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Ozzie's Story

Okay, a lot of you on here know Ozzie, right? Well I made my onw fanfic from the bookseries on how he came to be a ferret and what happend afterwards, since they never showed that gap in his point of veiw.

So, yeah! Here's Ozzie! ^^

Chapter 1

Emily Fletcher walked into her bedroom Saturday night after working all day with the animals at the Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve. She dropped her backpack next to her bed and then looked over to the window seat. “Hey Ozzie. It’s dinner time. Are you coming-” the red-head stopped short when she saw that the ferret, Ozzie, was fast asleep on a throw pillow. Emily smiled and turned the light out as she quietly left the room.Ozzie mumbled in his sleep and rolled onto his back as he dreamt.

A breeze blew through the trees and the long grass of Farthingdale swayed with it. The sun was up in late morning and the blue sky only held a few puffy white clouds. The sound of music blew with the breeze, falling up and down. Sitting under the shade of a tree, a small person blew away on a reed flute with his eyes closed. He wore shabby clothes and vest with leather shoes and a misshapen hat on top of his curly brown hair.

The elf suddenly stopped for a moment and looked up at the sky with his golden brown eyes.
The puffy white clouds had been blown away from the sky and big, dark, heavier clouds started to roll in as the wind got stronger. The clouds weren’t normal looking rain clouds. They were glowing dark purple and green.

The elf shivered as he put his reed flute away. “Not again…”

Quickly he got up and ran off with his knapsack.
The elf pressed his hat to his head as he ran toward the village at the bottom of the valley. The wind picked up more and it started to sprinkle. The tiny black droplets felt like little pinpricks on the elf’s skin. “Yeow! Owowowowowow…”

He ran into the first tiny house he crossed and slammed the door shut behind him.
The owner of the home was slouched in a chair reading a heavy book. He looked up at the young elf that had just come in from over his specs. “Ozymandius? What were you doing out in the storm?”

The huffing and puffing elf waved his arms in the air. “Uncle Frince! It just showed up out of nowhere! It’s another one of those dark magic storms!”

Uncle Frince shook his head. “That’s the third one this month.” He got up and made his way to the window. “These storms are getting out of hand. What are we going to do when the bigger ones come. Can the Fairimentals hold those back?”

Ozzie opened the door a little. “This one’s not too bad. See? It’s already letting up. That’s good news. I was planning on going to see cousins Tonin and Crusp today.”

Uncle Frince turned around sharply and glared at him. “You’re not going anywhere. You have to go through the marshes to get there and everything in those marshes has gone whack since these storms started. Mistwolves have been rumored to have come back and that’s just where they’re lurking.”

Ozzie picked up his sack. “All superstition. Mistwolves have been extinct for years. It’s just an innocent hike to cousin Tonin’s. Be back in a week.” He waved and ran out the door before his uncle could protest.

Uncle Frince shook his head again. “If that kid is ever magiced into the body of a rat because of his recklessness I’m gonna laugh…”

Ozzie trudged through the woods for hours, only stopping for a quick lunch break. Before long it started to get dark. The scenery changed into damp, musty marshes. The earth beneath his feet became soft and mushy. Ozzie made a face as he pulled his foot from a slime pool. Having second thoughts about this expedition he started to turn around. He paused. Looking around he scratched his head.

“Where—alright I’ll just look at the map.”
Ozzie rummaged through his sack and gulped. He had forgotten the map. He took a deep breath. “Fine. I’ll find a place to sleep and figure out my whereabouts in the morning.”

Just then an eerie, howling noise came from the woods around him. Ozzie jumped and then gulped. He couldn’t risk sleep. These marshes were dangerous. He as hoping he’d get to Dumble Downs before sunset, but it was getting dark. He had to keep going. Stopping once could be fatal…

The nervous elf walked further into the marsh. He ducked under heavy walls of overhanging vines, around swampy pools, and over fallen, decaying trees. It was too late. The sun had gone down fully and it might as well had been night in the marshes. Ozzie scrunched his nose at the foul, musty smell and the humidness of it all made it a little harder to breath.

With everything going around him he started to have a panic attack.
Coughing, the thick, hazy air seeming to choke him, Ozzie crashed through the brush aimlessly, making him even more lost. When he finally got his head in place he slowed down to take a breather.

Huffing and puffing he leaned up against a trunk. It was completely hopeless. He’d lose his sanity before anything else if he kept wandering around.

From behind him a series of snarls and growls taunted. Ozzie gasped, ready to run when he realized they weren’t for him.
Peeking over the fallen trunk he noticed a clearing with three werebeasts surrounding their chosen prey. The unfortunate creature was like nothing Ozzie had ever seen before. It looked similar to a large, long haired, purple bear.

The werebeasts closed in on it, seeming intimidated by its size but the purple bear wasn’t doing anything. The elf watched as it opened its large, sad deep purple eyes and turned its gaze to him. Ozzie choked back a wash of sorrow that suddenly washed over him.

Without thinking he picked up a rock and through it in the clearing.
“Hey! Were-breath! Come chew on this if you can catch it!” Ozzie quickly slapped a regretful hand over his big mouth as the werebeasts turned, snarling viciously at him. They lunged forward, straight for him.

“GAAAHHH!!!!” Ozzie fell backward off the log, quickly picked himself off the ground and stumbled off, tripping over his own feet. He ran as fast as he could through the marsh, hearing the werebeasts howling, and growling behind him. He didn’t dare look back. But when he had picked up enough courage to he saw them abruptly stop, turn, and run off whimpering with their tails between their legs.

Ozzie puffed his chest out triumphantly. “Yeah you better run! No one messes with this elf!” Just as the words slipped from his mouth, though, he felt a tug of sudden fear at his chest. His body for some strange reason was panicking before his mind was. He felt something gooey, but gritty, slip into his shoes and he looked down.

“GAH! Quick sand!!!”

He bent low and tried to tug his legs out while he shoveled the quick sand away with his hands but it just tugged at him faster. Panic stricken, he called out for help, hoping someone, anyone, would hear him in this forsaken marsh.
The elf looked up and gasped as something large came lumbering out of the trees toward the sand pool. The purple bear…. thing from before looked down at Ozzie with its enormous eyes and bent down with a mallet sized paw outstretched towards him.

Ozzie flinched, his eyes tightly shut as the paw wrapped around him. To his astonishment the creature gently pulled him from the quick sand and placed him on some semi dry moss.

Ozzie looked stared wide-eyed at the creature as he brushed his pants off. “Um… thank you.”

The purple thing blinked. Ozzie rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. “Uh, hey, do you know how to get out of here?”

The giant blinked a second time and then turned away, silently heading away from the quick sand. Ozzie fixed his nap sack and quickly followed after him. “Uh, hey! Wait up!”

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I love it!


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Okay! Next part is a tiny bit boring though. It's mostly talking. Tell me if ou dont know whats going on, okay? ^^


Ozzie: *standing on a tall pillar in a cape and robes with his stone glowing* MWAHAHAHA!!!!! Do as she says or I shall turn you all into bugs! AHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
Ant:... Is that supposed to be a threat?
Rev: *squeals like a girl and jumps into Ace's arms* They're BACK!!! D8

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