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Post Info TOPIC: Zadavia has returned (New Version) Chapter 10 coming soon!!!


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Zadavia has returned (New Version) Chapter 10 coming soon!!!

This is gonna be a short prologue just to warn you. Im also doing Surprise! as well.


( The next day in Acmetropolis with Tweetums with them.)Acmetropolis with Tweetums with them.)

Ace: kind of weird that Zadavia's gone, eh?

Tech: Very. We are gonna miss her really much, chief.

Ace: Yeah. It was a fun ride.

Tech: Time goes pretty fast, chief.

Tweetums: I'm gonna be your new organizer, yay!!

Ace: That's right, we have Tweetums to guide us now.
( Lexi comes out listening to her mp3 1000. She kicked her leg left and lifted her right and put both of her hands up. She turns it off.)

Lexi; Hey. What's everybody talking about?

Ace: Zadavia.

Lexi: Oh yeah. Im gonna miss her too. She was a good boss. I hope she and Optimatus will be okay to each other, lets hope.

Duck: Well, im not listening to a canary bird.

Tweetums: Zadavia told me to tell you to shut up and listen to a word i will say. If you don't you are going to clip my yellow toenails and your gonna sing my anthem. Now everybody let's pack for Blanc.

End Of Prologue.

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RE: Zadavia has returned

Good start! Looking forward to more. ^__^;

Rye is too lazy to bring back her banners. D:


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funny i like it


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Thank you, Alex.


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Why didn't I read this earlier?

I mean, seriously.



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RE: Zadavia has returned ( Chapter 1.)

Chapter 1: The Move To Planet Blanc.

Duck: I don't want to cut his yellow toe nails. ( Complaining.)
( He hurries to his room and starts packing.)

Ace: Where did Duck go?

Tweetums: He probably didn't want to cut my yellow toe nails.

Ace: Probably not.

Duck: So...are we ready to go? Are we??

Tech: Yes. I have been working on this invention all night and day yesterday after the battle with Deuce. make things really quick to pack...I made the mover-560. It packs anything that is really big like our HQ or something small like a crumb.

Ace: Wow. Can we use it now?

Tech: unfortunalty, not yet. I need to charge it so we can pack our whole entire HQ and unpack it on Blanc.

Rev: It-was-my-idea.

Tech: Yes. Rev also helped me here and their but I mostly did it all.

Lexi: Very impressive you guys.

Tech/Rev: Thank you.

Tech: She was talking to me!

Rev: no she was talking to me!

Lexi: No! Did you hear me say,"you guys" Right?
( Tech and Rev looked at each other in a I just realized-type look.)

Tech: Anyway, I'm going to charge the mover 560. Come see.
( The other loonatics follow Tech into his lab/his room. When they looked it is the size of a pillow. It is a rectangular-type shape. It was black with green lines with a yellow button and a red button.)

Ace: What do the buttons mean, Tech?

Tech: The yellow one means unpack and the red one means pack.

Ace: I see.

Duck: How many things can it hold?

Tech: A lot of things.

Duck: like?

Tech: Like. Our HQ.

Duck: Can you pack the whole world?

Tech: Okay. Now you're just being silly.

Duck: No im serious.

Tech: No. Not something that big. Like i said before...from a pin to a giant building like the old empire strikes building. It can't go bigger or smaller than that.

Duck: Can it pack people?

Tech: No just items.
( Tech leaves the machine to charge. Everybody leaves out of Tech's lab.)

Lexi; Thanks for showing us, Tech. I think its good.

Tech: Your welcome and thank you, Lexi.

Lexi: No problem.
( She says as she is the last one to leave.)

- One Hour Later-

Tweetums: okay has everybody packed yet?

Ace: Yes, we have all packed.

Tweetums: Off to Blanc.

Rev: Is-it-ready-Tech?

Tech: Yes. Ready?

Rev: Yup.
( Tech hooks up the mover 560 to the nearest plug-in.)

Tech: Okay. Everybody out of the HQ. Grab your stuff too.
( The loonatics and Tweetums got out with their stuff. The reached the exit outside.)

Duck: what?

Tech; We get into the ship.
( They waited in the ship. As they see the HQ shrink into the mover 560 in a flash.)

Duck: I'm speechless.

Tech: Off to Blanc.

