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The Big Mistake

*Sigh*   I'll repost this


“You done starin’ yet?”


Truthfully she wasn’t, Lexi wanted to just sit there, Ace’s arm wrapped tenderly around her waist, gazing up at the billions of stars over head.  Just the two of them together.




“I said, are you done starin’ yet.  You’ve been sitting there starin’ into space for over five minutes.  You okay?”  Ace asked, with a slightly concerned look on his face


“Yeah, I’m fine.  I guess, I just wasn’t expecting this, that’s all.”


Ace frowned.  “What do you mean?”


“I guess....Maybe what we did was a bad idea.  What are we gonna do?   “I would’ve thought if anything you would’ve been slightly...I don’t know, Stressed, disappointed, Angry....?”


“....Now hold up for a minute,  Sure this isn’t,  at all what I was expecting, and definitely not what I really wanted to happen to you, but why would I be angry?”


“I don’t know, it’s a big shock, and right now...I don’t think there is anything I can do about it now.” Lexi roughly turned her head away; she didn’t want him to see the tears streaming down her face.


“Hey.” Ace said softly. He put his hand under her chin, so she would look at him.


 “Lexi, this isn’t your fault.  If anything...It’s mine!”  He blurted out the last part, in an attempt to allow the blame to somehow shift to him, and of course, to try and make her smile.


Lexi started to battle with her own conscience, trying to make sense of the whole situation was becoming difficult, like fighting with an exact replica of yourself, no matter how many punches you throw, somehow they only hurt you.  ‘It hasn’t worked.  I feel sick and humiliated, how can I even look at him? He’s caring at least, and he’s trying to help, but he has, and never will, know what I’m going through.


“Lex, obviously, I have no idea how you feel right now, but I can promise you I’ll help.  So don’t think I’m just gonna bail on you just because this is mainly concerning you.”


She looked at him, her expression mixed between gratefulness, hope and disbelief. “Thank you.” She whispered before throwing her arms round his neck, she wasn’t sure whether she was happy or dismal but suddenly It felt as though all the emotions that had been bottled up inside her were pouring out.  She didn’t care if anyone else saw them, she didn’t care that Ace could see, hear and feel her crying into his chest.  All Lexi knew was throughout the period of time she was crying.  He was there. 


Lexi pulled away sharply, “I guess deep down.  That was what I was afraid of most...  whether you would be here for me or not.”  Ashamed of her own thoughts, Lexi turned her head away from him.    “I don’t even know how I could let myself think you wouldn’t be.  You’ve always cared, for as long as I’ve known you.  Since the day we were all brought together as a team, and you were chosen to be our leader, you’ve looked after us.  And you’ve looked after me.” 


Ace smiled and pulled her into a hug.


“I’ll always be here for you, you can tell me anything...and don’t you forget that.” He whispered.  “You’re the one person I’ve loved this much.  I would lay my own life down for you, happy just to know you’ll be safe.”


Lexi looked up at him, her arms still wrapped around his middle, staring into his eyes.  He smiled when he noticed, before leaning in and passionately kissing her.


Lexi smiled happily and let him continue.


The two sat there for hours, Ace still lovingly embracing Lexi, until he looked down to realise she was asleep.  Readjusting his position, he picked her up, Bridal style, and walked to his room with her in his arms.


Had it been less than two weeks ago, Ace would have carried Lexi back to her hammock, and proceeded to get himself ready for bed.  Now, the two had been happily lying in each others bed, Lexi in Ace’s arms asleep together.


Lexi stirred a little when he lay her down in his bed, and opened her eyes. 


Ace smiled at this, and lay down next to her.


“I think we should tell the guys what’s been going on.” Lexi announced, half asleep.


“Are you sure?” Ace said, slightly concerned over how the others would react.


“Yes.” Lexi answered briefly before drifting off to sleep again.


‘Well this is gonna go down well’ Ace thought sarcastically before, too drifting into a deep slumber.


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"Be nice to nerds, You'll probably end up working for one" - Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

"Be yourself, don't take anyone else's s**t and NEVER let them take you alive" - Gerrard Way, 'My Chemical Romance'

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The Big Mistake


After drying off, The Loonatics went away to do their separate things.  Tech went to work on another experiment, Slam, Rev and Duck were watching TV.  Lexi and Ace were training in the Virtual trainer.


“So Lex...” Ace asked whilst slicing a virtual robot in half.


“Yeah, whoa!”


Lexi just managed to miss a shot from a virtual trainer as it shut down, but she lost her balance in the process.


“Whoa, careful!”  Ace dashed over and caught her before she fell.  “Gotcha again Lex!”  Ace chuckled as he helped her to her feet.


“Thanks Ace, this is really not my day!” she smiled “Now...what was it you were saying earlier?”


“Well, Um...err...I was wondering...if...”


“Don’t tell me the fearless leader, Ace Bunny, is at a loss for words?” Lexi giggled.


“I was wondering...”




“I was wondering...If you wanted to come to dinner with me.” Ace finished.


“What is this, you, asking me on a date?” Lexi asked blushing.


 “Well, yeah I guess.” Ace replied, finally regaining his confidence. 


“Then, hypothetically, if I were to go, what time?”


“I don’t know seven?”


“Then, Ok!” Lexi blurted,  she kissed his cheek before happily walking out of the room.


Ace stood there for a moment, dumbfounded.  Gleefully, he touched the place on his cheek where Lexi had kissed him before triumphantly pounding his fist into the air and too, leaving the room.




It was 7:00 and Ace was wearing a smart Black Jacket with matching trousers, white shirt and tie.  He was busy talking with the others.



“Sooooooo, you finally asked her out then.” Duck said, nudging Ace in the ribs.



Rev’s rant was interrupted when Tech clamped his beak shut.  A muffled; ‘Hey!’ could be heard coming from the bird’s closed mouth.


“You did good chief” Tech commented “so where are you taking her?”


“Don’t know, we’ll discuss on the way.” Ace replied.


“Speaking of women, how come you’ll be on a date before I’ve even had one?”


“Maybe it’s because you’re such a charmer, and they get shy and flustered whenever they want to ask you out?” Lexi said sarcastically as she entered the main room.


She was wearing a pink strapless dress with a green belt around her waist to match her normal ribbon she used to tie her ears back.  She also wore a translucent green shawl around her arms.


“So do you wanna get goin’?” Ace asked getting up and walking over to her.


“Yep. Let’s go!” Lexi replied happily.


The two of them left leaving the rest of the team to their own devices.

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Evening fell over Acmetropolis, The sky grew darker and lights turned on.  The nightlife scene began.  The four remaining Loonatics were busy watching rented movies, passing the occasional comments abut how their fellow team-mate’s date was going.


Meanwhile, Ace and Lexi were sitting in a small booth in a French restaurant called ‘Le Petite Fromage’ (I know it means The Little Cheese, but it’s all I can think of!)


“So Ace, what made you ask me out all of a sudden?” Lexi enquired


“Well, be honest.” Ace started, moving closer to Lexi.  He placed his hand on hers.


“I’ve always liked you.  I’m always trying to make sure you’re okay, cause I would never want anything to happen to you.” He started to lean in as he said the last of his sentence.  Placing his free hand around her waist.


They both leant in and their eyes began to shut.


“Excuse me, oh um, I’m terribly sorry...” The waiter stuttered as he realised what they were about to do.  “Would you like to order?”


“Yeah sure” Ace replied.  He looked at Lexi disappointedly, before turning his attention to the waiter.


After placing their orders, the two bunnies stared at each other.  The mood had been shattered when the waiter came.  They smiled at each other nervously, deciding almost simultaneously in their heads that they would have to wait for a more intimate moment to continue with their first kiss.  After all, they wanted it to be special.


The two spent the evening talking about their past, and sharing their experiences of how they developed their crush over one-another.  As well as sharing their stories where they felt they had humiliated themselves in front of each other.


“Yeah, I got kinda embarrassed when you pulled me from that Tornado that Weathervane created, and I landed on my butt and rolled over.”

“Sorry about that, trust me; I thought you were gonna brain-blast my furry white tail for not catching you!” Ace snorted.


Lexi chuckled. “I wouldn’t do you...I would to Duck but, you meant well and that’s all that matters.”


Whilst the two were talking and laughing together happily, they had no idea that they were being watched.  The figure followed them as they got up to look out over Acmetropolis bay from the Restaurant’s balcony.


“Thanks for dinner Ace.” Lexi smiled. “It was really great.”


“I know, it beats the time we have eating with the guys.”


“Slam and Duck?”


“Their eating habits and constant bickering, never cease to astound me.” Ace joked “And of course, it disgusts me!” He finished, looking down at Lexi, whose head had managed to find resting spot of his shoulder.


Lexi just happened to glance back over her shoulder and notice ‘their stalker’ walking towards them.  She gasped when she recognised him.

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“Le Pew!” She stammered.


“You speak French?” Ace asked, oblivious as to the cause of her alarm. 


“...Among other languages.  But look.” She muttered quietly.


This time Ace turned round and noticed Pierre Le Pew standing behind them.  He was surprised that he couldn’t identify him by his foul smell earlier.


“Ahh, so ze two love birds decided to, how you say, ‘hook up.’”  He said raising his eyebrows and winking at Lexi.


“So” Ace began slyly, “How did you bust out of the pokey...Friends, Bail, some insanely dumb woman who actually finds you attractive?”


Pierre chuckled at this remark.  “No, no, no monsier, you see...After you and ze rest of ze team apprehended me and stopped my, how you say...”


“Er, Illegal fights which caused innocent people, including out friend Slam to fight to the death!” Ace interrupted coldly.


“Crude, but...tell it how you wish, anyway, when ze aliens and other beings were transported back to zeir country or planet of origin, you inadvertedly eliminated your only witnesses.  Consequently, ze lack of evidence represented no reason for me to you say...incarcerated.” Pierre continued smugly.


“...So” Pierre started, eyeing Lexi’s body.  “How did you manage to slip away from me so easily?” He said enticingly.  He put his arms around her and pulled her closer to him.


“Get away from me!” Lexi screamed as she tried to get away from him, but to no avail.


“Let go of her Le Pew.” Ace commanded sternly.


“Oh, Monsier, you wish to have her?” Pierre asked slyly.  He was fully ware of what he was going to do, he regretted it deeply, but knew well enough that it was the only way he could escape without injury.


“...Zen maybe you should try to take better care of her!” Pierre swiftly picked Lexi up and tossed her over the edge of the Balcony.


“Lexi! Ace screamed as he ran to the edge and grabbed her wrist.


Pierre used this moment to get away; the last person he would want to be confronted with was Ace, especially when he was seething after the near death of his team-mate, Friend and Date.


“My god Lexi!” Ace exclaimed relieved as he pulled Lexi over the edge of the balcony and into his embrace.  “Are you okay?”


“Yeah, Fine” Lexi replied trying to catch her breath.


“I could’ve lost you. “  Ace stared into her eyes.  He leaned in and closed his eyes.  Lexi returned the gesture and the two locked lips for the very first time.


Neither of the two had any idea how long they stood there sharing their fist kiss, but when they finally did part they could only smile, and stare at each other thoughtfully.


“Wow!” Ace, finally broke the silence.


“Yeah” Was all Lexi said as she caught her breath.


“We should probably get goin’, Ace said as he glanced down at his watch.  


“What time is it?” Lexi asked simply.


“9:57” A facetious smile suddenly spread itself along his lips.  “Well, the night’s still young, why don’t we take a walk along the beach now that Mr. Personality had gone.”


“I wonder where he went.” Lexi pondered before staring up at Ace.  “But, yeah...your right, we should.”


The two left the restaurant, clasping hands as they walked down to the beach.  After a considerably warm day, Heat still rose from the sand and sea making the area delightfully sultry.  The Bunnies walked along the beach, rarely even talking but both new they were happy.  Eventually they had walked so far along the sea front, that they could see their Head quarters.  They lay down in the sand and stared up at the stars, with nothing but the faint sound of the calm see and the soft padded footsteps of other couples, to be heard.

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An hour passed and the two rabbits were still lying on the beach looking up at the stars, Ace had his arm around Lexi as the two lay there silently, smiling.


“Beautiful night isn’t.” Lexi said, finally breaking the silence.  Startled by the sudden comment, Ace sat up, resting his forearm on his knee that was raised; he looked down at Lexi, who was still lying on the sand.


“Not as beautiful as you.” Ace smiled as he said this.  He put one of his arms behind her back, and the other under her legs, picking her up, Bridal style.  He began to walk along the beach as he started for their HQ. 


Occasionally he glanced down at Lexi and smiled.  She smiled and rolled her eyes.  She never liked being carried, it gave her a feeling of helplessness, as you can’t control where you’re being taken and it can be difficult to leave someone’s grasp.  She was too used to that, when her brothers would pick her up and hold her next to large spiders they found around the house, while she would kick and cry for them to let go of her. 


Ace however, she never minded with him, only, the only other occasions that he ever carried her, was if she was knocked out, or injured during a mission, but that rarely happened.  Although she wasn’t fond of being carried, having Ace’s strong arms supporting her, the scent of his colone and the warmth of his body against hers made her feel carefree and safe.


Outside the door of Head quarters, Ace finally set Lexi down.  Her legs felt like jelly as she stood up and she stumbled a bit until Ace put his arm round her shoulders to stop her from falling.   Once again they kissed, before walking into the elevator and making there way up to the main room of their Head Quarters.


The rest of the team were still half way through yet another rented movie, but they turned their attention to the two bunnies as they walked happily into the room.


“Soooooooooooooo how was the date?”  Duck asked raising his eyebrows.


“It was...really, really good.”  Lexi answered happily.  She kissed Ace on the lips.  “I might go to bed, Night guys.”  Lexi said as she walked out of the room.  Though, Lexi had a slight alluring look in her eyes as she stared briefly at Ace.


The guys smirked at Ace who was smiling calmly.  


The rest of the team soon resumed their film whilst Ace sat down on a bean bag and started to contemplate in his head, why Lexi looked at him like that. 


After no luck, Ace continued to watch the film with the others.  Once it had finished, the guys disbanded to their individual rooms for the night, although instead of his room, Tech walked to his lab.


Ace decided that he wanted to go and talk to Lexi so he walked to her door, and politely knocked on her door.


He could hear music coming from inside her room; he knew she liked to read before bed.  After waiting for a while Ace knocked again.  There was still no reply. 

Ace started to worry, with her sensitive hearing Lexi would easily be able to hear him knocking, even with her music playing. 


When their rooms were designed, Tech had installed locks on each of their rooms for privacy, but in the event that a team-mate was locked in, or the others were worried about a certain team-mate, there was an access code to get into the rooms from the outside.  Only Ace and Tech had memorised the access codes for everyone’s rooms Ace, because he was the leader and was in charge of the team and their safety, and Tech because he built and input the access codes.


Although Ace was doing this for a safety purpose, he couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable with just barging in. 


He and the other male members of the team had decided between them that they would only go into Lexi’s room like that if they had a definite feeling she was in trouble, being that, she was the only girl in the team, and none of them like the thought of being brain blasted, or kicked where it hurts, for going into her room...especially if she was getting dressed.


Ace wasn’t entirely sure whether this was a time where he should be using the access code or not, and he winced at the thought of her getting angry at him for coming in.


With a sigh, Ace pressed the enter button after punching in the keys and the door opened.  Ace walked in, not sure what to expect.  Her room was clean and her shelves had numerous books.  As he walked in, Ace noticed a wall filled with photographs and framed certificates from when Lexi took part in the annual gymnastics competitions, held every year at the Acmetropolis Gymnasium.  There was also a desk that stretched across the width of the wall that had numerous trophies of different sizes arranged along it.  Ace noticed a picture of two female rabbit Anthros standing beside Lexi after she had won a competition, each of them smiling, with the two older figures standing with their closest hand on Lexi’s shoulders.


“That’s my mum and my Grandma....If you’re interested.”


Ace turned round to see Lexi standing behind him in her pyjamas, holding her uniform, neatly folded in her arms.  To his surprise, Lexi didn’t look angry, but instead had an intrigued smile on her face as she gazed up at him.


Regaining his composure Ace looked down at Lexi and voiced his thoughts. “Where were you? I knocked and you didn’t answer, I got kinda worried.”


“Humph, That explains why you’re here I guess, saves me asking.  “Lexi said.  She walked over to a draw and put her uniform in it.


“Well...” Ace asked following her “Where were you?”


“Bathroom, I was changing.” Lexi answered she pointed at her pyjama top and smiled at him.


“You get dressed in your bathroom?” Ace asked raising an eyebrow.


“Well...yeah, its fine for you guys, you’re all male, so if someone came into your room while you were changing it’d be fine. Whereas if you guys came into mine while I was getting dressed...” Lexi smirked.  “...You’d probably be very sore.  Lucky I wasn’t in here when you decided to drop in huh.”


“Not really” Ace started “...Cause I wouldn’t have had to come in if you had answered me when I knocked.  Trust me...” Ace said putting his hands up to assure her “The guys and I would only come into your room if we really needed to.”


“...Like when?” Lexi Asked


“...Like...If we thought you were in trouble.” Ace replied


“What, Like if couldn’t get my bra off or something?”  Lexi asked playfully.  She knew what Ace meant, but hearing an answer to this was bound to be amusing.


“Well, yeah I guess getting a guy to do that would help.” Ace said, smirking.


Lexi playfully slapped Ace on the arm, only to have him pull her into his embrace while he kissed her deeply.  This kiss wasn’t like any of their previous ones, it was more passionate.  They didn’t part and they somehow found their way to Lexi’s hammock by the time they parted to breathe.  The night didn’t stop there as the two of them became physically intimate.


