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Have I always been brave?

I know what you guys are gonna ask: why haven't you finished "Loonatics Unleashed G"? Well I started to lose interest in it cos I couldn't come up with a proper plan for the tics to save Felicia and stop Orran once and for all.

But in the meantime, here's a one shot of a Danger Duck fan fic, inspired by Comet Cometh.

I lay upon my bed in my bedroom, just staring blankly at the ceiling. For no particular reason. Well there is, I just only realised the answer to why I'm not celebrating another successful mission, with the other guys in the other room. It's a feeling of a little guilt, mixed with a little sadness, yet relief. How did I develop this feeling? It was because of a conversation that Lexi and me had, while we were getting ready for the mission against yet another giant meteor, threatening to destroy our planet.

Lexi just simply asked whether there were anymore meteor showers raining outside, and I gave her an answer whilst telling her no matter what or how unexpected the trouble seemed to be, I would always be ready for it. She then asked me whether I have always been wanting to be some sort of hero, waiting until trouble rears it's ugly head, only to be combated by someone willing to risk their lives, in order to protect anything and anyone. I obviously said yes to that question just to impress Lexi. But the thing was, what I said to her was partially a lie. "Stylic and resolve to be the best superhero ever? Why, yes."
That was what I said to her. 

The thing was, I haven't always thought about being one, especially in my childhood. None of the others know this, but I was always alone. No one could understand me or why I would act the way I did. All I know was the fact, that my confidence was smashed when I was told, that I was never to see my mom or dad ever again. I was told that when I was seven years old. I found that out after I, along with my parents, was involved with an accident with another car. 

I remember what happened before the accident, because I could remember my mother and father promising me, that they were going to buy me one toy that I liked so much for an early birthday present, while we walked to the toy mart. I remember once we got there, I picked the first thing I have always wanted for ages: the Inferno Man action doll. I had always admired him for his bright red and yellow jump suit, with a red mask and red boots, as well as him being the greatest superhero for all the other kids to worship. As soon as I showed the box with the doll inside to my parents, they just smiled and paid for it. I could recall how proud I was, walking out of the toy mart, holding an Inferno Man action doll in the box.

But then the accident happened so suddenly.
The next thing I knew was that I had woken up in a hospital room, desperate to find where my mom and dad were. After that, everything else became a blur of a hellish nightmare. Still, there was some good news; the Inferno Man doll was still intact in it's box.
 After I recovered, I was taken into a foster home. From the moment I laid my eyes upon the building, I knew I wasn't going to be welcomed by whoever I was going to be with. When we got into the building, I saw that there were other kids like me inside, possibly some who were in a similar position to me. Again, everything seemed to rush past me as I was introduced to the other kids by some woman. Most of them were humans, and that put me in an uncomfortable position.

And rightly so, because from the moment we were allowed to play outside, a gang of human boys, who were a lot older than me, picked on me. I tried to stand up for myself by telling them to leave me alone, but they were having none of it, and instead threw the insults back at my face, and started to push me towards the ground. But just as I was about to lose hope, another kid just pushed in between the bullies, and me and pushed one of them away. And what surprised me was that he was an anthro like me. Well, he was a pig, but he was still an anthro all the same. He told me his name was Pinkster and that he got picked on for being an anthro too.

It was then that me and Pinkster developed a close relationship together. But that still didn't boost my confidence to my original state.

It was only two weeks later; after I made friends with Pinkster that I started to reveal some things to him.
 Pinkster and I were colouring pictures of things in the room we shared. I can’t remember what we coloured in, but I remember what colours we used. Bright ones. But as I was colouring in, I didn’t notice Pinkster getting up. It was only when he asked what he had in his hand that I turned around and realised he had my Inferno Man doll, still inside the box, in his hand. At first, I was going to snatch it away from him, and shout at him for touching my stuff without my permission. But when I did snatch it away, I suddenly felt sad, as though I did change my expression when I touched the box. I gazed down at it in a guilty manner, trying to hold back the tears. Pinkster then asked what was wrong with me. I explained to him about the accident and that people have told me I’ll never see my parents again. But then Pinkster asked why I never took my Inferno Man doll out of the box and play with it. I replied:

“Because I don’t want him to break.” 

Pinkster then told me that before the accident happened, my original intention was to play with the doll all the time, pretending to be the hero that every kid dreamt about. He told me that it was pointless of me having the doll, if I didn’t take it out of the box and play with it. It was then I decided to rip the cardboard lid off the box for the first time in ages. I carefully took out Inferno Man, and gazed at it once more. It was then I realised, I was happy to see him out. And I bet if the doll could talk or come to life, he probably would have been happy too.

Ever since then, Pinkster and me decided to play the Inferno Man games, where I played Inferno Man’s sidekick, Danger Boy (because it would be strange to play as Inferno Man if already had the doll), and Pinkster would always play the heroes arch nemesis; Dr Claw. We always imagined that Dr Claw would have an evil scheme to take over the world, and Inferno Man and Danger Boy would always manage to stop the malicious plan from succeeding. None of the other kids seemed to care about our games, but we preferred it that way, because it gave us a sense of superiority. Sometimes, the same gang of boys would start to pick on us because “we’re weird” according to them, but that made our games a lot more fun when Pinkster would be one of the good guys, while we pretended to battle against Dr Claw’s robot minions. It was mostly them chasing us around outside, in the garden. But when they couldn’t find us in our hiding place, or they just got too tired or bored to run anymore, we always knew that we won against them.

