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Post Info TOPIC: A Mary-Sue status not Mary-Sueish at all!?


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A Mary-Sue status not Mary-Sueish at all!?

Believe it or not (I'm so sure if you agree with me):

Even though "make most os all the characters with the oppisite sex of your character" it's considered Mary-Sueish,but in Warner Bros. cartoons that's NOT considered Mary-Sueish at all.

I mean the whole deal of "alot of guys drooling over one girl",that's kinda suppose to represent what a male's real and TRUE behavior and feelings when he sees a good-looking women deep down and how he feel about her inside.

Alot of people and mostly jealous women get that message wrong and falsly accused most of the canon female cartoon characters as Mary-Sues.

The  thing is even though canon female character attract alot of guys, there are STILL some major flaws with them.

Here's some examples of Warner. Bros female character that've been falsly accussed of being Mary-Sues:

Lola Bunny (yes,she's sadly one of them)- The flaw of Lola is that she gets hot tempured when you call her "doll".

Queen Ty'ranne (Duck Dodgers)- No offence, but sometimes I think that Ty'ranne can be very brain-less cause she only loved Daffy/Duck Dodgers because she thinks that he is the most "intelligent" man ( she's seen. What she doesn't know that Daffy ISN'T very smart at all, the only things on his mind are himself (mostly), fame, money, and women (mostly too), there's NO room for geniuse-ness in there.
Plus Daffy/Duck Dodgers DOESN'T even love Ty'ranne cause she's a villianess, heroesxvillianesses and Herionexvillians DON'T make good couples at all.

Minerva Mink (Animaniacs)- Sure she may be "the most beautiful mink in the forest (or the world, to her fanboys)", but Minerva is greedy,vain, and rude, cause if a non-good looking guy comes up to her and asks her for a date, she furiously and rudely rejects him.

So (I don't if this is good advice or not) just remember if there's a female character (canon,non-canon, or mabey even OC) has alot of guys drooling at her, that's NOT Mary-Sueish in the Warner Bros. world, but STILL Mary-Sueish to non-WB cartoons and anime.

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