End of Flashback

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End of Flashback

“Well...Truthfully the night was good while it lasted.” Ace sighed; he put on a pitiful smile.


“It was fun, the dinner, talking, the walk along the beach...and, what happened that night.”  Lexi trailed off as she said the last part. “ be honest, I don’t regret a thing!” She smiled as she hugged Ace tighter.


Ace smiled as he put his arms round Lexi. “Yeah, the days after were great too.”




Ace woke up to a sun-kissed room.  He allowed his eyes to adjust to the blinding light that met his eyes, after a few moments he could clearly see around Lexi’s room.   It looked different from the dimly lit room he had seen briefly the night before, now the streams of sunlight could illuminate the room so differently and Ace could see the clothes from their previous outing strewn across the floor. 


He smiled as he remembered and turned to his right to see the digital clock on the bedside cabinet.



Ace sighed, and this time, turned the opposite direction to let his gaze rest upon the figure sleeping close against his shoulder. 

Ace smiled when she snuggled closer to him.  Her ruffled hair fell delicately over her face as she slept peacefully next to him.   This only made him even more hesitant to wake her, but thought it would be best to do so before the others woke up.


Ace leant up on his arm and stared down at Lexi as he gently stroked her.  She opened her eyes and looked up at Ace who was smiling down at her.


“Morning.” Ace said as he bent down to kiss her.


Lexi smiled and closed her eyes, letting him continue.  She smiled as he got back up and stared down at her.


“I think we should probably get up.”  Ace suggested glumly.


“Good idea.” Lexi replied. 

She briefly looked under the covers and remembered what she was wearing.  Nothing. 


“Um...Ace, could you pass me something to wear?”  She asked.  



Ace blushed.  He had already put on his boxers the night before after Lexi had fallen asleep.  He looked around and leant over the side of the hammock.  He picked up his shirt that he wore from the previous night, and passed it to her.


 Once Lexi had put Ace’s shirt on, she stood up next to him.  Although they were similar in size, Ace’s shirt easily acted like a short dress on his female companion, reaching half way down her thigh.  The sleeves covered half of her hands, and the ruffled collar only just covered her chest area. 

Ace couldn’t help but snicker at how small the shirt made her look.  


 “Hey, stop that!” Lexi joked as she walked towards Ace.  “I’m gonna take a shower, I’ll be back in a minute.” 

She kissed him on the cheek before taking her uniform and going to the bathroom.



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"Be nice to nerds, You'll probably end up working for one" - Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

"Be yourself, don't take anyone else's s**t and NEVER let them take you alive" - Gerrard Way, 'My Chemical Romance'

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“So...You OK?”  Ace asked after he too had taken a shower.


“Err, yeah.  Why?”  Lexi walked over to Ace.  Both of them were now dressed in their uniforms and were now standing in Lexi’s room.


Ace blushed and took Lexi by the waist and smiled down at her.  “Well, with...umm, what we did, I er...Look I just want to make sure you’re okay.”


She chuckled.  “Well it’s not like we can take it back now!”


“Well, yeah I know that, but, I just don’t want you to feel...I don’t know, uncomfortable or get worried or....”


“Now hold up one second!” Lexi interrupted him.  “What are you talking abou...wait, are you mean, you’re worried that I’m...”


Ace nodded.  “Look, Lexi, I just don’t want you to find out and then not tell me or something.  I love you and you can tell me anything.  I don’t want to be the fault of you getting worked up about something you can’t control.” Ace had a serious tone to his voice that made Lexi look down, she too was now contemplating whether or not she could be carrying something that was merely the fault of their growing relationship.


“Why don’t we get some breakfast?” Ace suggested.  Snapping Lexi out of her thoughts and grinning at her contently.


“Okay, Let’s go.” Lexi smiled.  She and Ace cautiously checked around the door to make sure none of the others noticed them coming out of the same room. 


“All clear.” Lexi stated, she had used her amplified hearing to ensure no-one was coming.


“But of course we both know who is already up!” Ace joked as he and Lexi entered the kitchen to find Tech sitting with a cup of coffee, reading the morning newspaper.


“The two of you are up bright and early, and...oddly at the same time.” Tech slowed down as he said the last of his sentence, not from fatigue but more for his sudden realisation.  “So, er...strange how you’re both up at the same time...” Tech said as he rose from his seat and walked over to the two bunnies.


Ace and Lexi exchanged glances, they both knew that although Tech was a genius, he wasn’t an expert at relationships.   Ace stood he ground whereas Lexi suddenly found the fruit bowl on the table a fascinating object, and while the visual confrontation was going on, decided it would be best to stay quiet.


“Well...” Ace started, he wasn’t sure of what excuse to use.


“Do you guys have any idea how loud you snore!” Lexi diverted Tech’s suspicious gaze over Ace.  “I mean, how am I ever going to sleep, super hearing may be great on missions, but getting to sleep, obviously wasn’t part of the deal.  I guess, for his own reason Ace must’ve woken up, I only got up because I couldn’t sleep anymore.”  Lexi lied. 


Out of the corner of her eye she noticed Ace wink at her, unbeknown to Tech.  She knew what Ace was thinking.


Nice one Lex.

"Be nice to nerds, You'll probably end up working for one" - Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

"Be yourself, don't take anyone else's s**t and NEVER let them take you alive" - Gerrard Way, 'My Chemical Romance'

"Life Moves Pretty Fast.  If You Don't Stop And Look Around Once In A While, You Could Miss It" - Ferris Beuller (Mathew Broaderwick) , 'Ferris Beuller's Day Off'

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After Tech’s suspicions had been blind-sighted by Lexi’s excuse and the arrival of the rest of the team.   They all sat down for breakfast.  Lexi and Ace, though it wasn’t unusual, sat by each other.  Duck, yet again was spending the time to rant over how he would make a better leader than Ace.


“I just think that...”


“Duck, give it a rest!  Ace will always be out leader.”  Tech sighed and continued to read the newspaper.




“Rev, we all get the point.    And god forbid that anything does happen to him.”  Lexi smiled.  Though, the others didn’t notice her move closer to Ace as if for comfort.  He smiled warmly as they started a game of ‘Footsy’ under the table.




The Loonatics had already eaten their morning meal and had vacated the breakfast table to entertain themselves.


Soon after the team had separated to do their separate things, they overheard the morning news of a man, who was believed to have ‘Super-Human Strength’, who was terrorising the City’s motorists as he stood on a bridge over Acme-Bay and was tossing cars over the edge.  Leaving the citizens in sheer terror as they attempted to leave their cars and the bridge.


“Okay gang.  Someone’s gotta teach this guy some manners.  Let’s Jet” Ace commanded as he and the rest of the team boarded one of Tech’s jets and flew off towards the bridge.



“Slam, you, Rev and Duck get everyone out of here, while the rest of us stop this Lunatic from droppin’ any more cars!”


“Consider it done!” Duck answered heroically as he, Slam and Rev started to round up the civilians.


Ace turned back to Tech and Lexi.  “Okay, Slam’s one of the fastest here, but he’s also the strongest, and until he helps get everyone off the bridge we’ve got to distract this guy!”


“Good plan chief!” Tech said as he picked up a fire hydrant using his magnetic powers and threw it at the villain.


The villain immediately dropped a car in front of him and started to walk menacingly towards the three Anthros.


The villain then addressed himself as ‘Colossus’ in a deep voice that matched the appearance of his rather built body, cold, dark and intimidating.  “So!” He said, eyeing the trio, scanning all of them up and down “You’re the mighty Loonatics.   You don’t looks so tough, especially pinkie here.” Colossus pointed at Lexi and received a cold glare from her. 


Immediately Colossus raised an arm to whack Lexi away, realising this, Ace grabbed Lexi and pushed her behind him.  The blow sending him flying; painfully, quickly…and straight off the bridge.


Lexi screamed at the sight “ACE!”

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Completely disregarding the threat Colossus was to her; Lexi immediately ran to the side of the bridge and looked down with a mixture of worry and fear for Ace.


Peering down carefully into the murky bay-water, Lexi could just make out the tips of Ace’s ears as he sank in the water.  She noticed the air-bubbles emerging and popping at the surface of the bay.


She knew that if he could’ve, Ace would’ve swum up by now.  Looking for advice she turned her head back to her Team-mates who stood struggling, trying to apprehend Colossus. 


Tech noticed her worried gaze.  Her eyes lining with tears, her chest inflating rapidly as she hyperventilated.  Her body was tensed and she looked like she was struggling to keep herself from passing out. 


Bracing himself from the strength and weight of Colossus, Tech called out to Lexi, his voice growling in hatred of their new found foe.  “Go!”


Lexi didn’t even hesitate, not looking back, not looking down; she dived off the edge of the bridge, her ears and ribbon flapping as the breeze swept by her tensed but relaxed body.  The rain that was now falling, created ripples that seemed to dance in front of her eyes, making her slightly bewildered and dizzy.  Ignoring this she stayed focussed; she had to find him, quickly and carefully.  She hit the cold water almost silently, the force of her dive, surging her thought the ever darkening depths of the bay.  She evaded the freezing, and dangerous water temperature she was exposing herself to as she searched for one person in particular.


Small particles and air-bubbles floated upwards through the cloudy water and Lexi began to wonder if she would ever find Ace.  Almost making her lose the oxygen she was holding in, Lexi jumped as something grabbed her wrist.  On instinct, she tried to pull away, but to no avail, she spun herself around in the water, wondering how easy it would be to beat up the thing under-water.  Her impending thoughts were disregarded however, as she was met with the sight of Ace.  He looked like he needed to go up for air in a matter of moments and signalled to Lexi that that was what they needed to do. 


Still clutching Lexi’s wrist, Ace swam quickly though the water, with Lexi an arm’s length behind.  He broke the surface, taking in a lungful of air as he did.  It felt amazing; to come so close to the end and to oppose the reason you were to lose your life.  Ace smiled as he felt the muscles in his lungs open up, and allow the life-giving gas to pass through them.  Next to him, Lexi too broke the surface, and rubbed her eyes to remove the dirty water from them. 


“Lex, are you okay?” Ace asked as he tread water, panting as he did so.


“Am I okay, Ace you could’ve been killed!” Lexi began to shout and Ace looked slightly taken aback.


“Lexi I…”


“Don’t even start that, why did you do that?”


“Lex, he was a big guy, he could’ve killed you!”  Ace calmed down, he knew she would understand, at least he hoped.


“Me! What about you?” Lexi was still shouting and started thrashing in the water.  “What do you think I would’ve done if something happened to you?”


“Not what you just did!” Ace’s voice was laced with authority as he grabbed hold of Lexi’s shoulders and wrapped his arms around her.


Still furious, Lexi looked at Ace.  He had pulled her right against him.  “What are you doing?”


“Keeping us warm.  It’s dangerous in this water.” Ace glared at Lexi.  “…And, with you thrashing around like that, you’re gonna lose energy.”


Lexi’s glare softened as she realised this, shouldn’t she be excited right now? Being this close to him, again? “Thanks.”


Ace smiled.  “No.  I should be the one thanking you.  You saved my life comin’ down here!”


“But you were fine when I found you, you were conscious?”


“Yeah, I have no idea what happened, but I actually thought he must’ve hit you down as well, that’s why I pulled you up so quickly.”


“Oh.” Lexi looked down, as if in guilt. “Thanks, for everything then, you saved me,  a lot.”


“Don’t worry about it, that’s what team-mates do, but we’re a little past that!” Ace smiled and moved his head and kissed Lexi, but he pulled away suddenly.  “Lexi, you’re freezing, you need to get home!”  He looked concerned, Lexi’s smile slowly withered away as she realised he was right, she was cold, shivering to be accurate.


As if on cue, the two wet bunnies were teleported to the top of the bridge by Duck, where they were met with the sight of a tired looking team, a completely wrecked road, a pile of shattered cars and a trust-up, angry-looking Colossus.




“Err, yeah that’s great Rev!” Ace said slowly, as he tried to work out what his avian friend just said.  “But we should probably get home; we can let the cops take this guy to the pokey.” Ace said, rather cheerfully, his teeth chattered slightly as he spoke.  That happening, reminded him of Lexi, who stood with her arms crossed over her chest in an attempt to keep herself warm.  “We should probably get Lex checked out.” He turned his attention to Tech as he said this.

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Back at HQ, Tech had suggested to Lexi to take a bath and try and warm herself up, and to tell him if she got cold or felt sick.  She complied, and while she was occupied, the rest of the team sat in the main-room, reflecting on the mission they just had, like they usually did.


“So, what exactly happened?”  Duck looked at Ace and gestured his head towards the Bathroom where Lexi was.


Ace suddenly froze up.  Does he know what we did?  Does he know what happened last night?


Tech noticed Ace’s strange behaviour, combined with what had happened that morning, made him slightly suspicious.  He knew they went on a date the previous night, and he had seen Lexi kiss Ace, something which he hadn’t objected to.  Which was understandable, they had probably locked lips already, that and Lexi was hot, in his opinion.  But something didn’t seem right; Lexi staying totally silent when he had asked them why they had both got up at the same time, then coming up with quite a…interesting excuse.  Not to mention Lexi diving into the freezing bay-water earlier, without a second thought for her own safety.  And now, Ace had frozen up after Duck had asked him a simple question, the Scientist, though he wasn’t an expert in the love-field, knew Ace had something to hide, something Tech knew he would probably find out.  Soon.


“Umm-Ace?” Rev was looking straight at Ace, he too noticed his strange behaviour, not in as much detail as Tech, but, being quite smart too, Rev also was slightly suspicious over Ace.


Suddenly Ace came back to them; he slightly jumped upon seeing the Roadrunner’s quizzical stare and wondered what they though of his ‘Possum-like’ behaviour. 


“What do you mean Duck?” Ace asked, slightly coldly.  I can’t let them find out.  Not yet.


“I mean, when Lex just dived off like that!  She must’ve been pretty darn worried.”


“Wow Duck, I’ve never known you to be so empathetic.  I was and am fine.  I think I was only unconscious for a few seconds.  But when I saw her down there too I thought Colossus had hit her down there as well.”  Ace answered this more calmly, besides, he was telling the truth.


“Why were you so worried about her?”


“Better question than that Duck,” Tech turned his head from Duck to Ace.  “…Why’d you push Lex back like that, why did YOU take the hit for her?”


All eyes now turned to their leader, who gave Tech a cold glare before answering. “Damn it Tech!  What would you’ve done?  We all know she’s not as strong as us, that blow could’ve killed her! I had to take that hit, for her.  I’m okay, but she might not have been if I hadn’t done that!”


Listening to the conversation with the help of her amplified hearing, Lexi sighed.  Not from relief, not from anger.  She was glad Ace hadn’t told them what they had done, they shouldn’t know, they didn’t need to know.  Hearing what Ace had just said, well, more shouted, made Lexi feel happy but nervous at the same time.  Happy, because she knew he meant what he said, and he had really done it as an act to save her life, he was willing to get himself hurt or even killed for her.  But part of her felt nervous.  She had never heard Ace shout like that, especially not at one of his friends.  And she was worried that Tech might have figured it out, and upon getting no-where with Ace, interrogated her instead.  Would she be able to lie to him?  Or would she blow their secret?  Would the others get angry, at Ace, or even her?


Getting out of the bath and wrapping herself up with a towel, Lexi heard footsteps approaching the Bathroom,   jumping at the possible thought of one of them walking in on her, Lexi checked to see if the door was locked.  She let out a relieved sigh when she realised it was.  She started to get changed back into her uniform, moments later she heard a knock, looking down at herself; She was practically dressed but was still without her shirt, she then looked back at the door, Lexi knew she shouldn’t really answer it.  “I’m not decent!” She called out, before slapping her hand over her mouth after she realised what she had said. 


She heard the person on the person on the other side shuffle uncomfortably and stutter before answering.  “Sorry, err…” 


It was Duck, trying to get his answer straight, after hearing the…strange answer from the other side of the Bathroom door.


Lexi sighed and rolled her eyes, thankful that the usual big-headed water-fowl hadn’t spat out an uncomfortable comment at her answer.  She quickly dressed and prepared to leave.


After collecting himself and deciding to wait until she was with him to talk to Lexi, Duck leant against the Bathroom door.  He jumped as the two thick, steel doors slid towards the door-frame, a rush of warm-humid air emerging as the dumbfounded Duck collected himself after falling to the ground at Lexi’s feet.  She too had jumped in surprise, but simply looked down at him and giggled.  Duck scowled and muttered something that, surprisingly Lexi didn’t catch,  He stood up heroically in an attempt to regain is composure.  Lexi rolled her eyes and headed towards her room.


While Lexi sorted out some things she had brought back from the Bathroom, Duck stood uncomfortably at the door.  Lexi glanced up at him before sighing.  “You know you can come in.” 


Duck looked around before entering.  Like Ace, he took in his surroundings, not in too much detail as Lexi was there and he didn’t want to be perceived as a snoop.


Lexi sat down on her hammock and looked at Duck questionably.  “So…What was that you were gonna ask me?”


Duck looked at her, dumbfounded.  “What?”


“You know, in the bathroom, me in there, you outside. Remember?”


“Oh! Right, I thought you were implying something else.” Duck laughed as he said this.


Lexi gave him a confused, but comical look and she giggled slightly.  “Yeah, I’m taken Duck.”


He smiled and took a step forward.  “We’re gonna go out for dinner.”


“Are we?” Lexi replied, surprised.  They didn’t usually go out for dinner; they usually made something or ordered in.  “What’s the occasion?”


“Nothin’ really, we just thought it would be cool.”


Lexi half smiled at this, and shivered slightly.  “I think it’ll have to be a guy’s night out.  I’m still a bit cold from my ‘dip in the bay.’”


