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Fighting (and Loving) Like Cats and Dogs

Hello all.

As Treasure Planet is my newest obsession, I am attempting to write a "report" on my favorite (and only) couple in this movie. This will be rather long, so please bare with me as I do this. "Chapters" will be added when I actually have time to do this.

And yes, I am expected to be taken seriously with this although I'm sure most people will be asking how obsessed I must be to actually write this thing. Please respond constructively.


So here we go...

Fighting (and Loving) Like Cats and Dogs


"Treasure Planet": One of the many Disney films made after the death of Walt Disney himself. Although some believe that the death of Disney was the death of all great Disney pictures, others choose to disagree. Some others believe that, while Disney might still be creating fantastic movies after the company's creator's death, "Treasure Planet" is not one of them. After all, the movie was a box-office bomb (falling $102 million dollars short of its production costs in the U.S. although it did well internationally), and its fan-base is still relatively small even after the seven years since its theater release. However, the film's fan-base can quickly stand and argue that, while the film is far from perfect, it can stand on its own.

The movie is a sci-fi adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's masterpiece "Treasure Island." The plot is relatively the same as the book, with the setting altered to fit the science-fiction world. Instead of sailing across the seas the characters "sail," or fly, across space to find a lost planet where the notorious pirate, Captain Flint, hid a galaxies-worth of treasure.  As the setting of Stevenson's original piece is changed for "Treasure Planet," the characters have also undergone changes. 

  • Jim Hawkins became a fifteen year-old problem child with a knack for getting arrested. 
  • John Silver is no longer a peg-legged man, but a cyborg with a robotic arm, leg, and eye. Silver's parrot, Captain Flint, became Morph, the adorable pink blob that can take on any form he wishes.
  • Ben Gunn became B.E.N. (Bio-electronic Navigator), the insane robot who's mind was literally taken by Captain Flint to prevent him from revealing the secret of Treasure Planet
  • Dr. Livesly, the brilliant doctor, an Squire Trelawney, "Treasure Island"'s comic relief, were combined to form the bumbling, talkative, canine-like Doctor Delbert Doppler.
  • Captain Alexander Smollett had both his species and gender changed, and became Captain Amelia, the no-nonsense, acrobatic, and beautiful feline-captain of the R.L.S. legacy.

Although the last two characters on this list are not necessarily the least important, I place them last so that these two may be made fresh in your memory. Amelia and Delbert, polar opposites of each other, are the subject of these several posts. In the following posts, I intend to answer the complicated question, "How, in the name of all that is holy, did these two end up going from strong contempt to marriage and parenthood?"

Hopefully, I will succeed. And perhaps you, the reader, might understand why Treasure Planet fans continue to support these two as they fight, and love, like cats and dogs.


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