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Idea for a Spyro game

As I`m sure there must be at least one Spyro fan on this forum, I`m posting an idea I had for a Spyro game. To clear things up real quick, I`m one of the fans who beleive the Playstation games were superior to all the others (Spyro-wise), so I just want to say that this idea would take place right after Year of the Dragon and disregards all the VU games beginning with Enter the Dragonfly. This would be my idea for a good 4th Spyro game:

Spyro: Elements of Kaos

The story starts with Spyro, Sparx and Hunter lounging on a beach in the Dragon Realms. Two distressed dragon hatchlings would run up and inform them that something bad has happened at Artisans; Elder Nestor has gone missing! And he`s been taken by "scary monsters"! Wasting no time, Spyro and Hunter set out to find the Dragon Elder, discovering that the "scary monsters" are deadly black reptilian creatures ranging in size and shape.

Eventually, the duo finds Nestor caged up by none other than Gnasty Gnorc and Ripto. But, they are not alone; they have, surprisingly, teamed up with a small black-and-silver dragon that bears a passing resemblance to Spyro, although he has a different crest and horns, calling himself Kaos. While Spyro battles Kaos, Hunter attempts to free Nestor, dealing with Ripto and Gnasty along they way. When the two troublemakers accidently free Nestor, they decide it`s high time to hightail it outta there, and the threesome go running off.

Back at Nestor`s home, Spyro and Hunter learn the story of Kaos and the black creatures...

A thousand years ago, as you all know, the dragons were banished from the Forbidden Realms by the evil Sorceress. The dragons began choosing Elders, and soon they had settled a new land, what is now the Dragon Realms. However, one Elder amongst them, an elder with no clan to call his own, soon began listening to that soul-tainting demon called ambition, and after mastering the powerful elements of magic - Earth, Air, Water, and Fire - he tried to convince the other dragons to unite under his rule as the Dragon King. That Elder was Kaos.

Needless to say, his proposition was anonymously rejected, until the other Elders finally decided to banish him from the Dragon Realms, fearing what his ambition would eventually drive him to do. Now angered by his kin`s rejection, Kaos searched for yet another land he could and would rule alone. He found that land in the Forbidden Realms, a dark, dangerous land of fire and brimstone.

He also found warriors sleeping within the darkest depths of the Forbidden Realms, ancient demons that had claimed that land long before our time and twisted it into it`s current form, transforming it from whatever it had once been long, long ago. He re-awakened these demons, and wasted no time in returning to the Dragon Realms to try and conquer all dragon kind with them.

And he almost succeeded, too, for the demons` power were easily a match for the dragons` own, and Kaos`s mastery of the four elements tilted the battlefield in his favor, until one of the bravest and strongest Elders stepped forward. That was Elder Pyros, who was a sort of leader to the dragons, belonging to no clan of his own - much like Kaos - but welcomed warmly by all.

He performed a costly ritual that sucked the power from Kaos`s very body. Sadly, the cost was that he sacrifice parts of his own body to serve as vessels for the power of the elements. With his horns, he drew the power of Earth; with his wings, the power of Air; with his scales, the power of Water; and with his claws, the power of Fire. The ritual left Kaos as a meek, feeble dragon no bigger than a hatchling.

To ensure the demons and their master never returned to threaten the world again, Pyros also gave up his very life to seal them back into the depths of the Forbidden Realms. Such a sacrifice earned him an honorary place in the history of the Dragon Realms. The demons came to be known as the Forbidden Ones, and they, their master, Kaos, and the war they brought upon the Dragon Realms all passed into ancient history.

Fortunately, Pyros`s bloodline continues on in Spyro, which is just as well, as it can only be assumed that Gnasty and Ripto are the ones responsible for Kaos`s release back into the world, along with his acursed army. They can only be seeking one thing: The Elements of Kaos, locked away in a temple on a mountain in Magic Crafters. If Kaos can re-infuse himself with the power of the four elements, he may well bring another War with the Forbidden Ones down upon the world, and this time there may be no stopping him.

Hearing this, Spyro and Hunter accept a Temple Key from Nestor, and set out for the other Dragon Realms - Peace Keepers, Beast Makers and Dream Weavers - where the remaining keys to the Temple are kept. Little do they know that reaching the temple is just the beginning of the adventure...