Tweetums: We need to go.
( Tech grabs the move 560 and puts it into the ship as it took off.)

-3 hours later-

Ace: We are here.

The End Of Chapter 1.

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That was awesome.



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RE: Zadavia has returned ( Chapter 2.)

Chapter 2: The Unpack On Blanc.

( Once the loonatics landed on Blanc. The door opened. Tech was the first person to get out of the ship, he carried the mover 650 in his hands.)

Tech: Where should I put this?

Tweetums: Anywhere I guess.
( Tech nodded and walks five minutes away from the ship. What he was looking at is a giant field, that gladly wasn't that far from Tweetums' palace. Tech pushed the yellow button on the mover 650 and ran as fast as he could to the ship. Once he got to the ship, they watched where Tech putted the mover 650. The mover 650 started to shake. Then it started to grow big into the loonatics' headquarters. The windows were popping and the HQ got bigger and taller until it was its normal size.)

Tech: Wow. If you were in there. You would've been dead.

Duck: Well yeah, being stuffed in there.
( The loonatics jump out of the ship. They walk towards their HQ. The door automatically opens.)

Ace: I got to hand it to ya, Tech. Good job.

Tech: Thanks, Ace.

Ace: Anytime.
( The loonatics took their stuff to their HQ. They took the elevator up. The door opened and they see their HQ. It looks like that it hasn't been touched. Everything looks normal.)

Lexi: Seems like our HQ hasn't been destroyed. I can't believe it actually fit in that thing.

Tech: I know. I think its my favourite invention so far.

Duck: Yeah. Techies real cool.
( Tech looks at duck in a evil glare. The alarm rings.)

Computer: Message alert. Message alert.

Ace: What is it. computer?

Computer: Message from unknown.

Ace: Read the message.
( The computer screen lit up with a green line that was moving down as the computer started talking.)

Computer: Dear Loonatics: I wanted to send this letter before i left. I hope you have been a good boy Duck-

Duck: pst. Ya sure.
( The computer continued the message.)

Computer: Probably not. Anyways, i indeed will miss you all. I went to a oracle after you left and after we landed back in freling. He said that there is going to be a lot happening across the universe, but i don't believe him. If he really is telling the truth, contact me immediately-sincerely Zadavia.

Ace: An oracle, eh? I don't know if that was even true. I doubt she ran into an oracle. Is that it computer?

Computer: Yes, Ace. All done. Bye.

Duck: Weirdo.

Ace; Yeah. We better keep a watch out for these ''oracle'' guys.

Tech: i heard they are really intelligent. They can see what is going to happen in 100 years from now.

Rev: Wow. That-is-one-thing-i-forgot.

-Six hours later-
( It is six-thirty. The loonatics are doing there usuall things. Ace is teaching Rev how to meditate. Tech is laying on the couch, building another invention. Duck is watching t.v. Slam is lifting weights and Lexi is listening to her mp3. What could go wrong? Then the loonatics hear a gunshot.)

End Of Chapter 2.

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RE: Zadavia has returned ( Chapter 3.)

Chapter 3: The Problem's Beginning.

( All of the six loonatics jumped as soon as they heard the gunshot. They look out the window as they see kids playing with a play gun that sounds like a gunshot.)

Ace: Are you guys thinking what i was thinking?( The rest of the loonatics rolled their eyes and stared at each other.)

All: Nah!
( The loonatics were on second away from the couch until they heard a gunshot and a scream.)

Lexi: What was that?!
( The loonatics see a figure running away from the kids like he did something to them. But they were still alive.)

Ace: Rev! Cut in front of him!
( Rev jumped out of the window and flew over to see where the figure went.)

Ace: Alright lets go, loonatics!
( The loonatics put on their via jet-packs as they exit out to catch up to Rev.)

Tech: I wonder who we are after this time.

Lexi: Yeah. Better not be one of those criminals that are below the super-types. I mean those guys are boring.

Duck: I hope he is not one of those guys who think they are going to take over the city, or the planet. Eh! I hate those guys!

Ace: Enough talkin' Duck and let's catch up!

Duck: Sorry.

Ace: It's okay, but lets go.
( The loonatics lower down in their jetpacks until they see the dark figure below them. Rev came in front of the figure. The figure stopped as soon as he saw Rev,then he turned around as the other loonatics surrounded him completely.)

