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Shriek From Beyond (Intro and Chapter 1)

Prissy and Patricia are (c) to HCoyote and art by Hcoyote

Yea couldn't think of a better title and it doesnt happen till later

(Quick Notes) :

I am not a good writer but I am wanting to improve so I will take any criticism it can be bad, i'll take it like the man i am and cry when no one is looking, I will tell you I am not good with starting off with stories because all my ideas start in the middle of things. Anyway I am sure after reading this you’ll know what inspired me to draw Prissy because she was technically never in my mind until I made Patricia. Now Patricia and Prissy are twins; but Patricia has basically all her mother’s (Penny Pussycat) inheritance so Patricia is the descendant of Penelope Pussycat, and yes as soon as I can I will do one of Patricia and Pierre. While Prissy has all of her father’s (Anthony Pussyfoot) including her nasty lower face. So Prissy and her father are descendants of Pussyfoot. And Patricia, Prissy, and their father are © to me as well as the blind loonatic member.. LOL Chapter 1 looks dumb!

P.S. another reson why I gave prissy bad teeth and stuff is cause I hate Pussyfoot…sorry….



It was late afternoon when the sun was barely over Pussyfoot Manner. In a dark room the doors opened and there stood a young woman. She had black long hair that covered her right eye with thin white highlights, and aqua eyes. However she wore a blue cloth over her mouth and her lower nose with tiny holes for breathing. She was wearing a short white sleeved shirt with a short black hoodie covering it; cut-off denim shorts and a pair of gladiator heeled boots.

She began to walk towards the recliner standing in the middle, with 5 men in black tuxedos following her. As soon as she sat down and the servants were behind her, she pulled out a remote from the small table drawer and pressed the bottom facing down. After she pressed it a 64 inch screen came down in front of her. She then pressed the other button turning it on. The screen read “enter number.” She then pressed a few numbers; and as soon as she entered the last one the screen read: “Calling Father.” Soon a figure in a tan suit who was unseen from the neck up appeared.

“Hello?” The man said

“Hello daddy.”

“Oh Prissy, honey this is the fourth time today I am in the middle of something.”

“This is kind of an important crisis.”

The man gave out a deep sigh. “Ok Prissy what is this horrible crisis you speak of?”

A tear came down her eye and she quickly wiped it off and looked up at the screen. “Jason broke up with me.”

“OH sweety you called just to tell me that?”

“Daddy you don’t understand!! I have lost 5 boyfriends in the last month!”

Well Prissy are you being brutal -I mean as a young villain you’re suppose to-but when it comes- I mean-

Prissy got up from her seat. “Oh save it daddy, you wanna know why it’s because of this;” as she pulled her cloth to her lower neck, exposing her feline mouth and nose. Her dad jumped as well as her workers. “OH SHUT UP,” she yelled at the scared men behind her.

“Prissy you know that, that is a---eer--birthmark you got from your mother’s side.”

“Oh don’t you dare bring up that french, dirty, whore in front of me.”

As she sat back down crossing her legs looking to the right. “If anyone got anything from that bitch, it would be Patricia-I mean she has her eyes, freckles, hair, and her accent….her mouth.”

Her father tried to comfort her. “Well dear, you’re way more…beautiful..than your sister….”
She looked up at the screen.
Oh really? Well if I am than how come she got all the boys back at school? How come she stole mine? And now that I know, SHE DIDN’T EVEN WANT THEM!!!”

“Easy Prissy, it’s ok that’s why I banished her and your mother.”

“No….No I am not dumb; I know why you banished Patricia and mother from the family.”

“Oh Prissy its gonna be ok. Hey, I know how to cheer you up I got this book while taking over Greece and since I know you like Greek Mythology.”

Soon a small projector hovered over to the small table next to her and projected a dusty book.

Prissy immediately looked back up to her father. “This is how you cheer me up? I have a broken heart and you give me a book?”

But Prissy it seemed old and you lov-

“Again daddy, save it.”

Prissy got up and paced herself. “How can I get anyone to love me? I mean I don’t want to be single forever- I‘ll be just like mother.”

As she had her back towards the screen her father tried to think of a way to comfort his daughter.

“You wanna go lesbian like your sister?”

