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Origin of The Loonatics UPDATED (Tech E. Coyote)

For those you who want to know the origin of the Loonatics and how they become a team.

Well, here's something that I've thought of for the origins, but before I start the origins, I'll tell the prequal to the origin.

The prequal involves the Loonatics, the meteor, and Zadavia as well *gets bricked by Zadavia haters*. It also took place when the Loonatics were born.

And I added some never before heard planets (that are named after the Looney Tune directors, producers, voice actors, and creators in the fanfic.

Sorry about one the UOCs (unofficial character) sounds Mary-Sueish.

Origin of the Loonatics: Prequal (Part 1):

In the year 2734, there is a galaxy and solar system way far from ours, and that galaxy there was thousands of planets that our like Earth.

Some of them were all mostly planets with large city and kingdom contents on them such Planet Blanc, Planet Leon, Planet Forray, Planet Jones, Planet McKimsen, and Planet Frieling.

On Planet Frieling, was a kingdom ruled by an emperoress.

The emperoress was Lady Valeria, who had long white hair and a dress that resmbles a nebula. She and her two children, Optimus and Zadavia, are the rulers of Planet Frieling.

Valkeria's son, Optimus was a bold and strong young lad with purple hair, while her daughter, Zadavia was a young and wise image of herself.

Optimus and Zadavia were the best of brother and sister to each other, as well as Planet Frieling was peacefull.

That is until one day, chaos was filling the kingdom of Planet Frieling as evil aliens known as Morontians started attacking everyone in sight.

The leader of those visious monsters of aliens was Swackhammer the 50th, a ruthless, hedious, and cold-hearted alien who was the heir to the Moron Mountain theme park, which went out of business years ago.

Valkeria tried to take Optimus and Zadavia to a safe place from this war, but Swackhammer started to fallow them to attack them.

Valkeria took young Zadavia in her arms. She tried to tell Optimus to to run with them, but Optimus refused to go with his mom and sister and started to go attack Swackhammer.

Optimus' plan failed as Swackhammer started knocking the young boy out, and left a glowing mark on Optimus' forhead.

Hours later, after the invasion, Swackhammer and the Morontians left leaving lots of damages to the kingdom and almost every Freillian in the hospital.

Valkeria took the uncautious Optimus to the hospital to see what's wrong with him.

The shaman said that there was nothing wrong with Optimus, and the mark Swackhammer left on him faded away, but before Valkeria could be reliefed from it, she started to have a long stare on her face.

For you see, Valkeria had the power of the sight, meaning she can see the future of anyone, and in her vision, she saw Optimus and Zadavia all grown up and Optimus did something brutal to Zadavia.

Valkeria shooked her head for she couldn't stand to see anymore of the vision.

Young Zadavia walked and aked, "Mother, is Optimus gonna be alright?"

Valkeria looked at her daughter and said with tears, "Yes, he is, but I want you to get out of here for a moment."

"Mother, what's wrong?" Zadavia asked again.

"Nothing, just go!" Valkeria said trying to hold her tears. "I don't want you to hear this!"

Zadavia exit out from the room leaving Valkeria, the shaman, and sleeping Optimus left in the room.

The shaman asked Valkeria, "What did you see in your vision?"

Valkeria dries up her tears, "It's...about Optimus."  "He....he's going to kill Zadavia."

The shaman was shocked by what he heard.

"But how could he do such a thing to his own sister?" he asked the worried emeroress.

Valkeria explained, "The mark Swackhammer left on him is the symbol of the minons he choosed to get his revenge, and I;m afraid he's choosen my son to be one of them."

"Revenge?" The shaman asked all confused. "But what Planet Frieling ever did to Swackhammer?"

"It's not Frieling he wants, " said Valkeria. "He's searching all over the planets to find minions to the destory the descendants of the ones who put Swackhammer's ancesters to shame and take over every planet. Optimus going to kill my Zadavia cause she'll try to stop him for realsing his range on them."

"Where are those descendants, and how will we find a way prevent Swackhammer from unleashing his ultimite revenge?" asked the shaman again.

Valkeria walks away and spoke, "I must go find the descendants and make them warriors to help protect Zadavia and save all of the planets."

Much later, Valkeria started flying into the deep space disguised a glowing beam to search for those the descendants to be choosen, even if it takes years to find each of them.

Finally, Valkeria came upon a city planet called Acmetropolise. She flew down to the planet to find one of the descendants to be choosen as warriors.

The very first place to find one of the descendants, was in the grass plains  of Acmetropolise.

Inside one of the suburbain houses, there was a couple of tazmanian devils, named Brutus and Regina Tazmanian, who just about ready to tuck in their newborn joey to bed.

The joey was a little boy tazmanian devil named Slam, he was named because after he born, he started slamming things down to ground.

Brutus and Regina start turning off the lights and exit from the neressery after they put their son in crib.

But after they left, a shiny glow came into the baby's room and baby Slam watched as it tranformed into a lady. It was Valkeria.

Valkeria appoarched the baby and picks him up in her arms.

"Slam Tazmanian," Valkeria said to the joey "Descendant of Taz. Born strong and brave."

"By the power of Frieling," she continued. "I grant you the purple triangle of strength."

She touched Slam's little palm, and then a glowing purple pride triangle-shaped mark appeared on it.

Valkeria spoke to baby Slam as she puts him back in his crib, "Now when you grow, a meteor will strike the planet and give the power increadible strength no one has ever seen."

The baby started to fell asleep and the triangle mark disappeared, while still listening to Valkeria, who was rubbing Slam's head.

"Now behave yourself know," Valkeria said as she fades away. "And must never use your powers for a bad purpose, and you soon meet more warriors who are the choosen ones like you."

Valkeria vanished out of no where.

Five years later, Valkeria went to vist Acmetropolise agian to find more of the descendants.

The place she found to find one, was in the home of coyotes with seven newborn pups all asleep, and only one of them was to be the special one out of the all.

That pup happens to be Techno Elijah Coyote (Tech for short), who saw the glowing light appearing into the room.

The little pup blinked his eyes, as he watchs Valkeria come towards him.

"Tech E. Coyote, " Valkeria said putting Tech in her arms. "Descendant of Wile E. Coyote. Born wise and responsable."

"By the power of Frieling, " she start putting her finger on baby Tech's palm. "I grant you the green triangle of knowledge."

A green pride triangle-shaped appeared on Tech's palm, and he was surprised about as he watches it glow.

"As you grow older, young coyote" Valkeria said. "A meteor will strike Acmetropolise, not to harm anyone, but grant you the power of magnetism and reguritate."

"Do you promise to not use your power for bad, and get along all of the other choosen ones?" Valkeria asked baby Tech.

Baby Tech nodded as Valkeria starts to tuck him back into bed, and to rub his head to put him to sleep.

"Sleep tight now, little one." Valkeria said moving her arm away.

Valkeria once again vanished, as well as the mark on Tech's palm.

To Be Continued...............................

Guess who Valkerai vists next in the second part?

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RE: Origin of The Loonatics: Prequal

Here's part two!

This chapter has a reference to "Enter the Pinkster" (and a bit of Sylth Vester's past of being a villian).

Origin of The Loonatics: Prequal (Part 2)

Two years later, a mother bunny tucking in of her kittens (little bunnies) to bed.

The baby bunny was grey with white patches on half of his face and belly, and he's name was Ace.

"Good night, my little angel." Ace's mom said good night to him.

She turns off the lights and closes the door slowly.

Once again, Valkeria appeared in front of Ace's crib and walk towards him.

Little Ace did the cute sniffle-like thing with his nose and moved his ears a bit.

Valkeria picks up Ace in her arms and said, "Ace Bunny, descendant of Bugs Bunny. Born quick-witted and mild mannered."

"By the power of Frieling, I grant you the yellow triangle of leadership," she said as she moves her finger to make a triangle line on baby Ace's paw.

The pride triangle-shaped mark glow yellow on Ace's palm.

Valkeria puts Ace back in his crib and said, "On your 21st year, you shall grow to be a great leader of a troop of warriors who chosen by the meteor like you."

"Use powers wisely when you get them, little babe." Valkeria putting Ace to sleep like she did with Tech and Slam before him.

"Now I need just a few more warriors to choosen to protect this planet and my Zadavia." Valkeria said to herself as she vanishes.

Few months later, somewhere around a building a couple ducks wearing pachas were running with a basket towards a building called "Acme Orphanage."

The male duck was black with brown eyes, and was named Monty, while the white female duck with blonde hair and light blue eyes was his wife, Delilah.

Delilah placed the basket on the door step of the Orphanage.

In the basket was a tiny little black duckling all wrapped in a nice warm blanket and sleeping like a rock.

"Oh, Monty" Delilah said as she looks all sad and rubs the back of the baby's head. "I don't wanna get rid of our little baby boy. It's just too soon."

Monty responded, "I don't want to either, Delly, but we have to do this so our families wouldn't find out we have a kid."

"But I still think it's unfair, " Delilah began to cry. "He's still our baby, we should keep him no matter what."

Monty's eyes still started to fill as well and said, "But know what my father said to your father, if he finds out I got married to you and have a kid, he'll kill our baby and separate us."

Delilah starts putting a note by their sleeping baby, while Monty was reaching down in his pocket.

Monty pulls out a double-headed coin and puts it in his son's blanket.

"It's a lucky charm for you to keep hold of," Monty whispered to his son.

"Good bye, Danny," Monty said a tear rolls down his eye and he and Delilah kissed their son on the forhead.

Delilah knocks on the door, then she and Monty ran behind a far building as they watch one of the Orphanage's nannies found Danny and carries him inside.

The two broken hearted ducks walked away with tears knowing their only child is going to have a new life soon.

"Mrs. Fisher, " the nanny said the Oraphanage's owner "I found this duckling at our door step."

Mrs. Fisher looks at baby Danny and said, "Oh the poor dear, he's second one given up from his parents, like the piglet we found three weeks ago."

"Where should put him?" the nanny asked.

"Put him in with of the other orphaned babies in the cribs," Mrs. Fisher suggested whie she reads the note Monty and Delilah wrote to know why they had to give up Danny.

The nanny took the little duckling to the crib room, inside there about fifteen babies who were orphaned and asleep in the cribs.

The nanny placed baby Danny in an empty crib, which was right next to the crib that had the piglet Mrs. Fisher was talking about earlier, who's name was Pinkster.

