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True Sportsmanship

There's really nothing much going on at HQ. The Loonatics are just doing what they usually do on Thursdays after school. Ace and Duck are watching TV. Slam is with Rev playing some video games. Lexi, Tech, Kitty and Mel are in the gym. Lexi playing soccer. Tech playing basketball. Kitty playing volleyball. And Mel practicing her karate. Lexi, Tech, Kitty and Mel are trying out for the varsity teams this school year. The other boys just want to stick to their old clubs.

Lexi: *kicks the ball* HIYA! biggrin.gif Score!

The ball bounces around the room. The ceiling, the walls and finally to the goal almost breaking through the net.

Tech: *dribbles the ball* sprint.gif *jump shots while howling* Yes!

The ball is dunked through the hoop causing it to land hard that it bounces away back to the hamper.

Kitty: *spikes the ball* headbang.gif Awesome!

The ball flies over the net and bounces off the wall, floor and ceiling.

Mel: evileye.gif *bows* Hmmm.....

While the rest are still practicing. Mel has a practice fight with the Dummy that Tech designed for her to practice her karate. The Dummy starts off by an attempted karate chop but Mel dodges it through a backflip and quickly fights back through a flying kick. The Dummy dodges it and grabs her leg, luckily for Mel she stood upright and kicked the Dummy's head. Mel finishes the dizzy Dummy off with a karate chop, punch and another flying kick.

Mel: aww.gif *bows* giggle.gif Too easy...

The 4 continue practicing as Duck entered the room holding and Ice Cream bowl and spoon. With no Ice Cream in it.

Duck: Alright people! evileye.gif Who ate the last chocolate chip supreme whipped creamed berry-filled Ice Cream?! fight.gif You guys know I can't watch Glacierball without some Ice Cream to munch on. evileye.gif

Lexi: Uhh.. Duck *kicks the ball* We're kinda busy. Get out of here and eat a different kind of Ice Cream instead before you get hurt! *kicks* Goal! winner.gif

Tech: *practices free throws* She's right. And we need to practice if we want to make the team. *shoots*

Duck: First of all I know you guys need to practice. I just wanna know who ate the last junk of that Ice Cream! And second, since when are you interested in basketball? weirdface.gif

Tech: *jump shots* Since I saw Lexi playing two weeks ago. So I decided to practice and try out for the team. aww.gif *shoots*

Kitty: And besides. Why don't you just *spikes* practice some swimming techniques over there at the pool? You love swimming *dives*

Mel: *flying kicks the dummy* HIYA! Besides. You can always *dodges* buy another one right across the street! *grabs dummy's arms and tosses it* giggle.gif

Duck: Wow. You girls--

Tech: Ahem! fight.gif

Duck: And Tech biggrin.gif are one tough fit fighting machine! clap.gif

Kitty: *passes* You can say that again! giggle.gif *spikes* Don't you wanna try out for the swimming team? *tosses then dives*

Duck: Nah. no.gif I don't want any bossy coach telling me what to do! Ace already got that slot filled out! giggle.gif

Ace: *comes in* I heard that Duck! evileye.gif

Duck: WHAAT?! You have to admit, that is true biggrin.gif

Ace: disbelief.gif Hey guys you've been practicing for 3 hours. Don't you have like a 10 minute break or something?

Tech: We did a few minutes before Duck showed up. *jump shots* w00t.gif

Ace: Wow. whisper.gif They're kinda overdoing this.

Duck: whisper.gifNow is the only time you noticed it? evileye.gif

Lexi: Uhh... guys! What part of Super hearing don't you understand? *stops the ball with her foot, then hits it with her knee then head to the goal* giggle.gif

Ace & Duck: Oh yeah! Right... biggrin.gifsprint.gif LATER!

When it was 7:00pm and Mel and Kitty went home already. They're just next door neighboors so it was no problem if they carpool in each others cars.

It's 8:30pm and the Loonatics went to their rooms to prepare for school the next day. While Lexi and Tech can't wait for their try-outs tomorrow.

THE NEXT DAY. 7:15am - Acme High. The Loonatics has just arrived for school.

Lexi: Another day another homework assignment bleh.gif

Tech: It's not that bad. biggrin.gif

Lexi: Look I'm just here to Ace those soccer try-outs! xd.gif

Tech: Me too! xd.gif I could just see myself taking the final shot, everyone counting on me, the opposing team watching in fear as I....

Lexi: *snaps fingers* TECH! Hello in there?! Get out of your daydream and back to the real world! fight.gif

Tech: What?! Oh right. biggrin.gif Well a dog can... Did I just say dog? weirdface.gif

Slam: Real scary.

Rev: giggle.gif Good one giggle.gif

Tech: evileye.gif Whatever....

They just go to their usual classes. Ace and Lexi have their first class together, Biology. While Rev and Duck deal with Trigonometry. Tech is stuck with Physics and Slam is in his History class.

8:00am - 3:00pm. Class hours. Now it's time for their try-outs! 3:00pm - 5:00pm.

Kitty: Okay guys... this is it! This is where our hard work pays off. Goodluck guys! aww.gif

Mel: Alright let's do it! giggle.gif

The 4 split. Lexi goes to the soccer field. Tech heads off to the gym with Kitty. And Mel goes to the workout room. The gym is split into 2 sides, one for volleyball and the other for basketball.


Coach: Alright people! I'm Coach Smith and I want to see some sweat in this try-outs! Show me if you've got what it takes to be in the Soccer team! And once I pick out the members you'll learn about teamwork.gif TEAMWORK! *blows whistle* Now! START KICKING THOSE BALLS!!!! *blows whistle*

The 20 girls trying out started of by kicking the ball while trying to avoid knocking over the cones. 7 girls got too tired and fell onto the field resting and some rubbing their legs from the soreness of kicking the balls.

Smith: Come on girls! This is no time for a beauty rest! Get up and get moving!!! You're here to play soccer and I wanna see some sweat in this field!!! Now play!!! *blows whistle* evileye.gif

The 7 girls went to rest on the bleachers and were later joined by 2 more girls after kicking balls thrown by Coach Smith. Which means only 11 girls which includes Lexi got to pass and become a member of the Varsity Soccer team. Coach Smith announces that Lexi is the best player. The rest of the girls are proud of her. Smith's eyes glow pink and so does Lexi's.

Lexi: biggrin.gif*eyes glow pink* blankstare.gif

Smith: aww


BTW. ALL the coaches are girls.

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Awesome! w00t.gif Please continue! aww.gif

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