Ace: What's up, doc?

????: Nothing much, loonatics! ( As he pulled something out of his pocket.)

Lexi: What's that in your pocket, mister!

????: Oh, nothing. Just coughing gas!( He spreaded it all over where the loonatics were standing. The loonatics put their arms in front of their faces to protect them from smoke in their faces. When the smoke cleared. He disappeared.)

Duck: Where did he go?

Ace: i don't know, Duck.

Tech: Hey, check this out you guys. I found something.

Rev: What-is-it?
( Tech looks at the object and thinks of what it is.)

Tech: Its a pill?

Duck: A pill that how people will feel better, type pill? Or a pill that Slam or Rev use when before they go to sleep?
( Rev and Slam give Duck an"i am going to kill you" type look. They folded their arms as Slam growled.)

Duck: I was kidding! Come on!

Rev: Oh, really? As-soon-as-we-get-home-you-are-so-dead.

Duck: Ok! I'm sorry!

Rev: Still. Were-gonna-kill-you. Okay?

Duck: Fine.

Ace: Tech. Let's take that back to the lab. We gotta learn all about it and where the figure went.

(The loonatics fly back to their HQ using their via jetpacks.)

End Of Chapter 3.

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RE: Zadavia has returned ( Chapter 4!)

Sorry for the really long wait. I just needed more ideas to continue this.

Chapter 4: Analyzing The Pill.

( The Loonatics are back in their HQ. Duck, Lexi, Ace and Slam are waiting patiently outside of Tech's lab.)

Duck: Ahh! How long is this gonna take?

Lexi: You're not really waiting patiently Duck.

Duck: Excuse me, missy at least the #1 superhero ever doesn't have to clip canary's toe nails.
( Tweetums comes in where the four are waiting.)

Tweetums: Oh. That reminds me. You have to clip my long toe nails, Sir Duck.

Duck: What? Why?!

Tweetums: Rev and Slam told me that you made fun of them on your mission about the pill.

Duck: Slam. I'm gonna kill you and Rev once this whole mission thingy is over.
( Tweetums grabs Duck by the beak and pulls him in the washroom.)

( Tweetums and Duck are in the washroom. The other loonatics listen to Duck complaining in the washroom.)

Duck: Ha! You didn't bring a toe nail clipper!

Tweetums: Oh yes i did.

Duck: Nooooooooo.

Ace: Ts Ts Ts. Duck doesn't learn does he?

Lexi; I think not.
( Ace changes the subject.)

Ace: Hey Tech, Rev. How are you doing in there?
( Tech and Rev respond inside the lab.)

Rev: Were-okay,-Ace! You-guys-can-come-in!
( The other loonatics go into Tech's lab.)

Tech: Where did Duck go?

Ace: He went to *snickers* to *snickers*

Tech: To what.

Ace: To clip...*snickers* Tweetums toe nails 'cos Rev and Slam got him in trouble.

Tech: ( Laughs) Oh my gosh, really?

Ace: Yup........So anyways. What does it do?

Tech: We found out its a pill that affects part of your body to do special abilities.

Ace: Like our powers?

Tech: Nothing like our powers. More like abilities like disappear like the crook we almost caught. he disappeared out of thin air.

Ace: All the criminals that we caught, chased and fought, never disappeared out of thin air like that.

Rev: We-really-got-to-watch-where-they-go.

Tech: Yeah. Me and Rev found out how to trick him. We put this tracking device on the pill, so he wouldn't feel where it is.

Ace: Is it the world smallest tracking device?

Tech: Yes.

Ace: Duck needs to know this.
( As soon as Duck was mentioned he came into the room.)

Tech: Well, speak of the devil. Did you have fun?

Duck: Shut up.

Ace: Otherwise, we are glad you're here Duck, you need to know this.

Duck: What?

Tech: I put a tracking device on this pill that the guy dropped.

Duck; The guy we chased?

Tech: Nooooo. The ice cream man. Of course it is the guy we chased.

Duck: Ok..:l
( While the loonatics are telling Duck the plan a shadow was waiting outside.)

End Of Chapter 4.



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RE: Zadavia has returned ( Chapter 5!)

Chapter 5: A Couple Years Backwards.

