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Tweetums: Evil Much?

This is on Da, so i thought i would put it up here! Hope you like biggrin


The day was bright and cheerful. It should have been a great day but it wasn’t at all. For, in the royal graveyard, was a group of people crying. Their was a man wearing a black robe reading out some versus tears rolling down his face as he looked at the grave were the old king was buried. King Huro had been a nice king and had been loved by all. He had been good and kind, but had never married. And he had been in peek condition. That was why it had been a shock when he suddenly had a heart attack the night before. The obvious choice for the throne was his great nephew, Tweetums a yellow canary.

“And his successor is,” spoke the man, who was the royal records keeper. Tweetums smirked and got ready to be called; ignoring a glare he was receiving. The person who was glaring was a young kitten name Cynthia. Cynthia was 6 years old and very smart. She was black and white furred, with a tamed straight blond hair do. She was very pretty and was often said to be a future heartbreaker. She wore black and had puffy green eyes. She had loved the old King like a grandfather and was upset about his passing. Her father, Sylth Vester a black and white cat, cried as well. His green eyes leaked like taps as he listened to the record keeper. His wife, Salmina cried as well, her blond fur shining in the light. Her stomach was very much pronounced showing she was pregnant. “Sylth Vester.” Everyone started in shock. Sylth had been raised by the King but he wasn’t a canary, he was a cat! But then everyone started to cheer as Sylth was much loved in the kingdom. Only one person did not cheer. Tweetums ground his teeth glaring at the cat. He had poisoned the king just the night before and now his plan was ruined. But he would soon be king, if it was the last thing he did.

Cynthia noticed Tweetums glaring at her father. She shot a look at her father, but he didn’t notice. Turning her head once more she looked at Tweetums angrily. She didn’t trust the bird and everyone knew it. But no one believed her. With a growl she vowed to make sure that her father was safe. She didn’t realize how hard that promise was to keep though.

---- Mid page break thing--
“Dad! He's trouble!” said Cynthia as she walked with her father. They were taking an inspection of the castle grounds. “I so do not trust him!”

“He is a nice guy Cynth.” Said her father angrily. “Your six, you don’t understand this stuff.” Cynthia opened her mouth to speak but Sylth gave her a glare. “Not another word Cynthia Vester.” He strode away from his daughter as a voice began laughing. Cathrine turned to see Tweetums.

“What do you want Canary?” she asked angrily. Tweetums chuckled and said,

“No one believes you.” He chuckled again. Cynthia glared at him and she said icily,

“Want some light?” she pulled her hands backwards and threw light at him. Tweetums jumped out of the way in shock. “Leave me alone Canary face.” She stomped off to her room angrily.

--- Another page break---

“I have proof that King Sylth killed king Huro!” said Tweetums smirking at Cynthia, who stood agape. Sylth shook his head.

“Till this is cleared up, I appoint Salmina as the royal regent of the throne till Cynthia is 14 and old enough to take the throne by her self.” He said glaring at the bird, who now dropped all pretenses and glared back. Sylth turned and left to go to the space pod. Cynthia ran after him. She wanted to say goodbye, but a guard stopped her. They weren’t going to let the future Queen goes near a murderer even if they were related.

“Daddy!” screamed Cynthia, “Daddy!” She continued to scream as her mother walked up and hugged her, tears streaming down her own cheeks. She screamed as the pod flew up and away, knowing she would never see him again.

--page break—

Cynthia grabbed her little brother, Sylth Jr. She was going to run away ad he was coming with her.

“Stop, thief.” Said a mono tone voice, Cynthia turned to see an Eggbot, getting ready to shoot. These Eggbots were programmed to obey the ruler of the planet but for some reason they wouldn’t listen to Cynthia.

Cynthia put her brother down and ran out of the palace. She ran hard, her shorts and shirt ripping as she ran through a forest, her hair getting messier and messier. Then nothing was under her feet, she had ran over a cliff. She plummeted down, falling and hitting her head hard. Blackness enveloped her.

---- Page break---
A little black kitten woke up and looked around her, confused.
“Where am I?” she asked. Then it changed to, “Who am I?” She rose up and looked down at her clothes. A white dress and a pair of white slippers, they were ripped and covered in dirt. “This makes no sense.” She said softly. Looking around her she saw only trees and a cliff. “What is this place?” A glint in the sunlight caught her eye. She turned to see a locket on the ground. She picked it up to see engraved on the side a C. “C… Cathrine.” She said softly. She began to walk, glad of her new name not knowing what was going on behind her and not thinking about what lied ahead.

---Last one! ---

7 years later…

The Loonatics headed toward planet Blanc Tweetums home. They were excited about becoming galactic guardians.

Tweetums smiled evilly at the group. Rev, who had brought along his girlfriend, a human girl named Bia, was chattering on and on and on about how cool this was. Tweetums shook his head. They were fools. He had a surprise for them and no one could stop it.