In my next post, I`ll get started with a basic explanation of the mechanics and gameplay elements, as well as a few examples of the Forbidden Ones that Spyro and his friends will be fighting.

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wow thats is a good idea and I too am a Spyro fan I have every single game since 1-3 after that they got pretty boring why did Insomanic quit on it cry maybe you shold pitch the idea to Vendi Universal maybe then the game would'nt suck so



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Well, on to the gameplay. The gameplay`s pretty similar to past Spyro games, save for a few differences:

D-Pad/Left Analog Stick - move, select buddy command
Right Analog Stick - camera
X - jump, glide
[ ] - charge
O - flame
/\ - buddy command 
R1 - side roll right
R2 - wing shield (once acquired)
L1 - side roll left
L2 - Fire-Ice breath alternate (once acquired) 
L3+R3 - toggle Team-Up Mode

These would be the controls unless otherwise noted. You may be curious as to the use of the word "buddy" in the control specs; this is because I`d implement a new mechanic dubbed the Buddy System in the game. What the buddy system is, basically, is you have a CPU-controlled character accompanying Spyro at all times. At first, Hunter`s the only buddy you`d have, but as the adventure progresses other allies would join up, giving you a variety of buddies to choose from.

I say choose because not all buddies would be able to accompany you at a time, obviously; for this reason, the Professor has built new transporter devices that can be used not only to teleport between other transporters in the level, but to switch out your buddies as needed. The buddies would become essential for puzzle-solving as well as aiding you in combat, which would have expanded considerably from the PS1 games (think of Ratchet & Clank as having a bit of influence on the whole matter) both in mechanics and diversity of enemies.

You could also switch control between Spyro and his current buddy, in order to operate on different sides of a problem. While playing as either Spyro or his current buddy, you could issue commands to your partner via communicator, again courtesy of the Professor. Commands would include Attack, Wait, Follow, Action, and Switch, plus a special teamwork action unique to each buddy (often involving them working together with Spyro in some way, such as firing a flaming arrow in Hunter`s case).

Now, on to the Forbidden Ones. These are a varied, but always darkly-colored reptilian race that come in many shapes and sizes, and seek to reduce the realms of the world into twisted wastelands of destruction and chaos (they also happen to bear a passing resemblance to the Metalheads of Jak fame). Here are a few more common varieties:

Forbidden Metalback

The common foot soldier of the Forbidden Ones` army, these guys sport lithe bodies with metallic plates growing on their exterior. They swipe with claws at close range, and curl up and roll at Spyro from afar. When fighting them, the best method is to fight fire with fire, or force with force as the case may be; flame and most projectiles have no effect on the Metalback`s namesake plates, but a good headbutt or swift kick works wonders.

Forbidden Brute

Towering masses of muscle, these guys are too big to hurt with ordinary physical attacks. However, flame and projectiles work well against them. They make up for their relative lack of armor with a tougher hide and huge fists with which they pound their enemies, thus stunning them, and then send them flying with a punch. Unlike "big" enemies in past Spyro games, these brutes will actively approach you, so get ready to rumble.

Forbidden Stinger

Some of the weakest members of the Forbidden Ones, these little scorpion-esque creatures simply scuttle up and try to sting you. Any attack will knock them away, although your preferences may depend on the character.

Forbidden Spitter

Vulnerable like the Stinger, these serpentine lizard-like creatures spit acid at you; while they have no other means of attack, they are perfectly content to fire at you from up high or hard-to-hit places like ceilings, aided by their small but sharp claws. Projectiles work best, as most close-rage attacks are discouraged by the Spitter`s relatively long range with it`s acid.

Forbidden Screecher

These annoying little bat-like creatures use their advantage of flight to swoop in, strike without warning, and zip away before their enemies know what hit `em. However, their element of surprise can be compromised by their tendency to squeak at high-pitch frequencies. Any attack works against them, although projectile attackers have a little more luck due to the Screecher`s obvious aerial superiority.

Forbidden Beast

Like the Stingers, Spitters and Screechers, the quadruped Beasts have no defensive traits whatsoever, leaving them open to any attack; however, they compensate with their agility, speed, and cunning, not to mention ferocity. They are even more threatening in packs, where they can easily surround unwary heroes. However, charging straight ahead more often than not clears a path.