After the nanny left the room, baby Danny started opening his light blue eyes wondering where he is.

Just then, Valkeria appeared and looking at Danny.

The little duckling waited patiently as the shiny lady came up to him.

"Daniel Duck," Valkeria said as she picks the duckling in her arms "Descendant of Daffy Duck. Born detrimended and great promise."

Valkeria puts her finger on Danny's palm and spoke, By the power of Freiling, I grant you the orange triangle of triumph."

The pride triangle-shaped mark appeared on Danny's palm and glowed orange.

"Now listen and listen carefully, young one" Valkeria said to Danny she covers him back in his blanket. "When you turn twenty-one, and a meteor strikes the planet, you will have powers that hands will be gifted to have."

Valkeria then added, "But must also remember to never betray the other chosen warriors you'll soon meet, and use your powers well."

She rubbed Danny's head and the little duckling fell asleep.

Then, before Valkeria could leave and after the pride triangle mark disappeared from Danny's hand, Valkeria looks at Pinkster noticing that he's the descendant of Porky Pig.

Before she could pick up the sleeping piglet to make him be a warrior too, Valkeria noticed a strange mark on Pinkster's palm.

"The Morontian symbol!" Valkeria gasped softly with shock to find out SWackhammer here earlier at the Orphanage, and he chosed little Pinkster to become one of his minions to destroy the chosen descendants.

The mark from Pinkster vanished, while was still in shock to see what Swackhammer had done.

Valkeria then vanished out of the Orphanage, only find Swackhammer appearing out of no where in a pile of smoke.

"What have done to the piglet, you fiend!" Valkeria commanded with an iron fist.

"You have been able to save the duckling, your majasty," Swackhammer said with a taunt "But you were too late for the piglet, so know when grows older he will destory that duck and all of those other vermin you chosed to get rid of me."

"And master plan is making some those descendants betray their ancestors' wrath they had to use against me, " Swackhammer explained what he's doing. "So after they destory the warriors you chose, I'll destroy them as well."

Swackhammer started laughing manically, then disappears into thin air.

"I have to act fast, " Valkeria thought to herself as she disappears as well.

One year later, Valkeria desides to find another bunny to be a chosen warrior.

Only this time, it was a little baby yellow girl bunny, named Lexi.

At night, Lexi's mom and dad had just tuck her in along with her eight sisters to bed hours ago.

Baby Lexi woke up amazed as she looks and fallows the glowing beam come in from the window.

Valkeria tranformed back to her normal-self, and picks up the little girl bunny.

"Lexi Bunny," Valkeria said quietly trying not to wake up Lexi's sisters. "Descendant of Lola Bunny. Born with spirte and faith."

Once more, Valkeria puts her fingre on Lexi's palm and said, " By the power of Freiling, I grant you the pink triangle of will."

Baby Lexi's eye shining with amusment as the pride triangle-shaped mark apeared on her hand and glowed pink.

"You shall grow up to be a lovely young lady," Valkeria said to little Lexi as she pats her little head "And will have the power to hear things that no else could hear before."

Valkeria rubbed Lexi's for head and put her to sleep.

"And remember, " Valkeria whispered to Lexi knowing she's still listening "You shall also be one of the chosen warriors in the future as well."

Valkeria vanished back outside, to wait for more years to find more warriors.

Two years later, on a summer night in the Acme desert, a pair of purple roadrunner were just getting ready to tuck their new hatchling in the crib.

"Oh-Ralph," the female roadrunner said to her husband about their baby "Just-look-at-him."

The little roadrunner hatchling was all blue with a purple crest and tail, and big innocent green eyes.

"I-know-Harriet," Ralph said to his proud wife and picks up his new son "Rev-Runner-our-first-born-son!"

"I'm-telling-you-honey-this-little-one's-has-this-ol'-bag-of-feather's-genes," Ralph said to Harriet about Rev "He'll-be-a-great-salesman-one-day!"

"Now-dear-lets-not-spoil-him-too-much-and-let-him-get-his-sleep," Harriet said as she takes baby Rev from Ralph's hands and puts the little tired baby in the crib.

Ralph wains up the mobile on the crib so the music would help put Rev get to sleep, then Harriet covers him with a blanket and puts a little teddy bear right next to him.

Ralph and Harriet ran quickly and quietly out of the room, while baby Rev goes to sleep.

But baby Rev was still all wide wake a little bit frighten by the dark, then a glow of light appeared in front of him on the far side of his bedroom.

Baby Rev titled his head a bit wondering who's the lady coming up to him.

Valkeria picks up the curious little hatchling and said, "Rev Runner, descendant of Road Runner. Born with trust and a good heart."

"By the power of Frieling, I grant you the red triangle of speed," Valkeria said as she touches the baby's little palm.

Baby Rev smiled with amazed as the red pride triangle-shaped mark glow red on his hand.

"When you're grown up, a meteor will give the power of such incrediable speed no one in your family had ever had, " Valkeria said to little Rev.

"Do promise you shall be good to the other warriors I've chosen as your team members?" she aked the baby roadrunner.

Rev nodded his head.

"And you promise not to use your powers for evil?" Valkeria asked again.

Baby Rev nodded again, then shook his head.

Valkeria rubs baby Rev's head as he lyes down in the crib.

Valkeria puts the teddy bear underneth Rev's little arm and spoke gently,"Take care of yourself now, little one."

She suddenly disappears from the room a shine.

Ralph and Harriet ran quickly to Rev's room with alarm, thinking there might've been someone intruded the house.

They looked around and there was no one it, except for Rev who sound asleep.

"Awwww-how-sweet," Harriet as sees how cute baby Rev looks in his sleep.

"Let's-hope-that-doesn't-wake-us-up-too-early-for-something," Ralph whispered as he closes the door.

Outside of the Runner's house, Valkeria was still here looking at.

"I'm so sure that I'll come back the chose the 7th warrior," Valkeria said while having a vision of the future "But alas, the meteor will have no affect on the 7th warrior. The warrior's powers and suit will be granted to the warrior over time when it's right."

"My work here is now done," Valkeria said lastly, then she faded away into the night sky in an aurora.

                                         The End

Can you guess who's the 7th chosen warrior (later to be known as the 7th Loonatic)?


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Interesting, I think I know who you mean by the 7th Loonatics, I won't say just incase.

Good start, Please continue!

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That's what SHE said

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OOH this is so cool! Zadavia's mother comming down to grant all of them their powers....

I like what's going on so far.

Nice start biggrin.gif

Hey! It's your friendly neighborhood Sye ;D



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So unless Valkeria made sure that the powers would go to the right people when the meteor finally hits the Earth, this would contradict with the fact that the meteor did actually hit Earth. So I shall be looking forward to your later chapters.



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RE: Origin of The Loonatics: Ace Bunny

Here's where the origin finally begins!

It starts off with Ace's origin clip from "The Comet Cometh".

That director Ace worked for is such a d*ck!furious

Origin of The Loonatics: Ace Bunny (Part One)

Many years have past since Valkeria choosen the six warriors, yet the profecy has not yet been for filled.

Somewhere in an ally, a woman with blonde hair wearing a magneta tank top and grey skirt, was in trouble. Cause there was a gaint robot after her.

"Destory humanity, destory," said the robot.

Before the robot could attack the woman, someone tapped there fingre of the robot's shoulder.

It was a Will Smith wannabe like man wearing some crazy "futuristic" clothes.

"Sorry, bucket boy," the man said to taunt the robot. "Not today!"

He twicthed fingre to let the robot attack him.

"Destory humanity, desrory," the robot said again, ready to attack the guy as it reached out it's claws at him.

"Aaannnd... Cut!" someone shouted, then the robot stopped.

It turns out that the lady wasn't really, it was part of a movie. She and the guy were actually actors, and the robot was a remote-controlled puppet.

The director starts walking up to the male actor, all satisfied.

"Van, babe" the director siad to the actor "Faboo! Take a break while we shoot the fight scean."

"Where's that stunt rabbit!?!" the director shouted out angerly.

"Uh, that would be stunt bunny," the rabbit stunt double said walkiing up to the director.

The stunt bunny was Ace Bunny, all grown and was wearing the same suit Von was, and holding a rubber mask that look like Van's face.

"Whatever," the director rolled his eyes "Know like what we reherst."

"Not so fast there, doc" Ace said as he drops his mask onto the floor, "See I got some I ideas you're gonna love."

"Now when the robot comes at me, how about I give him  some this, and some those, and a couple of these," he said doing some kung-fu moves.

Everyone else stared, but the director wasn't satisified.

"No," the director said to Ace to disappoint him,"You see I'M the director, which makes me the boss, and that means you have to do what I say."

He gives Ace his mask back and walks away, while Ace was standing with the mask still in his hands and all mad.

"And.....Action!" The director called out.

The robot started grabbing Ace by his ears, the mask fell out of Ace's hands, and the robot started to beat him like a dog ripping a stuffed animal to shreds.

The robot soon stopped beating up Ace, and Ace was all in a big mess with torn-up clothes.

"Know I know what an inside of a blinder feels like," Ace said to himself, then he fells onto the floor.

Suddenly, a giant meteor started richeting down to Acmetropolise, it crashed into the sea knocking off some of the planets balance a bit, and waves of light were coming out of it.

One of the waves was coming right towards Ace. Ace coverd his eyes from flash not knowing what was happening.

The mark that Valkeria granted on Ace's hand when was a baby, appeared again, the flash of the meteor reflected on it, and a black metal like thing starts to appear on Ace's wrist.

The small eathquacks the meteor suddenly stopped like it was nothing but a small vibration.

Ace removed his arms from his face, then he looks at his right hand wear the black thing was on his wrist.

"What....Is that thing?" Ace asked himself looking at it. "I don't remember wear one of these before."

"Cut!" the director shouted once more, then walks up to Ace

"Why are you still on the set!?!" he shouted at Ace.

"Mr. Stallonie, didn't you see what happened?" Ace asked the director.

"Yes, yes, yes, some giant rock fell in the water," Mr. Stallonie said not giving a hoot. "Now get off of set, Bunny, or I'll make into lunch meat for my sandwich!!"

Ace walks away to set on his chair, while Van returns from his break to get ready for the next scean.

Ace started to think, "Who does that ammature think he is anyway? And this premadona can't even break a stick off of a tree. They don't know you who they are dealing, I'm the desceandant of Bugs Bunny! I shouldn't be treated like that!"

