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Heirs, chapter 2

Weeeeeeeell, the first chapter wasn't exactly well received, but hey. Enjoy the second chapter anyway

Chapter 2 – Talk, brothers, talk!

It was only on very rare occasions that none of the Loonatics spoke. Now was one of those occasions. They all just stared with wide eyes and open jaws at the two hoodies who were still dancing in front of them. The hoodies laughed and cheered, danced and jumped, and gave each other high-fives repeatedly. When they had had their share of happy time, they both plumped down on the ground, landing straight on their backs, and sighed with pleasure, both smiling wider than Lexi thought was physically possible.

After a few seconds of complete silence, giving each other looks, and ****ing eyebrows at the hoodies, the Loonatics finally decided to break the ice – or rather, Ace did. The team leader stepped forward and rubbed the back of his neck. “So, uh… You guys have any intention on telling us what’s going on before the next meteor strikes?”

One of the hoodies sat up in a flash, and framed his cheeks with his hands like a thirteen-year-old fangirl. The other, the one wearing glasses, smiled even wider, looking at his brother. “He has the accent…” he said dreamily.

“I know, I know! Isn’t it awesome?” the other one said, not letting go of his face.

Ace curled his lip and eyed Lexi, who just shrugged, not having a clue what they were talking about. “Seriously, docs,” Ace continued. “What’s all the fuss about?”

“Yeah, and what’s with the Grim Reaper getup?” said Duck. “It’s a bit too late to dress up for Halloween, don’t you think?”

Both hoodies looked at each other, and then somewhat squealed. “Wow!” said one. “He’s missing the lisp, but his attitude is exactly the same!”

“What are you getting at?” said Duck and frowned. Lexi stifled a laugh, because she totally agreed with the hoodies – well, about the attitude, anyway.

The hoodie with glasses sat up and looked at each of the Loonatics’ expressions. Lexi could tell that he was about to spill it out, so she didn’t want to barge in on the first word. The hoodie poked his brother’s shoulder, which made him un-frame his cheeks and look at the six beings in front of him. They stood up at once, and bowed in a gentleman-ish way.

“Greetings,” said the hoodie with glasses. “My name is Gil, and this is my brother Gus. It’s an honor to finally meet you, Loonatics. We’ve been waiting for this moment all our lives.”

“Uh, thanks, I guess,” said Ace, and looked at his teammates, who still weren’t quite catching the brothers’ drift. They all just shrugged and looked back at the brothers, hoping to hear a slightly better explanation.

Gus giggled, while Gil took off his glasses and wiped a single tear out of his eye. “Will you just look at them…” he said. “They’re so confused… it’s adorable!”

“Hey, not to be rude or anything, but do you mind hurrying up to the point here?” said Tech and folded his arms. “Constantly commenting on how we look or sound just makes us more curious as to what you’re up to.”

Gil put his glasses back on and cleared his throat. “Sorry, we’re just really caught in the moment here,” he said and smiled at his brother. “You see, we’re huge fans of you guys, and meeting you is just… it’s overwhelming, you know?”

“We’ve been watching you guys in action since you came to be!” said Gus and gave a large bare-toothed grin. “Every time there’s an attack on the city, the country, the continent, the planet, or the universe for the matter, we rush out to watch you guys! We simply adore your powers, and battle techniques. Watching you fight is like… it’s like…” Gus scratched his head, trying to find a good comparison.

“It’s like watching an artist at work!” Gil finished, expanding his arms to show how much he meant it.

Lexi couldn’t believe her very ears, and she knew that was hard, since she had the best hearing around. Those guys couldn’t have been criminals, not even a couple of low-life shoplifters! They were just obsessed fans of the Loonatics! Hearing those two flatter them like that actually made Lexi feel her cheeks get a little warmer, and she couldn’t help but smile.

She eyed the boys, and saw that they all looked a bit touched as well. Tech just flipped his wrist, being the modest type he was; Rev nudged his index fingers together, looking sort of sheepish in the process; Ace seemed to be taken aback by all the compliments, complete with the shocked expression; Slam chuckled a bit; and Duck stood up straight very proudly. Lexi was certain that they were all just as flattered as she was.