These are but a few of the many kinds of Forbidden One now lurking in the realms. Unlike in past Spyro games, many enemies will take several hits to defeat, indicated by a health bar. I might post a more complete list sometime, but for now, enjoy. On my next post, I`ll think about introducing some of the main characters as well as listing info about some of the worlds - new and old - that Spyro and co. will be visiting on their journey to stop Kaos and his cohorts from retrieving the Elements and thus his full power.

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Now for some of the characters and worlds of S:EoK:

Spyro (and Sparx)

The titular hero of the series, Spyro along with his ever-present buddy Sparx returns on another adventure romp, this time through several realms in order to stop Kaos from returning to power and possibly destroying the world. Once more, Sparx returns as Spyro`s health indicator, this time with a percentage measure used to color him differently depending on how much health is left (gold = 100%, Blue = 75%, Green = 50%, Red = 25%, Gone = 1%; you`re always left with 1% of health when damaged at a higher percentage).

You can find upgrades to Sparx`s health this time around to increase the amount of damage he can take before splitting.


Sparx`s spectacled cousin, he serves as the health indicator for Spyro`s buddies. He also gives advice at certain points in the game. Like Sparx, you can find upgrades for Spex`s health.


Spyro`s (second) best friend since Ripto`s Rampage, he is the first buddy to help you out in the adventure. He can shoot arrows, deliver a swift spinning kick to enemy behinds, roll to dodge attacks, and pounce great distances by jumping during a roll. He`s quite swift, and has no problem keeping up with Spyro.

When teamed up with Spyro, he can jump a second time in air, fire flaming (or icy) arrows, and in place of dodge-rolling, can use Spyro`s wings to block attacks (once Spyro has gained that ability).


She accompanied the three Billy Goats when they decided to take a trip to Avalar. Unfortunately, they were in the right place at the wrong time when the Forbidden Ones attacked. She can surge forward with a two-foot kick, launch some objects with her feet, stomp the ground from the air, and use a double jump to reach extreme heights. Like Hunter, Sheila has fleet feet plus a good jumping ability.

While teamed with Spyro, she can hit the ground hard enough to create a small shockwave, and gets the benefit of being able to hover for a short while by pressing X while in the air. Again like Hunter, she can also use Spyro`s wing shield once he has the ability.

Sgt. Byrd 

James Byrd was busy aiding in the fight against the Forbidden Ones when Spyro`s adventure sees him return to the Forgotten Realms. He has his trademark BAM launchers, can fly freely, and drop objects from up above. He`s a little slower than Hunter and Sheila, but also a little smaller, making him harder to hit.

While teamed with Spyro, he can use Spyro like a purple flamethrower (or ice-thrower) and fire rockets out of Spyro`s mouth (if they can pick up any). When on the ground, he can ride Spyro`s back and fire missiles at enemies.


Bentley was visiting the Winter Tundra in Avalar with Bartholomew when the Forbidden Ones struck. He readily unifies with Spyro and the gang to valiantly oppose a new, impending organization of malicious nature. He can attack with his club in a three-hit combo, can grab and throw certain projectiles at enemies, and budge heavy objects like boulders. He`s slow like Byrd, and has a weak jumping ability, compounded by his large size. However, he packs quite a punch with his club, and can damage most any enemy with it.

When teamed with Spyro, he can throw the purple dragon like a horned javelin, allowing the purple dragon to reach great heights and distances, as well as hit any unfortunate enemies hard. Spyro can also create strong gusts of wind with his wings by using Bentley as an anchor.

Agent 9

Agenbt 9 is defending the Forgotten Realms from the Forbidden Ones when Spyro arrives on the scene, resulting in one heckuva booty-kicking team-up. He can strafe, fire his blaster (which no longer has bouncing shots, but automatically fires when O is held down), throw explosives, and dodge roll much like Hunter.

When teamed wtih Spyro, he can hover short distances, much like Sheila, and use a muzzle extension to allow Spyro`s flame to power his blaster, turning it into a super-powerful cannon of fiery (or icy) destruction.

Since this has been a lengthy post, I`ll save some of the world ideas for my next post. BTW, I`d also have two other allies to aid Spyro quite late in the game...but those two are a secret, for now.

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I`ve decided to continue working on Spyro: Elements of Kaos on this forum instead. You can join up if you like, and you can comment on either forum about my idea. But, sadly, I`ve decided to stop working on it here, so any updates will be posted on that forum. No worries gang, I`ll still be hanging around here!

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