"I know! I'll them a thing  or two what a REAL actor should and not let a stunt man do all of his acts!" he thought agian with a plan to impress everyone.

"And... Action!" Mr.Stallonie shouted and the camera started rolling.

Just as Van was getting ready for his role, Ace started jumping in and attack the robot with his fighting moves for pay-back.

"What the-!" Mr.Stallonie said with shock. "Cut! Cut! I said, Cut the camera, you moron!"

"No way man," the camera man said to Mr. Stallonie while still rolling the camera. "This bunny's got moves!"

Ace started kick the robot's chassey like there'sno tomarrow.

He finally stopped when the robot was all nothing but a pile of nuts, bolts, and messed-up wires.

"How's that for a stunt bunny!" Ace said all proud to the destoryed robot.

Mr. Stallonie started stumping towards Ace, and yelled out all outraged, "ACE! What the hell did you think you were doing!?!"

Ace replied, "Just spicin' somethings up for there, doc. Show you that I'm ready for my big break."

"Oh, I'm giving you a big break alright," Mr. Stallonie said sacarcastically and still upset. "A real giant one. YOU'RE FIRED!!!"

Ace's face was all down and with his jaw opened, "Fired!?! What do mean by me bein' fired?"

"Because keep messing up all my sceans and butting in the stars acts!" Mr. Stallonie explained with his face all red. "Pack up your stuff and vamose from here!"

Moments later, Ace was thrown out the streets with his box of belonings by his side.

Ace picks up his box and shouted, "Well you aint no Steven Speoilboig yourself, Stallonie! And your movies suck cow dung!"

Then Ace started to have a sad look on his face as he walks away to his home.

Ace's home was a small condo on hill top on wide grass plains that were a five blocks away from some skyscapers of Acmetropolise.

Inside it's just like any old oridinary house, but Ace's has a secret room that was fully memorelbilla of his famous ancester, Bugs Bunny.

It had Bugs' movie/TV awards, props, posters, newpaper clips, toys, and his wardrobe.

Ace walks up to the framed newspaper of Bugs that said "Bugs Bunny gets a star of Hollywood Walk of Fame."

"I'm sorry I let you down, Bugs" Ace sighed sadly. "I wish I could have had your spiret."

He puts down his box, and exits out of room feeling so ashamed.

Few hours later, a small bunny that had grey and white fur like Ace started coming down Ace's drive way.

It was Ace's seven year old nephew, Cole Rabbit, who comes over to stay with Ace every weekend while his parents go to work.

Unlike Ace, Cole rad lighter blue eyes and little ruffles of messed-up hair on his head.

Cole was looking for his uncle while play with his red superball, until he spotted him sitting next to a tree reading a newspaper.

He walks up to him and said, "Hi, Uncle Ace!"

"Hey there, Cole" Ace said to him without looking, and all glum.

"What are you reading?" Cole asked as he walked closer.

The article that Ace was reading the "Want Adds" paper.

"Why do need to look for a job?" Cole asked Ace. "You already got job at the studio."

Ace finally looked at his nephew and said, "I use too, but not any more."

"What happened?" Cole questioned.

"I got fired from the studio," Ace said all disappointed

"Fired!?" Cole said with surprisement, "You can't be fired. How are you gonna tell Grandpa Buck about this."

Ace looked at his nephew again and answered, "I'm not gonna tell my dad anything about this, Cole. Let's face it, our ancestor Bugs was an actor, and his kids were, and their kids, and their kids. As for me, I'm not one of them anymore. I broke the family thread of the famous generation."

Ace then looks at the newspaper and grumbled, "Why if I ever see or hear anythin' about Stallonie again, I'll....I'll...."

As Ace was getting angerier and ruffling the newspaper, his eyes started to glow yellow with red rings.

Then finally, laser beams came out from Ace's eyes and burned the newspaper into ashes.

Ace's eyes back to normal, but were surprised about what he just did.

"Wow! I didn't know you had heat vision, Uncle Ace!" Cole said amazed.

"I didn't either," Ace said all puzzeled.

To Be Continued.......

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RE: Origin of The Loonatics

Cool chapter, I can't wait for the rest!

You rock WBFanatic!

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Here's part two of Ace's chapter!

Origin of The Loonatics: Ace Bunny (Part 2)

Later that night, while Cole was asleep in the guest room, Ace was still up wondering how did he got the lazer eye vision all of a sudden.

"What's happening to me?" Ace said to hinself. "Foist I was a low-life black sheep of my ancestor, then a meteor crashed a gave me this weird  lokking watch, and then I had lazer beams coming out from my eyes."

"Did that meteor got me on sometime spell or somethin/?" He still wondered.

Then the black "watch" started beeping, then it started to show some words like a neon sign.

"Onces you discover you're powers, it's time for you to test and try on your suit," Ace read the letters. "Suit? What suit?"

At that moment, something started to morph on the watch. It was a a black knob with a yellow pride triangle on it.

"What is this, some kind of Houdeinie watch?" Ace thought being all surprised and puzzled.

Ace lefted his hand, presses his fingre on the knob, and then a flash appeared before Ace's eyes as it was a blur.

Next morning, Ace's alarm buzzed.
He turns off the alarm feeling alot more stranger then he was yesterday.

"What a weird dream," Ace said all drozy "The strange watch on my hand tranformed and toined my into somethin'. I better stop drinking some carrot juice before a go to bed."

When Ace put his hands over his eyes to wake up, but he removes his hands from his face, Ace notices that his hands were all yellow and that they had black arm guards around them.

Ace got out of his bed all terrified about what has happened to him.

He rushes to his closet to see what's wrong with him, and saw that he wasn't in his pajammas, but was a full black body suit.

The suit was also yellow on the white patch on Ace's face, on his inner ears, his hands, the bottom of his feet, and the suit also had a yellow belt around Ace's waist and a large yellow pride triangle on his chest like Superman.

"Is that what the watch did to me?" Ace asked himself as he drawn closer to the mirror.

"Uncle Ace, what's for breakfast today?" Cole called out from one of the far rooms.

Ace knows that he can not let his own nephew know or see what happened to him.

"Uh, eat some cereal from the kitchen, Cole" Ace said while trying to find a way to hide his suit around his bedroom.

The beeping noise from the black watch was heard again, but this time it came from the yellow communicator from suit on Ace's arm.

Ace read the message on the communicator, "In case you want to take the suit off, press the lower button on the right side of the communicator to be in your normal suit."

Ace presses the button, he returns back to his normal grey and white self again and in his pajammas, then he takes the wtach off of his wrist.

Few minutes later, Ace rushed down to the kitchen all dressed to get his breakfast.

Cole was just sitting by the table shelf eating his cereal, while watching TV.

"Good morning, Uncle Ace" Cole said after swallowing the cereal in his mouth.

"Mornin' there, sport" Ace said while putting two waffles in the toaster.

"Check out the toy I got in box," Colesaid showing his toy he found in the creal box. "It's a koliadascope that squirts out water and spins!"

Ace sat down next to his nephew, puts his plate of waffles on the table, and said, "That's some impressve toy they put in there."

Just then, the TV started to air a show that caught Cole's attention.

"Alright! Captain Invinsible is on!" Cole said with excitement.

Ace looks at the show not all impressed.

"What's so great about this guy that gets you kids so hyped up?" Ace asked Cole, while puring some maple syrup on his waffles.

"Cause, Captain Invinsible has amazing powers, a cool suit, wicked weapons, and he has his sidekicks the awsome All-Mighty Force!" Cole explained while watching it.

"Yeah well, how did this pathedic phooney became a superhero in the foist place?" Ace still asked while eating his waffles.

Cole looks at his uncle and spoke, "If you watch the first episode, you would've known. You see there was a huge comet that strike Capatin Invinsible's town, then after he touched the comet's afterwaves, he became the superhero he is now."

Ace spits out the milk he was drinking, cause of all of things Cole said about Captain Invisnible was happening to him as well.

"What's wrong?" Cole asked Ace.

"Nothin', just join your mind-mumming TV show," Ace said as he walks away feeling all confused.

Much later, Ace was pacing outside still wondering what was wrong with him and was he's slowly becoming someone else.

"I don't stand," Ace said to himself "When the meteor crashed on Acmetropolise it gave me this strange watch, but it wasn't a watch, it's was a suit changing thing-a-ma-jig, and I have lazer eye beams and more powerfull kung-fu moves. Those this mean I'm choosen to be a superhero?"

Suddenly, Ace heard a loud crash and lots of screaming in Acmetropolise, that was a sign of serious danger going on.

"Well, better test it out for sure if I'm a superhero," Ace as he puts the watch back on his wrist.

He presses the button and was back in his black and yellow suit, and ran straight to Acmetropolise to find the danger going on.

To Be Continued.....


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RE: Origin of The Loonatics UPDATED (Ace Bunny)

exciting, I can't wait for more!

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Origin of the Loonatics: Ace Bunny (Part 3)

The danger that was happening in Acmetropolise was an out of controled bus with screaming people on it, was rushing through every block and with broken breaks, it was nearly impossible to stop.

Ace was standing on top a statue on one of the tall buildings, watching the calamity going.

"I just had one shot to stop it," Ace said while thinking of an idea to stop bus from crashing or hurting anyone.

Ace started leaping his way down in ninja style reflexs to draw closer to the bus.

Sadly, he missed it and landed on the road by mistake, and the bus was driving closer to the nearest building.

Ace had to think quickly before it's too late.

Then he finally his lazer eye power again, only Ace zaps it on the bus' tires.

The bottom of the tires started to melt and start to get attached to the road.

The bus had finally stopped on a dime when it was a foot away from the building.

The passangers and the driver were all safe and got out of it.

Then every witness who watched what happened to the bus all stared at Ace, cause he was the one who saved the passangers lives.

They all cheered Acmetropolise's new hero, and reporters start gathering around Ace asking him questions.

"Mr. Rabbit, where did you come from?" one reporter asked

"Where you born from another planet?" another asked

"When did you learn your powers?" a third one asked

"Is yellow your favorite color?" a fourth one asked

"Do you have a battle cry?" a fifth one asked.

"Well, uh...." Ace said thinking of a way to escape from all of these reporters, "Look, Bigfoot escpaed from the zoo!"

They all looked where Ace was pointed, then Ace quickly snucked away, and was in his normal clothes.

Hours later, Ace returned to his home hoping that no one fallowed him nor reconize him.