Just then, a bell rang in Lexi’s mind, and she snapped out of the flatter-fit. She turned around to face the brothers again and stepped forward to ask. “Say, if you guys are such big fans, why all the hush-hush?” she said. “You know, why sneaking around like that?”

“I told you: tourists,” said Duck and shrugged. Lexi ignored him, and was relieved to see that so did the brothers.

“Oh, well, that’s an easy question,” said Gil. “You see, since you guys are this famous, we didn’t want to barge in on your lives like a couple of wackos. We were just being the fans we are; we’ve done this to other guys like you before.” Lexi was just about to ask what he meant, but Gil continued, making her forget about it. “Also, we wanted you guys to find us. I mean, we didn’t want to just stop by your tower ourselves – that’d be rude!”

And how does sneaking around qualify as ‘not rude’? Lexi thought and rolled her eyes. She heard the boys sigh, which told her that they were thinking the exact same thing.

“Hey, now wait a minute,” said Tech and stepped forward as well. “If you guys wanted to meet us so bad, why did you use the warp? Appearing, disappearing and then reappearing in random places aren’t exactly the best ways for us to find people.”

“There are two reasons for that one too,” said Gus. “We wanted to look suspicious so that you’d notice us, and maybe get at least a little interested in what we were up to. And judging by this, it worked!” He laughed a bit, and then cleared his throat. “And besides, using that warp was a great idea to take the attention from the letters!”

Gil sharply turned his head to his brother, with an expression that screamed: “Dude!” and just as sharply, Ace snapped out of his shocked state and stared at the brothers. “The letters?” he exclaimed. “There are more of them? Okay, docs. Now we’re getting somewhere! We saw that you left a letter on one spot, and I’ve been dying to know what it’s all about since! And now you tell me there are more of them?”

Gus bit his lip, while Gil rolled his eyes, but smiled. “Okay, there’s a question we can’t really answer right now,” he said. “You’ll have to figure it out by yourselves later on.”

After all this time holding in his excitement, Ace’s mood dropped instantly. Lexi knew so, because the moment Gil closed his mouth, Ace’s wide eyes sunk, his ears dropped, and he developed a very disappointed expression (Lexi could’ve sworn she heard him whimper as well). The brothers noticed, and Lexi noted that they seemed to look sorry for him. Gus bit his lip again, and Gil rubbed the back of his neck, while Ace’s expression kept sinking lower. Was he playing with them, or was he really that upset? Lexi had no idea…

“Aw, come on, Gil!” Gus finally said. “At least let them find theirs!”

At first, Gil looked deep in thought, but then he eyed the Loonatics, and saw just how curious they had gotten. Lexi’s head spun again. Why wouldn’t they let them see the letter? What was so important about it? And better yet, why was it labeled as ‘theirs’?

Nobody could think any further, because the moment Lexi had begun trying to find logical answers to those questions, Gil reached down to a pocket of the huge cloak he was wearing, and picked up a small iron stick. Lexi observed as he pushed something that looked like a tiny button on the stick, and it started opening up. Little shards of light oozed out of it, and suddenly, the same blue light from before surrounded the eight. The almost blinding light turned around in circles, and finally, Lexi saw what she assumed to be the warp the brothers had used.

Gil gestured the Loonatics to walk in, and Gus did the same. Lexi was a bit unsure. Should they trust those two guys? They had only just met them, and it could be that they were lying about everything. Maybe they were just trying to lure them into a trap or something. Even though Gil and Gus looked very innocent and kind, Lexi wasn’t sure if she should trust them. But she was probably the only one who thought so, because Ace almost immediately jumped forward and smiled wide.

“What are you guys waiting for?” he exclaimed. “Come on!” With that, he jumped into the warp.

The other boys smiled and followed Ace’s move. Gus jumped in after them, but Gil waited for Lexi to make a move. Lexi was still a bit unsure, but since the boys had all gone in there anyway, she decided to follow. She nodded to Gil and hopped into the warp.

She expected to experience some weird feeling, like stomach turning, feeling like she was being pulled backwards, or something, but nothing happened. The only thing that happened was that she stepped from one place and appeared in another. It was just like stepping out of her room and into the hall. Lexi turned her head to see what was left behind her, but only saw Gil pulling the warp back into the stick. Lexi scratched her head as to how a single stick could hold such a big warp, but decided not to think about it.

