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RE: The Loonatics Angel - The Rising Storm

Wow… I always thought motherhood was like that. You love your kid so much that you always think of them first before thinking about yourself.

Fantastic chapter Siamese ^^

Sapphire: *grabs Rev around shoulders*......*shakes him violently* REV! I... Dusk... We... Celeste... HELP!!
Rev: I require more words to understand 83
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thats sooooo sad i hope lexi doesn't die


Ace and Lexi forever and i'm not a peice of toast so don't u even try to eat me*glares at everyone* I'm serious i will hurt you........Kidding i'm a very friendly person


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YAY an update, I love this story so much, is the most suspenceful 8D


I blamed it on the dog...

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Pt 11

“You know, Angel, you can't meditate with an eye open.”

Angel looked up at Ace, “I'm sorry Mr. Ace.”

Ace opened his eyes and looked down at her, “What's da matter Angel? You're highly distracted.

Angel looked away and rubbed her arm then looked back at Ace, “You've taught me a lot about meditation, and da more I learn da more I think of...

Ace looked at her concerned, “What is it Angel?

Mother once talked to me about meditation, back when I couldn't say it right.” Angel shifted her legs out of the meditation position, “Mother told me that...Father taught her how to really use Meditation.

Angel looked down again and used her finger to draw small design in the dirt under them. “Part of me hopes dat I'll have a Dream, and he'll be in it.” Angel pulled her knees to her chest, “Then I'd know. He'd be in my future, and I'd know what he looked like. But I haven't had a Dream sens the one about my birthday.

Ace looked at her. She had a look of sadness and thought. He wanted to tell her that it was him, but he knew better. He didn't what Angel and Lexi in any more danger then they already were. He looked around then back at Angel, “How much do you know of him?”

“Hum?” Angel looked over at Ace.

“Your father, how much do you know of him?”

“Not much.” Angel again scribbled in the dirt, “Mother doesn't talk about him. I think it hurt her to.

“What do you mean?”

“I think it hurts her to talk about him because he couldn't be with us. Because he didn't know about me.” Angel sighed, “ I know it's not Mothers or his fault. I know what happened. Mother didn't even know about me when she was brought here. And I understand why she wouldn't want to talk about him. I'm a big enough reminder of the life she had. Of the home she was taken from. Of the family and friends she could no longer see.

Angel stood up and walked over to Ace. She sat back down right in front of him. “Mr. Ace, do you know who my father is? You, and the others, are part of the life my mom had to leave behind. I thought... jest maybe.

Ace sighed and pulled Angel into his lap, “Angel come here. I don't know if your mother would like me saying dis, but... I have a pretty good guess of who your father is.

Angel looked up at him, her eyes sparkled, “you do?”

“Ya... Your da spiting image of your mother... Except thoughs eyes of yours. Your father gave you thoughs. Yours are lighter den his, but blue non da less.” Ace took angels hat off and looked at it, “Dis was his. Something I t'ink you already know. It use to have an A on it. A yellow one.”

Ace put it back on her. Angel looked at him, “What was his name?”

“Angel,” Ace sighed, “ dat's somet'in' I can't tell you. Somethings we haft to wait to learn. Even when we really want to know, or others really want to tell us. I can't tell you who your father is Angel. Not yet any ways. Do you under stand?

“I think so.

“Lets forget da lesson today Angel. Why don't you go play.”

She gave him a week simile, got up, and walked off.

“And I really want to tell you.


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You MUST look at

I Blamed It On The Dog

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awwwwww......i read this on fanfiction and it never gets all


Ace and Lexi forever and i'm not a peice of toast so don't u even try to eat me*glares at everyone* I'm serious i will hurt you........Kidding i'm a very friendly person

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