"Good, there's no reporters here" Ace said all reliefed. "Now I can just relax and not here another woid about this."

Ace began to sit down in his chair in the living room all calmed, until Cole started to jump inton his lap all excited.

"Uncle Ace! Uncle Ace!" Cole said to his warn-out uncle, "Guess what!? Guess!?!"

Ace moaned and said, "Let me guess, the carnival's in town, and ya want me to take you there, and stay until ya belly's filled with fries and high sugar?"

"Well, yes" Cole said looking a little sheepish, "But I also wanted to tell you that there was a black and yellow rabbit that came out of the blu and stopped a running bus!"

Ace's eyes sudden opened wide with shock from here word come from his little nephew's mouth.

"It's true! Check it out!" Cole said as he grabs the remote, and switchs it to the news.

"Man! This guy is cool!" Cole said looking at the TV and Ace, "Wouldn't be cool if someone we know is related to him?"

"Yes, that would be there, sport" Ace said laughing strangley not to give his nephew any hint that he was the hero.

"But you ARE related to him" Ace thought his mind.

The next night, Ace took Cole to the carnival, when all of the rides were filled with neon colors and people were running all crazy going from place to place to ride them.

Ace was at one of the food stands, getting Cole a funnal cake, while Cole was sitting at the tables waiting for Ace to come here while holding a Captain Invisinable action figure he won.

"Here's your funnal cake, kid" Ace said as he lyes it on the table.

"Sweet!" Cole said while taring a piece off and eating it.

Just then, an annoucement began.

"Attention thriller seekers," the guy on the mike spoke through the speakers "The Whiplash roller coaster will be closing shortly, so you better get there fast."

"Please, can I ride the Whiplash, Uncle Ace?" Cole asked with excitement.

"PLEEEEASEE?" he did the big sad eye trick.

"Alright, you can go, Cole" Ace rolled his eyes and answered.

Cole started running off to get go the roller coaster.

"Make sure ya don't throw up on anyone while you're riding it!" Ace called out to Cole to warn him.

"Cole's like the little brother I never had," Ace said finally finishing the funnal cake.

Soon all of the fun of carnival was going bad, when the screws on the farris wheel broke, and the farris wheel began to move freely on it's own.

Eveyone started running and panicing from it.

"Here we go again," Ace sighed then ran build a tent to get into his suit.

He started running through the screaming crowed to get to the farris wheel and stop it.

Suddenly Ace stopped as he watches the farris wheel going away farther and farther.

On the other end of the carnival, Cole was in the middle of the empty dust path getting his action figure that two bullies threw over, and he was also on the farris wheel's path as well.

"COLE!" Ace shouted as he notices the farris wheel's coming towards his nephew.

To be continued.....


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Please continue

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Keep going!!

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OH NO! COLE!!! omfg.gif

this is getting good! 8D

Hey! It's your friendly neighborhood Sye ;D



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Here's part 4 on Ace Bunny's chapter.

The reaporter from "Cape Duck" appears, and I named him  Harvey D.C. Marvel (after some comic co.s ).

Origin of the Loonatics: Ace Bunny (Part 4)

Cole picks up his action figure from the ground, but then looked right in front of him noticing the run away farris wheel was rolling towards him.

So frightened, he just stood there and couldn't move a bit.

The farris wheel was drawing closer and closer to Cole.

Suddenly at the nick of time, as the farris wheel was ten feet away from Cole, Ace sprint into action and pushes his nephew to the side as he holds on the to him.

Cole was safe in one piece, but the farris wheel was still going.

Using his laser eye vision again, Ace aims right at the bottom metal bars to melt them down to the ground like he did with the tour bus.

The farris wheel finally stopped, and no one got injured,

All the people at carvial started roaring and cheering for Ace, for saving the day again.

The reporters started coming in again with camera and questions to ask Ace.

One reporter jumped out from all of the others to get closer to Ace.

The reaport was a young man with red hair and wearing old fashion street clothes.

"Mr. Rabbit, I'm Harvey D.C. Marvel from 'Close Incounter' " the reaporter said to Ace, "And I got to tell you that must have seriuos work you did. Two savings in a row, can you tell us what your next plan on saving next?"

"Listen, before I answer any of your questions, I want to show you my real identity," Ace said to everyone here.

Ace click on the button of his communicator, and transfromed back into his normal clothes.

Everyone, including Cole, was shocked to find out Ace was the Rabbit Avanger.

"It's Ace Bunny, Bugs Bunny's decendant!" someone in the crowd said to their friend.

They were all speechless for a moment.

Then Harvey spoke up, "Wow this is spectular! Bugs Bunny's decendant goes from ex-stunt man to action hero. This is some serious dirt here!"

Then all of the reaports start asking more and questions to Ace.

After all of the commotion, Ace and Cole return to Ace's condo.

Ace went to the guest room to see if Cole was asleep, but he wasn't and hge was taking some posters off of the wall.

"What cha still still for, sport?" Ace asked Cole "You should be in bed from all of the trouble that happened tonight."

"I'm getting rid of a few things, " Cole spoke to his uncle as he walks to the trash bin.

Ace looked at it and noticed that all of Cole's Captain Invinsible posters were thrown away, and all of his action figures in their boxes to be sold at a garage sale.

"Why's your Captain Invinsible stuff in the trash for?" Ace asked.

"Nah, I don't care for that fantasy ammature," Cole explained. "I got a new hero."

"Who's that?" Ace said not so surprised.

Cole jumps from the bed, leaps on Ace, and said, "You."

"Thanks," Ace hugged Cole and puts him into bed.

He turns off the lights and exits out of the guest room to let Cole sleep.

Just then, Ace heard the beeping from his watch again.

He picks it up from the counter and read the message on it.

"Now that you loined to control your powers and put on your suit, it's up to you to find the others now," Ace read.

"Others? What could that mean?" Ace questioned

  The End

Next Chapter: Lexi Bunny


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Interesting, I can't wait for the next chapter!

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I agree with PurpleGirly. She took the woids out of my mouth. I just felt like speaking in the accent Ace and Bugs speak. Bye.


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RE: Origin of The Loonatics UPDATED (Lexi Bunny)

Here's the next chapter of the "Origin of the Loonatics", Lexi Bunny!

There's some Acexi moments for you fans out there.wink

Origin of The Loonatics: Lexi Bunny

The next day, Ace and Cole were at the counter eating breakfast and Ace was looking at his watch.

"You've been staring at that thing for hours," Cole said to Ace.

Ace respond, "I know, but last night I recieved a message on it that told me to find the others." "Does that mean that there could be more superheroes like in Acmetropolise?"

"Mabey, but how should I know?" Cole said to his uncle after eating his carrot pancakes.

Ace thought up an idea, and turns over to his nephew.

"Here's the plan, sport" Ace said to Cole, "While you go stay at your friend Spanky's house for a few hours, I'll go all over Acmetropolise to find the other heroes, wherever they are."

Hours later, after Ace dropped Cole off at Spanky's, Ace began his search for the other heroes like him.

He looked everywhere and asked everyone if they had any strange actvities when the coment stroke down Acmetropolise, and all of the anwsers were "no."

Ace started to feel like giving up, dragging his sore feet, and couldn't walk anymore.

"This is hopeless," Ace sighed "How am I suppose to find the other heroes in this big city, it's trying to find a needle in a maze full of hay stacks."

Just then, Ace's watch began to flash with a beeping noise.

Ace looks at and read the new message on it, "In case you're out of luck finding them, your watch will guide you to the others."

He got up well rested, and points out the watch to where he should go to find one of the other heroes.

Ace started fallowing the sound of the watch as it was getting louder and going deeper into the city, which means he's getting closer to one of the heroes.

All of a sudden the beeping stopped, and Ace couldn't find which way to go.

"Fallow the watch, my butt" Ace said all disappointed that the watch stopped, "It dead out on me in a slipt second as I was gettin' close."

Then Ace started to hear a voice coming from the north-east from where he is.

The voice was coming from an old school playground, where a young female rabbit was standing far from the balance bars.

The female rabbit was just about a year younger then Ace, had yellow and white fur, blue eyes, ears that were up in a weird-shape, and was wearing a pink tank top with jeans.

"Okay, Lexi!" The girl rabbit thought to herself, "Remember, gymastics takes balance and consentraition."

Lexi began to dash forward to the balance bars and start going some inpressive gymnastic moves.

Ace was there across the playground, watching the lovely young rabbit do her moves, and he was amazed at what his eyes were lying on.

When Lexi finished her big move, Ace started clapping for her.

"Great woik you've done there, miss" Ace said to Lexi.

"Thanks," Lexi said to Ace without looking at him "I've been practing for hours, and I think I finally-"

Lexi finally looked at Ace, and noticed something about him.

"Hey, have I seen you somewhere before?" Lexi started asking Ace, "I mean, I haven't seen you all of my life, but I've seen your face somewhere that I can't put my finger on it."

"I....don't think so," Ace said all puzzeled. "Anyways, have you by any chance see anyone wearing a black suit with a pride triangle on the torso cause-"

"Did you say, 'pride triangle'?" Lexi interupted.

"Well, yes I did but-" Ace was about to speak again, then Lexi interupted again.

"Now I know you!" Lexi answered, "You're Ace Bunny! The ex-stunt bunny who became a superhero! Oh you're much more cooler in person."

Ace blushed, then said "Yeah well, thanks for the flattering, Miss...."

"My name is Lexi! Lexi Bunny," Lexi replied with excitement and shaking Ace's hand. "No relation to you, at least I hope not."

"Lexi, huh?" Ace thought for a moment, "That's a nice name for someone like you."

"Oh, thanks," Lexi giggled a bit and blushed.

As the two rabbits were getting to know each other, a loud crash was coming from behind.
That was a sure sign that the city is in trouble.

Ace looked at Lexi and said, "It's been nice meeting you, Lex. Right now I gotta do somethin' ."

Ace started running, while Lexi was running in a different direction where Ace was going.

Lexi pulls out something from her pocket that looked similar to Ace's watch.

"This day just keeps getting better," Lexi though to herself putting her watch on her wrist.

To Be Continued......


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Awesome, I can't wait for the rest!

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You have made us Acexi people very proud. *screams hysterically*

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Continue please.This is Amazing.

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I'm SO sorry for not udating this story, I've been busy.

Here's part 2 of the Lexi Bunny chapter of "The Origin of the Loonatics".

