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Loonatics in Mad Libs

Shrine to insanity Mad Libs to be precise! Be warned these mad libs can be a little ...nasty

Here's one that hopefully won't have to be censored...

Here are the Shrine's mad libs Feel free to mix up your own

The starship Enterprise travels soundlessly through space towards the planet Blanc where they are to rendezvous with the alien race of Bobbleheadss. Suddenly...alarms begin to go off.

Danger Duck: Captain Ace Bunny! We are in big trouble! The evil leader of the Bobbleheads have decided to attack us!

Ace Bunny: What? You mean...Tweetums is attacking us?

Danger Duck: Yes! If we do not surrender Tweetums is going to kidnap us and keep us as sex slaves to fulfil their freakish fetish for...

Ace Bunny: Oh no not...

Danger Duck: Yes. Tweetums seeks to convert us to the side of evil to fulfil their spanking fetish...

Ace Bunny: We have only one choice! We must negotiate with Tweetums right away!

Danger Duck: N-negotiate? Are you crazy? Tweetums will laugh at our negotiations!

Ace Bunny: We'll see...but for now...get everybody on the bridge immediately. I want everyone to be present.

Danger Duck: Even Slam Tasmanian in the boiler room? The oil smell will stink the entire ship out!

Ace Bunny slaps Danger Duck across the face.

Ace Bunny: When I say now I mean NOW! So move it tubby!

Ten minutes later...

Slam Tasmanian: I can't believe that you are actually going to try and negotiate with Tweetums, we will all be killed!

Lexi Bunny: Well...I think it's a good idea, make love not war and all that...

Lexi Bunny winks in Ace Bunny's general direction.

Ace Bunny: Okay...Tweetums is coming aboard. Everybody prepare yourselves please...

Danger Duck: Blimey Slam Tasmanian you stink like oil.

Slam Tasmanian: It's a hard job but somebody has to do it...

Suddenly, the alarm sounds again and double doors at the side of the bridge of the Enterprise begin to slide open. Except for the heavy grinding sound of the door there is no noise and then...Tweetums enters. Everybody gasps.

Ace Bunny: Oh my God...what they said about you having four brains's is true!

Tweetums: Yes. Yes it is.

Slam Tasmanian: Is it true that you only eat -

Tweetums: Camel Dung? Yes. That's true also.

The crew of the ship moan and groan.

Ace Bunny: Tweetums we have brought you onto our ship to negotiate with you. Will you hear our negotiations?

Tweetums frowns and scratches at their head for a moment before reaching behind themself and pulling out a -

Lexi Bunny: Watch out everybody! It's a sword!

Lexi Bunny lunges on top of Ace Bunny, shielding them with their body. Tweetums uses the sword on Danger Duck who screams out in pain.

Slam Tasmanian: Take this you sack of ****!

Slam Tasmanian leaps up out of nowhere wielding a massive spanner that they brought with them from the boiler room. Tweetums gasps and backs away, screaming as Slam Tasmanian lays into them like an animal. Then...everything is silent.

Ace Bunny: Ahem. Well then, now that all of that is sorted out I guess we should continue onto Blanc.

There are general...if muted, groans of agreement from the rest of the crew and everyone starts to filter off. On the way out Lexi Bunny stops and steps towards Ace Bunny.

Lexi Bunny: I'd just like to tell you...

Ace Bunny: Yes?

Lexi Bunny: ...I think you're really brave.

Lexi Bunny leans towards Ace Bunny and plants a kiss on their cheek. The Enterprise begins to pick up speed before shooting off into the darkness of space...waiting for their next adventure...



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WTF You are nuts -_- Star Trek is TOO OLD FOR THE 21st Century doc, you could've atleast made it Halo Style which is much much newer.

I can hear you babbling about eating my brains, want your face to be cooked? No? Then get out of my sights before I use my laser vision on you >.>


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This is how I would make it (Halo Style)

Ace: They got us surrounded, Gunner, Aim our MAC Gun at their capital carrier and take it out, hopefully our 3 round burst will do the trick
Tech: Yes sir!
Ace: Lexi you get over here, I need you to watch over the battle on the Holo Map
Lexi: Okay Ace
Ace: Pilot, engines max speed and begin maneuvers to evade their Plasma Rounds
Rev: Yes sir, Captain Ace sir!
Ace: Duck, you get the men all around the ship to kill all borderers, we don't want trouble do we?
Duck: Fine Captain
Lexi: Ace, they made a plasma round straight into our maunevering engine 5
Ace: Start maneuvers, Engineer, repair the engine, prep the Slipspace drive incase we get too much hits
Slam: Okay
Ace: Tech, all rockets at their command carrier, when it's shields are 50% send in a Shiva
Tech: Sir? That might blow even us to pieces!
Ace: Trust me, this is battle not simulation!
Tech: Okay sir!
Lexi: Ace, I think, you are a great leader.
Ace: Why, thanks Lexi, and you are a good 2nd in command!
Lexi: Thanks!
Ace: Tech, take over the commands.
Tech: Sir?? Wha... ohh never mind what I wanted to say.
Ace: Lexi come with me
Lexi: Okay Ace
*They both walk down to a small room*
Lexi: Sooo... what are we doing here?
*Ace gives a kiss to Lexi*
Lexi: I'm shocked Ace
*Lexi starts kissing Ace and they both enjoy while suddenly the ship goes in Slipspace to Acmetropolis (Earth) Defensive Perimeter but Ace and Lexi keep kissing eachother on the lips* DA END

I can hear you babbling about eating my brains, want your face to be cooked? No? Then get out of my sights before I use my laser vision on you >.>
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