Duck looked a bit surprised but nodded and left.


Lexi sighed and fell back against her hammock.  Shutting her eyes, she heard the confused voices of her team-mates.  She sighed and new what would come.  Ace would knock on her door and convince her to come while she would feel guilty for denying the request.  As if on cue, the firm knock of Ace on her door woke her from her attempted-rest.


“Lex, can I come in?”  Ace’s voice sounded against the door.


“Yeah, sure.” Lexi sat up and collected herself.  Ace came in and sat himself next to her.  “What’s wrong?” He asked.  Lexi rolled her eyes and smiled at him.


“I’m just a bit cold.  You guys go out, be free from all fetters of femininity!”  She replied cheerfully.  Ace smiled.  “We try to block it out anyway!”


Lexi giggled and punched him lightly on the arm.  “You guys go, I’ll be fine here.”


Ace raised an eyebrow and this time, seemed concerned.  “Are you sure you’ll be okay.  We could all stay in…or one of us could stay home with you?”


Lexi laughed.  “I’ll be fine Ace, I’m a big girl!”


Ace smiled and stood up.  “Fine then.”  He started towards the bedroom door, Lexi following behind.  He turned around abruptly and looked at her.  He smiled and pulled her towards him, pressing is lips against hers.  He felt her smile as he pulled away.  “Remember.”  He pointed at his wrist communicator.  “…call if there’s any trouble.”


“I promise.” Lexi smiled, and Ace left, the automatic doors closing behind him, Leaving Lexi home-alone.



“So, why’d Lexi stay home?” Tech asked, not looking up from the menu he was reading. 


The 5 of the Loonatics had come to a popular restaurant near to the tower.  Ace had convinced them that they had to eat somewhere close by, since they walked over, they didn’t want to delay their return, or Lexi if she called to say that she was in trouble.


“She was still cold from the Bay-incident.” Duck said this monotonly and didn’t look up from his menu.


Ace looked up from his menu and stared blankly into the centre of their rounded table.  “Do you think Lexi’ll be okay?”


The rest of the team looked up at him, “She’ll be fine!”  They all said in unison, though, slightly louder than they had intended, as they now stared guiltily at the crowd of people who now stared at them.  Each Loonatic grinned sheepishly before diving back into their menus to hide their embarrassment, and their faces if any of the media happened to be close by.


“You’re all despicable.” Duck murmured, before Slam roughly stepped on his foot.  “Oww!” Duck yelped, “What did I say?”



Lexi sighed as she flopped back onto the couch, waiting for her food to cook in the oven. 


Glancing over to her left, Lexi reluctantly picked up the TV remote.  Flipping through the channels, something caught Lexi’s eye, and she immediately scrolled back through the channels and tuned in to the snazzy add that now played.


It showed a new ‘mega structure’ that had apparently just been built in the centre of Acmetropolis.  The advertisement showed the grand rooms of a new hotel resort, it was 5 star and all the rooms were marble finished and polished thoroughly.  The grand meeting room had a spectacular, glittering chandelier in the centre of the ceiling, and a large stage next to a bar at the front.


It wasn’t necessarily the grand rooms of the beautiful hotel, that caught Lexi’s attention, but more the designer and owner name of the new structure.  ‘Le Pew, Magnefique’ Lexi couldn’t control her erupting laughter, being quite fluent in languages, she could, on the spot work out what it translated into: ‘The Magnificent Skunk.’  Lexi stopped her hysterical fit as she, immediately new the owner, even before the man himself appeared on screen, advertising the new resort. 


Names of special guests began to list on the screen.  Lexi was about to turn of the TV when she froze.  The name clearly listed a few rows above the central name.  ‘The Loonatics’ 


Lexi sat silently for a moment, before scowling and turning off the TV.  She sat back against the sofa and closed her eyes, only then realising the slightly smoky smell coming from the Kitchen. 

“Awww, Dang it!” Lexi sighed as she ran to the oven.



The hours passed as the five males of the team finished their meals and were walking back to HQ.


“We should go to that place more often!”  Duck started gleefully.   The rest of the team nodded in agreement.


“Yeah, only it was a little too crowded for my liking.” Tech said, slightly grumpily.


Ace chuckled at this, “you really need to get out more, Tech.  But Duck’s right, maybe we could go there for Rev’s birthday?”  Ace turned back to Rev as he said this.


Upon hearing the words “Rev’s Birthday” The mentioned bird jumped hyperactively and Ace immediately regretted what he had said. 


“Oh-yeah-Ace-I-almost-forgot-about-my-own-birthday-which-is-silly-really-but-I-guess-with-the-big-incident-today-it-just-slipped-my-mind-that’s-a-good-offer-though,-I-mean-going-to-the-restaurant,-not-fighting-monsters-and-stuff-all-day-for-my-birthday,-that-would-be-crazy,-I-did-though,-have-another-idea-for-my-birthday,-it’s-tommorrow-so-I-guess-we’ll-have-enough-time-to-plan-for-it!”  Rev’s smile grew and grew as he continued his rant, and by the time he was finished, the Loonatics’ let out a sigh of relief when they realised, through Rev’s speech, they had already arrived at the Elevator to the tower.

The 5 Loonatics stepped inside the elevator and began their ascent to the top of their home. 


Rev, being the fastest had run to the door as soon as their elevator doors had opened.  In his fast paced manor, he knocked repeatedly on the door, but no-one answered.  He started to get worried, and as soon as the others had caught up to him, he told them what was going on.  “Guys-I-think-something’s-wrong-with-Lexi-, she-hasn’t-answered-the-door-yet,-what-if-something-happened-to-her?”  Rev seemed very worried.


“Relax Rev, she’s probably just gone to bed, it’s gone 12:00 anyway.”  Ace calmly stated.  He input the access code and the 5 Loonatics stepped inside.


Immediately, Ace started for Lexi’s room, upon realising no-one was in their main-room.  Quietly, so that the others wouldn’t hear and become suspicious, Ace input the access code for Lexi’s room.  He quietly and quickly stepped inside and shut the door behind him.


He turned around slowly and made his way over to Lexi’s hammock, but upon listening carefully, heard no breathing.  Worriedly he felt around the hammock only to find it empty.  Ace stood momentarily, trying to contemplate where she could be, suddenly, realisation hit him, as he remembered how, after their ‘Get-together’ last night, he said that she could sleep in his bed so they could be together.


Ace carefully listened against Lexi’s door; her super-hearing really would’ve come in handy right now.  Soon he heard the sounds of 3 doors closing, and someone walking past the door and into the next room.


Almost silently Ace slipped through Lexi’s door and across the corridor into his own.  He let out a sigh of relief when he heard her steady breathing, and vaguely saw her form in his bed, her chest rising and falling with every breath.  He smiled and turned into his bathroom to clean his teeth and change into is night clothes.


When he was finished, he quietly walked across to the side of the bed that was vacant.  The added weight, and slight noise that Lexi’s super hearing picked up, alerted her to the presence of another person. 


“Ace?” She mumbled, still tired.  She sat up to try and identify the shape of the person or thing that was next to her, ready to fight it if need be.


Ace sat up and greeted her with a kiss, Lexi was still unconvinced as to whether this person was Ace or not, considering that they hadn’t spoken yet.  She kept on her guard.  Once he pulled away, Ace smiled.  “It is me you know.”  As if he’d read her mind.


Lexi smiled and shook her head slightly, “Why wouldn’t it be?”  And she chuckled at her own stupidity.


“Hey, at least you were being wary.” Ace commented, it seemed as though he was reading her mind like a book.


“Okay, are you developing some new power or something, you seem to know exactly what I’m thinking?”


Ace chuckled.  “Maybe, but I feel like we’re closer at the moment.”


“Well, yeah.  With all that’s happened the past couple of days, we certainly are.”


“I know that.” Ace became slightly serious now.  “But something seems…different, like we’re closer still?”


Lexi giggled and decided to change the subject slightly.  “Wow Ace, you’ve finally cracked!”


Ace chuckled at this and playfully pushed her down, while he remained where he was.  He was surprised at how easy it was for him to move her; he knew she was the lightest in the team, partially because of the gender difference, but still.  “Wow Lexi, you are weak!”


He heard Lexi playfully gasp and then felt her punch him, though it did little harm to him, not that she would ever attempt to hurt him.  “Awww, dang it I am.”  Lexi smiled.


Ace grinned before turning himself around so that he could face her where she was.  He swiftly pinned her shoulders down and raised and eyebrow “Let’s see if you can get out of that.”


Lexi hesitated, thinking, she quickly reached up as far as she could, because of Ace’s hold on her shoulders, and began to tickle him. 


Ace however, didn’t even flinch.  Lexi frowned and retreated her hands.  She frowned slightly.  “You’re not ticklish?”


Ace smiled.  “No.  Reacting to being tickled, is different for some people, it happens because of the body’s reaction to someone, or something else’s touch.  The body naturally tenses up, so the movement of someone’s fingers can give a strange sensation, some people throw up, some get angry…some laugh.”


Lexi rolled her eyes, “Great, so you’re a crazy psychic, and now you’ve become amazingly smart.  Who are you and what having you done with Ace?”


Ace couldn’t hold in his laughter at her monotone response. 


Lexi laughed along too.  “Wait, so with all that tickling mumbo-jumbo, how come you don’t react to it and I do?”


Ace smirked.  “Because I trust you, and I know you’re not going to hurt me.  But thanks for giving me an idea.”


Lexi raised an eyebrow.  “Wait what ide…!”   Lexi was interrupted as Ace started to tickle her relentlessly.


“Ace! Please....stop...I...can’t....Ace!” Lexi giggled as she tried to catch her breath through her laughter.


Ace smiled as she squirmed around in his grasp.  Lexi pulled her legs up to her chest to try and defend her stomach, but she couldn’t help but slightly kick out.  Tickling had always been one of her weaknesses. 


Ace eventually stopped, and Lexi let out a sigh, and tried to catch her breath, Ace chuckled and lay down next to her. 


“…I would’ve pushed you off me, if I was strong enough.”  Lexi seemed slightly hurt.


Ace stared up and the ceiling, but felt Lexi look at him, he turned and faced her.  Lexi smiled and shuffled closer to him until she could place her head on his chest.  He put his arm round her and smiled, he knew she was smiling too.  “I love you just the way you are, Lex.”

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Something seemed different.


Well at least that’s what Lexi thought.  She felt disorientated, waking up in someone else’s room. 


She breathed in the faint smell of colone coming from Ace.  She smiled when she thought of him, she always felt safe around him, knowing he would do anything he could to keep her safe.   She nestled her head into Ace’s chest and sighed happily.    The sudden movement must’ve woke Ace up, but suddenly after he did so, Lexi lurched upwards and froze.


Ace looked alarmed and put his hand on her shoulder.  “What’s wrong?”


“Sshhhh!”  Lexi whispered, and she gestured her head towards the bedroom door.  “Someone’s coming”


Ace quietly got out of bed, still in his pyjamas, just as the person on the other-side of the door knocked on it,   Ace turned to Lexi and signalled for her to wait in the bathroom for the moment. 


Ace soon turned to the door and pressed a button mounted on the wall that opened it; There stood the hyper-active road-runner of the team, still pyjama clad like the tired looking coyote next to him, Rev, who stood bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet, with an ear-to-ear grin stretched across his face.


Ace winced when he started to talk.  “Hey-Ace-Can-you-remember-what-today-is?”


Ace couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle at the road-runner’s question, how much of a young child he sounded like.  Ace casually leant on the door and folded his arms against his chest.  “Oh I don’t know Rev, why don’t you tell me?” Ace raised an eyebrow and Tech smirked.  Tech, for once considering what he was wearing, must’ve slept in his own bed rather than the bed, or desk in his lab.




Ace and Tech simultaneously flinched as Rev ran wildly around the corridor they were standing in, pounding on each door as he passed.   After he had done this at least 4 times he stopped and stood a few feet in front of Tech and Ace.


Within moments a groggy looking Duck and a grumbling Slam emerged from their rooms and stared blankly at Tech and Ace who were equally stunned. 


“Geez what’s with the early wake up call Rev?”  Duck grumbled.  He stomped over to Rev and pressed a finger to his chest.  “Can’t a guy get some rest at…at…?” Duck glanced at the wall clock in Ace’s room, whose door was still open, “…4:57 in the morning.  What! I’m going back to bed”


“Rev, what’s this all about?”  Tech yawned, pulling the retreating Duck back.


“Wait- Wait- Wait- Wait- Wait- Wait- Wait- Wait- Wait-Tech.”  Rev shook his hands in an alarmed manner.  “Lexi’s not here.”


Ace gulped and froze.  If Rev and the others didn’t find Lexi in her room, and in Ace’s room instead, there would be trouble, everything would add up, and it wouldn’t be long until they worked out what was going on between the two of them.  This was something Ace couldn’t let happen, not yet.


“Oh come on guys, let’s just let her sleep.  She’ll get up when she’s ready.”


The rest of the team turned to look at their leader.  Ace felt like he was sweating bullets, and hoped no-one could see his panic-stricken features.


“True…” Duck announced.  Ace jumped slightly, but sighed in relief once he realised what Duck had said.  “…I mean, we all know what Lexi’s like if she’s woken up in the morning, she’s worse than me!”


The rest of the team chuckled at Duck’s remark before deciding to make their way to the main room to make breakfast.


“I’ll be back in a minute.” Ace called back to the group as he made for his bedroom.   He swiftly checked around the corner before entering his room and jogging to his bathroom, inside Lexi stood next to the shower leaning on the wall, she smiled when Ace entered.


“What took ya?”


“…Just a little run-in with the runner.” Ace smiled.  Lexi walked towards him and rolled her eyes.  Ace put his arm around Lexi and they started to leave the Bathroom.  “I can’t wait to see what he wants us to do!” Lexi chuckled, sarcastically.


The two walked into the kitchen and were greeted by the rest of the team, who were all still pyjama clad. 


The two took up their places at the kitchen table, where all eyes focused on Rev, who was obviously trying to contain his excitement.


“So…”  Ace started, he tensed up slightly when Rev looked at him, obviously realising that as soon as he said the word, Rev would not stop talking…for a long time.


Rev eyed Ace intently, the rest of the team did the same, but more in a slightly nervous fashion than excitement.


“…What are we doing today?”  Ace finished.


“Well-Ace-I’m-glad-you-asked-because-I-was-thinking-that-actually-it-could-be-a-two-or-maybe-even-a-three-day-thing-we-could-do-as-a-team.-  At-first-I-thought-we-could-go-on-a-cruise-but-then-I-remembered-that-Lexi-gets-really-sea-sick-and-it-just-wouldn’t-be-fair-on-her,-so-then-I-thought-of-something-I-always-used-to-do-with-my-family,-that-We’ve-never-done-as-a-team-before-and-I-really-really-really-really-really-really-really-really-really-really-Would-like-us-to-do-it-as-a-team-because-it’s-really-fun!”  Rev finally finished, he now looked at his dumbfounded team with anxiety.


“Well, er that’s great Rev…” Tech started.


“…And considerate” Lexi smiled at Rev who returned the gesture.


“…But, you never actually told us what you decided we should do.” Ace said weakly, as he finished Tech’s original statement.


Rev stood for a minute, blankly, and looked as if he was thinking.  “…Oh-yeah-I-forgot-about-that-part, whoops!”  He blushed.  The rest of the team just smiled and shook their heads.




“Well I say we’re already in good touch with nature, I mean all we have to do is switch the TV onto the nature channel and Voila!”  Duck scowled, distastefully.


“Duck!”  Lexi hissed.  “I think it would be…cool, to go as a team!”  Lexi smiled.  The whole team, minus Rev who grinned gleefully, stared at Lexi with a mixture of amazement and disbelief.  “My family used to go camping all the time!  Only, my dad would never let my sister and me out of his sight…which sucked.”


“Well…I guess Lexi’s right, it would be cool, especially as a team, we could share past stories and…stuff” Ace smiled.


“…So-It’s-a-yes?”  Rev jumped up and down anxiously.  Ace hesitated for a moment and studied the rest of the team’s faces, they all seemed pretty happy about the idea, save Duck, and he couldn’t resist Lexi’s smile, how could he say no to that?  “Okay Rev, It’s a yes.  We could give you your presents there too!”


As if he never even heard the rest of Ace’s answer, Rev sped of to his room.  Some bangs, bumps and crashes could be heard coming from Rev’s room, even without the need for super-hearing, and with every crash and bump the team flinched, and Ace slightly regretted his answer.


“…Well, then.”  Tech seemed slightly alarmed, “I guess we should get packing too” He finished, getting up, the rest of the team following his example.


“Abdn jfidpgi dgidog dksfjsfksll!”  Slam grumbled.


Ace chuckled “Don’t worry Slam; we won’t make that much noise packing!”


The rest of the team separated into their individual rooms to begin packing for their trip.




“Hey Ace, Where’s the first aid kit?” Lexi asked as she walked into Ace’s room.


“First aid kit?” Ace jumped, and began to inspect her, “Why, what…why do you need a first aid kit?”


Lexi giggled, and pushed Ace away slightly.  “I don’t need it, we need it.”


“What do you mean?”


“You know, camping, we might need a first aid kit.  You know how Duck, Rev and Slam can be sometimes!”


Ace chuckled, “True, it’s in the Kitchen.  Cupboard above the sink, third shelf up, you can’t miss it.”


“It sounds like you’re giving me directions?” Lexi pressed up against Ace.


“Yeah, I guess it does” He smiled.  “I’ve got one in the bathroom cupboard if we should take two?”


Lexi stepped back.  “Good idea!”  She smiled and kissed him quickly before walking to his bathroom.