And in this cahpter, in the future, you rewined, fast forward, pause, play, zoom in and zoom out TV shows (including the news)

Origin of The Loonatics: Lexi Bunny (Part 2)

Ace was getting ready to spring into action when he saw that Acmetropolise was being attacked by huge android with long legs and giant claws for hands.

"There's somethin' you don't see in this century," Ace said to himself as looks at the tall bot. "But this is something what I must battle."

Ace ran as fast as he can to attack the android.

"Hey, strech! You like to pick on little guys?" Ace said to the android, "Then why don't you get a piece of me?"

The android lauched it's claw at Ace, but he jumped real high and fast that the claw missed him.

Just when Ace was about to zap the android with his lazer-vision, the android swang it's other claw at him, and he was slammed down to the ground.

Ace was alright, but his head was so dizzy that he could see that the android was approaching him.

The android was about to finish Ace with one punch from it's claw, but then a pink beam that came far from the android aimed at the android's back and it exploded.

Ace ducked so he wouldn't get hurt from the falling parts of the android.

Once he removed his arms from the top of his head, Ace just stood there looking all puzzled about the android exploding.

"How did it happen?" Ace thought in his mind.

Much later after that, and at sunset, Ace picked up Cole from Spanky's house and went back home still wondering about what just happened.

The news was on the TV.

"Hey Uncle Ace, you're on TV again,"Cole called out to his uncle

"Are they showing a rerun of theold news?" Ace asked

"No, it's about you fighting with an android" Cole replied.

Ace got into the living room and watched the video of the android attack on the news.

When it got to the part where Ace was talking to the reporters, something in the backround caught Ace's eye.

"Cole, play back the part with me and the reporters and pause it when I tell ya," Ace said to his nephew. "I saw something."

"Sure," Cole answered and did what his uncle said.

The video played back to the part.

"Stop right there!" Ace said for Cole to pause it.  "Zoom in right there."

Cole zoomed in on the backround, and the backrund imagine revealed a female bunny with blonde hair, and was wearing a black and pink suit.

"Uncle Ace, that lady's wearing a suit that looks just like your's, only it's pink," Cole said all surprised.

"Wait a minute," Ace thought to himself as he looked closer at the female bunny.

He looked at her ears.

"Those ears, I know them from somewhere," Ace thought to himself, then it finally come clear for Ace to know who the girl bunny was.

"Lexi...." Ace whispered.

Cole looked at his uncle and said, "You know her?"

Ace couldn't believe that his nephew heard what he just whispered.

"She's.....just a friend that I met today," Ace said trying not to say much to his nephew

"Sure.... she is," Cole said with a sarcastic grin.

Ace paused for a moment and said, "You learnoid too much for ya folks,sport."

To Be Continued.........


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awwwwwwww, that chapter was cute, I can't wait for more!

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Nice story and concept, I didn't knew about this story until now!
Well I haven't been here since a looong time so that explains everything, but nice story ;)



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Thanks, Wait until you read the rest of the chapters.wink



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Here's part 3 of the Lexi Bunny chapter. Ace meets Lexi again and tells her that he knows about her secrete, but Lexi explains that she wants to get rid of her powers.

There's another referance to the LU episode, "The Comet Cometh", the snooty, horrible hair-styled, Misty Breeze-like captain cheerleader that rejected Lexi's routine is being named Cassandra Witchburn.

There's a bit more of Acexi moments for you people out there.wink

Origin of The Loonatics: Lexi Bunny (Part 3)

The next day, Ace waved good-bye to Cole as he was driving back to his home with his mom and dad.

"I'll spot by to visit someday, sport" Ace called out to Cole, who was sticking out from the car door waving at him.

Ace looked away and thought, "Now I've got to find Lexi again so she'll join me and help find the other choosen ones."

Meanwhile, somewhere down town, Lexi was just walking all normal and not going to anywhere in perticular.

Lexi stopped by the window of a dress store to fix her ribbon by looking that her reflexion on it.

Ace came by and walked up to Lexi.

"Hi Lexi," Ace said, then Lexi saw Ace's reflexion and turns around all surprised.

"Ace!" Lexi gasped, "I didn't expect to see you again, not that I don't want to see you again."

Ace spoke up, "Lexi, I know about your secrete."

He shows her his suit-changing watch.

"Do you have something that looks similar to this?" Ace asked Lexi

Lexi looked all glum and said, "Yes, I have one."

She reached out to her left pocket, and pulls out a watch that looks just like Ace's, only the pride triangle on it was pink instead of yellow.

"So you were the one that destoryed the android," Ace said to Lexi.

"Yes, you saw me from behind the reaporters?" Lexi nodded and asked Ace.

"Lexi, why didn't you tell anyone about this?" Ace asked Lexi again.

"Cause I don't to be like this, I want to get rid of my powers and the way my ears stick up like this," Lexi explained. "My powers only destory things."



"When the meteor crashed to Acmetropolise during the cheerleading try-outs for my junior college year at Acme University, I was frighten by the light."

"When it cleared up, my ears weere sticking up like a satellight. I tried everything to put them back down, but they still stick up."

"Then, I over-heard the cheerleader captain, Cassandra Witchburn talking to the other judges."

"Cassandra why won't you let Miss Bunny join the cheer squad?" one of the judges said.

"Cause I'M the head cheerleader, and I say whatever I want things to be run here!" Cassandra sassed.  "That bunny is nothing but ammature, we don't need her on the squad stealing my spotlight!"

Cassandra walks away and shout out to the people working on the wall of the gym, "Hurry up with that paint job!"

"I was so mad that skunk-bag, I feel like doing something to show her who's the ammature here."

Lexi started to get all mad, that her eyes started to glow pink and beams start moving out from her head, onto her ears, and zaps out to the painters.

One of the paintcans fell off and landed on Cassandra's head.  Cassandra couldn't see a thing that she started trying over alot of stuff, until she got all fully injured.

"She may have desvered it, but I didn't wanted to hurt her that badly in real life. Things even gotten worse when I was in the uniform. If people see me wear it and destory things by accident, they'll label me as a freak."
End of Flashback

"I'm too afraid to use my powers, Ace" Lexi said to Ace, "I want to be normal again!"

"Lex, I know how you feel" Ace said to clam her down, "But we can't get rid of our powers, we're just gonna have to deal with them and loin how to control them."

"You think so?" Lexi asked

"I know so," Ace nodded "As long as we stick togetha, we'll concor anything that our powers can and can not handle."

Lexi and Ace just smiled at each other.

Then a loud crash came from the other side of the city.

"Ready to join me for some action?" Ace asked Lexi as he was ready to change into his suit.

Lexi put her watch on her wrist and answered, "You know I am."

Ace and Lexi pressed to buttons on their watches and were in their battle suits, and ran to the city to fight crime.

So now Ace and Lexi joined forces together and became the best crime fighters, but they still needed to find the other choosen ones as well.

Who are the other choosen ones?

                                                                    The End

Next Chapter: Danger Duck


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Ooh, I can't wait!

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Here's chapter three on "Origin of The Loonatics", and a current black duck we know makes he's first appearance in it.

Origin of The Loonatics: Danger Duck

A day has past and gone, and Ace and Lexi were living together at Ace's house so they'll round up all of the other choosen ones here, like it's a secret club.

Ace was in the living room watching the news for any info now mysterious acts or sights that might lead to one of the other choosen ones.

"Any luck yet?" Lexi asked as she was walking to the coffee machine

"Not even one hint, Lex" Ace said to Lexi as he turns off the TV.

Lexi then asked, "Why is this whole 'searching for the choosen ones' thing you have?"  "Aren't we the only ones."

"Not exactally, Lexi" Ace said as he was getting coffee from the machine. "You see my watch told me that I should find all of them, so that means you and I aren't the ones that were affected by the meteor."

"How would we know ?" Lexi asked for third time

"Well, my watch seems to have tracted you down like a metal detector, so it shouldn't too hard to find the others" Ace explained. "And the other choosen ones must have different color pride triangles from ours."

"So whoever has a suit and powers, that means that they're one of the choosen ones that were affected by the meteor," Lexi said as it all come clear to her.

"Right, and we betta get started right now to search for them," Ace said to Lexi, "cause you knows what might happen to them if they are own their own."

Hours later, Ace and Lexi got dressed and went to to Acmetropolise to find the other choosen ones.

They asked everyone and looked everywhere, and still no anwser that was 'yes' from all of them.

Meanwhile, from where Ace and Lexi were, setting on bench was a male black duck with light blue eyes reading the news that was all mostly about the duo of bunnies.

"Worlds Best Heroes Acmetropolise Ever, my butt!" the duck said as he ruffles the newspaper into a ball, and throws it in the trash.

"Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits. It's always about the rabbits," the duck was complainning. "Where the REAL spotlight on the ducks, we're much way better then those buck-toothed garden pests."

"I mean ducks are much more hansome, brave, and more heroic then a rabbit," the duck kept babbling on and on. "Where the respect I need here!?"

Then a small dog walks up to where the duck is, and started to take a tinkle on the duck's foot.

"Hey! Watch where you're marking territory, you mutt!" the duck shouted as he moved his legs from where the dog was peeing, and shakes his foot to dry it up.

"Stupid dog, whizzing on my foot. Now other dogs will be chasing after me," the duck whispered to himself and complainning about the dog.

"What I need is some action to show those suck-up news reaporters what a real action hero is," he said out loud to himself.

Then a loud cry for help came upon a mile away where the duck was.  There was a huge car chase going on.

"Finally, something for me to do!" the duck said all clammed. "Let's see what this car chase is about here."

The duck squintted his eyes to find out the car the cops were chasing, was a gang of criminals that lots of money and a tied-up lady with a fancey dress and tiara with them.

"So those smugglers have kidnapped the winner of the Miss Acmetropolise padgent, and have stolen the winning money with them?"  "Hey! That's a big bonus to make me Acmetropolise's new (and better) hero!"

Miss Acmetropolise was still screaming for help as the car was going faster.

"Fear not, fair maiden!" the duck shouted, "You shall not be in any more danger when those crooks get to meet the heroic acts of.....Danger Duck!"

'Danger Duck' was about to march to the crime sceane, then he stopped for a moment.

"Oops! Forgot to change into my suit," Duck said as pulls out a watch that looks just like Ace and Lexi's, only with an orange pride triangle.

He jumped into the bushes, light started glowing, and then as Duck pops out from the bushes, he was in a black and orange suit that looked like Ace and Lexi's.