She had a look around, and immediately noticed how wrecked the place was. It was an old warehouse, but obviously not in use, because it had been burned to a crisp. Every single ounce of it was pitch-black, or at least had a shade of grey on it. Lexi looked up, and saw that the roof had been blow up, so she basically saw the bare sky instead of a ceiling. Duck stepped forward and turned around a few times as he had a look around.

“Hey…” he began. “Isn’t this one of the arsenal warehouses we busted Stoney and Bugsy robbing, Ace?”

“Yeah, now that you mention it, it does look kinda familiar,” said Ace and scratched his chin. He pointed at all the broken explosives and used bombs on the floor and shook his head. “I’m impressed. They actually cleaned the place,” he then added sarcastically.

Lexi chuckled a bit, and Duck smiled. “So, uh, where do you guys keep this letter?” Ace asked the brothers, who were still exploring the warehouse as if they had never been there before.

“Oh, right,” said Gus. “Sorry, but coming back here is just another reason for us to be all fanboy-ish!” He and Gil shared a laugh, which made Lexi roll her eyes once more. “Okay, seriously, the letter is lying on the floor.” Gus smiled, and the Loonatics had a look around. Everyone turned their heads and bodies in circles, trying to find that little letter that apparently was so important, but nothing was to be seen.

“Where on the floor, exactly?” Tech finally asked.

Gil grinned. “Oh, it’s there,” he said. “You just have to say a few magic words!”

Duck groaned. “Great, yet another ‘Open-Sesame’ thing…” he said. “So what? We just have to figure out the words ourselves, or are you guys gonna tell us?”

“We’re not saying anything,” said Gus and smiled. “You guys go right ahead. I’m sure the more you talk, the more odds there are of the letter appearing.”

“You’re doing it again, docs,” said Ace and frowned. “What’s up with you and keeping secrets from us?”

The moment Ace let go of the last word, Lexi saw something from the corner of her eye. She turned around, and spotted something sparkling on the ground just a few feet away from them. “Guys! Look!” she exclaimed and pointed to the spot the sparkle was coming from. The boys looked in the direction she was pointing, and all saw the same thing: A little green sparkle on the ground, but there was nothing there that could have made the sparkle. The Loonatics all looked at the brothers, who simply laughed.

“There it is!” said Gil. “That’s the letter!”

“What? That little sparkle is the letter?” said Ace and walked a few steps closer to the green sparkle. “How’s that even possible?”

“Oh, it’s very possible,” said Gus, and turned to Rev, who was just as confused as everyone else. “Rev, what’s your dad’s most frequently used phrase?”

“Uh…” Rev began, not really sure what Gus was getting at, but decided to answer anyway. “Sweet-meep-meep? Why? Wouldn’t you have known that, you know, supposedly being our biggest fans and all- holy bird seed!

Lexi jolted upwards a bit when Rev shouted those last words, and noticed just how much his eyes had widened. He was staring in the sparkle’s direction, so she turned that way as well. When she did, she almost shouted the same thing. The little green sparkle now actually appeared to have a solid form, and the sparkles had been replaced with a mild glow. She gazed at it for a moment, loving the looks of it, even if she wasn’t sure why. But as usual, a familiar nagging voice interrupted the bond she and the ‘letter’ were beginning to share.

“Yeah, yeah,” said Duck. “That’s all very pretty and all, but don’t you think we should start looking for that letter-thing?”

Every single being in the area groaned, but then the brothers laughed. Lexi knew exactly why, and was proven right when Gil spoke.

“Oh my lord, his attitude is perfect, I tell you!” he exclaimed. “Perfect!”

Duck frowned and folded his arms, glaring a bit at the brothers. “Alright you guys, this is the second time you say I have an ‘attitude’,” he threw at them as he walked closer to the two. “Do you have some bone to pick with me or something? Do you really want to piss off this duck?” Duck unfolded his arms and put them on his sides, flexing his chest to look threatening. It didn’t work – frankly, he looked kind of stupid.

Gil and Gus tried to keep their plain smiles, but soon enough, both of them failed to stifle their laughs any more. In fact, they weren’t the only ones who let out a laugh, because practically everyone at least snickered. Duck’s body leaked from the proud position and he folded his arms again, his beak pouting as much as a beak could.