On planet Blanc, a figure in a cloak walked around the palace, determined to prove him wrong.


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The Loonatics looked around the big palace, very impressed. There was a bunch of stuff in the place.

“Ah, Cathrine.” Said Tweetums suddenly, the group turned to see a cloaked figure standing behind them. By the sound of the name it seemed that she was a girl. “Loonatics, this is your maid, Cathrine. She’s mute so she will be hard to talk to.” Tweetums said, laughing at his cruel joke. “She will show you to your rooms.” Tweetums turned and left as Cathrine nodded respectfully to the team and gestured behind her. The team followed her as she took them to a door that was standing by its self in the hallway. She opened it to reveal a large room with games, a fridge and a training dummy. There were doors leading away from the room on either side. Cathrine walked over to one and opened it to reveal an awesome room for a gymnast. A hammock was hung in it and also a video game console. Lexi grinned, knowing that this was her room. She went over to it and said to Cathrine,

“Thanks.” The girl nodded and went to another room, gesturing at Ace to come. In it were a ski rack and a virtual trainer so he could practice late at night. Ace nodded his thanks and went in to inspect it more clearly. Cathrine walked to the next door and opened it to reveal a lab/bedroom. Tech gave a laugh and he walked in to it, looking around. The next room was Slams. It had a large fridge and some wrestling tapes. Slam expressed his thanks by getting Cathrine into a death hug. She still was breathing funny. The next room had a large mirror and it was obvious it was for Duck. Duck ran in and started to do muscle man poses. The finale two doors were for Bia and Rev. Revs was stocked with books up to the ceiling and a large treadmill. Bias was filled with stuffed animals and a large bad. There was also a door connecting the two rooms. Which the two blushed about.
Cathrine left the group to hang out in their new rooms. Rev was happily looking at the books when he spied one wrapped up in brown paper. He reached in and picked it up. Opening it, his mouth dropped open. There was a purple scrapbook with the words, ‘You’re in danger.’ Scrawled on it. He opened it up to see a new article clipping that proclaimed that Sylth was the new king. In shock, Rev flipped through the book, staring at the pages till the finale one.
‘Princess Cynthia has disappeared. Tweetums will now run the kingdom till she is found.’ Rev sat on his bed, for once in his life stunned speechless.
---page break---
Cathrine walked down the hall way to the room she had been given. She opened it up, checking to see that the two hairs she had left in the door way were still there. They weren’t. She walked into her room and picked up a nick-knack of a ship. She twisted the mast three times and then ran the device over the walls. Nothing came up on the screen. No bugs had been planted. Cathrine put the ship back down and opened her dresser drawer up. She searched to the bottom of it. She ran her hand over the smooth wood till she reached a small crevice. She removed the false bottom and then pulled out a small communication device. She reached up and pulled her hood down to reveal a black cat with short blond hair. Like normal she was a mess. Her eyes were bloodshot, her fur dirty. Her hair was a rat nest of tangles. Cathrine had no time to sleep or keep her self neat lately. She had been preparing for the Loonatics arrival and their escape.

Cathrine turned on the device, waiting. There appeared on the screen was a black cat with white hair and Blue eyes. She face was hard with anger and sadness. Her clothes were the armor the rebellion wore. Gold armor and a pink scarf, she also had a purple mail shirt and leggings.  Gold gauntlets covered her hands.
“Report.” Ordered General Kayla Cat, one of the leaders of the rebellion. Cathrine saluted her and spoke,

“The Loonatics are here General. I have left the scrapbook were they can find it.” Kayla nodded her thanks. “Is the spaceship ready?” asked Cathrine. Kayla looked away from Cathrines face. That was something they could not agree on. The two were best friends, despite Cathrine being 13 and Kayla being 20. They were often together, planning attacks on Tweetums but, they weren’t agreeing on this. “Kayla, we can’t ask them to fight with us. It’s our battle.” Said Cathrine angrily. Kayla shook her head.

“We have very little forces. Hardly any people have escaped the Eggbots. But, they probably would want to get home.” Kayla nodded to Cathrine and turned off the communicator. Cathrine turned hers off and removed her cloak to show her brown trousers and white shirt. Her boots were sturdy and strong. And on her belt were two very large guns. With a sigh, Cathrine took them off and placed them in the bottom of her drawer with her communicator. She slid the bottom into place with a click. After a grateful sigh, the girl fell onto her bed and fell fast asleep.
Okay, some of these charecters arent mine, like bia and Keyla. They are owned by other peoples on DA


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As thr group sat down for dinner, revs thoughts were focused on the scrapbook. He was still shocked about what he had found. Sylth had been a king? Even just for a short time, that was shocking.