"Now, Danger Duck to the rescue!!!!" Duck said as runs in a fast pace and holding his arm out like Superman.

To Be Continued.......


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RE: Origin of The Loonatics UPDATED (Danger Duck)

Hey! Finally finished reading this story! I'm very interested! Keep going!


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Thanks Cass.  Once I'm finished with the Danger Duck chapter, I'll do Tech's chapter after that.


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8DDDDDDDD *is extremely happy now*


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Lucky: Why can't you Toons just enter a room normaly?!
Bonkers: Us Toons don't do normaly things! That's what makes us sooo adorable! X3
Lucky: Yeah, like a trainwreck. -__________-

Cassidy and Dusk: Freaky siamese twins seperated at birth.... ~ Andrea
Many thanks to HCoyote for the awesome avatar! I love it! <3

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Oooh, I can't wait for Tech's Chapter!

But also, I can't wait to see what happens with Duck

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LOL! These are great! Very creative! I can't WAIT to read Rev and Tech's! XD


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Thank you.  Pretty much almost everyones' waiting for Tech's chapter, and I've already started on Duck's chapter.



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Here's part 2 of Danger Duck's chapter, where Ace and Lexi finally meet Duck.

One of the criminals in was a villian which Duck called "Pigleg" in "Cape Duck," I'm guessing that "Piglegs" must've been one of the villians/criminals the Loonatics had fought but were never shown in any of the episodes in the show.

Origin of The Loonatics: Danger Duck (Part Two)

While car chase was still going on, and travling alot more faster, Ace and Lexi were up top on one of the sky scrappers in their suits, and watching the whole thing to wait at just for the right time to move in on the sceane.

"Just as we were trying to find one of the other choosen ones, there's a crime going on here," Lexi said while looking at the moving cars.

Ace then pointed out, "I know it's not so great to happen at a time like this, Lex, but we to do what we are choosen for."

Down below, the car the criminals were driving faster then the cops, then they turned to the corner, thinking that the cops won't get them.

One of the crooks turned around in the back to check if the cops were still fallowing them.

"I think we lost them, boss" the crook said to the driver.

"Good, now we'll be one of most non-catchable crooks this city has ever had," the criminals' boss said back.

Not to far behind the car, a beam started to appeare out of nowhere, and revealed that it was Duck, who somehow teleported himself to where the car was.

"I don't think so, law breakers" Duck said as he was getting ready to battle them with his hands glowing like they were on fire.

Ace and Lexi looked down and saw the whole thing, and were surprised to finally found one of the choosen ones.

"Ace, that duck down there is one of us!" Lexi gasped

"And he's going to take down the crooks by himself!" Ace added

As the car passed Duck, that when he started to leap into action.

"Now, eat my super eggs" Duck said as he was ready to throw the glowing stuff from his hands to the tires of the car.

"Did he just say, 'eggs'?" Lexi said all puzzled and weirded out what Duck said.

As strange as the name Duck gave his super power, the 'eggs' actually were super slimey and strong blobs that hold the car one spot and it couldn't move.

The criminals got out of car with Miss Acmetropolise still all tied up and a suitcase that have the money.

There were four of them all together, and their leader was a huge dark-tanned man with a round head, in a rain coat, and has a pigleg.

Lexi looked Ace and asked, "Do you think we should help the duck out?"

"No, let's wait and see what he does on his foist, then we'll see if he needs are help" Ace replied.

Duck stepped forward where the criminals are, looking all brave.

"So you're the one that did this to my car?" the criminal leader said to Duck

"That's right, gruisome, and by the things that are all good and justice, I demand you release Miss Acmetropolise and give back the money at once!" Duck commanded

"Ah, that's bluff I hear coming out of your bill, small fry" the leader criminal remarked.

"Small fry!?" Duck said all mad. "Say that to my face one time you're going face of Danger Duck!"

"Hear that, the little side dish so going to ruff with us," one of the crooks said to the boss while laughing at Duck.

"Get him, Muffy!" the boss shouted at the car.

"Muffy!?!" Duck said about ready to laugh, "What kinda name is that!? What are you gonna send out attack me? A toy dog!?"

'Muffy' jumped out of the car, and it turns out that he was a visious German Shepred dog with a drooling mouth.

Duck suddenly became terrified.

"AHHHHHHH!!!!" he screamed as Muffy started chasing him.

Ace and Lexi were all annoyed at how pathedic Duck's actions were.

"Yeah, he needs our help big" said Ace

"Big time," Lexi added.

The two bunnies leaped down jumped lower by each sides of the buildings, ready to do what Duck suppose to do but didn't.

Ace and Lexi butt-kicking the crooks, while Duck was being cornered by Muffy.

"Nice doggie, nice, friendly doggie" Duck said all frighten trying to go higher on the garbage bin so Muffy wouldn't bite him. "You don't wanna eat me, I'm high cholestoral and saturated fats."

Muffy started snarling and barking Duck, making him more afraid.

Ace rolled his eyes and said, "I know this hoit my principles, but I have to do it."

Ace used his lazer-vision on Muffy, and the dog started to run away and yalping.

Duck finally came down from the garbage bin with no worry about Muffy.

Lexi was knocking the lights out of one criminal, and grabs to suitcase from him.

"Ace, grab it!" Lexi called out to Ace as she tosses the suitcase to him, while being attcaked by another criminal.

Ace grabbed it with a great catch.

"Nice whoppin' there, Lex" Ace said after Lexi punched out the last crook

Lexi looked again and noticed, "Wait a minute, where the leader with pigleg?"

"He must've lefted with Miss Acmetropolise whie we were battling his lackies" Ace answered.

Just then they heard a loud laughter coming for above a building, Ace and Lexi looked up and saw the boss criminal, hanging Miss Acmetropolise from the edge of the building.

"You have beatin' my possie and my dog, but you can't beat me," the crook said to Ace and Lexi. "Now hand me the money, or the lady falls flat on to ground!"

Duck started to come into the conflict.

"Don't count on it, mac!" Duck shouted out to the criminal boss. "Suck on this for a change!"

Duck threw his super eggs out to the criminal, and they slpatted onto the criminal's face, making it hard for him to see.

The head crimianl pushed Miss Acmetropolise off of the edge as he started to lose balance.

Miss Acmetropolise screamed for help, but then Duck teleported himself to where she was going to land, and she landed safely in his arms.

As for the head criminal, fell off of the building and into the garbage bin.

Later, the police finally arrived to arrest the criminals.

One of the cops talked to Ace, "Thanks for you and you're friend's help there, laddie." "Without you two, we wouldn't be able to catch Orville 'Pigleg' Patterson and his gang."

"It was no sweat there, Officier O'Malley" Ace said the cop as he gives him the money.

"We were just doing our job" Lexi added. "And next time, we'll tell you where they turned, so you'll get more credit on this."

Officer O'Malley got into his car with Pigleg in the back seat, and drove off.

"Now, let's go check the ham of a duck" Ace said to Lexi about Duck.

Duck had just finishing tieing Miss Acmetropolise.

"Oh thank you for saving me, Mr. Duck" Miss Acmetropolise said all greatfull. "Is there any way I can thank you?"

"How's about plant a big one ne, and come to my place tonight?" Duck said with a c*cky smirk and twiching his eyebrows up and down.

Miss Acmetropolise made a mad face. Being all insaulted, she slaps Duck's bill, and she lefted as Duck's bill was spinning around his head.

Duck stopped his bill at right place where it should be, and sigh, "She touched my bill. She must really like me."

"Yeah, she really 'likes' you" Lexi said sacrastically.

Duck snapped out his love-sick face, and looked at Ace and Lexi.

"Oh it's you two," Duck said unsatified seeing them

"We just wanna say thanks for helpin' us out there" Ace said to Duck.

"Yeah yeah, no need to garvel on my behalf," said Duck.

"Who's garvlling?" Ace said in his mind, rolling his eyes again.

"We also thought that you might join us, uh...." Lexi said to Duck, but she stopped cause Duck didn't say his name. "What's your name anyways?"

"I'm glad you asked that, dollface" Duck replied as Lexi made a mad face, "I am powerful, fanastical, spectactualr....Danger Duck!"

Ace and Lexi were unsatisfied.

"Okay...'Danger Duck'," Ace said to Duck. "Is that really your foist name?"

"Or do you have a real name?" Lexi asked.

Duck them said a little sheepish, "Actually, I forgot what my first name was." "No one ever uses it, so people just call me, Duck."

"So you still want to join us or not?" Lexi asked Duck to join again.

"Of course I'll join you," Duck said all satisfied "After all you guys do need a smart and hansome-looking good leader."

Ace whispered to Lexi, "He may have powers to teleport and throw superslime, but I think he's main power is tootin' his horn off for a long time."

"Ditto," Lexi replied and whispered to Ace.

To Be Continued......

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My name is catdragon4. Look for me in Let me know if you have finished the story about "Origin of the


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I totally lolled when reading the last part. Good job.

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Here's part three of the Danger Duck chapter.

There's an adult joke in this one though.

And it shows Duck's (pathedic) crush on Misty Breeze, he is SO despirte disbelief

Origin of The Loonatics: Danger Duck (Part Three)

"So where's our secrete head quarters?" Duck said after babbling on and on about himself.

"We'll take you to our H. Q. , Duck" Ace answered, "but foist you have to gather up all your stuff if you're gonna move there."

"And here's the adress to it," Lexi said to Duck as she hands him a piece of paper.

"Looks good enough for me," Duck said as he looks at the adress, "I'll you two in an hour with my stuff."

Couple of hours had past as Ace and Lexi waited for Duck to arrive at Ace's place.

"What's taking that duck so long?" Lexi asked

"I don't know, but we have known him for only a few hours, yet I'm still thinkin' that the meteor had made a big mistake for choosin' him to be one of us," Ace answered.

Just then a big moving van arrived and Duck appeared out of a taxi.

Duck started running toward Ace and Lexi.

"Sorry that I'm a little bit late," Duck said as he finally got there

"A little? We waited for like three hours waiting for your butt to come here!" said Lexi.

"I had to rent a moving van and have taxi money," Duck explained

"You rented a moving van?" Ace asked

"Rent, find, or hire, either way" Duck said all confused, "Look that point is that I made it here, now where's the H.Q. ?"

"It's right over there," Ace said as he and Lexi pointed out to where the house is.

Duck took a big look at it, and was really unimpressed with it.