“You’re despicable…” he muttered.

Duck went completely silent after saying those words, and if Lexi hadn’t just stopped giggling, she wouldn’t have noticed the sudden change in his facial expression. For a while, his eyes were so wide, it looked like he was trying to shoot lasers out of them. After a few seconds, his beak flopped open and his arms fell down to his sides. He slowly lifted up his left hand to point at something.

“L- lo- look…!” he almost whispered, still standing almost completely still. For the third time, the Loonatics had to turn around to look at something someone was pointing at. This time, however, was very different.

The little sparkle Lexi had first seen had changed from that, to being a glow, to being what it was now. Lexi’s eyes shot open as she saw, lying right there on the floor, a very real alphabetic letter. Its now spring-green surface was glowing like the sun, and if Lexi’s ears weren’t fooling her, there were weird sounds coming from it as well. Gunshots; metal being dropped; unintelligible gibberish with different-sounding voices; car horns; something being chewed…

“Gyaah! Make it stop!” Lexi shouted and pulled down her hears to cover them. Though her Sonic Hearing wasn’t picking up all those sounds, they were driving her mad!

“It’s there!” Ace exclaimed. “It’s actually there!” With that, he rushed to the letter, and then kneeled down on the ground to examine it. He too then covered his ears, and looked up at the others. “It’s an ‘S’,” he said, trying to cope with all the sounds that were slowly sticking themselves into everyone’s minds.

Gil and Gus, however, just smiled. “Well? What are you waiting for?” Gus said to Ace. “Aren’t you gonna pick it up?”

Ace looked at the brothers suspiciously, as did Lexi. What was their game now? Was there something going to happen if the letter was touched? Surely it was something abnormal, since it had gone from being just a sparkle on the ground, to a solid ‘S’ that made weird sounds. But still, it could have been just a trick. Or maybe it was a trap. Either way, Lexi for one didn’t know how to respond, and she wasn’t sure if Ace was either. He just looked at the letter for a few seconds, wondering whether he should touch it or not.

To everyone’s surprise, though, Tech stepped forward with his arms folded. “Oh, please, guys,” he said. “These brothers are just fans. Even if they have that warp, I wouldn’t be so afraid of a little letter. Here, allow me.”

With that said, Tech bent down to the ground to pick up the letter. Now, if Lexi thought it had sent out annoying sounds before, it was nothing compared to what happened the moment Tech’s fingertips touched it. Everyone in the warehouse (Gil and Gus included this time) covered their ears as the letter supposedly went mad. The glow was blindingly bright, and from the sounds of it, Lexi thought the letter was actually yelling at Tech for touching it. The sounds got louder with every second, and some of the gibberish was beginning to sound like words.

I’m an elk! Shoot me!

Ah, mon cherie…

This means war!

Spring! Bone!

Suuuuper geeenius!

Then everything went absolutely silent. The letter stopped glowing, the sounds drifted away like dust in the wind, and although she wasn’t sure if her ears were fooling her, she thought she heard a few faded laughs and giggles. There was a long silence in the room as everyone slowly uncovered their ears to be sure that the noise was over. Tech stared at the ‘S’ in his hand, wondering what in the world had just happened. The Loonatics all eyed the brothers, who were just as shocked as they were.

“Okay, busters,” Duck finally said, thus breaking the tension that was forming. “You’ve got some major explaining to do. Like… what the heck was that all about?!”

“I… I honestly don’t know…” said Gil and adjusted his glasses, which had skewed a bit on his nose. “I mean, I know we installed those sounds, but…”

“That noise! And the glow!” Gus exclaimed. “Dude! Even I don’t know what happened here!”

Tech and Ace stood up, Tech still holding the letter, staring at it. “This confuses even me…” he said in a low, surprised voice, and lifted his arm to look at the letter from another perspective. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“We didn’t really expect that, now did we?” said Gus and smiled yet again.

Another awkward silence followed (although Tech was the only one who didn’t sense the awkwardness. He just kept looking at the letter, and then put it in his jean pocket). Ace then decided to speak, since his wonderings about the letter had sort of been answered. The brothers had still yet to answer a few more questions, though. “Hey, uh… just out of curiosity, where are you guys from?”

