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Enchanted - Taylor Swift (Ace and Lexi Version) Part One

Hey, guys. This is the first time I ever write a fanfic here. So, please give me some advice!


Lexi's standing in the common room. It was midnight. She couldn't sleep. So, lexi managed to go to the common room and trying to make herself easier to go to sleep. But all she could think was only one bunny, Ace.

There I was again tonight...........

Forcing laughter fakin' smiles

same old tired lonely place

Meanwhile at the hallway....... Ace's door starts to open.

And then it's opened..........

Walls of insincerity

shifting eyes and vacancy.......

Ace came out from his room...... and starting to make his way trough the hallway into the common room.

Right when he arrived in the common room, his face was like "pinched" with the strong energy and made a form of "smile" on his face. And nobody can do that such of things on Ace other than, of course, Lexi.

Meanwhile, Lexi who has been in the common room alone, smiled as she saw Ace's face across the room.......

Vanished when I saw your face

Lexi couldn't stop smiling at him.........

All I can say is it was enchanting to meet you......

Your eyes whispered "have we met?"

As Ace walked in slowly while trying not to let his eye looking at anywhere except to Lexi's beautiful green eyes, Lexi's heart starting to beat more faster than before.....

Across the room your silhouette

start to make it's way to me.........

... Ace finally in front of Lexi.

Ace:  "Hey dere, Lex. Why up so oily at midnight?", Ace confused.

Lexi: "Just can't sleep for a while. You?", Lexi asked Ace with her smile.

Ace:  "Just tryin' to check out to make sure everything's good.", he smiled.

Lexi: " Oh....", then Lexi giggled.

Ace:  "Pssst...... you're going to wake 'em up!", Ace reminded Lexi.

Lexi: "Whoops......", Lexi put her hand on her mouth.

..... then Ace giggled.

The playful conversation starts

counter all your quick remarks like

passing note in secrecy

and it was enchanting to meet you......

All I can say is I was enchanted to meet you......

Ace: "You should go to your hammock now. It's gettin' even more late.", Ace reminded Lexi.

Lexi: "Okay, see ya in the morning, Ace.", Lexi smiled and a little bit blushed.

Ace: "Good night, Lex.", said Ace with a smile that has been hanging in his face since he saw Lexi right after he's awaken.

Lexi: "Good night, Ace.", Lexi smiled again.

..... then Lexi walked trough the hallway. Lexi can feel her cheeks starting to make a little burned sensation...............

This night is sparklin'

don't you let it go......

and when Lexi finally in her bedroom, she quickly running towards the bathroom to check herself in the mirror.

As she finally checked herself in the mirror, she saw her cheeks turned red. She's blushing.......

I'm wonder struck

blushin' all the way home

I'll spend forever wonderin' if you knew

I was enchanted to meet you.........


To Be Continued......

-- Edited by Rachael Swiftie on Friday 14th of October 2011 05:42:18 AM

"Ace, you are the best thing that's ever been mine...." -Lexi
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