"An condo!?" said Duck, "Our H.Q. is a condo!?!"

"Hey, it's only spot where we can take a break for fightin' crime," Ace said to Duck. "So get used to it."

"As long as I'm not sharing a room with anyone, I'll handle it" Duck said still not liking the idea of staying inside the condo.

Much later after Duck gathered all of his things in the condo, Duck was in the living room watching TV and flipping the channels.

"Stupid rabbits, making me live a condo, sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag, have to share a bathroom, no place to put my stuff at," Duck mumbled grumply to himself.

Ace and Lexi were in the kitchen have a conversation about Duck's 'heroic' acts today.

"He might've been losey today, but I think if we can train him, he might be a great hero after all," Lexi suggested

"We might" Ace said back, "But sooner or later Duck's gonna have to loin how to be a real hero and not just a spotlight-thoisty wanna-be and a cowoid like he was today." "Let's go talk to him."

Ace and Lexi walk up front off the television to speak to Duck.

"Duck, I think that you-" Ace said to Duck, but Duck pushed him and Lexi out of the way to watch TV.

"Out of the way, long-ears!" Duck shouted with excitement, "The weather is on!"

Ace and Lexi stepped away, and noticed the reason why Duck was so excited about the weather is all because of the weather lady he's looking at.

The weather lady had aqua hair that was styled to look like the wind blew it to the side, big red lipstick on her lips, and was wearing a jade green and khaki outfit that made her look like an army trooper.

"Misty Breeze," Duck sighed lovingly with a day dream-like daze.

Ace and Lexi rolled their eyes at this.

"Let me get this straight," Lexi said to the love-sick duck "You only watch the weather cause you have a thing the ugly weather lady?"

"Yeah" Duck sighed, then he snapped "Hey! For YOUR infromation, Miss Dead Eyes, Misty happends to be one the most gorgous girls in all of Acmtropolise."

"I wouldn't even mulitply with her for a billion dollars," Ace thought in his mind to react on Misty Breeze

"So vamuse out of here, so you and your boyfriend continue your moment, while I look at my dream girl," Duck said to Lexi.

Lexi's face all red from what Duck said, and stomps out of the room, but was at the door way with Ace.

They watched Duck acting like a mind-controlled zombie at Misty Breeze.

"Oh, Misty" Duck sighed with hearts in his eyes

Lexi slapped her forhead, "He's so pathedic!!" she said while shaking her head.

"Lets leave Sir Drools-a-lot alone for while," Ace said to Lexi, as he walks away

"Okay, but if he starts making out with the TV screane, his feathered hinney is going to meet my foot," Lexi said as he fallows Ace.

When Ace and Lexi left the room, Duck was still watching the news, but then as Misty was in the middle of another forcast prediction, the news anchors butt-in for an even more important news.

"I'm sorry, Misty, but we have an important news for this point," The anchor man said to Misty.

Misty got all furious and screamed, "What!?!!! How can you interupt my time with some stupid news that no body ever listens to!?!"

"Yeah! Misty is way more better then you two old goats!" Duck added as he was all mad that Misty's time was stopped to a short noticed.

"Well Misty, it just so happens to about our heros today," the anchor man said to Misty.

"If it's about me, I'm glad about it" Duck said all relaxed

"Just today, a car chase was lead by Orville "Pigleg" Patterson and his gang, who holding the winner of The Miss Acmetropolise Padgent hostage, but thanks to Ace and Lexi, they were able to catch the criminals and Miss Acmetropolise was saved" he annouced.

"What!?!!! But what about me? I was the one that really saved her and get get some of the attention!" Duck complained.

"Yes, indeed" the anchor lady said to the anchor man, "We owe it all the two fanastic rabbits."

"Ah, shut up!" Duck said as he turns off the TV.

"Stupid just don't appericated a real hero , and only care about the dopey sidekicks" Duck said get ready to yawn. "Right I need some shut eye."

Duck leaned to the left and immedintly fell asleep on the floor.

Will Duck ever learned how to be a real hero, or he'll just be his ****y self all of the time?

Only time will tell.shrug.gif

To Be Continued........



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Here's part four (and final part) on Danger Duck's chapter.

Origin of The Loonatics: Danger Duck (Part Four)

The next day, Ace, Lexi, and Duck were at the Acmetropolice Diner to have breakfast.

Ace was explainning the whole situtation of why he and Lexi had to find the heroes that had powers granted by the meteor, and why it's important.

"So that watch thing of your's tracks down the ones that have super powers and and were affected by the meteor?" Duck asked still a little bit uncleared about it

"Exactelly, it's strange but that's how I found Lexi" Ace nodded.

"And I thought online-dating was one way to a woman," Duck said in his mind.

"By the way," Lexi asked Duck "Did you had any strange experinces when you discovered your powers?"

Duck thought back to the first time he had powers.


When the meteor after shock ended, Duck was lying on the concert floor by the local swimming pool, with a net over his head.

He got up feeling all strange, like he wasn;t himself anymore.

"Oh, what happened here?" Duck asked himself, then he looked at his wrist and found that there was something on it.

"Funny, I don't remember wearing this watch to work" Duck scractched his head.

The lifeguard started come up to Duck, not very happy with him.

"What's this I'm seeing?" The lifeguard glared at Duck

"Oh Browski, I was..." Duck jumped and was all nervous looking at seeing the lifeguard all mad.

"Napping on the job will you!?" Browski said as he picks up Duck by his tank top. "From now on, I'm prometting you to clean the bottom of he pools!"

Browski throws a bucket and goggles at Duck.

"Now get to work, slacker!" Browski said as he walks a away.

Duck gave Browski a dirty look behind his back and mumbled to himself, "That big hair-less ape thinks he can boss me, why if I see another diaper in the pool, I'm gonna toss it at his smashed-up prun face!"

As Duck was making his hand to look like he's gonna throw something, an orange glow and some round slime substance appear in his hand.

"Like this!" Duck said as he imagines to throw something at Browski, not knowing he actually is throwing something at him.

The slime hit directly to Browski's face, and he fell backwards into the pool.

Duck slowly walked away so he would be here for the blame.
                                                              End of Flashback.

"Nope, I had no weird experinces" Duck said not telling Ace and Lexi about it.

"Okay," Ace said little bit sarcastically, "But for right now, it's important that we have to stick together until we find all of the other choosen ones." "And it's goin' to be like findin' needles in-"

Just then, a sound of a large crash appeared from the far south.

Ace and Lexi rushed the East-wing window to see what's happening, while Duck crepted out to the exit door of the diner.

What Ace and Lexi saw was that there were two androids that looked just like the one Lexi defeated when Ace was in trouble.

"Hey Lex, didn't ya zapped one of those androids before?" Ace pondered

"Yes" Lexi answered, "But I'm think that these two are searching for us cause we destoryed one of their friends, and they want revenage."

"We better make sure that Duck stays with-" Ace said as turns around to look at Duck, but saw that Duck was gone.

Lexi looked as well and said, "You don't think he..."

Far outside, Duck was in his suit and was sprinting right to where the androids are.

"Who needs those egotical bunnies anyway," Duck said to himslef "I can handle these over-grown tin cans myself, find the other choosen ones, and form a team with them with me as the leader and them as the sidekicks."  "Besides it was stupid of me to join them."

Duck arrived where the androids were.

"Hey iron maids!" Duck and to insault them and the androids looked at him, "How would you like to take a piece of me!?!"

The androids looked closer at Duck, and saw that he had a pride triangle like Ace and Lexi's, so they know that Duck working with Ace and Lexi and they'll try to destory him too.

One android started zapping at Duck, but Duck teleported away from the ray.

"Did I say you want a piece of me? I meant you wanna make peace with me" Duck said, starting get scared.

The other android started zapping at Duck, and Duck teleported away from the ray too.

"Uh, how about you and me become friends?" Duck said being even more scared as the androids kept zapping at him. "Please don't hurt me!"

While Duck was playing chicken with the androids, Ace and Lexi were running to help Duck.

"What was that duck thinking!?" Lexi said while running, "Ditching us so that he can defeat the androids on his own." "He's should've known that he's help-less without us!"

"That's Duck for us though, " Ace said back. "Now let's hurry up before they barbeque him!"

The androids continued to zap Duck rapidly, and Duck was still teleporting himself away from each zap.

Ace and Lexi stopped about a mile away and saw that Duck was in deep danger.

"Duck! Get out from here now!" Ace shouted as he throws a trash can lid at made the ray from one of the androids fire back and zapped off one it's metal claws.  That was enough for Duck to teleport to where Ace and Lexi are.

"Are you okay, Duck?" Lexi asked, then the other android started to launch out another ray at Duck.

"I wouldn't be for too long!" Duck said with scared eyes.

The three quickly jumped to the corner bewteen two buildings, and the ray missed them.

"Now tell us why did you think you that can defeat these guys alone?" Ace asked a little bit mad at Duck.

"Look, I'm sorry for ditching you! I was jealous cause you two got all of the fame yesterday, and I was thinking that I should destory those androids myself so that I can get the spotlight, but then they started zapping lazers at me and I had to quack myself from them" Duck explained.

"Wait, you named you're teleporting power 'Quack'?" Lexi asked all puzzled

"Well.....yes" Duck said all guilty.

"Typicall!" Ace and Lexi said in their minds with annoyed faces.

Ace took one quick peek at the androids and thought up a plan.

"Okay here's the deal" Ace said the plan out to Lexi and Duck, "The last I incounter one of these androids, Lexi zapped it's head off with her brain blaster. So if we aim at their heads, they'll be destoryed."

"But, I only destoryed it when was crouching down to destory" Lexi explain the faw in the plan to Ace, "I'm afriad their heads are too high for us to zap them. My brain blaster and your lazer vision would be like a small static shock to them."

"That's when you come in, Duck" Ace said to Duck about his job in the plan, "You shoot your super eggs at their heads, then they'll attack you with their claws, and once their claws are in the ground, you throw more eggs at their claws so that they'll be trapped down in there."

Duck started to panic, "Are you crazy!?! They'll burn me to the crisp if I go out there!"

"Come on, Duck!" said Lexi, "You said you want to have some glory that heroes have, right? Well, now is your moment to get it!" "Go out and do it!"

Duck paused for a moment, then glared.

"I'll do my best at this!" Duck said all brave, then he started to go out to face the androids again.