That was until one day, my self-esteem crashed and burned to the ground. The older boys were chasing us once more around the garden, but to us, they were Dr Claw’s robots trying to destroy us. It was then that they managed to corner us against a wall, meaning there was no way out for us. At that time, one of the boys snatched my doll away from me, and handed it over to the leader of the gang, who had black spiky hair. I begged for them to give back Inferno Man unharmed, but they weren’t going to give us any mercy. The leader pulled both of Inferno Man’s arms off, and then he snapped the arms in half from the elbow. I screamed for them to stop, but the other two boys were holding Pinkster and me back. I watched in horror, as the torture continued. Their evil laughs grew more menacing as the boy dismantled Inferno Man’s legs, and waist. Finally, the doll’s head was pulled off, and thrown onto the ground. I bawled my eyes out as they all started to stamp on the pieces that lay on the ground. Finally, the gang couldn’t damage remains anymore and left us to pick up the pieces we could find, and run back into our room.

I couldn’t stop crying as I tried desperately to rearrange the parts to the best of my ability. But I could only to create the body with a few pieces missing. Pinkster couldn’t say anything at this time. He probably thought I’d snap back at him or something. But I still mourned for the massacred Inferno Man. He was now broken. I sniffed as I whimpered quietly: 

“Why? Why did they have to do that?”

Pinkster hesitantly stood at my side, and stared odourlessly at the broken doll.

“I-I g-guess he’s just as neh-fragile as p-p-people are.” He murmured.

I stared at my companion for a moment.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked.

“I-I th-th-think p-people can get bro-bro-broken too, eng-just like your d-doll.” He explained. “I-I-It’s just we c-can’t fix p-people with gl-glue or sticky t-tape. They ha-ha-have to find other ways of fixing p-people so they c-can be ha-ha-ha-happy. Th-Th-There’s this n-n-nice lady, who c-comes here sometimes, and she he-helps us t-talk a-a-about our problems. A-and when I-it’s over, I f-feel b-b-better about I-it.”

“But what about this?” I inquired to Pinkster pointing at the pieces of Inferno Man. “How can we fix him?”

“I d-don’t know.” He replied.
 It was then I decided enough was enough, as I slammed my hand down onto my bed. “Pinkster, when I grow up, I want to be a superhero just like Inferno Man!” I declared. 

“H-h-how are you g-g-gonna d-do- that?” My friend asked.

“I’m gonna help people by saving their lives from destruction, just like Inferno Man does!” I vowed. “I’ll stop evil villains from doing bad stuff to people who are good and have done nothing wrong! I’m going to help everyone, so they can be happy!”
 And from that day on, I was standing up to bullies who dared tried to intimidate innocent people.

Even when I got fostered, I still tried to restore order to chaos, no matter how big or small. The ironic thing was, that I wasn’t very successful in school, so I had to be a pool cleaner instead of a lifeguard, until I could find the opportunity.

Enter the giant radioactive meteor from out of space, and voila. I had superpowers just like all the other superheroes had. At first I was confused and quite shocked to receive such a gift, but when I cast my mind back to the day I made those vows, I realised my purpose in life. And so I was determined to become a hero no matter what.

It was strange when I was asked to go to the strange tower with the glowing green orb, and find that I was going to be in a team, with anthros just like me. Apart from Pinkster, I have never seen any other anthros. Of course I wondered what sort of stories they had to tell. Were their stories of success and living comfortably until the meteor changed their lives forever, or did they have stories sadness and woe until they received gifts of powers? I remember shaking hands with some of them. They introduced themselves and I did the same. It felt strange because I didn’t dream about being accepted into the group until now. But then, they were adults and not vicious kids that gave me dirty looks back at the foster home. They were kinder and more willing to be with me.

And at that night, I cried for a long time, because it was the first time that anybody did not prejudge me based on the fact that I was an anthro. I wasn’t sure whether the others heard me or wondered where I was, but if they did, I would have been totally embarrassed. Superheroes are not meant to cry, they were meant to be brave and noble.

And that how I had to be now. I wipe away the tears from my face, after flashbacking into my past, and jump off my bed.

I exit out of my room and join the others from what looks like a buffet of pizzas in boxes. Ace then notices me coming towards them. 

“Yo Duck!” He calls out to me. “I thought you weren’t going to come out of your room.”

“You better get some slices before Slam takes the lot.” She suggests.
 I give a chuckle to the group. 

“Well as a superhero, I shouldn’t be eating all this junk food.” I say to them.

“Oh come on Duck!” Lexi giggles. “A few slices of pizza won’t kill you.”

“Okay, okay.” I sit down onto the purple sofa next to Lexi, as I take a slice of magherrita pizza from the box. “But I’m only eating with you guys is because you couldn’t imagine a better celebration without me.”

“Oh yeah.” Ace gave a sly smile. “And we could have celebrated without ya if you didn’t get inside the ship in time.”

At that moment, outbursts of laughter came from the others. I just gave a huff.

“Well I’m still here,” I say. “So there.”
 As I bite into the pizza, I feel like I couldn’t be in a better home than if I was.

For they’re helping me keep to vows I promised when I was little, and I suppose I was helping them reach their goals, whatever they are.

I wonder and hope that Pinkster is in the same warm environment that I am currently enjoying.

The End

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Awww! That's cute and a little sad too! :(

I always knew Duck would've exaggerated a little when he was answering Lexi's question but I never thought of it in that way! :)

Yet another great story!

Keep it up Akira!

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That was nice. A great story of Ducks past.
Great work A-cat.


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You MUST look at

I Blamed It On The Dog

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Lexi: As my heart belongs to you. 


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