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Post Info TOPIC: My CROSS-OVER FANFIC!! Sorry, no LU involved here but, I hope you like it!


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My CROSS-OVER FANFIC!! Sorry, no LU involved here but, I hope you like it!

Since the fact that I don't know how to upload my stories on (I think you need to use a scanner?), I'm DYING to put this up so, I just wanted to do this thing. The title is a cross-over about my 3 fave shows: 6TEEN, Class of 3000 and Total Drama Island called, "The 6TEEN and TDI CAMP of 3000". The "CAMP" is part of "CAMP Wawanakwa". Okay, proceeding!

Chapters 01-05: Part One

The clock was marked 6:30 AM and in the basement was the gang. All 36 of them were in weird sleeping positions and pop cans, foam plates, left-overs and broken glass bottles were on them, including all over the place. Duncan and Courtney were sleeping on the table in the bar. "We slept on top of eachother?!" Courtney whispered. "You got that right and uh, just to let you know..." Duncan looked around and continued, "I took my shirt off so, you were sleeping on my sweat." "Eww! My god! No wonder my shirt is wet!" Courtney took off her shirt, which revealed an undershirt. "You look pretty hot! Wanna make out in the bar before the rest wake up?" Duncan said, winking. "Once. ONLY once." Courtney tried to smile. They kissed but, someone woke up and saw them kissing and he said, "SKYE!!" "I know it's you, Noah!" Duncan yelled with his lips still on Courtney's (A/N: I added some of my friends in here just to let you know so, look out for 'em! :D). They made out again and Cody yelled, "Duncan was a nerd in the 4th grade!" "Okay, YOU'RE DEAD, CODY!" Duncan ran to Cody and kicked him in the leg. "I didn't feel that!" Cody said. "Well, let's see if you like THIS!" Duncan punched Cody's nose and he said, "I felt that!" Cody wiped his nose and he wiped it on Duncan's face.

"You give me a nosebleed, now I give you a nosebleed!" "Touchy" Duncan said sarcastically. "Hey gu- whoa." Sunny walked in and stepped through the mess and plates. "You should clean this up!" Sunny said. He looked at the people still sleeping and he tried to wake them up but they were in a deep sleep. Courtney was trying to think of something to say so she just had to shout out, "We're having a pool party!" "Oh, sweet. Where?" Geoff woke up."Um, at... Eddie's house?" Courtney shrugged. "You just had to do it." Eddie rolled his eyes. "I couldn't think of anything else to say!" Courtney said. "I love pool parties!" Lindsay squealed in Lil'D's ear. "Except for the time when someone dropped her 2-way in the swimming pool." Kaitlin said. "Yay. Let's go swimming and I HOPE no-one drowns in the c***py swimming pool that Eddie owns." Ezekiel laughed. "Why did you say that?" Eddie took out a knife and pointed it towards Ezekiel. "I was just joking!" Ezekiel kicked him. Everybody got dressed and drove to 1959 Lawrence Blvd. Eddie's house.

"Wow, this is where you live?!" Geoff dropped his heavy bag on Jude's foot. "You guys!! You've been here before! Idiots!!" Eddie screamed. Then, at that moment, Sulu came. "Edward, is there a problem?" "No, Sulu!" Eddie said. They went down to the second basement and some of them were tired because they went down through 9 staircases. "We... finally... MADE IT!" Jonesy fell on his knees and purposely fell in the pool. Everybody fell in the pool because they were sweating like heck and Eddie wanted to go in but he said, "I just got to get the "POOL CLOSED: VIP PARTY" sign." "We're not having a party." Madison said. "Since I don't want to go out of the pool, I'm gonna stay underwater." Cody sunk into the water and Lil'D checked his watch. "I'll give him... 3 minutes." Lil'D swam to Philly Phil and the rest of the guys. "Guys, look!" Bridgette said. "Eddie has a ho-h-hot...tu-t-t-t-tu..."Bridgette fainted and fell in the pool. "She said hot tub." Jen said. "Let's go in!" Kaitlin shrieked. "If somebody goes on the middle waterslide and survives, they will get $500 bucks." Eddie laughed. "Fine. I'll try but, I'll get an extra $500 bucks." Duncan sighed and went up the steep staircase. "If you lied, I'm gonna drown you in the hot-tub!" Duncan yelled and he went down pretty fast and he went 3 feet airborne and into the deep side. "I did it. Now where's my $500+extra?" Duncan shouted. "We were just kidding! I thought nobody would fall for it but... HA!!" Eddie laughed.

"Okay. That's it!..." Duncan yelled. "Noah, were you in this?" "No, I mean, maybe?" Noah backed away from him. "Okay. Get ready to meet your hot and I mean hot, death." Duncan grabbed Noah's neck tightly and walked to the hot-tub. "Get out, girls!" Duncan put Noah's face in the hot-tub and he pushed him in there. "Rest in peace, idiotic moron." Duncan dived back in the pool and he did make Noah actually drown. But, he was faking it... Erm, sorta. "Wow, you actually drowned him!" Kam laughed. "I do my best." Duncan crossed his arms. All of a sudden, Noah came out of the blazing hot-tub and he was very pi***d off at Duncan. "I can't believe you made me drown in that totally hot hot-tub! I feel like I want to kill you and eat spaghetti and meatballs on your grave. DO YOU GET THAT?!?" Noah pushed Duncan on the floor and he replied, "I only did that because I was pi***d off because Eddie lied to me!" "Are you sure? Are you fr***in' sure? Answer me before I attack you in front of all these people." Noah made a fist at Duncan and he was so mad, he pushed  him in the pool and they started attacking eachother. After 5 minutes of insanity, Duncan said, "I can't believe you attacked me like that!" "I'm glad I did. I even gave you a bloody nose!" Noah slapped him in the face and wiped his nose, then wiped it back on Duncan's arm. "Pressure is pumping. I'm warning you." "I've never seen him like that before!" Wyatt gulped. "He's from preppy to violent!" Lil'D said. "I HEARD THAT!!" Noah shouted from far away.  Everybody was shocked of the behaviour that Noah was like. "I think I'm gonna like him." Eva tried to smile fully but, Nikki slapped her on the arm.


There's 6 parts and 30 chapters but, I split them into 5's so it will make my job easier. Hey! I'm getting ready to learn MORE muliplication! THIS WILL BE UPDATED BUT, I HAVE TO FINISH THE WHOLE THING FIRST. Hoped you enjoyed it!biggrin


Maddie : *crashes through the wall* EDDIE!!! I'M BACK!!
Eddie : NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! And I thought my life was just getting better!! D:
Maddie : Well, too bad.

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