Gil and Gus immediately brightened up and smiled wide at Ace. “Well heck!” Gil exclaimed. “Let’s show them!” He then picked up the little iron stick again, and opened the warp in the same fashion he had done before. But before he or Gus had a chance to say or do anything else, Lexi just had to interrupt.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” she said. “This is starting to look pretty darn suspicious again! Why would you guys take us to the place?” She turned to face her teammates. “Who knows where they’re from? They could be from another planet for all we know! And if so, how the heck are we going to get home?”

It took the boys a few seconds to grasp Lexi’s words, but when they did, they all frowned at the brothers. “Yeah, she’s right,” said Ace and folded his arms. “How can we trust you?”

Gus chuckled a bit, and Gil shook his head smiling. “That’s not what you said when we told you about the letter…” he said in a sing-song voice.

“Yeah, well… that’s because then we didn’t have a green-glowing ‘S’ yelling at us!” Ace replied.

“Just relax, you guys,” said Gus. “If we really were up to something, wouldn’t we have huddled more, or grinned, or hinted that we knew something we shouldn’t?”

No one said a word, not even Lexi, because even if she was having a hard time trusting the brothers, Gus was right. Almost every single villain who had gotten to their good sides had done at least one of the things he had mentioned. Lexi sighed.

“Okay, fine,” she said and slowly walked towards the warp. “But don’t blame me if something horrible happens!”

Without another word, Lexi hopped into the warp, and was again transported to whole different place without feeling anything. She waited for the rest of the team and the brothers to show up, and while she did, she had a look around where she was.

She was standing on a plain pavement on an even plainer street. The houses were lined up like a nice neighborhood should, but Lexi couldn’t help but notice that some houses looked newer than the others. In fact, when she turned her head to look at the house closest to her, she saw that it had been dug up. Although it looked like construction had stopped years ago, it was still obvious that this house was way older than any other house in the street. While it was sitting in a hole of dug dirt, its surface proved its age as well: its walls were made of concrete that had dirt, mold, and vines all over them; every ounce of steel on it had been eaten up by rust; and even if Lexi didn’t have super-vision, she saw that it was impossible to look inside through the windows because of how filthy they were.

Lexi heard the warp close behind her and turned around to see all her teammates and the brothers along with them. The boys all examined the house like Lexi had done, and then looked at Gil and Gus, who just smiled proudly like the house was the most beautiful thing in the world.

Ace ****ed an eyebrow at them. “Seriously? You guys live here?” he said, pointing with his thumb over his shoulder at the house. “In this dump?”

Gil smiled. “Yup! This has been our home since we found out it existed,” he said.

“But this house has been dug up,” said Lexi. “Why would anyone want to live here?”

The brothers didn’t answer, but instead, they grabbed the Loonatics’ hands and dragged them along with them as they ran towards the house. The Loonatics were sort of forced to run down a few feet of dirt in order to reach the same level as the house. Gus then let go, and opened the door. It creaked open and revealed a more decent-looking place than Lexi expected. As she walked in, she observed their whereabouts.

Although the house looked moldy and disgusting on the outside, it was very clean on the inside. Lexi looked to the right, where she saw a large, wooden desk, which had pencils, pens, papers and ink piled up nicely on it. Unlike what she imagined, it wasn’t dusty at all. To Lexi’s left was a coat hanger, where the brothers were now hanging their cloaks. Lexi walked a few steps and saw that straight ahead was a long hallway with a cupboard placed on the right side of it, and numerous picture frames on the left side. In the middle of the hallway, to the left was a kitchen, and at the end of the hallway, a large living room, complete with two lazy-boy chairs, coffee table, and a big flat-screen television (which was the only thing that looked sort of modern).

“Hey…” Tech said after exploring the house. “This house is ancient, guys. It’s at least 800 years old!” He turned round to face the brothers, who were now just standing in the hallway, wearing identical suits. “What’s going on? What is this place? And why do you even live here?”

The brothers looked at each other and then smiled at the Loonatics. “Okay, truth will be told!” said Gus and cracked his knuckles. “Here’s the deal. We didn’t always live here, and to be honest, we didn’t even know this house existed!”

“Still avoiding the point, guys,” said Ace, hinting that the brothers should start from the beginning and end at the end.

