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Tech/Mallory- thier kid

This is for all the Tech/Mallory lovers to make a charecter about thier kid. heres a sample:

Name: Minerva 'techie' Coyo laughing.gif
Age: six
Hair: balck
eyes: green
Bio: an 'orphan' she does know who her mom is. She even pays a vist sometimes. She bullied for being smart and her powers which developed when the meteor crashed. When Tech saves her from a evil man he notices how much she looks like mastermind. He started talking to her and finds out that mastermind is her mum. Feeling uneasy, and remembering a druken night with mastermind, tech take her to the tower and goes to see mallory.
Mastermind loves her daughter and knows shes bullied, so when tech shows up to talk to her about Techie, mastermind spills the beans about her being techs kid. Tech then looks after techie, but keeps his mouth sht about it. However, Techie lets slip who her mother is and its not hard to figure out who her daddy is.
Lexi is pretty much a sister to Techie. Ace is like her older brother along with Rev Slam is her lovable uncle who spoils her. Duck is the doting grandma who loves the child so much. 
Powers: magnetic (like father like daughter giggle.gif) and can go through solid objects. 
Favs: blue. ice cream (she has a great friend in Ace thier biggrin) pizza, and books
hates: desses sports, and people who think science is boring. 

Minerva is taken from Mallory and Coyo is her daddys last name shorten. Techie is self explanitory

Techie: Daddy!
Tech: yes?
Techie: can i use the molicul reconstructor?
Tech: sure *isnt really paying atention* techie leaves. 
Tech: wait what?                                                                                                          


I support Rexi, Acexi, Texi.
 Yaoi is the manga term for guy/guy. I will support that to, but only if its well writen.

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