( An hour later, the loonatics were gathered in the living area circling at a round table that can fit six loonatics anyway.)

Tech: Anyways the pill was a success now we should just leave the pill out in the open somehow and then we can follow him to where his headquarters are.

Ace: Great idea, Tech.

Lexi: Yeah. 
( Meanwhile when the other loonatics continue blabbing to each other Rev noticed a shadow outside and using his G.P.S. to monitor its every move.)

Rev: Uh..............Guys

Ace: Not now Rev.
( Rev looked like he had to go to the washroom really bad.) 

????: Shoot! One of them detected me! No matter i got a surprise for them later. ( He grappled to the top of the loonatics' headquarters. He took out this time clock that looked like a bomb. He set it a few ticks backwards. And he set the timer to 1:30:50.)

Ace: So, we should probably figure out who is behind this.

Rev: Ace!

Ace: What Rev! I'm busy right now okay?
( Rev turned to face the window and the shadow was gone.)

Ace: Now Rev what did you need?

Rev: Never-mind.

Ace: All you told me was nothin?

Rev: I-saw-something-outside-that-looked-like-it-was-watching-us-but-it's- gone-now.

Tech: We should check it out.

????: Let's speed time up a little bit. ( He extends his left arm and opened his hand as the timer sped up to not even a minute left.) There we go. Have a fun trip down memory lane! Loonatics!HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!!( He jets back really quickly.)

( The timer started shocking. There was a substance of electricity that started to go through a hole to the headquarters. In went through pipe to pipe to in the wall and from the wall onto the couch.)

Tech: What was that? 

Duck: What are you......the zapping noise?

Tech: Ya. I feel........weird.

Duck: Me to.

Rev: was something going.....on.

Ace: What'

Lexi: It' down.........

Slam: Whoa...........
( Then in a split second they all face planted on the ground.)

(What they were seeing were time warps and a door that opened.)

 Ace: Whoa...........where am i?

Man: Hey bunny get up! We are not done rehearsing yet! Get up!! NOW!!!!

Ace: Ow. My head.

Man: Hey i'm talking to you!!! Look at me!!!
( The man looked like Ace's old boss when they were doing a movie.)

Ace: I am look-

Man: I said look!
( Ace turns around of who the man was really talking to. And it was another bunny, it was himslef.

Past Ace: Okay Okay. I'll do my best!

Ace: What? This is starting to become really weird. This must be my old job.
( Ace notices the paper on the ground and picks it up. He looks at the date. It read March, 19, 2772.)

Ace: What? This can't be-this year already past.
( He watches himself trying his best to complete the stunt. Ace walks toward his boss and taps him on the shoulder. But his boss didn't turn around.)

Ace: Hello? He-llo? Anybody home in that brain of yours, Doc?
( Ace's boss didn't answer.)

Ace: Wow. It's like the deja vu all over again. I wonder where the others are. How did i get here anyway? Maybe it must have been the shadow that Rev was talking about.( Ace hears a noise that sounded like a tv trying to get a signal. He looks down at his hands and they start to fade.)

Ace: Okay. What is happening to me???!!

End Of Chapter 5.

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RE: Zadavia has returned ( Chapter 6!)

Chapter 6: The Suspicious Thing In The Past.

(In the east side of Acmetropolis. Lexi was lying on a patch of grass.)

Lexi: Huh? I'm back in Acmetropolis? What's going on?
(She jolts to the left and she jolts to the right to look around to see if any of her teammates are here.)

Lexi: Where am i in acmetropolis?
(She turns around and sees a pack of cheerleaders that look so familiar.)

Lexi: Hey i know all these people. These are the teammates that i used to be with.
(A girl with brunette hair in a pony tail with a uniform on walked over to the tree. All lonely. Lexi walked over to her and kneeled down on one knee.)

Lexi: Are you okay?
( The girl didn't respond.)

Lexi: I said are you okay?
( The girl still didn't answer.)

Lexi: Hello?
( The girl just sat there. And then she said.)

Girl: I'm okay.

Lexi: Good what is your name?

Girl: My name is......Jessica.
(As soon as she was about to answer she saw another bunny that looks exacly like her. That she answered the question instead of Lexi.)

Past Lexi: Hey Jessica. I'm Lexi.