“Our father was a historian, and in our old house, where we grew up, he had this office that was totally off limits,” said Gil and took a few steps toward the living room. “He would sometimes stay in that office for hours upon hours, reading files or putting pieces together. Gus and I were, of course, told never to go in there because of the chances of us wrecking something. That made us so curious, that one day, we couldn’t hold it in any longer. When we were certain that dad had gone out of the house, and that mom was too busy to even care what we were doing, we broke into the office and had a look around.”

“But it turned out there was nothing interesting to be found, so we got bored very quickly,” Gus continued as he followed his brother’s steps. The Loonatics followed the brothers, anticipating hearing more. “That is, until we stumbled upon this funny looking file, which was very well labeled “Warner Brothers” in big, black, bold letters. And since it was so well labeled, we decided to have a look at it – after all, it was the only thing that had caught our eye.”

The crew had now reached the living room, and the brothers waited for everyone to get in before they continued telling their story. “We examined the file and its sayings,” said Gil. “It had been correctly labeled, because the only thing it was about was the “Warner Brothers” in question. You see, in the early twentieth century, there were these four brothers, Harry, Albert, Samuel and Jack Warner, who were basically the ones that put sounds into moving pictures at the time. Later on, they founded a company by the same name – Warner Brothers Incorporated – and became big names in the production business for movies, as well as animated shorts.”

The brothers paused for a moment to let all this information sink in. Lexi’s head spun a bit, but as soon as she was able to understand the big blow of words, it stopped, and she, along with the boys, gestured the brothers to continue.

“We thought this was very interesting, so we decided to dig deeper into those brothers’ lives,” said Gus. “As the years went on, Gil and I learned more and more about their work, company, and success, and we soon found out that this particular company had stayed afoot ever since it was founded – and we still think it is!”

The Loonatics waited a few seconds for more to come, but then realized that the story was seemingly over. Again, Ace was the one who spoke first. “This… This is all pretty neat, and all, but why did you guys find it so interesting in the first place?” he said and scratched his head. “I mean, why that file of all the others?”

“That, my dear Ace, is a very easily answered question,” said Gil and smiled, as did Gus. “For you see, the Warner brothers were our ancestors!”

“We’re Warner brothers too!” said Gus and let out a proud laugh.

Lexi’s jaw dropped, and she heard the boys gasp. These men; Gil and Gus, were actually descendants of those successful brothers they had just told the Loonatics about? She was just about to ask them something when Gil interrupted.

“After we found that file, we’ve been the biggest trivia geeks on the face of this earth!” he exclaimed. “As we grew older, we found more and more movies and cartoons which was produced under their names, and found them all to be amazing! But while we find the live-action ones to be fascinating, we love the cartoons even more!”

“Because we loved the cartoons so much, we decided to look for their best ones of the twentieth century,” said Gus. “We found a couple of ancient ones, but in about a decade, we managed to uncover a whole pile of cartoons from the period of 1945 to 1997. They’re so awesome, you have no idea!”

As if they were parts of the same whole, Gil and Gus both seemed to float in happiness into the chairs in the living room, and both sighed at the exact same time. The Loonatics gave each other looks. Even if they were the Warner brothers’ descendants, to them, they were still just a couple of fanboys.

Suddenly, Gil jolted up in his chair and kept talking (Lexi was beginning to wonder if they’d ever stop). “After watching all those cartoons for the umpteenth time, we started having these weird daydreams,” he said. “Daydreams of other descendants just like us! You know, the original writers, the crew members… anything! But also, we thought that maybe there would even be descendants of the cartoons characters themselves!”

“Okay, stop right there, pal!” said Ace and narrowed his eyebrows. “I understand how you’re able to have famous ancestors, but there’s no way anyone could be a descendant of a cartoon character! I mean… that’s just mad, right guys?” He turned his head to his teammates, who all nodded.

“But that’s just it! It’s very well possible!” Gus exclaimed. “Cartoons aren’t just moving drawings; the makers of them just make us think they are! While we think we’re watching drawings, we’re actually looking at actors that are known as toons!”

The Loonatics just stared at the brothers, not having a clue what they were talking about. “Toons?” they all said in unison.

