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Post Info TOPIC: Fan-Character Request Thread


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RE: Fan-Character Request Thread
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I Got 3:

Character Name:  Aaron "Shadowa" Demoncyne
Species: Human
Dress/Appearance:  Wears Dark Blue Shirt With Black Blazer Over It.  Wears Black Jeans.
Basic Character Features:  Simple, Purple, Dark Mousey Style Hair,  Henna Like Tattoo On His Right Wrist,  
Background/Pose: A Punkish Character Who Likes To Grin A Lot.  Likes To Also Flip Off To People. 
Extra info: Great Friends With Duck And Carries A Massive Gunblade Around
Preferred Artist(s):  Someone Like XtremeCrazy

Character Name:  Dacron "Itron" Tronics
Species:  Humanoid Alien
Dress/Appearance:  Likes To Wear Heavy Armor
Basic Character Features:  Has The Face Of An Man In His Forties.  Has Long Silver Hair.  Very Bulk And Masculine
Background/Pose:  Part Of a Milatary Orginzation Called The "Witchgods".
Extra info:  He Usually Gets Into Arguments With Lexi And/Or Ace From Time To Time
Preferred Artist(s): Someone Like XtremeCrazy

Character Name:  Tristian
Species:  Human
Dress/Appearance:  Wears A White Loonatics Uniform
Basic Character Features:  Long, Blond, Riku Style Hair.  Thin Appearance.  Very Slim
Background/Pose: He's Orphan Who Joins The Loonatics
Extra info: He Has A HUGE Crush On Ace And Uses Energy Weapons When Fighting People
Preferred Artist(s): Someone Like XtremeCrazy

! I'm Finished



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Yeah! I can request ocs wgile my stupid scanners being fixed.
Name: Minerva 'Techie' Coyo or Minerva 'Techie' COYOTE
Species: Human
Age: six
Dress/apperance:  she wears huge black square glasses. Normally wears jeans and t-shirt. NOT PINK!
Features: black hair in piggy tails, green eyes, huge grin
Backround pose: Loonatics tower.
Extra info: she should be hugging her dad Tech. Or sticking her head through a wall useing her powers. and scaring duck (her favorite past time)
Artist: anyone who wants to!


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Ok, I wanna try out for my OC too.

Name :Sapphire Star
Species : Human
Age : 21
Dress/appearance : Short sleeved blue shirt and a 3/4 denim jeans, or a blue loonatics uniform
Features : Wavy jet-black hair slightly pass her shoulders, slim with a pale heart shaped face and deep blue eyes.
Background pose : Preferred posing with Lexi, or if not just standing with her arms crossed and a slight smile standing in front of the loonatics tower.
Extra info : Has been Lexi's best friend since they were 11
Artist : Anyone whose willing.....

Sapphire: *grabs Rev around shoulders*......*shakes him violently* REV! I... Dusk... We... Celeste... HELP!!
Rev: I require more words to understand 83
Sapphire: *is too flustered to care that she's partly deaf*


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I guess I could give it a try

Character Name: Maei Raccoon
Species: Raccoon
Dress/Appearance: punkish- her hair is dyed blue, usually her clothes are black (with various designs), with either a skirt or jeans
Basic Character Features: Female blue eyes, (mostly) brown fur, fluffy brown and black ringed tail, (ya know basic raccoony look)
Background/Pose: um? idk dark
Extra info: she HATES heights, and spiders. Prefers a punky or dark style. loves to dye her hair.
Preferred Artist(s): um idk anyone can draw her.

I think thats it.

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Everyone who posts in this thread is inferior by default.

Actually... that goes for this board, in general.

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Are you by any chance are you spooty from DA. NO wait, she wouldn't go this low.

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You MUST look at

I Blamed It On The Dog

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Permalink Closed there. I'm new but I've got an idea. ( this is kinda my alter-ego)
Name: Iniyu Wolf
Species: Wolf
Appearence: Pure white fur, glacier-blue eyes, Black outfit (no sleeves, top only reaches just above her middle, low-ride shorts that only make it to halfway down her upper-legs, no shoes, black fingerless gloves), a naruto-like headband but with the japanese love symbol on it, a mark on her left arm that looks like an eagle with spreaded wings.
Accessories: Gunbelt with gun in holster, sword on her back with a carving of a wolf's head on the handle, knife strapped to her left ankle, and a normal black wolf at her side.
Characteristics: she's left-handed, and has a very good attitude unless someone messes with her friends, so I'd perfer her to be half-smiling, best friend to Tech and Rev so try to have them together preferably fighting together.
Background: the arena from the episod "I am Slamcus"
Powers: levitation, super-speed(like Rev), healing powers, super smarts (like Tech).
preferred artist: anyone who'd like to take up the challenge and who can write in japanese.

Hope someone has the guts to try this out. I've got quite an imagination. And most importantly.............HAVE FUN!!!!!!

P.S. If you're having trouble with the actual wolf, take a look at my sister's dog for reference.

-- Edited by Techswolf on Saturday 21st of March 2009 07:26:07 AM

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Ok If this is the topic talking about then I'm gonna' do it

My Character is

Name:Spade Bunny
Race:Anthromorphic Bunny
Height:Similar To Ace's Height
Weight:Similar To Ace's Weight
Powers:Laser Vision,Martial Arts Abilities,Sword Skill Abilities,Balanced Strength and Balanced Agility.
Attire in Normal:White T-Shirt with Blue Basketball Jersey added,Denim Pants,Nike Shoes,Wave Cap With Blue Bandana added.
Attire in Loonatic:Black and Blue
Profile:Spade is the cousin of Ace(but not really only if it is true)and they have almost the similar abilities but when in personality, Spade is serious but sometimes can be a playful guy he always here for the Loonatics to work with them and to protect all his loved ones.he always stick to Ace's suggestions or plans and viewing him as a Brother.he will do whatever it takes to protect his whole team.

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TBQH, this thread is about as dead as a thread can be. I see no further value in keeping it around. All it does is instill hopes in users who would like images of their characters drawn, which would be a lot easier to coax out of someone if they just got to know them.

In any case, I'm gonna close this thread. No one actually responds to the requests, and thus, it is useless.


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