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Post Info TOPIC: Obessed Much? A TechXRev story


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Obessed Much? A TechXRev story

Heya all!

Well, since most of the fan fiction has been wiped out when the site was "cleanesed", I thought I would post a story I wrote for DA (

Now you may have heard of the person in this said story but I just want to say this.

I don't hate this person, she just represents what I try and avoid when reading fan fiction or looking at fan art.

No Spams or Flames please, if you really don't like this story, tell me why construtively.

Thank you for reading and let the story begin!

P.S: This is a TechXRev slight slash story.


                                                 Obessed Much?


The roadrunner's voice pierced the once calm and silent atmosphere of laboratory; Tech cringed and whimpered with pain. His ears were never good with high pitched noises, especially when Rev started yelling like that.  As much as he loved Rev, there was times were he had to restrain himself from taping the bird's beak up with duck tape.  Rev came bursting into the lab with his trademark high speed energy, racing around the room several times before skidding to a halt just a few metres away from Tech. Barely out of breath, the speedster gave the coyote a big smile before speaking.


Tech cringed again before answering the roadrunner.

"Can you lower your voice please? I don't think my ears can take anymore reverberations that go way beyond the sound barrier."

Rev looked sheepishly at Tech, a look that made Tech feel guilty and made him want to laugh all at the same time. He smiled despite himself. As Rev looked as though he was about to apologise for his over the top yelling, the genius quickly stopped him.

"It's fine, don't worry about it. What was it you wanted?"

Suddenly, the bird's sunny attitude seemed to drop as he pulled out some papers from behind him and gave them to Tech. The coyote gave a puzzled look at the roadrunner before taking them from Rev. As Tech flicked though them, Rev tried his best to explain.


The roadrunner gave a sigh as he drifted off at the last of his speech. It took a few minutes for Tech to process Rev's high speed way of talking.

"So you looked at this Sony-Mae's profile, saw that she made a cartoon self so that she can make it out as though she's your girlfriend and it freaks you out. Am I correct?"

Rev gave him a miserable nod. The coyote felt sorry for the speedster, he too had suffered at the hands of this obsessive fan. According to Duck (after he finished rolling on the floor in laughter.), Sony-Mae had also made a character to become his "girlfriend"  All Tech could say that she must have ripped the idea off from Stephenie Meyer.  

The coyote looked over at the roadrunner and dumped the papers in the bin. He could always burn them in an incinerator later. Tech then walked over to his friend and encircled his arms around Rev's waist. Rev in turn, instinctively burrowed his face into the genius's chest. There was a moment of silence before Tech spoke again.

"The best thing to do when seeing this kind of thing is to ignore it. I know it's hard to do but that's how it is. If you think about it, we should really pity people like Sony because they can get over obsessive about something and then spam anyone who has different views to them."

Tech's heart seemed to do a belly flop and his tail wagged slightly against his will with Rev being this close. He almost had trouble getting his words out.   

"Normally, fans are reasonable and welcome other people's views. However, you do get the annoying few that believe they are the only one's that are right and expect everyone else to kiss the ground they stand on. It's better to ignore those people and just get on with life, otherwise, you'd become unhappy and depressed about it all. Just let them do their own thing because you can't really stop them but don't change because they want you to. Just be yourself, that's all you can do in this life."

The roadrunner sniffed and nodded.

"Yeah, you're right. I guess I was getting stupid and silly."

Tech was surprised that Rev managed to slow his speech down enough for him to understand. He felt happy and privileged for some reason. Then again, everything about Rev made Tech happy, bar the high pitched squealing. He pushed the roadrunner away a few inches to look at the bird's face.

"Better now?"


It was then Rev's turn to pull away from Tech. He turned away and was heading towards the door. The coyote stood watching as he was torn between calling Rev back or actually finishing the latest invention. He spent so much time pondering that he was startled when he heard the door shut. Sighing and mentally kicking himself for his lack of nerve to call the speedster back, he went back to his work table.

"I-have-a-question-Tech." A voice said behind him.

Tech gave a yelp of surprise and spun round to find that Rev had sneaked back in and had somehow managed to get up close and personal, making Tech's furry cheeks blush bright red.

"Y-yes?" He stammered.

Rev gave him a wide smile and took hold of Tech's hand.

"My room or yours?"

Once again, nearly all of Tech's organs decided to go on the most gut wrenching roller coaster in all of Acmetropolis as he returned Rev's smile.

"My bed is bigger."

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