“That’s right, y’all!” said Gil. “Toons. They’re the real deal. They’re what the cartoons are all about! They can float even if they’re not supposed to be airborne; talk even if they’re inanimate objects; fall a hundred stories and still not get hurt; reach for the most random things from just behind their backs; run away at lightning-fast speed, leaving only a dust cloud behind…” Gil sighed again. “Yes… Toons are what make entertainment…”

Lexi took in everything Gil had just said, and was reminded of her toddler days, where she would sit in front of the television and watch cartoons. She then thought about what the brothers had told them, and imagined the moving objects she had seen so many years ago actually being actors. It did make sense, and it was a pretty funny thought. Lexi smiled as she finally realized that the Warner brothers really were nothing to be afraid of.

“But there’s still one thing that confuses me,” said Rev, causing Lexi to snap out of her thoughts. “If all you said about these ‘toons’ is true – and if I’m not mistaken, they’re probably drawn by hand, thus created – how is it even possible to be a descendant of a toon? I mean, wouldn’t one have to be created? That wouldn’t count as being a descendant – it’d count as being based off another character, right?”

“Oh… that…” said Gil and looked at Gus. The two of them chuckled and giggled, which made Lexi blush a little. She knew exactly what was making them get into that girly fit, and didn’t really want them to explain it any further. Unfortunately, the same thing couldn’t be said about the boys, who just tilted their heads in confusion. The Warner brothers noticed, and Gil decided to speak up. “Well, the thing is, most of the toons created are male, whether if they’re main characters or extras. So sometimes, as the years pass, female toons are created and put into their lives to spice it up a little. Although most of these interactions are just on-screen relationships, sometimes there’s something really going on off-screen, and that can lead to--”

Okay! We get it!” Lexi shouted to stop that sentence from finishing. She knew her teammates were a bit oblivious to those kinds of things, but she was certain that they had gotten the point by now.

“But why are you telling us all of this?” Tech had to ask. “Why did you become such fans of us, and not someone else? Why did you look for us? And why would you explain all this ancestors and toons stuff?”

The brothers smirked at each other, and Gus reached for the remote on the coffee table between them. He turned the TV on, which made the Loonatics turn to face it. It didn’t surprise them that they were looking at themselves in action. Being the fanboys they were, the Loonatics would’ve been shocked to see something else on the brothers’ screen.

“I see you’re not reacting much,” said Gil. “But wait! There’s more!” He took the remote from his brother’s hand, and pressed a few buttons. When done, he lazily leaned back in his chair and grinned at the Loonatics. “Now this is classic entertainment!”

Again, the Loonatics turned to look at the TV, and this time, all of their eyes widened, and their jaws almost dropped to the floor. The brothers had turned on an ancient program called “Looney Tunes”, and as the Loonatics watched, they saw more and more similarities between themselves, and the toons on-screen. Because the Loonatics weren’t wearing their black suits, they also noticed that they even had the exact same color scheme as the Looney Tunes. And as if this moment wasn’t shocking enough, Lexi heard that the way they talked was frighteningly similar as well. The Warner brothers laughed.

“Don’t you get it?” Gus exclaimed. “You guys are toons! You’re the descendants of the Looney Tunes!”

“We’re the new generation of WB!” Gil finished, leaving the Loonatics speechless. Fortunately for them, a pig that looked and sounded just like Pork the Pug broke the silence.

Ebe- be- be- be- That’s all folks!” he said and waved to the camera, ending an episode, and leaving the Loonatics speechless yet again.

I listen to Weird Al, I still watch old cartoons, I think about the actors/voice actors when watching movies, I'm in love with a long-haired man with a 'stache


Hahh! And people say I'm weird! 8D

I blamed it on the dog...

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Um....You have a nice concept here well written, but you don't start a new thread for every chapter.

You simply post the next chapter on the original thread.


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You MUST look at

I Blamed It On The Dog

Ace: My heart is yours. Now and forever

Lexi: As my heart belongs to you. 


Ace: I'm more of the flying by the seat of my pants guy
Lexi:There something I'd like to do to the seat of your pants




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Blargh... There you see? Teh n00bz - Iz 1 of dem xD

Thanks anyway. And for the tip ;)

I listen to Weird Al, I still watch old cartoons, I think about the actors/voice actors when watching movies, I'm in love with a long-haired man with a 'stache


Hahh! And people say I'm weird! 8D
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