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A Full Decade

Its been almost ten years since I joined this forum for the first time. Or it will be in September. Isn't that just crazy? 

How is everyone? How have you all been? Are you healthy? Are you eating right? Did you find your dream job or even starting a family? Do you still have a life on the internet or has the real world finally been kind enough to you that there is no need anymore?

This place was the start of a lifestyle I didn't know existed. My first internet friends, fanfictions, fanart, roleplays, and fandom activity in general. I am still in contact with a small handful of friends that I had made here. Its a lovely concept; to find someone over a forum that you wouldn't have met otherwise and to stay friends for this long. Even for those of you who I no longer talk to I have very fond memories of and wouldn't mind speaking with you again. Some I even remember worrying about because they seemed to have awful lives at home and I never knew how they were able to fair past our time here.

My art and writing has improved so much. I have a following through Tumblr and Youtube. I draw for paid commissions, I've done amaeture voice acting, and a fiction I've written has a decent following. I'm still working on that webcomic idea I have. That never got off the ground. All of these are still hobbies that I loved to do when I was here that have finally blossomed into something I am proud of. I'll post links to the places I am active for anyone that cares to see how I'm doing or drop in to say hi.

My friends here were familiar with my ferret, Ozzie, who was named after a character I liked from a book series. He has since passed on but he had a good life with me.

I still draw Icy now and again. Heck, I've even picked up on a fanfic idea I had while I was going here that I finally feel like I could write decently. Who's to say if I finish. It would be nice to have that kind of a nostalgic throwback in my life.

I came out as Asexual last year. I didn't even know what that was when I was here. I'm with a man from England I met through the internet that loves me despite not being Ace himself and we're pretty serious. He may be the one I spend my life with, but maybe not. I'm hoping he is. Yet another person that is in my life thanks to a computer.

Loonatics Unleashed was by no means a great show. I wouldn't even go so far to call it a good show, but there was something in it we liked that we had something to say about. We were invested enough that we sought others out that wanted to be part of the conversation and share the things we liked. I'd never experienced that before here. I didn't have many friends. I had no creative outlet where I could share the things I made with people that would support me. When I joined here my family was splitting up and it was a very hard time for us. I got through some very rough patches coming on here and having people to talk with that understood me and could make me smile.

If you just so happen to come on here out of curiosity and see this than awesome! I can hardly believe its still up for me to visit every now and again if I want to laugh at how bad my writing used to be or how cringy the slang was at the time this place was active. The 'XD' face is still very relevant to me but I can't remember the last time I used the words 'glomp' or 'squea'. Remember when the Caralmeldansen was a thing???? 

You guys have a good life, alright? I wish you all the best of luck in the next set of decades we have coming our way. I can only hope that your memories of me are just as fond as mine are of you.

PM me on one of these sites to get my Skype or gmail address!


Ozzie: *standing on a tall pillar in a cape and robes with his stone glowing* MWAHAHAHA!!!!! Do as she says or I shall turn you all into bugs! AHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
Ant:... Is that supposed to be a threat?
Rev: *squeals like a girl and jumps into Ace's arms* They're BACK!!! D8

 I support the ants. =3

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