Lexi: Oh my gosh. She was answering from the other me this whole time?

Girl 1: Hey! Losers! I knew that you will never make the cheerleader squad.

Girl 2: Ya. What a couple of losers.

Past Lexi: You just leave her alone!

Girl 1: What-ever.

Past Lexi: Are you okay?

Jessica: I'm fine.

Past Lexi: we'll make sure you don't run into them again.

Lexi: Wait a minute. I don't remember meeting her. 
( Lexi's palm starts to fade.)

Lexi: What is happening to me?
( As soon as Lexi passed the television she saw something on the news.)

News Reporter: Good Afternoon, Acmetropolis. Here are today's top stories. Recently one of our news reporters have talked to one of the scientists of Acmetropolis University. That there will be a meteor warning tomorrow.

(Lexi walks away from the television suprised.)

Lexi: A meteor?! What is the date?
( Lexi looks off of the news paper that a man was reading on a bench. It read: March, 19, 2772.)

Lexi: What? It can't be 2772! We just past that date! I wonder who that girl is. I don't remember her at all in my past. I don't think she went to my school.

End Of Chapter 6.



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Zadavia has returned ( Coming Soon!!Chapter 8!)

Chapter 7: The Mystery Night In Acmetropolis.

(In the south west of Acmetropolis, Duck was laying on the ground staring at the dark blue sky. He took a deep breathe and he levered himself up to see the town from a person's view.)

Duck: Whoa. Did i just ate something odd? Or am i having another nightmare with Tweetums ordering me to give him a bath and change his diaper every 5 minutes!
(Duck looked around him curiously.)

Duck: Wait a minute! I'm in Acmetropolis! But why! What happened?!
(Duck noticed a guy with green spiky hair that looked familiar. He looked to be in his teen ages looked around fourteen.)

Duck: He looks familiar..........(He said scratching his head.) Where have i seen this boy before.......
( Then to his surprise he saw a really familiar person. He had a beak the same as Duck and he was short and had an attitude of being the best.)

Duck: That's me! Why I look even more handsome in person!
(Duck stared at himself nonstop and then he noticed something in the right pocket of his blue jeans that he was wearing.)

Duck: Ah ha! What's that?
(Duck walked up to his one year self and looked at what was in his pocket.)

Duck: Hey you have something in your pocket. What is it?
(The other Duck didn't answer.)

Duck: Hello? handsome are you home?
(Duck extends his hand and waves it in front of his past self.)

Duck: Either you are deaf or stupid.
( Duck crossed his arms as he watches the scene that is being held right in front of him.)

Past Duck: So how are you today?

Green hair guy: Good how are you Duck?

Past Duck: Good! I just been to my job and i have a feeling i am going to be fired.

Green hair guy: Well......what did you do today?

Past Duck: Well.........all i did was hand a woman her purse back 'cos she dropped it on the ground.....and then my manager thought i stole it nad gave me heck.

Green hair guy: got to be a little careful sometimes.....

Past Duck: Yeah....

Green hair guy: hey....uh.... I don't mean to be very curious but what's in your pocket there?

Past Duck: Oh........It's private.

Green hair guy: Come on it's not gonna hurt for me to see just one item.

Past Duck: Oh I don't know...

Green hair guy: Come on, I mean what can happen?

Past Duck: Oh fine...
(Past Duck pulls a piece of paper out and shows it to him.)


Green hair guy: Oh.....very cool...anyways i got to go.....see ya Duck.

Past Duck: See ya later. Arthur Chroniker.
( Duck is shocked.)

Duck: What year is this.
( Past Duck is still holding his paper and Duck peaks at the date.)

Duck: 2772!! How can it be??!!
(Duck's hand starts to fade.)

Duck: What is going on?!

End Of Chapter 7.

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Zadavia has returned (New Version) Chapter 8!!!

Chapter 8: The Haunted Institute. 

( In the middle of Acmetropolis city, in a building that has 3 floors, its a university. In the institute was Tech laying on the floor waking up slowly.)

Tech: Whoa. Where am I? 
( Tech looks around as he is in a skinny hallway with lockers and windows on the opposite side of the lockers. He sees the full moon.)

Tech: Wow. I've never seen the moon look so bright and beautiful before.
( Tech then notices where he is.)