Ace smiled and continued to pack his bag, soon Lexi returned, carrying what looked like a green lunch-box with a white lid and a red-cross on the front of it.  Lexi set the first aid kit down on Ace’s bed and, after a moment’s hesitation, sat down too.


Ace looked up at her and smiled.  “What are you doing?”


“Watchin’ you.  You need a hand?” Lexi folded one leg up onto the bed and rested her arms on it.


Ace looked around his room, thinking.  “Could you grab my compass?”


“Sure.”  Lexi got up and walked to Ace’s cupboard.  Before stopping and turning around, she stared at Ace quizzically. 


“What?”  Ace asked, surprised as to why she would be staring at him like that.


“Why do we need a compass?”


Ace smiled.  “So we don’t get lost, I thought you were smart Lexi?”


Lexi playfully stuck out her tongue, before turning round and grabbing the compass.  Once she had it, Lexi turned around again and walked over to Ace, and placing the compass in his bag.  “I mean.”  She continued.  “Why do we need a compass if we have built-in ones in our uniforms?”


“Well you didn’t think we were going camping in out work clothes did you?”


“Good point!”  Lexi smiled.  She looked down at Ace’s bag,  “You want me to sit on that?”


Ace looked up at her, and gave her a strange look.  “What do you mean?”


“You know, so you can actually get the thing shut” Lexi smiled.  “I had to ask Slam to help me shut my case.”  Lexi blushed slightly, but Ace smiled and shook his head slightly.


“Nah, I think I can manage.  I’m not as weak as you!”  Ace smiled, before pulling Lexi against him and tickling her, just like the previous night.


“No!  Ace…please…stop that tickles!”  Lexi giggled.


Ace smiled as he watched her squirm around laughing, but he continued to tickle her mercilessly nonetheless.  Ace almost dropped Lexi, however, when Rev burst into the room, carrying two bulging bags.  He was wearing a red and black chequered shirt, Beige ¾ length jeans, hiking boots and what appeared to be a fishing hat, and fishing gear.


Lexi continued to giggle slightly and attempt to catch her breath until she realised Rev was standing at Ace’s door.  Now the two bunnies stared guiltily at Rev who gave them a puzzled stare before fully coming into the room.


“What-are-you-two-doing-in-here?”  Rev asked.  “Lexi-you-seem-a-bit-giggly-and-you’re-on-the-floor.”  He switched his attention to Lexi, and then to Ace as he said this.  “Is-everything-okay?”  He said, eyeing Ace, surprisingly slowly.


“Yeah Rev, I’m fine.”  Lexi said as Ace and Rev helped her up.  “I was just asking Ace where the first aid kit was…”  She looked at Ace slightly guiltily.  “…and then…”  She tried to think of an excuse.  She couldn’t tell him that they just had a tickling incident. 


“…She fell over” Ace finished quickly, he winked at Lexi, who just smirked in response.  “…and that was what was so funny, Rev.”


Rev, for a moment, looked slightly unconvinced, but shrugged it off, literally.  “So are you two done then?”


It was only then that Lexi realised that both Ace and Rev were already changed and ready, realising she was still in her pyjamas she blushed suddenly.  “Umm…I just need to…you know…do…stuff?”  Soon Lexi made for the door, while Ace and Rev grabbed their bags and headed for the main-room.


In the main room of their HQ, Ace and Rev were greeted by Tech and Slam, who were also dressed, standing by their bags.  Slam, who stood with five bags next to him, was to carry three, due to his size and strength, the rest, Ace figured, must be Lexi’s.


Ace eyes what everyone was wearing, and realised how much of a ‘country club’ group they must’ve looked like.  Ace himself was wearing a pair of blue jeans, a green and white shirt, and a pair of white and green trainers (Sneakers).  Tech was wearing a light and dark green chequered shirt, a pair of ¾ length jeans and green hiking boots.  Slam was wearing an orange T-shirt with a pair of long, baggy grey shorts and grey hiking boots.


Soon the four males heard the sound of metal framing screeching against steel flooring, the floor surface later changing to carpet.  Duck walked slowly, wearing a yellow polo shirt and baggy blue jeans and white trainers (sneakers) with his back to the team, dragging his obviously heavy back-pack through to the main room. 


Seemingly annoyed by the noise and damage that was being done to the floor; Tech activated his powers and lifted the heavy and large bag into the air, and levitated it to the rest of the group.


Duck breathed a sigh of relief before collapsing onto the couch near Slam, his legs hanging off of the end of the large sofa.


“You know Duck, you are gonna have to carry that; onto the bus, the ferry and then of course through the forest until we get to the right spot…” Ace stood counting on his fingers, the amount of times Duck would have to carry his heavy bag on their trip.  “…and then you’ll have to put it in your tent, once you’ve made it up of course, and then you’ll have to do the same, all the way back home.”  Ace sighed, the length of his list being too long for him to comfortably say it without losing too much oxygen.


Duck scowled and buried his head into the couch, “You’re Despicable.”  Was muffled through the sofa, but still easy enough for the rabbit and the rest of the team to hear.


Tech sighed.  “Try one of the bags Slam’ll carry, see if it’s easier to lift.”


Duck roughly stood up, mocking the Canine’s speech with a higher-pitched and slightly babyish version.  “I’ll be just fine with the bag I have, thank you very much!  I’m not weak, I mean, it’s not like I’m Lexi!”


Ace and the rest of the team glared at Duck, before pointing to Lexi, who stood with her arms crossed, obviously angry, behind Duck.


“What was that you said Duck?”  Lexi grumbled.  She wore a pair of denim blue shorts, White trainers (sneakers), and a white shirt that was undone, with the sleeves rolled up, showing a black vest underneath.


Duck laughed nervously before hiding behind Ace, who too was not impressed.  Lexi rolled her eyes.  “Don’t worry guys, with luck he’ll be eaten by a bear while we’re gone.”


The team chuckled before picking up their bags and preparing to leave HQ, with Rev bouncing up and down with excitement.


Ace put a hand on Lexi’s shoulder; she jumped slightly before turning round.  “You okay Lex?”


“Huh?  Oh, yeah...I‘m fine.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it’s bear season.”


Ace smiled, the rest of the team who were listening by the door, minus Duck, chuckled and continued to watch.  “You need a hand with your bags.”  Ace asked softly.


“No, I think I’m okay.” Lexi replied, slinging a small bag over her arm and putting on the large back-pack she had to carry.  She made a face of pain and yelped slightly when the bag pulled on her back, and she fell backwards a bit, the rest of the team jumping in surprise.


Before she could do any-more damage to her back, Ace grabbed one of the straps from on Lexi’s shoulder and pulled the bag off her, holding it securely and easily with one hand.


“Wow.”  Lexi put a hand on the small of her back.   “That’s really gonna hurt in the morning!”


“You okay?”  Ace asked, concerned over how much the bag would’ve strained on her.


“I think so.”  Lexi asked, but her voice trembled slightly, and she sounded unsure.


Tech came over and stood next to Ace, putting a hand on Lexi’s back.  “Can you move?”


Lexi straitened up and stepped forwards a few steps, before turning round and facing Tech and Ace.  “Yeah, I’m fine.”


“…You want one of us to carry your bag Lex?”  Ace asked, putting his free arm on her shoulder.


Lexi looked guiltily at the rest of the team.  “…But you guys have already got like, two, or even three bags to carry.  It’s not fair on you guys.”


Ace looked concerned, but adjusted Lexi’s bag and moved it from his hand up to his shoulder, as another bag was already on his back and one was on the floor by his feet.  “Yeah, well it’s not fair if you have to carry something you obviously are gonna struggle lifting, you might get hurt.”


Lexi sighed, “Fine then.  We should get going.”





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After a long day of catching buses and ferries, the Loonatics finally arrived at the reserve.  Rev had already run off to find the best spot, a clearing in the forest, next to the river-bank, of a river that had been flowing for hundreds of years that was fed by a massive Lake on the edge of the reserve.


The sun was setting, making the sky turn beautiful shades of fiery reds and oranges, and near the top of the sky, dark and light purples, that faded out into small strips of Darkness.  The stars had already started to become visible higher-up in the sky, but near to the light and fiery colours along the horizon, only birds, aircraft and dissipating clouds were visible.


“Wow, the sky looks amazing!”  Lexi commented.  “I’ve only seen sun-sets like this back home!”


“Huh, you must’ve lived a long way from Acmetropolis then.”  Duck sarcastically answered.  He walked past carrying his heavy bag from earlier, as well as the tent he was now trying to figure out how to build.


“Hmm.”  Lexi grumbled.


“And don’t worry Lexi; I’m sure I can help you with your tent, of course only when I’m done making mine!”  Duck sneered, only for his demeaning remark to be forgotten when one of the support sticks for his tent bent and whacked him in the face.  “Oww.” He grumbled.


“Oh, don’t worry about that Duck” Lexi smiled.  “I’ve done my tent!”  She finished cheerfully.  Duck turned around, stunned that she would’ve been able to make up her tent faster than the rest of the team.


“Wha…how…how did you do that?”  Duck stammered.


“Utah, Duck.  I went camping a lot.  My dad taught me and my siblings how to make up tents when we were still learning to talk.”


Duck looked puzzled “You grew up with pigs?” 




“I’m sure a sibling is the name for a baby pig?”  Duck scratched his head, trying to remember, oblivious to Lexi, who was fuming over what he just said.


Ace and the rest of the team, minus Duck and Lexi, noticing the confrontation decided to intervene. 


“Don’t listen to him Lex.”  Ace said softly.  He put his hands on Lexi’s shoulders to try and calm her.


Lexi sighed.  “Yeah, you’re right.”


“Duck?”  Tech asked, expecting an apology from the water-fowl.


“Yeah, yeah I’m sorry.  Now can someone please tell me what a baby pig is called, I seriously can’t remember?”  Duck changed the subject quickly, mush to the dislike of the rest of the team.


“They’re called piglets Duck.  And forget it.” Lexi said tiredly “I think I’m a bit stressed out at the moment.”


“That time of the month again, huh Lex?”  Duck chuckled.


Lexi tensed up, angry.  She turned around quickly, raising a fist.  “Are you trying to get yourself hurt today Duck?”  She fumed.  Ace put his arm around her waist to prevent her from doing anything unnecessary.


“Hey, hey, hey Lex.”  Ace said, trying to divert the conversation.  “Why don’t you and I go for a walk?”


Lexi turned to look at him and sighed.  “Yeah, good idea.”  She and Ace turned away from the rest of the group and headed out into the forest together.




“Lex, are you okay?”  Ace asked after a while of them walking together.  He had his arm around her, the sun was still setting so their path way was easily visible, their shadows streaming out in front of them as they walked together.


“Hmm?  Oh yeah, right…I’m fine.”


Ace stopped and stood in front of Lexi, he put his hands, this time, on her hips, and pulled her towards him.  “You sure, you know you can tell me anything.”


“I know.” Lexi sighed; she turned her head away from Ace, and let her shoulders droop.  “Like I told Duck, I’m just…a bit stressed.”  She finished, her voice was sterner this time.


Ace hesitated for a moment, before pressing his lips to hers.  He broke away after a while and combed some of her hair out of her eye with his fingers.  “Was Duck right, with what he said?”  Ace asked his voice barely above a whisper as he pulled Lexi closer to him.


“…Yeah.  He was.” Lexi sighed.


“Hey.” Ace said softly.  “We understand, you don’t have to hide it, or be embarrassed by it.”  He moved some stray hairs away from her eye again. 


“I know, I shouldn’t be embarrassed by it, but I am.  Especially because it’s associated with…well…you know…”


Ace looked slightly confused for a moment.  “What do you mean Lex?”


Lexi sighed uncomfortably “You know, Aunt Flow…that time of the month…”


“Oh,” Ace understood.  “You mean your…”


“…Yeah, it’s due in a couple of days, and hopefully won’t come while we’re out in the middle of no-where.”


Ace put on a guilty smile.  “And we guys think we have a hard life.”


Lexi smiled.  “I always tell you guys that, but noooooo” she chuckled a bit “It’s good to know at least you listen to me.”


Ace smiled too, before, again, pressing his lips to hers.


Once he pulled away the two looked up to the sky.  “Come on.”  Ace said quietly, he took Lexi’s hand and they walked together until they found a small clearing of trees, following it they found themselves on a ledge, made from an outstretched rock.  The water from the river was a few metres below them, and they could see where it flowed into the truly magnificent site, of the sun-lit lake.


“Wow, it’s beautiful.”  Lexi smiled.  The two sat down on the edge of the rock for a few moments.


“Maybe we should head back now.”  Ace suggested.  “We could grab some fire-wood, I mean…well it is Rev’s birthday, we shouldn’t miss it.”




 Lexi and Ace stood up, and began to head-back the way they had come, picking up fire-wood on the way.  Soon the two came to a ‘Fork-path’ where two dirt paths lead off in two different directions, divided by a thick row of trees.


“Hey, er Lex?” Ace asked, a bit worried.




“Which way did we come?”


Lexi smiled.  She had grown up in the country, the out-back to be more accurate.  “Ace, don’t worry, I know a few tricks that my dad taught me back-home.”  She pointed to a ‘path’ of broken and snapped twigs lying on the ground.  “That’s most-likely where we came from; besides, the trail runs parallel to the river.”  Her finger followed the route the river took.  “We were camped near the river-bank, and that path.”  She said, pointing to the other path.  “Leads away from the river’s edge.  We need to go this way.”  And she started to take the path to the right of were they were standing.  “Also Ace,” She said, looking back at Ace, who was seemingly impressed by her ‘woodland’ expertise “The sun sets in the west, which is over the lake where we just were, so we need to go exactly the opposite way, and go east.”


Ace smiled and walked over to her.  “I never really thought of you as someone who would grow up…”


“…Smack bang in the middle of no-where?”  Lexi finished.  She smiled “Not many people really do.  One of my brothers and I moved to Acmetropolis when I wanted to go to college here, when the meteor hit, I was in college trying out for the…”


“…Cheerleading team.”  Ace finished.  “Why’d one of your brothers come with you?”


“Because my dad is insanely over protective of me, my sisters and my mum, so he wanted someone to stay with me incase something bad happened.  It was…kinda ironic that the meteor hit.”


“Yeah, I remember you telling us about that when we first met, well…actually, a few weeks after we first met.  Which reminds me, why were you so quiet when we first met.  You hardly ever talked or even associated with us?”


Lexi’s smile vanished, and she looked to the floor with a slightly hurt expression on her face.  “It doesn’t matter Ace.”


Ace noticed her sad tone of voice and was concerned “Lexi I…”


“I said drop it okay!” The two stared at each-there for a moment, both surprised by Lexi’s outburst.  “Come, on Ace.  We should get back.”


“Yeah, we should.  Look Lex, I’m sorry.”  Ace said quietly once he had caught up with her.


“Forget about it Ace, I’m sorry.  I shouldn’t have just shouted like that.”


“Nah, Let’s just say we’re both sorry, and call it truce.” Ace smiled.  Lexi returned the gesture, and the two spent the rest of their walk in silence, unsure of what to say.


When the two did reach the camp they found that the rest of the team had sorted out their tents, they had already built a fire and they were already cooking their dinner for the night. 


Only half of the sun was visible as it disappeared over the horizon but the warm air that was still rising from the ground made the air warm and comfortable.


“Well I might put my bags in my tent before something ruins it.”  Lexi said as she walked over to her two bags, Ace following behind.  He stopped her when she started to pick up the bag that had hurt her earlier and suggested that he put it inside for her.  “Thanks Ace.  Wait…I think I need to sort out my sleeping bag first.”  She said, looking at the uncomfortable floor of her tent.  “It’s in that bag, so it might lighten the load enough for me to carry it inside.”


“Ok Lex,” Ace still looked concerned.  “Just don’t try to lift it if you can’t manage it, one of us’ll help you.  I’ll be at my tent if you need me.”  He finished more happily, as he left Lexi to make up her sleeping bag as he went to do his own.


Some few minutes went by before Lexi joined the others at the centre of their camping spot, there were two logs around the fire, with Slam bringing in another one so there were enough for all to sit, with plenty of room.


Rev smiled when he saw Lexi approach.  “Hey-Lexi,-you-okay-now-we-talked-to-Duck-about-what-he-said.”  Rev and Tech both glared at Duck, who sat slumped over one of the logs, he jumped when the log Slam had been carrying was dropped in its place and a large bang sounded throughout the area.


“Yeah, thanks Rev.” She smiled at both Rev and Tech, knowing they were the ones who dealt with Duck while she and Ace were out.  “I’m fine…well was.”


The two looked at her, concerned over why she said she wasn’t okay anymore.


“I was wondering if one of you could help me with my bag...” She grinned sheepishly at the two.  “It’s too heavy for me to lift, despite the fact that my sleeping bag’s out of it.  Ace said I should ask either him or one of you guys for help, rather than ‘strain’ my self.”  She looked slightly sour, but smiled nonetheless when Tech said he would help, while Rev continued cooking.


The two walked the few paces to Lexi’s tent without talking, only the crunches of gravel and sticks under their feet making any noises.


Tech picked up Lexi’s bag and went into her tent slightly, but looked back so she would follow.  “Where do you want it?”


“I don’t mind, just somewhere in the corner maybe?”  She said, pointing to a corner in her tent that her sleeping bag hadn’t taken up.


“Okay” Tech said cheerfully, he carefully stepped inside her tent, so as to not mess anything up, or get her sleeping bag muddy.  He put it exactly where she had pointed before turning back to her.  “Is that okay?”


“Perfect.” Lexi smiled.  Politely, she waited for Tech to leave before walking back with him to the camp-fire, where Ace, Duck and Slam were now sitting.  Duck and Slam were sitting at the same log, Ace was on one side of the one closest to the tents, and there was a vacant log facing away from the river that Tech now sat on. 


