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A Twist In Time

My very first fanfic!!!!! I hope you like it! no flames please!!!

Chapter 1: The wormhole
Loonatics Unleashed headquarters

It was a quiet afternoon at the Loonatic’s Tower, and the team was gathered in the meeting room, waiting for Tech to present his latest invention. They hadn’t been called to a mission in over two weeks, so they were all glad something interesting was happening, even though Tech had a new toy to show them every few days.

" Eh, so Tech," Ace asked, "What exactly is dis gizmo you’re so excited about?"

Tech was swelling with pride as he said to everyone, "Well, it’s taken me an extensive amount of meticulous research and experimentation, but I can finally present to you, The-"

Tech was an alarm sounded and Zadavia appeared on the Holocom.

"Loonatics, we have a situation requiring your immediate attention," Zadavia stated, "A wormhole has opened in sector 8-C and is destroying everything in its path. You need to get down there and find a way to shut it down as quickly as possible. Zadavia out."

"Well, ya heard da boss," Ace said, "Tech, dat new invention has gotta wait, we gotta stop dat wormhole. Let’s jet, gang!"

Yellow triangle

Tech began scanning the wormhole as soon as they arrived at the scene.

"So, anythin’ fishy ‘bout this wormhole, Tech?", Ace asked

"No," Tech stated, "except for one thing, this wormhole isn’t merely traversable, it’s also chronological."

Everyone but Tech and Rev looked very confused.

"It’s-not-just-a-wormhole-through-space-but-also-a-wormhole-through-time," Rev clarified, as everyone’s expressions of confusion shifted to looks of fear.

"That doesn’t sound good," said Lexi.

"Not to worry," Tech reassured them, "I should be able to shut it down. I just need to-aahhhhhh!", Tech screamed as he suddenly hurtled towards the wormhole.

"Ahh-Tech-don’t-worry-buddy-I’ll-save-ya!", Rev yelled as he sped toward his best friend, managing to grab him just as th wormhole swallowed them both.

"Well whata we waitin’ for? We gotta follow ‘em!" Ace yelled, as he, Lexi, and Slam flew straight into the wormhole.

"We’re doomed, I just know it," duck grumbled, but he followed the other five into the wormhole, making it in just before it disappeared

green triangle

While flying through the wormhole, clutching to his best friend for dear life, Tech dared to open his eyes. Hundreds of lights, colors, and sounds were flashing my him in a blur. Then, a blinding white light filled his field of vision and they were falling-==================================

Do you like it so far? Please tell me what you think and what I can improve on. Advice, critiques, and constructive criticism are accepted. No flames please!!! Thank You!!!!


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Good start! I like it! Though it wields some sort of deja vu for me... odd.

Anyways, there were a few grammar and spelling errors. Next chapter, you might want to proofread a bit better. Or, if you're busy, I'd be glad to help with that. Everyone appeared to be in-character, and the triangles and Ace's accent were nice touches. I happily await chapter two. ^^


... o/
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