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Post Info TOPIC: Did they made Pinkster evil to show his ancestor,Poorky's true feelings of the other Looney Tunes?


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Did they made Pinkster evil to show his ancestor,Poorky's true feelings of the other Looney Tunes?

I know, ALOT of people were p*ssed off on the episode "Enter the Pinkster" cause Porky's ancestor, Pinkster was evil and always wanted to be evil.

But do you think the creators made Pinkster to show Porky's true feelings behind the popularities of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck and many more, and to make him more "interesting"?

Cause well Porky Pig did used to be the main star of Looney Tunes [well Bosko, Honey, Foxy and Roxy used to be in the golden age LT, before Porky became more popular then them (and technicolor was deveolping)],until Bugs Bunny (who used to be known as Happy Bunny) and Daffy Duck stared in some of his cartoons and became way more popular then him.

In a few LT cartoons Porky has always been Daffy's second banana and in them Daffy always either drives Porky crazy until his house fells apart (literally) or make Porky be the danger-prone victum,and in "Duck Dodgers" (where Porky was known as the Cadet) Daffy didn't apperiate Porky at all.

Porky did also try to hunt down Bugs and Daffy a few times, before Elmer Fudd and Yosamite Sam started to take that position preminatly.

I've also seen alots of Looney Tune fan responses on what are their most favorite LT characters, and most of the characters that are popular to the fans are: Bugs Bunny (obiviously), Daffy Duck (ditto), Lola Bunny (even though she only appeared in 2 LT movies cause she was hated by jealous Bugs Bunny fangirls), Wile E. Coyote, Road Runner (see, he IS a beloved Looney Tune as well), Sylvester, Tweety (mostly to the girls cause they either think he's "cute" or they mistaken him for a girl), Taz, and many more.

But I've seen none of them include Porky in them,cause he must've been hated cause some fans find him boring.

So I guess after of these years of losing popularity, being second banana, and uapperiated, I guess Porky was secretly jealous and evil from the start when Bugs and Daffy came along, making Pinkster be part of his revenage.

It might sound wrong and crazy but that's my belief afater all.


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That sounds like a pretty good theory to me. Who knew Porky could feel this way? But you have to remember that Pinkster is Porky's descendant. So maybe he could have found out how much his family line have been made fun of, or he could have been picked on from a young age by other children to make him evil.



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Ye gods I think you've got the perfect theory!


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