The logs and fire were a good few metres away from the edge of the river bank, but it was still easy to see the river and the lake that glistened in the light of the setting sun, to the West of the Loonatics.


Lexi took a seat next to Ace, knowing that soon it may get colder; also knowing this Ace put his arm around her as everyone waited for Rev so finish cooking.  The crackling of the fire and fire-wood, and the noise of Rev’s feat when he moved was the only sound that came from the small circle of friends.


Moments later, Rev sat down on the other side of the log to Tech.  He turned to look at the others, who eyed him expectantly.  “What!-The-food’s-gotta-cool-down,-unless-you’d-prefer-to-burn-your-selves.”


“Dhjf sfosififs fidosiisk!”


“Good idea Slam, Frisbee’ll be fun.  I’ll serve!”  Duck said, running off to get the flying disc from his tent.


The rest of the team, minus Slam and Rev who were excited to play a game of Frisbee, rolled their eyes and got up, spreading themselves around the area, ready to catch the disc when Duck threw it.


Once Duck had returned, Frisbee in hand he positioned himself in a free spot- near one of the logs surrounding the fire.  “Everyone ready?”  He called




Duck threw it, and he game began, everyone trying to grab it when it was thrown to them, before it hit the ground.


“Duck!”  Slam called, as he threw the disc to the waterfowl.  He was near to the edge of the riverbank, all knowing fully that there was a few metres to drop before anything would actually hit the water. 


“Duck!  Be careful!”  Lexi called as Duck jumped to reach the Frisbee, Rev quickly running and grabbing his shirt before he could fall off the edge.


“Awww man Slam!  You threw it off the edge, I got that Frisbee back at the orphanage, and I am not going to lose it at some hippy’s camp.”  Duck called, he carefully climbed down the river bank, it sloped slightly but there were plenty of roots for him to hang on to in order to stay against the bank, No-one in the team was sure if the river had a current, and Duck especially didn’t want to find out.


“Can anyone see it?”  He called once he reached the bottom of the bank.  There was about a meter of dirt edging to the bottom of the bank before it met up with the river,  So Duck was able to stand at the bottom and safely call up to his friends at the top of the bank.


“No.” Ace called back.  “Duck just be careful, if you fall in I don’t want to be the one to pull you out.”


“Yeah yeah, careful shmareful” Duck mumbled as he scanned the top of the river.  “I found it!”  He called out triumphantly.  “At the centre of the river, with half of it submerged, was Duck’s Red and Yellow swirled Frisbee.


“Wait Duck!”  Lexi called out in alarm as Duck was about to wade into the water.  All eyes focused on Lexi, as she looked like she was trying to remember the cause of her alarm.  “I think that’s a bad idea.”  She continued to mumble something as she tried to remember why she was distressed.  “My Dad…he…said something about not going into rivers unless you’re sure about them….but I can’t remember why?”


“Don’t worry Lex, we already talked about the whole current thing, but if the Frisbee’s not moving then there’s nothing to worry about, besides, I used to be a life-guard, they teach you about swimming in harsh conditions, I’m a very strong swimmer.”  Duck said carelessly, he flexed his muscles as he stuck his foot in the water, but was interrupted, yet again.


“Correction Duck.” Tech smiled.  “You were going to be a lifeguard, but I recall you mentioning something about being a pool-boy.”  He raised an eyebrow and the team giggled.  Duck scowled and looked as if he was going to dive in this time.


“No.” Lexi called again, she looked unconvinced at what Duck had just said.  “Seriously Duck, it’s dangerous in there.  You’ve got no idea what could be under that water.”


Duck rolled his eyes.  “I didn’t see you worrying about that when you jumped in the bay to save Ace yesterday, missy.”


Everyone turned to look at Lexi, who had gone slightly red in the face.  She looked taken aback, but rolled her eyes.  “What!  I did that to save his life, not a Frisbee.”


“Same difference!”  Duck called.  “You dived into cold, dirty, murky bay water for Ace.  What’s wrong with me walking into warm clear, calm water for my Frisbee?” 


Lexi sighed.  She couldn’t beat him there.  Duck, seeing his opportunity, waded out into the water carefully.  “Hey, this water’s quite warm, you see Lexi…nothing to worry about!”  He called, the water slowly rising around his body.


Ace looked nervous, and turned his head to Rev and Tech.  “There were no warnings or rules about this water was there”


Rev shook his head rapidly.  “Nope-actually-you’re-allowed-to-go-swimming-in-the-lake-but-technically-it-didn’t-say-that-about-the-river.”


Ace looked wary, but this time turned to his left where Lexi was standing, she had her arms crossed and was watching Duck, clearly still trying to remember something.  “You okay Lex” Ace asked.


Lexi turned to look at him.  “Yeah, yeah…I’m just trying to remember what was so dangerous about ri…” 


Lexi was interrupted by a scream that brought the attention to Duck.  “Aghh!  Help…something’s got me, I can’t swim…dragging me under!”  Duck screamed, but he kept having to spit out water that was collecting in his mouth from being dragged under.


“The Under-tow!  That was it!”  Lexi called, she had a look of horror on her face that alerted the others to the severity of what was happening.


Ace shook his head and turned back to the thrashing and wailing Duck, in the river below them. “Oh Duck; you’ve really done it now.”

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Ace looked around, desperate to try and find something to help Duck; a rope, a long branch, anything that would be strong enough to pull him in, without risking everyone else’s safety.  Looking round he came to the conclusion that they would have to go in, if they were to save their friend.


“Lexi, stay here.  The rest of us” Ace turned to the rest of the team.  “We need to go and help Duck!”  Rev, Tech and Slam immediately ran down the edge of the bank.  Ace went to follow but was stopped when Lexi grabbed his arm.


“Ace, Wha…why…what am I supposed to do, why do I have to stay here?”  She pleaded, small tears forming in her eyes. 


“Lex…”  He could see Lexi was clearly upset, but the pleads and calls of Duck were what made him make his decision.  He roughly pulled his arm away from Lexi, and turned to join the rest of the team.  He looked back once from the bottom of the bank, and mouthed ‘I’m sorry’ back to her.


Lexi accepted his apology, inside, she knew Duck’s life was a stake, and arguing with Ace was just going to leave one person short of helping him.  Instead of standing there and watching like a helpless damsel, Lexi decided to do something neither Ace or the others had time to do - Find something to pull him in, or them in if need be.  But, Lexi became slightly nervous over the possibilities of her being the only one who could pull the five of them back to land.  Would she be able to? Or would she fail them and accidentally cause their deaths?  She shivered and decided to focus on finding something to pull them ashore with instead.




Down on the river bank; Rev, Tech, Slam and Ace had all taken off their shoes at Ace’s command; ‘if they fill up with water, we’ll drown’ he reminded them.  Now they had decided to do the wisest thing, Put Slam, the strongest out first to try and retrieve Duck, if he couldn’t do it on his own; Rev, Tech and Ace would have to give assistance.


Slam carefully waded out into the water, well aware that if he was left in the same situation as Duck, he would too have to be pulled free, something that the rest of the team could struggle with.  Being the tallest, Slam had an advantage over Duck, the shortest, Slam would be able to easily stand in the water, without needing to swim and fight the under-tow to stay alive, and Duck could easily sit on his shoulders, or even be thrown across to the edge, until help arrived.  With this in mind, Slam wasn’t too worried.




Back with Lexi, She had ventured out into the forest, being sure to remember her bearings, in search of a stick long enough to pull them free, but it also had to be light enough for her to carry it alone, and strong enough to support the weight of her friends, and the river’s undertow.  In a forest abundant with branches, it seemed easy enough, but the lack of water in the forest also meant the branches were too brittle and would crack and break easily.  Finding a damp and sturdy branch, plus all the factors she had already considered, made her job a very difficult one to uphold.


In her desperation to not fail her team, Lexi fell several times during her search, but being as determined and strong-willed as she was, the safety of her team-mates came first.


Whenever she tripped, she got up, checked what she had fallen over wasn’t something detrimental to her health, or a Long Branch she needed, and continued on.  Several times she came into contact with snakes that either came out at night to hunt, or were returning to their dens now that the heat of the day was decreasing.  She had never been too afraid of snakes, much to the dislike of her ‘prankster’ older brothers, having grown up in an area where they were common, she knew not to approach them from behind in fear of provoking an attack, and she knew how to handle them if need be.


Another trick she had learnt from her over-protective father for situations similar to what she was in now, was; when finding sticks like the ones she needed, to test how strong they were, could be done by holding it straight over her leg and kicking it.  If it broke, it was too weak, if it stayed intact but was slightly weaker than before, it was damaged, but if it stayed sturdy, it was the type she needed.


Becoming exhausted of endless branch searching, and testing she began to reconsider her ‘branch-factors’ and wondered if she was being too picky, and wasting precious time.  She shook away those thoughts, and remembered to not become impatient, a trait she had inherited from her mother.


Growing ever-more tired of running, she lost awareness and tumbled painfully over-exactly the kind of branch she needed.  Testing it, several times before actually believing it was real and perfect, she sighed in triumph, and then turned around, adrenaline driving her forwards, back to the river where she needed to be.




Slam grabbed Duck’s wrist and pulled him out of the river easily, without a second thought for his own safety he took both of his hands, and placed the sodden Duck on his shoulder. 


Turning slowly, Slam found his foot entangled in some form of weed at the bottom of the river.  Glancing down into the murky water and then back at the riverbank where his friends were calling him, he sighed, and tried to signal that he was stuck.


“What the heck’s he stopped for?”  Ace wandered out-loud.


“I’m not sure chief, but let’s just give him time; he’s probably just regaining his balance or something.”  Tech scratched his head in confusion.


“Wait-maybe-he’s-caught-on-something?  Rev suggested, grimly.


Ace and Tech turned there heads and gave Rev a confused look.  “Hey-it’s-possible!”  Rev reminded them.  The two then turned back to Slam and Duck and considered what he said.


“…Maybe.” Tech said.


“Maybe, you’re right Rev.” Ace shouted, “Slam!”


Slam looked back at the bunny, frantically he tried to remember what he had convinced himself earlier, about him being able to stay above the water, but he couldn’t shake the sinking feeling he felt of just being caught in the midst of a river, helpless, with a Duck on his shoulder- only that thought just humiliated him slightly.


“Dgdghd klfksdjk?”  He called back.


“Don’t worry Slam, we’ll think of something, just hang in there.”  Ace turned back to Rev and Tech, “Anyone got any ideas?”


Both shook their heads.  “Great” Ace thought.




Lexi ran, finding the large branch she was pulling surprisingly easy to carry and run with, she reached the clearing that they were camped at, faster than she expected she would.  Dodging the camp-fire which was still alight, she ran to the edge of the bank, and looked over the edge.  To her relief, she could see everyone, safe…pretty much, but none of them were submerged, that being her main concern.


“Hey Guys!”  She called down to Ace, Tech and Rev, who looked up to her in surprise, “Need a hand?”  They nodded, and she threw the large branch down to them, before clambering down the slope herself and joining the three.


“Nice timing Lex” Ace commented.  “We were just about out of ideas.”


Lexi looked down at their shoeless feet.  “What, you were making a vain attempt to use your shoes as boats and sail across?”  She smiled.  The others chuckled.


They pushed the branch out to Slam, who grabbed it with one hand, whilst using the other to keep hold of Duck in fear of him falling and being lost, on the other end, Ace, Tech and Rev, with Lexi bringing up the rear, pulled the two heroes to the edge,    groaning and grumbling as they did so. 


When the two had been successfully brought to shore; the team let out a sigh of relief, and embraced their two soaked friends.


“You know…” Lexi started as she pulled away from the group hug.  “I got that branch incase all of you had gone in, you know in case Duck was unconscious or something.”


“Why just incase he was unconscious?”  Tech asked, as they walked back up the slope to the camp-fire. 


“Because, it helps if the member of the team who can TELAPORT is conscious and is able to do it.”  She smiled, while the rest of the team looked at her, awe-struck,   before turning angrily to Duck.


“And you planned on teleporting yourself and Slam outta there when?”  Ace asked.


“Well, “Duck started shakily “In my defence…It was…cold?”


“But I recall you mentioning that the water was ‘actually quite nice’” Lexi quoted, she smiled when Duck received angry glares from the rest of the team.  Perhaps it was her revenge for what he had done to her throughout the evening?


“Damn you woman!” Duck mumbled as he sat down on the same log as earlier.  Rev began to heat up their now cold food while the rest of the team, took up their seats from earlier, Except Ace and Lexi, who had walked off together to talk.





“Look Lexi, I just wanted to apologise.”  Ace said quietly.  They were in Lexi’s tent; she was changing into a pair of jeans for the evening, having become quite cold now that the sun had set.


“Apologise for what?”  Lexi asked as she pulled off her shorts, and got her jeans out of her bag.


“…For, leaving you here…while we went to help the genius that is Duck.”  Ace said, sarcastically adding the last part in.


“Hey, you had Duck to think about.  I understand.”  Lexi answered.  She stopped what she was doing to let Ace continue, he was being serious so Lexi though she shouldn’t be getting herself distracted, she sat cross legged on her sleeping bag with Ace opposite her.


“To be honest Lex” Ace started, he scratched the back of his neck in an embarrassed manner “I wasn’t thinking of the danger that could have come to Duck, at the time.”


Lexi looked confused, and set her jeans down, waiting to for Ace to continue. “What do you mean?”


“I didn’t want anything bad to happen to you if we had to go out and grab Duck and got stuck ourselves.  Lex, I wouldn’t want you to be killed because of someone else’s carelessness or my…lack of good leadership skills.”


“What! What do you mean ‘Lack of good leadership skills’?”  She looked down sorrowfully, and brushed some dirt off of her leg.


“I mean…what If I had told you to come with me to pull Duck out, and been completely unaware of the danger we would put ourselves in.”


“Yeah but, you wouldn’t do that.”  Lexi replied softly.


Ace sighed.  “I also did it because I knew if we did have to swim out, I knew you’re not the strongest in the team, and I didn’t want to see you suffer, or even drown if you couldn’t swim against the pull of the river.”  Ace too looked down ashamed of what he was next going to say.  “I…also didn’t want you to drown and have me go after you and make it seem like I didn’t care about Duck… as much as I did with you.” 


Ace didn’t hear an answer for a while.  He didn’t want to look at Lexi, and see what she though of what he said.  So he waited, and let her consider what he had said.  Eventually he realised how much he needed her, not so much as to know she was alive, but he just needed her.  Before he had told her how he felt, he would either bottle up his problems, or talk to Tech about them, but eventually he stopped, realising Tech probably didn’t need to, or want to hear his problems, and it wasn’t a very manly thing to do either.


But after he had confessed to her that he loved her, and they had kissed, hugged, and…spent a night together, he realised how much he wanted, needed and loved her.  He could tell her anything, she wouldn’t think of him as a coward, because she would be able to easily able to understand the stress and emotional struggles people faced through life, considering she got stressed and emotional quite often.  If he comforted her when she needed it, why wouldn’t she return the favour?  But of course he knew she would, she always had time to listen to the team about their problems, provide solutions and sympathy for them, without making them feel pathetic, or ratting them out.


So after what felt like an eternity of him waiting for an answer, all he heard was a small “Come here.”  For him to realise just how much she really did mean to him.  How much emotional pain he was in at the time really did show, as he accidentally pushed her down with the force at which he embraced her, not enough to hurt her obviously, but enough to make her giggle slightly.


Normally, he would’ve immediately got off her and checked to see if she was okay and, very humiliated, he would’ve left.  But now, considering how close they were, he didn’t really care, and he knew she didn’t either, he thought is was quite nice, just the two for them together, but of course the rest of the team were outside and didn’t know some of the more graphic details of their relationship.


Lexi laughed from underneath him, and kicked her legs slightly.  Their noses were touching and they were both smiling, Ace still had his arms around her, like he wouldn’t let go.


Lexi giggled.  “What are you trying to do Ace, eat me?”


Ace smiled, “Maybe.”  He pressed his lips to her neck for a while, before travelling upwards to her lips.  When it was at the point that they both needed air he pulled away and smiled at her.


Lexi took in a breath of air, before again; Ace pressed his lips to hers.  After counting up in her head for a while, she tried to pull away, but being underneath like she was, she couldn’t.  Eventually she managed to make Ace pull away by poking him in the side.


Ace leant up and looked down at Lexi, his eyes wandered over her for a while, until he noticed some dust and a small bruise on her knee.  Concerned, he blew some of the dust away and grazed his fingers over the small bluish bruise, he could feel that it was raised; obviously it must have swollen slightly.  “Lex, what happened?  I didn’t see this here earlier?”


Lexi, who had been watching Ace with some confusion, sat up, and answered, “Oh, so you were looking then?”  She smirked.


“Well, yeah…”  Ace smiled.  “But really, I didn’t notice that before, when did you get that?”

Lexi moved his hand away from on top of her knee, and inspected the bruise herself, “I guess it must’ve been from when I was trying to find a branch?  I fell over…a lot…”  She blushed as she stared guiltily at Ace.


Ace smiled and shook his head slightly, “Lexi, what am I going to do with you?”


“Love me?”  Lexi smiled.


“Nah, I’ll just do this instead.”  In an instance he had planted a kiss on her knee, where the bruise was and playfully pushed her down and began to kiss her more passionately, on the lips. 


“Ace, I…think we should stop.  The others are outside…and it is Rev’s birthday…we don’t want them to get suspicious.”  She whispered.


“Yeah, good Idea.” Ace replied.  He got up and held out a hand for her.