"Hey! You big bucket of bolts!" Duck shouted at them a they look at him, "Try some of this for size!"

Duck threw his eggs at the androids heads, and they were unable to attack him with their lazers.

Then they started to attack him with their claws.

"I hope I remember what to do at this point" Duck whimpered.

Then, he 'quacked' out of the way where the claws were aiming at, and Duck used his eggs again and aimed at the claws that were now in the ground.

The androids try to remove their claws out from the ground, but they were sticked down to the ground like glue.

"Now guys!" Duck cried.

Ace and Lexi jumped out and aimed their lazer vision and brain blaster at the androids' heads. The androids were now fully destoryed.

After the smoke from the explosion cleared up, Duck was looking all sheepish about what we did to Ace and Lexi.

"Now you see what happens when we are a team?" Lexi to Duck

"I guess you were right about me needing you guys," Duck said a down in the dumps, "Can you forgive me?"

"All is forgive there, pal" Ace said as he patted Duck on the sholder.

"So am I, you know, still on your team?" Duck asked.

"Well, you may not have been a hero what we expected" said Lexi

"But ya still prove yourself worthy of being part of our team" Ace added.

The reaporters started come here again to the scoop on the new acts the team did.

"Wow! This is fantastic!" Reaport Harvey Marvel appeared, "A very larger amount saving in just five days! Ace and Lexi Bunny you must be proud of yourselves!"

"Actually , Dod, the glory today goes to our new team mate, Danger Duck" Ace answred and points out to Duck.

"Me?" Duck asked and looks at Ace and Lexi, "But why?"

"We think you desoive the glory today, Duck" Ace said to Duck

"It's all what you've always dreamed of" Lexi winked.

Ace and Lexi moved back away a bit for the reaporters to talk and take pictures of Duck.

Duck looked all confused for a second, then he started to gather all of it in his mind and smile proudly.

"Mr. Duck, what it's like being the hero today?" a female reaporter asked him.

"Well, to honest with you. I think that Ace and Lexi couldn't have done it without me," Duck answered unhumbley about himself.

"Should we tell him to stop blabbering about himself?" Lexi asked Ace

"Nah, we'll jsut let him have his three hoirs of fame now," Ace said back to Lexi, as they walk back home.

The End

Next Chapter: Tech E. Coyote  (what most you have been waiting for wink )



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Here's Tech's cahpter in the origin! Let's see what happens to the gang when they first met our favorite green coyote genius.

Origin of The Loonatics: Tech E. Coyote

Another day has come and gone now that there are three super heroes Acmetropolise can count on, but still Ace's watch tells him that he, Lexi, and Duck to find some more around Acmetropolise.

Ace and Lexi were in the living room, while Duck was in the kitchen drooling over Misty Breeze on the mini TV, then a beep was coming from Ace's watch.

A message started to appear on the watch.

"What does it say?" Lexi asked

Ace picks it up and read it,"It's about a hero we are suppose to find!" "It says, 'The next choosen warrior is somwhere closer, but woined that there is an imposter of warrior as well, so choose wisely for who the real warrior is'."

"An imposter?" Duck asked as he looks at Ace and Lexi, "What does that mean?"

"It means there's someone oppossing as the warrior we are trying to look for," Lexi explained

"I knew that" Duck said feeling brain-less for a second.

"Well where ever the warrior is," said Ace "We have to find this poisen before we find the phooney by mistake."

Duck rolled his eyes and said sarcastically, "Oh great, another foot sore coming up."

"We're not going to walk all day, Duck" Ace said to Duck,"We're gonna have to buy ourselves a hover craft so we can fly over the city to find the other choosen warriors."

Ace, Lexi, and Duck arrived at the nearest hover craft store to find a really good one.

"This craft right is a Sky Scratcher 2000.78," The sales man said to the trio about the first hover craft they were interested in, "It has flip n' fold seats, adjustable cup holders, great gas milage, and a GPS System hooked right in."

"Huh, sounds promisin' " Ace said to the sales man, "But you mind if we take a few more looks on it?"

"Sure, let me if you are intersted" The sales man said all pleased.

Ace, Lexi, and Duck took very good looks on the hover craft's wings, lights, and paint.

"Looks okay to me," Lexi replied

"Not to mention this will help me get all of the babes come running right to me," Duck added

"Keep dreaming," Ace and Lexi said to Duck.

"Now, let much this beauty is woith" Ace said as he was ready to look at the price tag.

Once he, Lexi, and Duck saw the price of the hover craft, they were dumbfound by it because was a lot more then they can afford.

The sales man walked to the three and asked," So do you think of it?"

"Uhmm, do you by any chance of any cheaper ones?" Duck asked.

The gang looked everywhere in the store, and even a few other store that sell hover crafts, but yet they couldn't afford any them, not even the used ones and the ones in the junkyard.

The three heroes were all tired of searching for a hover craft, and were dragging their feet off of the ground.

"I thought you said that we aren't going to walk all day, Ace" Duck said grumply

"Well, I didn't know finding a hover craft was going to be this hard to find, Duck" Ace answered.

"Oh, my aching feet" Lexi said as she lyed down on the bench, with Ace joining with her.

Duck finally started to snap a little bit, "You know what!? I am sick of walking around in circles in the city trying to find a stupid good hover craft, it's nothing but a waste of time to find the other warriors!" "I'm gonna go get a bus and taxi schduale!"

"But Duck, those things are expencive to pay if we ride them every day," said Ace as Duck walking a mile away from the bench.

"Then HOW are we suppose find a good and cheap hover craft here?!" Duck shouted, "It'll appeare out of nowhere and smack me right in the face!?!"

As Duck was on his way to the tour booth, Duck hit his face on something hard that was right in front of him.

"Where in the world this come from?" Duck said as he looks at the coverd metal thing he ran into, and rubbing his bill making sure it's not broken.

Ace and Lexi walked up to the cover metal thing Duck ran into, and took off the sheet.

It was a giant hover crafted that looked like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, with framed haedlights, and great wing spands.

"Whoa!" Ace gasped with amazment

"You took words out of my mouth," Lexi added.

"Hel-llo!" Duck said as he looks at the hover craft. "Now that's hover craft worth having!"

The three looked at it all over, and were all still impressed by it.

"Man, this hover craft is a beaut!" Ace said as he was on the hood

"Yes, she's a real knock-out alright" a voice called out of nowhere.

"Who said that!?" Duck screamed with shock

Ace and Lexi searched where the voice was the voice was coming from, but couldn't find anyone in sight.

"Where are you?" Lexi asked

"I'll be right out with you in a minute," the voice replied "but first you gonna have to turn the keys inside and tell me if the head lights work."

Ace fallowed what the voice said, got inside to haver carft threw the open window, and turned on the keys.

The flashes of the head lights were so bright, Duck was blinded from them, and tripped down the right wing.

"Yeah! The head lights are workin' " Ace answered to the voice, turned off the hover craft, and got out of it.

"Good! That's all I needed to know," the voice called back.

The voice was coming from underneath the hover craft, and coming out was a tall male anthro coyote.

The coyote had brown fur, a long snout with a black nose, long ears, yellow/light green eyes, a long fluffy tail, looks a bit older then the gang, was wearing a janitor's suit, and had grease all over his face.

"Were you fixing this for someone?" Lexi asked the coyote about the hover craft

"No this doesn't belong to anyone, I was finishing it" the coyote answered

Ace then asked, "You mean that you build this thing?"

"Actually it belonged to my grandpa, he build it first but didmn't had time to fifnish it, so he passed it on to my dad and my dad gave it to me," the coyote corrected Ace, "I even up graded it to fight in this century."

"Your granpappy gave you a flying frisbee to to fix?" Duck said sarcastically, "How sweet."

"Hey! He mabey old, but he didn't raise no fool here to finish what he wasn't able make on time," the coyote said as pulls out a grease-removing cloth to wipe the grease off of his face and hands.

"Well, I think this hover craft looks very well-built there, uh....." Ace said to the coyote then paused to wait for the coyote to say his name

"Techno Elijah Coyote's the name," the coyote said as he removes the cloth from his face and shook hands with the gang, "Call me, Tech for short."

"Nice meeting you, Tech" Duck said unsatisifed as he wipes the grease off of his hand that he shook hands with Tech.

"I'm Lexi" Lexi introduced herself to Tech. "And he's Ace, and the little uy is Duck," she introduced Ace and Duck to Tech

"I heard that!" Duck said to Lexi.

Ace looked at Tech again, "So Tech, by any chance are you plannin' to sell this hover craft of your's?"

"Well, I still need to check on it to see if it has no flaws in it," Tech answered.

"How long will it take?' Lexi asked

"It usually takes about 24 to 36 hours, possibly 48," Tech said as starts screwing a bolt in.

"Is it seriously gonna take that long?" Duck asked

"It depends," Tech said to Duck, "Why are you guys asking me this these questions?"

"Well we were just wondering if we can have it" Ace said Tech.

Tech stopped screwing, then looks at the gang with a surprised look on his face.

"You want the hover craft?" Tech asked

"Well, duh!" Duck to Tech, "That's why we were looking at it in the first place!"

"Are you upset about it or something?" Lexi asked

Tech answered, "No, it's just that hardly any one wants to buy one of invetions cause they couldn't see how well they work."

"We do think the hover craft might woik, Tech" Ace said back, "So what do you say? We can have it or not once you're done checkin'?"

Tech thought for a minute and answered, "I'll get it done by tomarrow, and it'll be all yours."

"Are you sure?" Ace answered.

Tech just nodded all proudly.

After the gang made an agreement with Tech, they started to get something eat, but then Ace's watch started to beep and flashing like crazy.

"Now what's wrong with that dohickey of yours now?" Duck asked

"I think it's tellin' me to toin back to where we were," Ace said to Duck.

Lexi's eyes started open real wide and said, "A warrior must be back there, and it could be....."

Ace and Duck stared with open mouths too.

The three srated to run back where they meet Tech.

"Hey! Tech! Have you seen-" Ace called out then as he, Lexi, and Duck got there, Tech wasn't here anf neither was the hover craft.

"Where did he go?" Duck asked

"He just disappeared after we left," Lexi added.

To Be Continued......


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RE: Origin of The Loonatics UPDATED (Tech E. Coyote)

8DDDDD *faints*

Cassidy: Don't worry, that happens a lot.. But, I really like this chapter....*blushes as she rereads the part about Tech in the janitor suit*


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Cool, Can't wait for more!

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