Tech: Wait a minute. I'm in Acmetropolis...but why am I here?
( Tech walks through the quiet hallway. He looks at his walkie talkie 
and he puts it not too close to his mouth.)

Tech: Guys, can you hear me? Ace, come in. Wait I'm in my old university!
( Then a noise was heard.)

Tech: Whoa. What was that?
( Tech saw a locker banging in and out. The locker busted opened and Slam came out of it.)

Tech: Slam?

Slam: Tech!

Tech: Are you alright? How did you end up in a locker?
(Slam raises both shoulders and in a confused look.)

Slam: (Mumbles) I don't know.

Tech: Come to think of it. How did I get here?
(Tech looked at the moon but he also looked at the city.)


Tech: Yup. Looks like it.
(Suddenly, Tech and Slam heard a noise that scared the living daylights out of them.)

Tech: What was that?
(Tech turned and saw a room with a light on shining through. They could hear voices.)

( Slam and Tech noticed a door that the voices were coming from. They were coming from the door crack that had the light shine through it.)

Tech: Wonder what's happening?
(Slam paused as Tech got closer to the door. He felt his stomach rumbling.)

Tech: Shh. Slam we don't want them to hear us. 

Slam:(mumbles) But i i'm gonna....

Tech:Gonna what Slam?
(Tech then sees Slam's face of relief. Tech could hear the sound of a fart.)



Slam: Sorry.
(Tech ignores the smell and covers his nose. They go to the crack of the door and opened it. They see six people around a round table. One wore a purple suit who was short,black skin and white hair that wasn't completely bald. Second, was a girl with black hair and a teal dressing clothes. Third, was a nerd with glasses, a green suit and brown hair who had a police badge on him. Fourth, was another young lady, around in her teen years, she was 17, she has blonde hair and wearing a grey hoodie with skinny jeans. Fifth, was a teacher that looks like he is in his thirties, he has red hair and is wearing a white suit. And the last, was a coyote with brown fur and a white lab coat on.)

Tech: Wait. That last guy looks so familiar.
( Tech and Slam watched the scene in conclusion.)

Guy #1: So, this young lady here is name: Liru Jackson, she is gonna be 
in your classes next month, Tech.

Tech: What? It can't be. I'm right here!

Past Tech: Okay, sir.

Guy#1: And Liru? This is Tech.E Coyote, one of my best students. He is gonna be tutoring you.

Liru: Ya. We are gonna have a really good time. Nice to meet you, handsome.

Past Tech: You two.

Guy#1: And you've got to listen to whatever he says okay?

Liru: Yes sir.

Guy#2: Let's discuss what classes she is gonna be in.

Past Tech: But sir she is only 17.

Guy#3: How old were you when you started here, Tech?

Past Tech:..............16

Guy#4: So, Liru what classes do you wanna take?

Liru: Well, I wanna be a famous singer and artist.

Guy#5: He means courses.

Liru: Oh, science maybe.

Guy#2: Anything else?

Liru: Chemistry.....Bio.........Physics.......and...........Math.(Bored.)

Guy#1: Then its settled, she'll start next week. Is that good for you?

Liru: That's fine.

Guy#1: Tech?

Past Tech: I guess we can start that week.

Tech: Slam, do you know her?
(Slam shakes his head slowly.)

Tech: Me neither...she is not familiar to me at all.

Guy#2: Hey, go watch the television.
(The t.v was huge with only 15 channels. Liru goes to the television. Liru grabs the remote and sat down on the uncomfortable chair.)

Tech: I didn't know we have a tv that big.
( Liru presses the channel button repeatedly.)

Liru: There's nothing on!

Guy#2: Change to wrestling for a quick sec.
(Liru listened and turned it to wrestling it shows Slam on the tv.)

Tech: Slam, there you are.
(Slam notices himself on the tv. On the left bottom corner of the screen there was the date, Tech noticed it.)

Tech: That can't be right.
(Tech grabbed the newspaper that he carries around. It was changing to a different date.)

Tech: What?! 2772?! 
(The tv went to commercial break.)

News reporter: There is a meteor warning today.........

(Then Slam and Tech's arms started to fade.)

Slam: Oh no.

Tech: We gotta find the others and whoever sended us back.

End Of Chapter 8.