“Thanks.”  She smiled.  “Maybe we should leave…separately, you know, so it doesn’t look so suspicious.”


“Yeah, I’ll see you out there then.”  Ace said.  Getting up and leaving quietly.


Lexi hesitated for a moment, before putting her jeans on.  Like she had told Ace, she waited for a few minutes, before gabbing her iPod and head-phones and heading outside.


The rest of the team were waiting, for her, which made her feel slightly guilty, but reluctantly she sat down next to Ace, and was given her plate of food.


No-one really talked much during the time they spent eating, until they had finished.  Lexi volunteered to collect up the plates and put them in a bag, they were only paper, and so were disposable.  Once she had knotted up the bag and put it in the back-pack containing their food- and now, garbage, she sat back down in her place, and prayed for a conversation to start, to set at ease the uncomfortable silence they found themselves in.


“So, er…why don’t we all give Rev his…” Ace started, slightly scared to mention the last word.  “…Presents” He whispered; only everyone heard, and before Rev could even start to rant, everyone had run off to retrieve their present for Rev.




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“Thanks…guys…I…can’t…wait!”  Rev said, rather slowly, trying to control his excitement, after the team had sat down, Duck handed Rev his present and sat silently as Rev inspected the surprisingly neat wrapping.  He carefully opened the envelope that concealed both his card and his present.  Rev opened the card first and read the note out aloud;


Dear Rev

Happy Birthday, enjoy your present; have a great day and…   Blah blah blah…oh yeah.  DON’T TALK!

From your Friend,

            Danger Duck


Rev looked up at Duck and gave a guilty smile.  “Well, er…thanks?” he looked to the rest of the group who were glaring at Duck.  “Well the grammar is good?”  He smiled, honestly this time.  It was typical for Rev- he could never stay mad at anyone, except villains, he was always doing his best to keep everyone smiling and turning negative situations into positive ones.  It was admirable, everyone needs someone like Rev, and the team were glad that they had him to cheer them up whenever they were feeling down.  It was almost like a rotor that Lexi and Rev shared between them- Lexi was the one who listened to their problems and was honest about the answers and never told anyone about them, unless the person wanted her to.  While Rev was the one who cheered them up afterwards.


Lexi broke away from her glare at Duck and smiled at Rev.  There were many times where she had broken down because of reasons she couldn’t really explain to the group of males.  It made her uncomfortable to cry in front of them, or just be around them when she was hormonal- it made her more agitated and annoyed at things she would usually be able to shrug off, and after bottling things up and having to sit in her room for an hour or so, hidden away from the rest of the team, so she could cry in peace with her music up so they wouldn’t be able to hear her sobs. 


It was nice, even though it was sometimes annoying, when Rev would knock on her door and ask her what was wrong.  When Ace would, she would usually send him away or tell him she was fine, but she felt she could open up more with Rev, he was the one who was closest to her own age and his happy go lucky attitude made it so much easier for her to cheer up than she thought it would with anyone else. 


‘Well won’t that probably change’ she thought to herself, as she thought of how now she’d probably be able to talk to Ace more about her problems and have him to comfort her and cheer her up, rather than Rev.  It made her feel slightly sad that she wouldn’t have that connection with Rev anymore, but at least Ace would be there to understand and help her.  Ace was good with words, so he would be able to explain things to the rest of the team, even though Tech probably already knew and understood, but the others in the team wouldn’t.


She frowned slightly at the thought of change but soon revived her smile at Rev as he took the other smaller envelope out of the original one. 


Duck smiled smugly when Rev’s eyes widened in delight after seeing his present from the water-fowl.  It was clear Rev was excited, even had he not jumped several feet into the air from his seated position on the log.


“What is it Rev?”  Tech asked after he put a hand on Rev’s shoulder to calm him down.


“Four Tickets to the Basher ball game on Saturday night!”


“dgjs fnskfjs jfkfl?”


“Oh…”  Rev looked slightly disappointed.  “You’re right Slam, there are only four…”


“No sweat Rev.” Ace smiled as he put his arm around Lexi and continued, “The four of you can go, Lexi and I’ll stay home and…watch a movie or something.”


“Yeah good idea Ace.”  Lexi smiled.  “I’m not really a Basher Ball fan anyway.”


“Yeah, but Ace is…”  Rev rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.


“Nah, I don’t mind Rev.  It’s your Birthday present, besides, I’ve got Lexi”  Ace smiled along with the rest of the team, whilst Lexi just smiled and rolled her eyes before handing Rev his present from her.


“Happy Birthday Rev.” She smiled, Rev returned the gesture as he took the card out of the envelope.  He beamed when he saw the picture on the front of the card, Lexi must’ve had it personalised, as it showed a picture of the team together having fun.  He showed it to the rest of the group before he opened the card, and again read the card out loud.


Dear Rev

Happy Birthday, and Have a great day.


And I hope you like the present!





Rev smiled, and looked in the Gift Bag.  He pulled out some tissue paper, which concealed the present, he gasped in delight.  “Yey, you got me Simple Plan live in concert!  Thank you so much Lexi, and we can watch it together some time!”  Rev got up and hugged her, taking both Lexi and Ace by surprise.  Ace didn’t mind though, it was a friendly hug, ‘why would Rev of all people steal my girlfriend.’ Ace thought to himself.  The thought comforted him, as he knew no-one in the team loved Lexi in the same way he did, they all loved each other, but more in a family way; rather than intimately.  But he couldn’t help but feel slight anger that the so called friendly hug lasted longer than it should have.


Rev eventually let go of the female and smiled sheepishly at Ace, who looked slightly confused, but had a slight hint of anger in his sharp blue eyes.


“Awkward.”  Duck chimed in, he smirked at Ace.


“Be quiet.” Ace responded, with some annoyance in his tone of voice.


“You know what I just realised?”  Duck piped in after a slightly awkward pause between the team.


“What, that there’s actually a brain between you ears?”  Lexi smirked.


“No!  And there is a brain up here thank you.”  Duck pointed at his head and then to her.


“Sure, just count again Duck there are two that exist in your body, just one is further down.” Lexi joked. 


“Anyway…”  Tech brought the two back to what was originally being said, “What was it that you realised?”


“I just realised that Lexi is now officially the youngest in the team.”


“Oh yeah!”  Ace suddenly seemed to realise it too.  “So you’re now the only nineteen year old in the group.”


“Aww, so you’re still only a teenager.”  Duck jeered.


“Wait a second?”  Tech started, considering what Ace had just said.


“Cfsvksk?”  Slam asked.


“Doesn’t that mean you were only seventeen when you joined the team?”


“Wow, our team genius is also a math wiz.”  Duck sighed sarcastically.


Lexi pondered something for a moment “Yeah, I guess.   But what about Rev?”


“Nope, I had turned eighteen by the time we became the Loonatics.”  Rev replied happily, as usual.






The rest of the presents were handed to Rev with cards, each time the avian seemed to get more and happier.  From Slam he received a coupon for a years worth of discounted Pizzas, from Ace he was given some skiing equipment, and Tech gave him a book on ‘Sciences’ with information on Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


“Awwwwwww,-thanks-guys-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so-sooooooooooooo-much!”  Rev thanked the team gleefully.  “I’m-so-happy-I-could-kiss-ya!”


The rest of the group looked at Rev with a mixture of horror and confusion. 


“…Don’t-worry-I-won’t-especially-considering-most-of-you-are-guys-and-Lexi’s-going-out-with-Ace-and-I-really-don’t-wanna-get-on-the-bad-side-of-him!”  Rev shook his head rapidly as he said this.


Ace smiled, “Yeah Rev you don’t, but I’m not all muscle you know.”


“I-know-Ace-but-still,-hey-what-were-you-guys-doing-when-you-went-into-Lexi’s-tent-earlier-before-dinner,-I-heard-giggling?”  Rev asked, he sounded confused.  The team turned to stare at their leader with Duck and Tech looking equally angry whilst Rev and Slam looked as though they had their suspicions, but were still confused.


“Umm, er…I” Ace looked around trying to think of something.  He saw Lexi’s iPod resting on her lap.  “We were just talking…about music.” He blurted.  Lexi gave him a confused look but carried on anyway; knowing Ace wasn’t exactly the musical type like she was.


“…Yeah.” She started, fiddling with her headphone wires.  “It turns out we both like…Linkin Park.”  She smiled.  “We were just waiting for dinner to cook and so we were listening to some stuff from their albums.”   The rest of the team looked at her blankly.  “Err, you know Linkin Park, internationally famous.  Numb, What I’ve Done…Crawling?  You guys ever heard of those?”  She asked quietly.


The rest of the team shook their heads.  Lexi sighed.  “Why have you never heard of good music?”  She smiled.


“Sooooooo, anyway back on planet normal…”  Duck yawned, Lexi glared at him.  “Why don’t we all get some shut-eye, I’m beat.”


“Yeah good idea Duck.”  Ace started the rest of the team agreeing.  Lexi and Ace remained seated as the rest of the team went to their tents, to turn in for the night.


“…So.” Lexi started.  “…whose tent are we going to?”


“Oh, we’re sharing tonight?”  Ace joked.  He and Lexi got up before going to Lexi’s tent together.


“You’ve seriously never heard of Linkin Park?”  Lexi asked Ace as they lay down together, she was still holding her iPod and looked as though she was searching through it; Ace noticed this and looked through her selection as she tried to find something.


“Geez Lex, You’ve got a lot of music on there.”


“I know.” Lexi smiled.  “My family’s quite musically orientated, the town I grew up in, everyone learns some form of instrument, and we’re kind of…brought up listening to music, mainly country.  But my sister and I grew into liking rock music too.”


“What instrument do you and your sister play?”


“I play, piano and acoustic guitar, my Mum and Dad both played those.  And I started to learn a bit of flute too, before I went to college.  My sister, she’s a composer, and she’s in a band, so she writes music and knows how to play a lot of different instruments, some of them are really weird ones.  But she’s mainly focused on Guitar, Piano and singing.


“Cool” Ace seemed impressed.  “What about the rest of your family, what do they do?”


“Well my sister Sam, Samantha obviously, the composer is my twin so we’re pretty close and…obviously the same age, except for the fact that I’m 4 minutes older than her!”  She smiled.  “My younger sister, Teresa, she’s only 11, she plays the Flute and the Violin.  My older brothers, I’ve got four; umm…Spencer doesn’t play anything, Pete…plays some acoustic guitar, Mike-Michael, plays Drums and Mitchell plays acoustic guitar too.”


“So…what are their jobs?”  Ace asked with curiosity.


“My Brothers are pilots, for the Navy, well, they will be, and they’re training right now, but they came back here after graduating at flight school and now do training for further air combat skills in some place, that my dad was an instructor at, near the town we live in.”


“But…Why doesn’t your dad work there now?”


“He didn’t want to have to be the one to teach his son’s about flying, the kind of line they work in, you can’t have too many distractions, and my dad didn’t want to go easy on them or have to be the one to tell them off.  So he resigned, and now he’s a cop.”


“Cool, your family seems to have interestin’ jobs.  What about your mum?”


Lexi chuckled.  “Ironically, she used to be a gymnast, but she quit when she was pregnant with Spencer, and now she works in a small shop in the town, just part-time though.”


“Ah, so I see where you got some inspiration from then.”  Ace smiled.  “So, your families got; A composer, Fighter Pilots, a cop, an ex-gymnast, another ex-gymnast who is now a super-hero…” Ace poked Lexi in the side, earning a giggle out of her.


“…Yeah,  a superhero daughter who lives with a bunch of guys my family doesn’t know, and therefore doesn’t trust, and that superhero daughter hardly ever calls cause she hasn’t got the time to, and is afraid of what they might say.”  Lexi sighed.  “Seriously, it’d be hell if they ever wanna meet you guys.”


Ace couldn’t think of anything to say to that, so he kept quiet, and played with Lexi’s hair, twisting and curling the golden locks through his fingers as it fell neatly over her face.  Lexi closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of his fingers through her hair; she hit play on her iPod, putting one earplug in her right ear, and another in Ace’s left ear.


“You wanna here some of Linkin Park’s stuff?”  She asked, still with her eyes shut.


“Sure Lex.”  Ace replied.  He lay down and let Lexi rest her head on top of his chest, and they lay there for minutes, listening to a more peaceful, of Linkin Park’s songs.  Liking the tune, as the song began to play, Ace pondered something.  “What’s this called?”


“Leave out all the rest.”  Lexi replied, still with her eyes shut.  “I like to go to sleep listening to this song, it’s peaceful, and for some reason it reminds me of the starry skies I used to see back home, my Dad and I used to always come out onto the top floor of our house, it’s not really a roof, more of another floor that we used in summer for parties and barbeques.  Or in me and Dad’s case, at night time we used to sit out in the chairs and watch the stars, with the canyons in the distance, and we’d talk about anything.”


Ace smiled.  He had already explained his family life to the team.  His Dad is a famous actor, who got cast a lot, so much that his Ace’s mother and Ace would constantly be moving to different places in the country or the world.  When he needed to go to college, Ace went to live with his Uncle and Cousin in Acme-Florida, until he was able to get a job himself as a Stunt-double and he moved to Acmetropolis, but he rarely found the time to call his Uncle or his parents, who understood, they knew about his job and were happy for him.


Soon he found Lexi asleep, the song had already ended, and it started to go into a more upbeat song, the next track ‘Bleed It Out’.  Ace took the earplugs out of both he and Lexi’s ear and settled down to sleep himself.

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In the morning, Ace was awoken by the sound of birds, singing the morning chorus while the sun rose, waking them up.  Ace smiled and stretched out, the birds making him feel freer, it was different, waking up, and smelling the fresh-air, hearing the songs of dozens of birds, instead of the whirring of generators he was used to back at HQ.


He felt strange though, he assumed it would still be cold in the morning, considering the sun was only just rising and it hadn’t had much of a chance to heat the earth, Ace smiled nonetheless when he realised that it was delightfully warm outside, But of course, he thought, some of this warmth would have had to be coming from the sleeping form of Lexi next to him.


Sitting up and turning to his right hand side, furthest away from the tent flap, Ace found no-one.  His heart beat rose slightly with anxiety, until Ace found a note in the space Lexi would have been occupying. 



Stop worrying.  I know you’re sitting up right now and are trying to work out where I might be. 

            Hah, I know what you’re doing and I’m not even here!

Don’t worry, I just went for a walk, I couldn’t sleep.  I’ll be back in time for breakfast…And I’ll be fine!

Just go back to sleep, and I’ll be back before you know it.




Ace smiled at his own stupidity, it was strange how Lexi seemed to know what he was thinking, and he was glad she left something so he could tell where she was.


He got up and left the tent, the low sun rising in the east, where he was facing now, making him squint as he walked.  He quietly went passed Slam’s tent, Tech’s, Duck’s and Rev’s before entering his own. 


Inside, he found his neat sleeping bag with a copy of the same note he found in Lexi’s tent earlier.  “Must be an insurance note” Ace said quietly, to no-one in particular.  He folded up the note and put the spare one, inside his bag, in exchange for a new shirt.


He took off his green shirt, and replaced it with a white polo, before heading outside.  The warm air made him feel relaxed.  He picked up the box of matches off of one of their campfire logs, and set the pile of chard sticks on fire again.  He put a few new sticks on the fire once it had started to engulf the pile.


Leaving the crackling fire, Ace went over to the river bank and looked out over the raised ledge.  The river, that seemed menacing and deadly yesterday evening, seemed harmless and beautiful.  The fiery colours of last night’s skies returned as the sun rose, in a dazzling light, which silhouetted the trees and made the lake over in the west shimmer and sparkle, like the water was dancing on itself.


Suddenly, Ace felt weight on his back, it was bearable, and quite light.  And he had just the idea of whose weight it was.  Ace smiled and moved his hands to his back, to support the person who was there.


“Miss me?”  Lexi asked.


“Nah,” Ace readjusted himself appropriately, still holding her, but spinning himself around so they were facing each other.  “I was just about ready to grab your iPod and run off to Acme-Mexico, what do you think?”  He smiled.


Lexi chuckled and played with the fur between his ears.  “So where were you?” Ace asked as he put her back down gently.


“I went for a walk.” 


“Where to, and why?”  He put on a mock-sad expression.  “I was so worried.”


“Oh I know you were worried Ace.”  Lexi giggled, poking him in the chest.


“Damn!” Ace smiled as he picked her up again, but held her against him.  “So…where were you?”


“Oh yeah, right!”  Lexi smiled, as she pressed on his nose with her finger.  “I just walked back to where you and I were yesterday.”


“…and nothing bad happened to you?”  Ace asked raising an eyebrow.


Lexi rolled her eyes and smiled.  “No, well… there was a weird looking guy hanging around there, but I’m sure he was just going for a walk too?”  Lexi sounded like she was lying; Ace didn’t let this slip by.


“Lexi, what else?”  He sounded concerned.


“He, he did keep looking at me weirdly, which is one of the reasons I came back, but I swear he started to follow me, until he saw there was more than one tent here.” 


Ace looked at her with pity.  “Is that all?”


“Yeah, but it kinda creeped me out.”  Lexi frowned.


“Well, I’m here, the guys are here- He won’t bother you with us around.  I’ll tell the guys, just so we can keep an eye out for him.  You know, have a little talk with him if we see him.”  Ace sounded confident, but also very angry that someone may have tried to assault her, or worse.  Especially where neither he nor the others would have been in earshot, and so wouldn’t have been able to come to her aid.


“Thanks Ace, but you don’t need to…”


Ace interrupted her by pressing a finger to her lips.  “No.  Lex, he could’ve done anything to you, and we wouldn’t have known about it, and we wouldn’t have been able to help you.  That guy needs to be taught a lesson.  Besides, what if he tried to do it again, then what?”


