepped forward to the five unsure men.

"You've been getting beaten. Charlie, Pat, Shawn, Larry and Muggsy." He said.

Immediately the five men recognised him and got up from the benches and casually approached him.

"lt's Mike." They all exclaimed.

"We thought you were never gonna come back ever again." Charlie said.

"Yeah. You've been missing for a long time." Shawn added.

"Where have you been?" Muggsy asked. "And why're you here?"

Micheal chuckled to himself and looked up to the men.
"Don't be embarrassed. Just face it. You stink." He said.

"Lighten up." Pat frowned.

"l know." Muggsy added.

"You want your games back." Micheal continued. "What games you had."

"lt's hard enough as it is." Larry scratched the back of his head. "Give us a break."
Micheal just smiled and turned to the fat man standing to the side of him.  
"Stan. Give me the ball." He said.

The man named Stan eagerly unzipped a navy blue bag and revealed a basketball emitting a golden glow from in it. The other men widened their eyes and backed off a little bit.

"lt's like ''Star Trek'." Muggsy commented.

Micheal turned to face Pat and smiled at him. 
"Touch it."

"No way, Jose." The man shook his head and waved his arms in refusal.

"You want your talent back?" Micheal asked. "Just touch it."

"l don't know." Charlie said in an unsure tone.

"Don't touch it." Muggsy suggested.

"You'll walk around with a bad game for the rest of your career." Micheal cautioned them. "Touch it."

Finally, Pat slowly extended his arm out towards the glowing basketball.

"Careful, Pat." Muggsy warned him. 

"We've tried everything else." Shawn noted.

Pat's hand drew closer to the ball. He touched it and tightened his eyes shut. A few moments later he opened them and looked at the result. Nothing happened. Micheal looked at the rest of the men. 

"Come on. Touch it. The rest of you." Micheal encouraged them. "Just touch it."

Feeling like they had nothing to lose, the rest of the men placed their hands at the spare spaces on the ball. Once all their hands were touching the ball, they suddenly jerked as though they were being electrocuted. When they pulled away from the ball they felt invigorated.  
"What was that?" Larry looked around at the rest of the men.

"l liked that." Charlie said.

Micheal then gave a chest pass to Muggsy. He caught the ball into his chest and gasped.
"Hey! l caught it!" 

Muggsy then started to skilfully dribble the ball in between his legs.    
"Look at Mugsey handle the rock!" Pat pointed.

"l can handle it again!" Muggsy smiled.

"That's the old Mugs l know." Pat said in a positive tone as Muggsy passed the ball to him. 

"Yeah, get height now!" Larry encouraged as Pat dribbled the ball and shot it through the hoop like a proffessional.

"lt gave me my powers back!" Pat grinned and passed it to Charlie.

Overflowing with confidence, Charlie started dribbling towards another hoop at the opposite end of the court.
"Let me show you something." He said to the others as he dribbled the ball and jumped to score into the hoop.

"The Round-Mound is back! Want to see something?" Larry confidently showed off by scoring another shot just as perfect as the others have done.

He passed the ball to Shawn who dribbled the ball and jumped up to the net and scored another hoop.

"That felt good!" He declared.

From the distance of the other basketball players, Micheal gave a broad smile before turning around and walking back towards the door. Stan followed him after. The other men however noticed the two figures leaving and called them.
"Hey Micheal. Why don't you stay?" Shawn offered.

"Play some with us?" Larry added.

Micheal shook his head.   
"l don't think so." He refused.

"You going to work on your swing?" Muggsy teased.
"Leave the baseball player alone." Pat defended. "He doesn't play basketball now."

"He probably doesn't have it anymore." Charlie folded his arms.

Both Micheal and Stan stopped and stared at each other.    
"Do you hear them?" Stan exclaimed. "They don't think you can play the game."

Micheal looked up to the five men and gave them a determined smile.

"There's one way to find out."

Chet, now older, gazed at the horizon of the green grass, lush trees full of leaves and the blue sky with clouds spread amongst each other. The thoughts in his mind flowed calmly as he recalled the images of his first step into Looney Tune Land.

He could remember the brightness was much stronger than it was on Moron Mountain because the sun shone brighter here. He could remember stepping onto the soft grass and the roughness of the bark on the trees as he stroked them. He could remember everyone laughing and playing once they settled down. The children ran across the grassy fields as the parents watched them with tears of happiness. He could remember the gentle breeze blowing the same way as it was doing to him in the present.

Chet felt the wind blowing on him face. He closed his eyes and inhaled the air and then gave a big exhale of relief. He knew this was a lot more better than standing on top of Moron Hill and looking at the Earth from a desolate planet. He was on the Earth. In it at where he wished he could have spent his childhood. But as long as he was still in Looney Tune Land, he felt safe and glad about what they all achieved.


Chet snapped out of his trance and turned around to find the owner of the cheerful voice. James, his son. As the young brown and white rabbit ran towards him, the father could see his wife, Rosalinne, catching up by walking. As they caught sight of each other's faces, they both smiled at each other. Finally, Chet managed to catch James in his arm and lift him up into the air. James laughed as his father did this until finally, Chet managed to sit him upon his shoulder's while holding onto his son's ankles so he wouldn't fall off. Once Rosalinne positioned herself next to Chet, each one was filled with warmth in their hearts. Suddenly, the rabbits saw a flock of birds fly into the horizon.

"Look Papa! Look how fast the birds are flying!" James exclaimed in excitement.

But his son didn't know that a secret tear trickled down his father's cheek. The birds flying meant something else to him. Freedom. The thing that everyone had to fight for when he was ten to escape the terrible fate of the Nerdluck's regime. Chet tilted his head up to look at his son.

"They're fast aren't they?" He commented. 

They all gazed at the sky as the birds disappeared into the background. Chet knew that those birds were free. And now, so was he along with his family to share that view.

THE END.    



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Great epilogue too. I wasnt expecting to see chet as a father there.

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