At that point Prissy growled her huge teeth and then she raised her hand and quickly made a fist, opening her hand out, 4 small stilettos were in between her fingers, and she turned her head towards the screen throwing them toward her dad; destroying the screen until it was on the ground exhaling smoke.

As she was breathing hard in anger she put her hand to her side and sat on her seat again.

“Boris?” She yelled a small man appearing next to her.

Y..Yes Ms. Pussyfoot?”

“The T.V. is broken fetch me a new one.”

“But Ms. Pussyfoot you have 3 others set up and they cost very--

“I am sorry how about this, buy me a new screen or you’ll become the dogs next dinner,” Prissy threatened the small servant with sharp tiny stilettos appearing in between her fingers again.

The man jumped and bowed. “Yes mame.” As he ran out the door.

With anger still inside her she looked at the other servants still in shock from the events that just happened in that past 5 minutes.

“Get out, all of you I need my lone time.” With that they all left quickly. As soon as she was alone, Prissy took out a photobook and opened it and saw a picture of her younger twin sister. She took it out and looked at it for a while.

“Oh Patricia, my darling little twin sister, you had everything you can ask for. You are beautiful; mother always loved you more; and daddy gave you the chance to rule this mansion while he is off taking over the world, with you by his side..But no.” As she then looked at a picture of her without her cloth over her mouth which caused the lens to crack. Her rage grew more and she ripped up the picture of Patricia.

“I swear if I ever see your little preety face again..I will slice it up until it is nothing.

(chapter 1 I guess?)

As soon as Prissy was relaxed she put her cloth back over her mouth and nose and pressed the button facing down on the remote causing a new screen to appear in front of her and pressed the other button turning it on.

“We interrupt this program to bring you this.”

As a woman who had seemed to be out in downtown Acmetropolis in a panic position.

“Hello this is Tiffany Roads, and right now Acmetropolis has just been under attack by a giant creature. We are not sure what the specie is but already it has already injured millions of citizens.”

As Patricia laid back in her seat smiling under her cloth. “Ahh, this is relaxing ‘bout time somebody takes a win for us villains.” As she reached for a cup.

However, a smile of relief came to the reporters face instantly breaking Prissy’s.

“But look the Loonatics have came to rescue us.”

Prissy got up breaking the glass in her hand.

“GAH! Everytime something good happens the stupid loonatics have to save the day- I mean come on one is a malnourished bird; the other thinks he is “Mr. Macho”; a tasmanian devil who is just fat; and a flea carrying coyote. Do I even need to mention the other six? Isn’t one of them blind? Boy they are ridi-cu--lus…..As Prissy was cut off by seeing the leader of the group in yellow for the first time.

“Loonatics lets get ‘em.”

Prissy blushed deeply, her cheeks turning as red as an apple.

“Well hello who is this.” As she out her finger on her cheek thinking for a moment.

“Hmmmm maybe I don’t have to give up on this whole being alone issue.”

Prissy immediately got up and walked to the door smiling again.

“Not only can boys be easy to win; but they can be easy to control.” As she laughed loudly and went into the elevator leaving the mansion.

But suddenly on her table where the book laid a small bluish glow lightened up.



-- Edited by HCoyote on Friday 12th of June 2009 04:45:16 PM

-- Edited by HCoyote on Saturday 13th of June 2009 12:34:53 AM


Rudolph Batsteves and Kristopher Crane Jr. are (C) to HCoyote Art (c) to siamese712
Stacy is (c) to HCoyote HCoyote and Hip Hop Hopper are (C) to HCoyote LOL DONT Worry children its PG :3Queen Thr'ahnee III is (c) to HCoyoteart is (C) to HCoyote

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RE: Shriek From Beyond

You're way too hard on yourself! That was a good start! There were many spelling/ grammar issues, but you can work on it. ^^

I like this character, though I think you might want to put a small warning at the top for strong language. Most here are okay with it, but some are a bit younger.



... o/


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oh ok ill edit that and thanks for the comment :3


Rudolph Batsteves and Kristopher Crane Jr. are (C) to HCoyote Art (c) to siamese712
Stacy is (c) to HCoyote HCoyote and Hip Hop Hopper are (C) to HCoyote LOL DONT Worry children its PG :3Queen Thr'ahnee III is (c) to HCoyoteart is (C) to HCoyote

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