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Self Control

(Note: Not all Loonatics will be in this fan-fiction. Slam, for instance. I have management problems when it comes to writing, but nothing too bad. x3)

Chapter 1: Grand Opening

"Guys! Guys!" Lexi shouted as she ran out into the main room with a pamphlet in her hand.

It was around 8:00 AM in the Loonatics' HQ. They were just sitting down to breakfast. Lexi sat at her seat, not feeling hungry, but excited. She was reading over the pamphlet. Ace lifted his head a bit as he ate some pancakes and read the title on the paper.

"Eh, Club Inferno?" Ace asked, his mouth half-full.

Tech jerked in his chair and looked at the title as well. "What? No way," he said, snatching the paper from Lexi and skimming the text.

After a bit, Tech looked back at Lexi. "Today's the opening day?" he asked, pointing at the date.

"Uh-huh!" Lexi nodded, taking back the paper and gripping it tightly. "This place is suppose to be AWESOME. I've been waiting for MONTHS to go to Club Inferno!" she exclaimed.

"A nightclub, eh?" Duck snatched the pamphlet and kicked back in the chair, reading some of it. He kicked his feet up onto the table a bit.

Tech looked at Lexi, sipping his orange juice. "Looks like a pretty cool spot! What time is the opening?" Tech asked, finishing his glass.

"You mean you'll come with?!" Lexi's face lit up a bit, a big smile on her face.

"Why not? I need some time out of this place, anyway. Looks like a great time!" he smiled.

"Awesome. Anyone else wanna come with us to the opening?" she asked, tossing the pamphlet over to Ace.

Ace looked up and flinched a bit as the paper almost hit his eye. He caught it with a couple of fingers and looked at the pictures. "Eh, maybe I'll go. Looks fun, though," he smiled and set it back on the table.

"What's cool is that every Saturday night is couples night!" Lexi smiled.

Ace and Tech both blushed, neither of them noticing each other's expressions.


Later that day, around 2:00 PM, Tech was getting himself gussied up with cologne and some nice clothes. He had on a black suit with a clip-on tie. He had a smile on his face the entire time he was getting ready. On his head was a fedora (a mafia hat, so to speak). It was black with a white stripe going around the base of the elevated section. It had holes for his ears so it wouldn't be uncomfortable on his head. The shoes were black as well.

Lexi was putting on a simple outfit. It had a formal vibe to it, though. She put on a red dress that went all the way down to just above her feet so you could see the red shoes she was wearing. She didn't bother much with make-up; only dark pink/purple lip gloss that shined a bit.

Tech came out of his room looking mighty spiffy. Ace was a bit surprised at his appearance. "Wooow. I haven't seen you this sharp since...ever," he said, sipping a soda.

Tech gave Ace a thumbs up and an awkward smile. He looked back down the hallway and saw Lexi coming out. His eyes went a bit wide as he saw her.

"Wow, Tech. That's some outfit you got there!" she grinned a bit and walked over to him.

Ace too was surprised even more by her look.

"Heheh. You too!" Tech said back with an awkward smile. "S-Shall we go?" he asked.

"Let's do this!" Lexi grinned, walking with Tech to the door.

"Coming, Ace? Duck?" Tech asked as he looked back at the rabbit and the duck on the big sofa.

"Nah..." Ace waved his arm a bit. "I'ma just stay here and chill. You two have fun, alright?" he said.

"Yeah, me too. Not feeling in the party mood," Duck said, kicking his feet up and closing his eyes.

"Suit yourself," Tech said before leaving with Lexi. They went downstairs to the hanger and took a motorbike there.

(If you didn't think this part was interesting, trust me. The next one WILL.)


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I'm getting a Texi vibe hear along with some Tech and Ace rivalry.



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Chapter 2: Club Inferno

It was fairly hard to find a parking spot upon arriving at Club Inferno. Lexi could see tons of people lining up to enter, even when the club wasn't open just yet. Tech soon managed to find a parking space towards the back. The club had a fiery theme to it; flames painted along the walls, the title of the club had fiery tails on the orange-red letters in a funky font. Lots of chatter could be heard from the crowd.

An off-duty S.R.T (Special Response Team) officer was outside the club waiting to go in as well. He was a well-built, purple hyena with black hair that had bangs that dropped in front of his eyes, but only one of those shiny blue eyes was still visible; the other was covered in a bang that was thicker than the other; the right eye, to be exact. He was a quiet one, but a very gentle one at that.

He simply stood there, keeping his muzzle closed while everyone else talked. With a small whip of his hair, he glanced over and saw a very fashionable bunny approaching the club. Who was she? She looked amazing.

"Hmm...?" was all that came from him as he eyed her.

"Wow. Big crowd," Tech commented, fixing his hat a bit as he looked around.

"Yeah, I'll say..." Lexi added in response.

"That woman..." the hyena muttered. His voice was deep, but manly and smart. (Think of Leon S. Kennedy from RE4 or the fourth RE movie.)

Soon, the club finally opened up its doors for the first time. Everyone cheered as they walked inside. As Lexi and Tech strolled in, she noticed the hyena still staring at her with a blank expression; that one shiny, light blue eye again. She kept her eyes on him until she could no longer see him anymore past the heavy doors.

"Who WAS that guy? Weird..." she thought as she shook her head a bit.

The hyena made his way in at last, the club already crowded. No music was playing at the time; just a lot of chatter again. The inside of the club had the same fiery spark to it like the outside did. There was a huge dance floor in the middle of the club and a disco ball above. What's a club without a dance floor and a disco ball, anyway?

The hyena felt a bit lost as he tried to look for the bunny again. Some other girls eyed the hyena, thinking about how attractive he looked in the black tux he had. His face was indeed well-crafted.

"Wow, this place looks awesome! You were right, Lexi!" Tech smiled as he looked over at the bar.

"What did I tell ya? I'm coming here as often as possible," she smiled and placed a hand on her hip as she waited for some music to play.

Although the hyena didn't show it, he felt a bit nervous inside. Slowly, he approached the red-dressed bunny and gulped, clearing his throat. Tech went off doing his thing, not really noticing the hyena that approched Lexi.

"Excuse me. Miss?" the hyena said with an incredibly calm voice.

Lexi's ears perked a bit as she turned around to face him. "Oh, you. I noticed you out there," she said.

"I...I noticed you too. Very well," he smiled a bit.

Lexi blushed as she eyed him. Even the smile he wore on his face was angelic. It was like his face was carved by angels. Dreamy, right?

"Is that so?" she said with a slight grin.

"I'm Eric..." he smiled politely.

Lexi smiled and nodded. "I'm Lexi," she replied.

"Eric..." she thought.

(Yep! This is an OC fan-fiction.)

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