“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”  Lexi smiled.  “I love you, so much!”  She hugged Ace, while he put one arm around her, as he was still carrying her.  “Oh, and for the record, I can look after myself you know.”


“I know Lexi; I just don’t want that guy to be intimidatin’ ya”


“Yeah, well you’re starting to sound like my dad!” She giggled.


“And what’s so bad about that?”


“He’s insanely over-protective and annoying.”


Ace smiled and put Lexi back down, ruffling her hair with his hand as he did so.  “I’m not that bad.”  He smiled.


“Yeah you are!” Lexi exclaimed in mock annoyance, “My dad always does that!” She tried to smooth down her hair with her hands.


“Nah, you can sort that out easily.”  Ace put his arm around Lexi as they walked over to the fire together.  The two sat down on a log and watched the fire burn and crackle in silence.


Soon, Rev and Slam, left their individual tents and joined the two around the campfire, followed by Tech and later, Duck.


“So-guys-did-everyone-have-a-good-night-sleep,-I-couldn’t-sleep-for-ages-because-I-had-such-a-great-idea,- and-I-can’t-wait-to-tell-you-guys-it-would-be-such-a-fun-thing-to-do!”  Rev, naturally, piped up as he was making their breakfast.


“Oh no!”  Duck groaned.  “I slept on a rock last night and I couldn’t get to sleep, and I’m not going on some ‘awesomely fun’-nature bound-‘journey of discovery’-hippy hiking…”


“…Swimming.”  Rev announced smugly.


“Well hello!”  Duck perked up hearing this, but slumped back down.  “Wait, where, it better not be in some river!”  Duck put on a grim face as he looked towards the river he had almost drowned in the day before.


“No Duck!”  Ace smiled.  “The Lake.”  He said, gesturing towards the lake behind the water-fowl.  “Crystal clear and safe for swimming in”


“Didn’t you read the brochure?”  Lexi raised an eyebrow.


“Well, er…um…You know, I should go and get my bathing suit, wait we all should!”  Duck added getting up, he was about to run off to his tent when he was stopped by the sight of Lexi grimacing.  “What?”  He asked her, puzzled.


“Just make sure you put on your bathing suit before you leave your tent, okay.”  Lexi raised an eyebrow while the rest of the team smiled.  “There are some things here I really do not need to see!”  Though she sent a small smile to Ace, but no-one else noticed.


Duck chuckled before putting an arm around Lexi.  “Don’t worry Lex, you’ll learn to appreciate a guy when you’re married and have kids.” 


Lexi rolled her eyes and lifted Duck’s arm off of her shoulder.  “Yeah sure, like that’s ever gonna happen.”


Duck stopped outside his tent.  “Nah, it might.  You never know.” He winked at her before entering his tent, leaving Lexi stunned outside.


“Don’t listen to ‘im Lex.” Ace put his hands on Lexi’s shoulders and lead her to her tent,


“I never do.”  She smiled, as Ace entered his own tent.




Roughly ten minutes later, the team met near their campfire, with their normal clothes on but their swim suits underneath.


“So-is-everyone-ready-to-go-to-the-lake-for-a-swim-huh?-I-can’t-wait-it’s-gonna-be-so-much-fun-but-first-we’ve-gotta-walk-there,- but-once-we-have-got-there-we’ll-be-able-to-swim-it’ll-be-so-totally-sweet-sweet-sweet!”


“Walk, you mean…we have to…”  Duck put on a grim expression as he pointed to where the group were currently standing, to the Lake.  “…WALK, about, oh I don’t know...about a kilometre away!”


“Yeah Duck.”  Lexi raised an eyebrow, “what happened to obtaining your super-hero physique?”


“Ahh, you’re despicable.”  Duck pointed at her. 


Lexi glared at him, before moving his hand away.  “Yeah, just be careful where you’re pointing mister.”


Duck snickered. 


“Oh grow up!” 


Duck smiled to himself as he followed the rest of the team, as they moved west, down the river-bank, and through the trees, their shadows growing long and dark as they walked further and further away from the glaring morning sun.




“Wow, the lake is beautiful!”  Tech commented as they broke through a gap in the trees.  They still had a fair way to walk until they arrived at the lake-side.


“Yeah, sure whatever….” Duck grumbled as he swatted some flies out of his face.  But it’s stinkin’ hot out here, when we will get there!”


“We’ll get there, when we get there.”  Ace sighed; he rolled his eyes as he continued walking.  He almost forgot to mention to the others about the strange and dodgy man Lexi had seen, and been intimidated by; while she was out on her walk.  But he decided to tell them when they arrived at the lake.


Lexi seemed wary; she continued to look thoroughly at her surroundings, as though she knew of eminent danger, or was simply just concerned - the appearance of the strange man still fresh in her mind.  She didn’t like the thought of the others having to look out for her, especially since she was a super hero. 


The very thought brought her back to the weeks after a fateful day back home in Utah, the day.  The day where she lost all of her trust in men, even her brothers and father, after which she had to go to counselling so she could regain her trust for all her friends and family who happened to be of the opposing gender.  She hated how after it, her dad had become very protective of her sisters and her mother, and especially Lexi herself.  She loathed how her brothers and close male companions had to baby-sit her and her twin-sister, when they usually had the freedom to wander the forests near where they lived, but then they had to come with them in fear of something like it ever happening again. 


She hadn’t told her team-mates of it yet; fearing that they would take pity on her and treat her as though she couldn’t be let out of their sight.  They already had a mutual instinct to lookout for her and protect her in particular- even Duck.  Whether it was because she was female, she wasn’t sure, but she did like the slight feeling of freedom she had with them, but sometimes she did feel like she was being locked in a cage, as they would always ask her where she was going and when she would be back if she ever made even the slightest attempt to leave their head-quarters.  And of course one of them would always offer to go with her, and inevitably end up with her; which made shopping for certain feminine items difficult.  Sometimes she was able to distract whoever got the short straw, or send them away when shopping for female necessities.  The last thing she needed was a guy with her when she was buying more personal items, especially if any of the media decided to document the day that one of them was with her on such an occasion.  If the news reached her family back in Utah, she’d be screwed, and so would the rest of the team.


She almost jumped into Ace’s arms when there was a loud thump and a rustling of plants, as Duck fell over a tree-root, cursing to himself, even though it was perfectly audible to the rest of the team.


Ace shook his head, in slight annoyance.  “You know it’s rude to swear in front of a lady Duck.”  He smirked.  Duck blew a raspberry and stood up, regaining his composure.


“Yeah well, you hang around with guys long enough and this kind of stuff happens.”  Duck suavely remarked.  “Which reminds me Lexi: You should really get out more, spend some time with other women you know, fill that empty void you call your life!”  He sneered.  Slam seemed to emit a low growl while Rev, Ace and Tech simply sent hostile glares at their so called water-fowl friend.


Lexi gritted her teeth and was about to answer, but knew better than to stoop to his level.  She rolled he eyes and continued on, Ace and Tech soon catching up with her as Rev easily ran past them.



After another ten minutes of walking, the six friends arrived at the Lake side, they had found a spot where they could see their campsite from, and so they could always check that no-one was stealing anything.


“Phew, we’re here…finally!”  Duck sighed in triumph as he collapsed in the sand.


“Well done!”  Lexi commented sarcastically.  She sat down on a rock and simply looked out over the lake.  Ace came and sat with her, whispering something in her ear that the others didn’t catch.  Lexi looked at Ace with a contradicting look on her face, but Ace shook his head and whispered something else to her; that seemed to make her reconsider.  She nodded reluctantly, and hugged her knees as Ace called for the attention of the rest of the group.


“Guys.  We need to talk.”  He commanded sternly.


Rev immediately ran over to the two bunnies and smiled, ready to receive whatever information Ace was going to pass on.  Tech, Duck and Slam looked at Ace quizzically, but walked over to their leader anyway.


“Yeah, what’s wrong?”  Duck sounded impatient “I really need to go for a swim, or I’m gonna become a roast Duck over here.” 


Slam grinned and licked his lips.  Duck noticed.  “And this Duck is not for the consumption of anyone!”


“Wow Duck, I’m just surprised you knew the word consumption, and used it properly in a sentence!”  Tech smirked at Duck, who had stuck is tongue out at the Canine.  “…Yeah, real mature.”  Tech muttered as he turned back to Ace.


Ace looked annoyed, that the team found themselves so easily distracted.  “…anyway.”  He gave Duck a warning look.   Lexi sighed.  “Look, Lex went for a walk this mornin’ while we were still asleep and she said she saw a really dodgy lookin’ guy staring at her, and…she thinks he started to follow her back to camp, but stopped when he realised that she mustn’t have been the only one of us.”


“Yeah so?”  Duck sounded annoyed.  “What does this have to do with anything?”


Ace looked as though he was going to lose it.  “Duck, do you not have any clue what he could’ve done to her?  And we wouldn’t have known about it until it was too late!”


Duck flinched, but quickly regained his poise.  “Ohhhhh, you mean he could’ve…”


“…Yeah, Duck.”  Lexi interrupted him, not wanting to hear word he would’ve next used.


“Are you okay?”  Tech’s concerned voice broke the awkward pause between the six Anthros.


“Yeah, I’m fine.  I just got a bit of a fright.”  Lexi replied, slightly sourly.


“Well-what-did-he-look-like? - Maybe-then-we-could-catch-him.”  Rev asked, in his usual fast paced manner.


Lexi seemed to hesitate, thinking, “Umm, he had shoulder length blonde hair, light skin, white vest, jeans…and I think he was probably the height of Ace.”  She grimaced at the thought of the man.


“Wait; well…was he anthro or human?”  Duck asked.  He too now seemed concerned, that or he was just trying to make the conversation speed up so he could go swimming.


“Human.”  Lexi replied simply.


“Sixvj jskfjslfks!”  Slam grumbled, determinedly.


“Yeah Slam.  Don’t worry Lex, we’ll sort him out.”  Tech smiled.


“Thanks guys.”  Lexi seemed a lot cheerier.  “Anyway…”  She smiled. 


“Let’s go for a swim.”  Ace smiled, seeing Duck and Rev’s faces light up.



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“CANONBALL!”  Rev shouted as he tuck-jumped into the Lake.  He was the first in, the others wanted to know from him what the temperature was like before they themselves went it.


There was a loud splash as the avian hit the water.  It took him a few seconds before he broke the surface, flicking his comb out of his face, along with some water, and addressed the team.


“Wow-the-water’s-great-here!”  Rev grinned.  “It’s nice and warm, but not too warm!  Come on in guys!”  Rev gestured for them to come in.


The team’s swim shorts were all the colour of their uniforms, save Lexi, who had on a pink and green bikini, but she wasn’t exactly planning on swimming.


Duck and Slam soon joined Rev in the lake, taking the avian by surprise by jumping in simultaneously, but on either side of Rev, who let out a gasp before being submerged in the wave caused by their descent, and the almighty splash that followed it.  Rev however wasn’t deterred and simply laughed when he swum back up.


Duck chuckled.  “Hey, are you guys comin’ in or what?” 


Tech was sitting on a towel reading, Lexi was next to him, lying on her stomach listening to her iPod.  Ace, who sat by Lexi’s other side; was simply watching the whole scene from the Lake side, and occasionally glancing at Lexi.


In answer to Duck’s question, Ace and Tech looked at each other, and then at Lexi, the two of them both getting the same idea as they grinned at each other.


“Hey Lex…”  Ace started.


Hearing her name, Lexi took her earplugs out of her ears, and moved her iPod to the side.  “Hmm?”


“…exactly how much do you trust us?”  Ace gestured his head to Tech too as he spoke.


“A lot…why?”  She addressed them both, only to have them grin before they both picked her up.  Lexi struggled when she realised they were bringing her closer to the water’s edge.  “You guys wouldn’t dare!”  She giggled.


Tech and Ace swung her backwards before throwing her in.  The two smiled when Lexi broke the surface and pushed her dripping wet hair out of her eyes.  “Okay, that was really mean!”


Ace dived in, and took his place by her side in the water, flicking his head to the side and successfully removing excess water from his eyes.  Lastly Tech came in, a few moments after Ace.


“I am so going to get the two of you for that!” Lexi playfully splashed some water at Tech, but it missed him and hit Rev. 


“Yeah well I’m gonna get you for that!”


Soon the six Loonatics were having fun, swimming frantically away from each other, as they splashed water to and fro each of them desperately trying to hide behind something, usually Slam.


As Lexi slowly paddled away from Slam’s back she found herself pressed against Ace.  He smiled and hugged her from behind, wrapping his arms around her, and resting them on her hips.  “I hope there are no hard feelings from what happened earlier?”  Ace whispered, resting his head on the back of her neck.


“Hmm, maybe there is, maybe there isn’t.  But that’s my secret.”  Lexi whispered back.  Before sliding downwards and swimming underwater.  Ace, without hesitation followed her.  She instinctively turned around and smiled at him.  He quickly swam forward, taking Lexi by surprise.  He wrapped his arms around her again and kissed her, before pulling the two of them up to the surface.


“Well I think I’m gonna get out now.”  Lexi started to swim towards the edge, but was stopped by Rev.  “What?”


“Why-are-you-gonna-get-out?”  Rev whined, sounding more like a child rather than a twenty year old.


“Because Rev, I’m getting cold” She smiled at him.  “But I’m sure I’ll warm up soon and I’ll come back in, hopefully by choice this time.”  She looked over Rev’s shoulder and addressed Tech and Ace as she said this, before lifting herself out of the lake, and sitting on the side.


Ace swam over to Lexi after Rev had swum off to join the others.  He crossed his arms and rested them on her legs as he looked up at her.  “So, you gonna come back in later.”


“Most Likely.”  Lexi smiled.  She leant forwards and kissed him, before she stood up and draped her towel over herself.  She switched on her iPod and started to listen to Linkin Park again.




It was about half an hour since Lexi got out and rest of the team continued swimming, and talking between them.  Lexi was about to join them back in the lake when she noticed a shadow that loomed over her.  She looked up at whoever made it, him.  She jumped in fright and gasped at the sight of the man she had ‘met’ earlier.


“Hey!”  Came Ace’s shout from the Lake, he and the other Loonatics had turned their attention to the man standing over their friend.  “Stay away from her!”  Ace gritted his teeth, the description Lexi had given them of the strange man she had seen that morning fit with his appearance perfectly.


The man grabbed hold of Lexi’s wrist, earning a small shriek out of her as his nails dug into her skin.  She was still sitting down, and the fact that the man had his attention focused on the male Loonatics, who were now getting out of the lake, ready to fight off the man, gave Lexi the chance to kick his shin, unbalancing him. 


That however didn’t deter him, but made him angry as he turned around to face her.  “Oh you are gonna pay for that!”  He started to walk towards her, as Lexi stood up, and backed away from him. 


The rest of the Loonatics, were slightly wary to try and apprehend him, fearing he’d use her against them, or harm her if he had any weapons on him.  It was only after Lexi fell backwards over a rock, and the man stood over her, that they decided think of any way to stop him that they could.


Lexi glared at the man, she knew he wouldn’t do anything to her with the guys near by, but she couldn’t help the gut feeling of complete vulnerability she felt, as she could only stare up at him; fearing the worst. 


She recalled the same feeling she had almost three years ago; back in Utah.  She was in the same situation, but the only difference was that there was no-one there to help her; and the man got away with what he did.  She remembered how traumatised she was afterwards; she was shaking in fear, and was in pain.  All she had wanted to do was get home to where it was safe, but she couldn’t move; frozen in fear, not able to scream-until she was later found, lifted up and carried home by one of her brothers who was sent out to find her after she hadn’t returned home. She also thought of how she had hit his chest because she felt uncomfortable with him after what had happened, but when she arrived home; she just broke down and cried. 


Never again’ she thought to herself.  She glared at the man, before kicking him hard in the groin, all the anger and sorrow she had felt being unleashed in that kick. 


No sooner had the man doubled over in pain and stumbled backwards in agony, did Tech and Slam restrain him.  While Ace grabbed him by the scruff of his neck, and sent a menacing warning to the man, that if he ever came close to her, or anyone else with the same intentions, he wouldn’t be waking up-ever. 


Ace wasn’t usually the threatening type, but under the circumstances he didn’t care what happened to the man, he just wanted him away from Lexi and away from her for good. 


Tech let go of the man and growled at him, while Slam gave him a shove in the opposite direction, to the team and to their camp, the man looked back at them, but hastily started walking through the woods when Ace’s irises changed from ice-blue, to a hot yellow and red combination.


Ace powered down after the man was out of sight, before running over to Lexi, who seemed shaken up after the whole ordeal, the rest of the team followed, crouching or standing by her, as Ace bent over to see if she was okay.


“Lexi?  Are you…”  He started.


Lexi stared at him, completely terrified.  “Is…is he gone?”


“Yeah, he’s gone now Lex”  Ace leant forwards and hugged her, Lexi gripping to him like a vice as small tears rolled down her furry cheeks.  “And he’s not gonna bother you again.”  He whispered.


While Ace and Lexi shared their hug after the tense moment, the other four Loonatics began to pack up the things that they had brought.  The sun was beginning to set, and they had originally hoped to be back at camp before night-fall, something they weren’t sure they’d be able to accomplish. 


Ace pulled away from Lexi slightly when he felt her relax more.  He stared at her, before locking lips with her.  After he pulled away he wiped the tears from her eyes and stood up, offering a hand out to her.  She took it and stood up.  They all began to put their clothes back on, the ones they were wearing as they walked to the lake, and embarked on their walk back to camp.




The Loonatics returned to the camp-site, faster than it took them to walk from the camp to the lake, having not really talked at all during their trek back to camp.