"Eh, whats the matter Rev?" asked Ace. Rev looked up to see the group staring at him, well Cathrine, who was serving them, was hard to tell if she was staring or not.

"Yes, whats the matta Rev?" asked Tweetums. Rev looked at him and then blurted out,

"Is-it-true-Sylth-Vester-was-king?" Tweetums stared at Rev for a while before roaring,

"CATHRINE!" Cathrine walked over to Tweetums who glared at her,

"Did you tell... did you give him anything that would let him klnow?" Cathrine shook her head. Tweetums glared at her before snapping to the gaurds near them, "Arrest them." The bots jumped at the Loonatics who were to shocked to do anything but stare. They were soon being bundled down to the dungeon, where sylth Vester hung out bored.

"Brought. You. Friends.. Sylth. Vester." said the robot in a monotone vioce. Sylth looked at the Loonatics then chuckled deeply. He waited till the group was in the cell with him before saying,

"I thee you found out what he was like." The group gave him such a bad glare that he backed off. The group sat there, to humiliated to move.
---you hate it, but its a page break!---
Cathrine stormed down the hall angrily. That stupid roadrunner! That idiot! SHe stormed into her room, tasking the safty precatoins quickly. SHe then activeated her talkie. None other then the headhoncho himself, Tennesse J. Frog. He was a blind old frog, but he was a great fighter, having tained Explode, the white and grey cat.
'Sir, the stupid roadrunner..." began Cathrine angrily. But he soon cut them off.
"I know.... I'm sorry it didnt work out." said the frog. "But we will work around it. Wew have rip after all." Cathrine nodded and said,
"He needs to get my lockpicks here soon. And get the twins on standby. We break them out tonight."
--- okay, one more chpie that i've already written after this


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The Loonatics were in the cells with Sylth, talking to him. Sylth revealed his past to them, causing them all to fell deep sympathy to him. He had lost his whole life because of Tweetums.

"Glahuyr PAY." snarled Slam, meaning he would make Tweetums pay. The group nodded, but Sylth laughed darkly.

"Tomorrow he will make us his slaves. I dont think we will be fighting him then." at thier confused looks, Sylth said, "those robots? they were people once upon a time. They all disobeyed Tweetums. Speak of the devil." remarked Sylth as a robot came in to the room, along with Cathrine.

"Food." snapped the robot at the group. Cathrine handed them the food as Sylth said to her,

"Hey girl. How are you?" Cathrine shrugged as an answer.  "Its nice to have more people to talk to." Cathrine nodded, then looked at her wrist. The group thought that she had something to do, so they ate thier food fast. But as she picked it up, Rev decided to ask somthing that was on his mind.

"Hey-Cathrine?" asked Rev, "Who-gave-me-the-scrapbook." Cathrine looked at him, and then did something that shocked the group. She spoke.

"I did." Before she turned around, whipping a gun out of her belt and shooting the robot in the chest.

"You can talk?" asked Lexi in shock. Cathrine nodded and pulled her hood down.

  "I am Cathrine, a warrior of the rebellion. We fight against Tweetums." seeing Sylth sater at her she asked the other cat, "What?"

"You look like Cynthia." Cathrine winced and said softly,

"I'm so sorry." She checked her watch once more and growled. "Ugh, hurry up Rip!" Revs eyes went wide, and opened his mouth,

"Ri-" but he was interrupted by a blue portal appearing. And out stepped a purple and blue roadrunner. He wore a gold and pink shirt and purple pants.

"Yo! Whats up Cathrine, my sista." he said, hugging the cat, then he handed her a bundle of thin metal rods. "Hey the-" he was stopped by two people coming out of the portal. Like rip, they wore pink and gold shirts along with purple pants, but they were human. One was a girl, the other a guy. The guy had blue eyes and the girl hand green. They both hand brown hair.

"Hello mate." spoke the girl, twriling her bow. The two carried a bow along with a set of arrows. "What is up?"

"I think her tail." said the boy, before the two dissplved into laughter. cathrine glared at the two and snapped at Rip,

"YOU BROUGHT THE TWINS?" Rip nodded, ashamed. "Oh, this is just great. Just &*$^^#$^*&^$##%^$^ great." she snarled, swearing for a while as she began to pick the cell lock. Bia looked at the two and smiled at them.

"Hello." she said polietly, "I am Bia." The girl ran over and began shaking her hand.

"I'm Mark, pleasure to meet you." The boy knocked her out of the way and said,

"I'm Annie, loveyly to meet you." Then the two acted as if they just saw each other and began saying,

"Mark! What a surprise."

"Annie! Lovely to see you." the shook hands, as Rip laughed his head off. Cathrine herself smiled a little as she finally opened the cell door. The Loonatics were beside them selves with Laughter.

"Lets go." said the cat.

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Ooh, Interesting...

I can't wait for more!

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Thanks! I cant wait either! biggrin


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