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Zadavia has returned (New Version) Chapter 9!!!

Chapter 9: The Speed Racer.

( In the time of 1:20 a.m. Rev was lying on yellow grass with dirt covered all over his uniform. He rose spontaneously but not very quick.)

Rev: What-the?
( Rev saw a illusion of a weird person that went as fast as him for just a minute.) 

Rev: Whoa! That-person is crazy!
(Rev slowly gets up.)

Rev: Acmetropolis? I'm-in-Acmetropolis?! How-can-this-be?
(He tries using his power but it has disabled.)

Rev: What-the-heck? My-powers! What-happened-to-my-powers?
(Then Rev ignores the fact that his powers are gone and hears a crowd and racers zooming by. The echo of the racer's noises flew right into Rev by knocking him over like a chess piece.)

Rev: What's-going-on?
( Rev ran to the sound of the cheering crowd it lead him to a stadium.)

Announcer: And the winner is............Spike Slugger!!!
(The name echoed the stadium.)
Rev: Who?
(He walked to the entrance.)

Rev: Excuse-me, do-you-know-who's-racing?
(The guard did not answer.)I-said-do-you-know-who's-racing?
(The guard did not answer again.)Hello, can-you-hear-what-i'm-saying?
(The guard did not answer the third time.)Ok, now-you-are-just-being-rude-pal. Hey-you-don't-mind-if-I-walk-through?-....Thanks.
(Rev walked through the hallway and he entered the raceway which was huge. The cars were right above his head. Racers at the starting line were thrilled to start another race. As soon as they heard the pistol gun, they bolted across the raceway. The racers were all heading straight for Rev.)

Rev: Ahh! Oh No!
(The runners missed him by a long shot. He could feel the force push him in the racer's direction.)

Rev: Huh? I'm-not-injured-from-that? apparently i-wasn't-even-touched.
(Rev saw the rest of the race. In the next five minutes the race was over.)

Announcer: And the winner is........Spike Slugger!!
(Spike was a road runner that was the same height as Rev and around the same age. He had a black velvet leather jacket with spikes on it. He was not muscular but he was skinny like him too. Rev looked shocked by his appearance. Then someone really familiar shook his hand and pat him on the back. Rev's facial expression is shocked by who it was. It was the past Rev. The past Rev walked Spike out into the hallway.)

Spike: (Laughing) That was such a good race!! I love racing!! 

Past Rev: That's good. We just need to hear the results. But unfortunately you have to hear them alone.

Spike: How come?

Past Rev: I got to do a frickin' night shift at my new business job at the tallest sandwich wrap tower ever.

Rev: What? Job-at-a-sandwich-tower?

Spike: Thanks for supporting me as far as you could.

Past Rev: Okay. I'll see you later.

Spike: See you dude.

Past Rev: Hope you make it buddy!

Spike: Ya! See ya, Rev.
(Rev saw a smirky evil look on his face.)

Rev: Huh? 

Spike: Alright, today is the day Rev will be in his resting place....after a meteor will hit.

Rev: Meteor?

Spike: Yup. The year 2772 and the day of the 13th of March.

Rev: 2772? I've-traveled-back-in-time!!
(Rev felt lightness in his left hand. It starts to fade.)

Rev: Oh no! I'm fading?

?????: Rev? Is that you?

End Of Chapter 9.

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Zadavia has returned (New Version) Chapter 10!!

I have to warn you that this is gonna be a long chapter......Sorry..I havent done this since before I left to Vegas..

Chapter 10: The get-together. 

( Then Rev turned to hear a very familiar voice right behind him. He let out a happy and surprised smile to see who it was. It was Ace.)

Rev: Ace! OMG! OMG! OMG! You're-alive! Where-is-your-hand?

Ace: Well......I saw something that happened to me when I first arrived.

Rev: Me-too. That's-weird. What-happened? 

Ace: I saw my old boss. It was when I was trying out as the stunts person. It is that movie I failed at. I forgot what it was called. 

Rev: Oh-what-else?

Ace: I looked at the paper and saw that today is the year 2772...

Rev: Me-too!

Ace: Really?

Rev: Yeah-and-that's-not-all-I-also-saw-a-racer-i-never-even-met-in-my-entire-life!

Ace: I think I did too....


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