Rev, once again made their dinner, and for the most part, they all sat in silence eating, until Ace broke the silence.  “I’m sorry Lex.”


Lexi turned her head to her left hand side and looked at Ace.  She knew what he was getting at.  “Don’t worry about it guys…I’m fine.”  She answered, slightly shakily.


“Lexi, are you sure.  I mean, I guess it’s understandable:  But you looked….really scared back there.”  Tech queried.


“Well come on genius.”  Duck sighed.  “How would you feel in her situation?”  The team stared at Duck, awe-struck.  Duck having empathy was something they all assumed was impossible for him to feel, obviously they were mistaken.


“Yeah, well I guess…You’re right Duck.”  That was something else unbelievable, Duck knowing something that Tech didn’t.


What more surprises are gonna come?  The next thing we’ll find out is that Rev can be quiet for more that two minutes…’  Ace thought to himself.


“Yeah-Duck, -good-point-and-Lexi-are-you-sure-you’re-okay-you-know-you-can-talk-to-us-about-anything-right?”  Rev asked, concerned.


‘…And I was wrong.’  Ace smiled to himself.


Lexi seemed annoyed.  “Yeah, I’m fine guys!  Can we just drop it already, I’d rather forget about it!” 




“Lexi, I love you okay.  And I always want to know that you’re okay.  But, you seemed distant this evening at Dinner, like you were thinking about something.  Is everything okay?”  Ace asked as he watched Lexi lie down in her sleeping bag, a strange look settled itself upon her face.


“It’s nothing Ace.”  She replied.  “I was just thinking of something, that’s all.”


Ace looked at her sceptically, but accepted the piece of information none the less.  “Okay Lex, whatever you say.”  Ace got up and went to leave the tent.


Noticing that, Lexi kicked off the covers and sat up. “Ace wait!”  She called frantically.


Ace knew that leaving was one of the ways to get her to talk; he turned around and faced her.  “What?”


“Ace please don’t leave me alone, I’m… scared.”


“Lexi, you’ve got nothing to be scared of, that guy is gone, and he’s not coming back.  What’s gotton into you, you’re not usually like this?”


Lexi sighed, and her ears drooped.  Ace put an arm around her as he sat down next to her.  “Okay… I lied.  I’m not fine.  I got really scared of that guy today, both times when I saw him.  It was kind of obvious, what he was thinking.”


Ace nodded, and continued to listen intently.  “And remember yesterday, when I snapped at you…b…be…because you asked me why I didn’t…talk to you guys when we first met?”


“Yeah” Ace replied, “what’s this about?”


Lexi took a breath, but slumped in posture.  “Please don’t say anything to the guys about this.”


“I promise, I won’t.”  Ace assured her.


“…Then, I’ll tell you.”

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Lexi screamed when the man grabbed her and forced her to the ground.  “Ace!”  She called in desperation.


Ace looked at the situation in horror, the screams and pleads for help that came from Lexi was almost unbearable for him.  Ace ran to the man and grabbed his shirt, pulling him away from Lexi, but the man quickly threw a punch, it hit Ace, square on in the chest, and knocked him backwards.  He recovered by flipping backwards, skidding on the floor, but keeping his hand in contact with the ground to keep him balanced.  Ace ran at the man who simply grabbed him and threw him away and into unconsciousness.


Ace regained his senses when he heard the desperate calls and cries of Lexi, who was powerless against the man.  But it was too late, and Ace could only watch; tears forming in his eyes as he saw his best friend, and girlfriend fall victim to the man’s assault.  Ace tried to get up, and make a vain attempt to save her but couldn’t.  His limbs betrayed him, his current strength not permitting him to stand and fight. 


Ace couldn’t bear to watch anymore, he grit his teeth, hung his head, and cried into the ground.




Ace bolted up right in bed.  Sweat covering his fur, he panted and his heart thumped hard in his chest. 


Again he looked to his right to check that Lexi was there, and that she was okay.  Once satisfied he bent down and kissed her, she was still fast asleep, and after leaning over her and checking the time on her iPod, she had a good reason to still be.


The clock read 4:17am.  Ace sighed and lay back down, this was the fourth time he had woken up, he was still quite tired; but he didn’t want to go back to sleep. 


Lexi had told him about why she was so ‘out of the ordinary’ last night, he of course was out raged about what had happened to her; so Ace and Lexi were still awake about an hour into the morning, after Lexi had told him everything, and he had of course asked her questions and comforted her about it when she got a little bit teary thinking about the ordeal. 


Lexi had fallen asleep at about 1:00am.   Ace however was still shocked and angry about what had happened to her, but he couldn’t have done anything about it anyway.  But all night he had had bad dreams about it, some of them were just of Lexi herself when it happened to her, in which Ace could only watch in horror; not being able to do anything to help her.  And some of them: Ace was there, trying to fight off the man that was trying to hurt her, but Ace kept losing to him, and seeing it happen to her, or seeing her hurt badly in front of him. 


Ace had bolted up right for the most of the night through fright, and was constantly checking that Lexi was there and was okay.  Then he would kiss her, and try to get back to sleep. 


‘Not this time, not again.’ Ace thought.  He carefully pushed the covers back off of him, and quietly left the tent.  He walked out to the raised river bank, and sat on a small tree-stump.  He looked up at the stars, there were so many of them, all different sizes, their light differing.  He smiled.  It was so different here from what it was like back in Acmetropolis, there was so much light pollution there, that it was difficult to see any stars at night, except on rare occasions when the moon wasn’t up, and if you sat in a certain spot.-The Loonatics were lucky, sometimes they could see stars from the hanger of their head-quarters. 


 Ace had often found Lexi there, watching the stars.  She said she used to always watch them with her dad, where they’d talk about anything.  Ace had sometimes sat and watched them with her, but sometimes he left her to think-which is what he presumed she was doing.


Ace kicked a stone that was in front of him.  He hated the feeling of helplessness, just as much in a dream as in the real world.  He stared at the ground, usually dreams of him and his friends were funny; and he would usually recall events where they were enjoying themselves together.  And dreams where he and Lexi were together were usually fun too, just like normally. 


He sighed, until he heard the crunching and cracking of twigs and leaves.  Curious, he turned around only to see Lexi staring down at him looking concerned.  Ace smiled, he turned himself around on the tree stump and pulled her onto his lap, there wasn’t enough room for two people anyway.  “Ace what are you doing out here?”


“I could ask you da same question.”  Ace smiled mischievously.


“I asked you first!”  Lexi poked him in the chest.


Ace didn’t answer, but he smiled at her.


“What?”  Lexi asked quizzically.


Again Ace didn’t answer, but pressed his lips against hers, and kissed her.


The two parted to breathe.  “I love ya Lex.”  Ace grinned as he hugged her.  Lexi smiled and returned the hug.


“So, what are you doing out here?”  Lexi broke the hug and stared up at Ace.


“I couldn’t sleep.” 


“Bad dream?”  Lexi asked.  Ace nodded.  Lexi gave him a pitiful smile, “Same, but we’re both okay, we’ll be fine as long as we have each other!”


Lexi put a hand to Ace’s cheek for comfort.  “I know.”  He replied.


The sun started to appear over the horizon and Lexi and Ace continued to sit together and watched it rise, the same fiery colours never boring them.


Soon Tech came out of his tent, he smiled when he saw the two together, even though he didn’t want to ruin the moment for them; he needed to talk to Ace.


“Err, excuse me…chief?”  Tech asked, slightly awkwardly.  Lexi immediately jumped off Ace’s lap as the two turned around to face their coyote friend.


“Er, Yeah?”  Ace asked as he stood up.  He could feel himself blushing, which was most likely the reason behind why Lexi was giggling, but Ace ignored the heat that came to his cheeks…and the incessant giggling of his girl friend.


“I just wanted to know if we were leaving today, or if we were staying another day?”  Tech asked, he smiled when Ace looked lost for words, turned to Lexi who shrugged, and then turned back to face Tech.


“Well, I guess with dat basher ball game bein’ on Saturday night and its Friday today, we can’t really stay here if we wanna make sure you guys get to da game on time.”  Ace replied, the three walked back to the camp-fire, which Tech must’ve lit when he came out.  The trio sat down on the logs and continued to talk.


“So Ace.”  Tech started.  “Are you sure you don’t wanna go to the game, you can have my ticket if you want.”


“Nah.”  Ace replied smiling.  “You go, spend some time with da guys, Rev spends so much time tryin’ ta get ya out of da lab,  I think he’d like it if you went.  Besides,” Ace put his arm around Lexi.  “Lexi’ll be lonely otherwise.”


Lexi rolled her eyes and smiled. “I wouldn’t be.”


Tech leaned forwards casually.  “Yeah, what makes you think I’d just stay in my lab and not keep Lexi Company?” 


My brain’ Ace thought, but he didn’t verbalise it, he just shrugged his shoulders.  “Don’t know, I just figured dat was most likely where you’d be.”


“Yeah, you’re right there.”  Tech smiled.




Lexi, Tech and Ace sat together talking for about two hours.  When the rest of the team emerged from their tents it was 6:48am.  After the team had eaten breakfast, And Ace had told them that they were leaving that day, the team separated into their tents to pack up.


After about an hour, they had all put their tents down and packed their bags, and even taken some group photos, and some photos of the landscape.  They walked through the bush, past the ranger’s station.  And waited at a ferry dock, after which they spent half an hour of journeying along the rivers, they got off and took a two hour bus journey back to Acmetropolis, where they walked back to their head quarters.




“Wow, who knew sitting down and walking for long amounts of time can make you so tired?”  Duck pondered to know-one in particular as he collapsed on the sofa.


“Everyone.”  The team replied at the same time, as they went about doing their separate things.  Lexi went to get a glass of water from the kitchen, Duck joined her in there.


“So, how are you and lover-boy doing?”  Duck raised his eyebrows, after he was sure that the rest of the team were out of ear shot.  Lexi’s eyes shot open, and she barely managed to keep the water in her mouth.  She gulped it down, before turning to Duck.


“What’s that supposed to mean?”  She looked quite angry and had her hands rested on her hips, to gain authority towards the water-fowl.


Duck held his ground as he looked at the time.  11:08am. “I was just asking, is there a problem with that?”


Lexi sighed and put down her glass.  “No, I guess there isn’t.”  She replied as she walked out of the room and into her own.




Some few minutes after Lexi had entered he room, Ace knocked on her door.  “Lexi, can I come in?”  He asked.


“Yeah, you can” 


Ace came in, noticing that she was lying down on her hammock, staring up at the ceiling.  “Something wrong?”  He asked as he sat down next to her. 


Lexi looked up at him and sighed.  “Kinda, I just feel really stressed today, and it’s driving me mad!”


Ace put on a guilty smile as he thought of an answer.  “Well…You did have a late night last night.  Maybe you’re just tired, try and get some sleep.”


“Yeah, good idea.”  Lexi sighed.  Ace got up and took a blanket out of one of her draws and draped it over her.  “Thanks.”  She smiled.


Ace kissed her before closing her curtains and leaving the room, the two steel doors shutting behind him.  As he turned around, Ace was met with the sight of Tech,  back in his uniform, standing with his arms crossed over his chest; glaring at him. 


“What were you doing in there?”  Tech asked, a low rumbling erupting from his throat.


Ace decided to be condescending.  “What’s it to you?”


“Lexi’s my friend, our friend.  What were you doing in her room?”


Ace sighed.  “Look Tech, we had a late night last night, and she was stressed earlier, so I just told her to get some sleep.”


Tech already had his questions and suspicions, even before Ace had finished his explanation.  We?  What do you mean ‘we had a late night last night?’ what were the two of you doing?”


Ace rolled his eyes.  “We were talking.  She was scared about that guy from the lake.”  Ace decided to not mention that he and Lexi had been sharing a tent for the past two nights.   It was fine that the other Loonatics new about their relationship, but what they didn’t know was some of the more…personal details, and the fact that Ace and Lexi had been sharing their beds since their first date.  Ace wasn’t sure how the team would take that peace of information, so they didn’t mention it just to be safe.  What the rest of the team didn’t know…wouldn’t hurt him.


Tech pressed up against Ace, trying to be threatening.  “Just make sure you don’t do anything you’ll regret.”  And he walked off to his lab.  Ace started to mumble under his breath, cursing to himself that he wasn’t careful before he came out of Lexi’s room.  He quickly entered his room, and change into his Loonatic Uniform, just as the rest of the team had done, before entering the living space and sitting at the sofa with Slam, Rev and Duck and watching the TV with them.




At about 5:00pm, after the other members of the team had long since had their lunch, Lexi woke up.  Her room was slightly lit by some light seeping through a gap in her curtains.  She squinted, the light that hadn’t adjusted to her eyes making her vision estranged.


Among being carried, Lexi also hated ‘napping’ she would always wake up dizzy, with a headache, disorientated and tired.  She pushed the covers back and stood up, feeling slightly shaky.  She walked slowly around her hammock, placing her hand on her hammock to help steady her; she stood still for a few moments, regaining her stance and vision.  She slowly walked to her door, yawing whilst doing so.


Lexi opened her door and walked into the main room, Tech must have been in his lab, but the rest of the team were still watching TV.  They turned and said their hellos, but continued to watch whatever was currently on.


Ace got up and walked over to Lexi, putting his hands on her shoulders, he kissed her, playing with her hair.  “Lexi, you okay?” he spoke quietly.


“Yeah, I’m fine, just confused.”  She held her head a bit.


Ace looked concerned, “Why, what’s wrong?”


Lexi smiled.  “Don’t worry Ace, it happens whenever I nap.  For some reason I get dizzy and disorientated; that’s why I don’t like Napping.”


Ace seemed to sigh in relief.  “Well dat’s okay den.  You wanna sit down with us?  We’re just watchin’ TV for now, but we were thinkin’ of grabbin’ Tech after dinner and watchin’ a movie.”  


“Okay Ace, But I think I should probably get some lunch first.”




It was 8:00pm and the team were all sitting down about to watch a film together.  Rev and Tech were setting up the movie, while Duck and Slam fetched drinks and snacks.


Lexi and Ace sat together on the sofa talking; Lexi had her legs crossed and was sitting side on to the sofa, facing Ace, who sat relaxed by her side.  Once he and Rev were finished; Tech sat on the other side of Lexi, while Rev sat on the adjoining corner part of the couch.  Slam and Duck carried popcorn and drinks over to where they planned to sit, and sat down with their food, offering it to the others. 


Rev took the opportunity to sit with them so he could easily consume some of the snacks without interrupting the film for Ace, Tech and Lexi.


When the film began Lexi turned forwards to face the screen, glancing at Tech as she did so; the coyote met her quick stare and eyed her intently as if he was expecting her to say or do something, Lexi quickly turned away and nestled herself into Ace, while he put his arm around her.  They had decided to watch a horror film, something Lexi had originally objected to; but reluctantly gave in and decided not to argue-she had Ace with her anyway.


Duck who had noticed her troubled gaze and obvious objection to watch the film had an idea.  He waited until there was some suspense in the scene that was playing, before announcing that he was ‘getting a drink’ and quacking just on the raised ledge which was the floor behind the sofa.  He slowly and quietly walked over to where Ace, Lexi and Tech sat.  He smiled when he saw Lexi grip onto Ace through anticipation of what would be shown next on the film, oblivious to Duck’s presence.


Duck could barely hold in his laughter as he bent down to where Lexi and Ace were.  He carefully moved his hand over the sofa back and rested it above Lexi’s shoulder; he quickly shot his hand down and grabbed her arm.  She gasped and jumped up, Tech and Ace looking at her in alarm.  They turned their heads to Duck angrily.  “DUCK!” 


By this point Rev had already paused the film and turned on the lights in their head-quarters, illuminating the rain that was falling outside.  Duck rolled around on the floor laughing, while Lexi panted in fright, trying to control her racing heart.  She glared menacingly at Duck as Ace shot a small laser beam at the water-fowl’s backside. 


“Yeeow!”  Duck jumped into the air, clutching his ‘derrière’ as he cursed.  He rolled his eyes and blew a raspberry at the bunny couple, mumbling something about only having a laugh.


“Lexi, are you okay?”  Tech asked as he put his hand on her shoulder.


“Yeah.  I’m fine.”  Lexi glared at Duck a final time before resuming her previous position as Rev turned the light back off, and they continued to watch the film.



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“Wow…I’m beat!”  Duck yawned as he stretched out on the sofa.


“Yeah, same.  I’ll be in the lab if anyone needs me.”  Tech sighed as he got up off of the sofa.  The film had ended and the team were now tired and were beginning to separate into their individual rooms for the night.


“…Yeah, but no one will.”  Duck smirked at the coyote, and quacking himself into his bedroom before Tech could get angry at him.


“Sfjskfjs sfklskfll bed!”


“Yeah-same-Slam–I’m-going-to-bed-too.”  Rev yawned, and spoke slightly more slowly than he usually did.  He and Slam too got up and retired to their rooms for the night, leaving Lexi and Ace alone in the main room.


Lexi stood up, slightly shakily.  “Man, that film was creepy!”


Ace stood up next to her, “Nah, it wasn’t dat bad.  Just remember ta never answer a door if you’re in a supposedly haunted apartment buildin’.”  Ace smiled as he took Lexi’s hand and led her into his room, the two of them checking around them before entering his room together.


Inside, Ace’s room was dark, and he could feel Lexi’s hand clutch his tightly, as Ace felt around for the light-switch.  “Come on Lexi” He smiled as he pulled her over to his bed, “Nothin’s in here….well, nothin’ other dan us and everythin’ dat’s normally in here.”  He smirked.


Lexi sat down at the foot of his bed and sighed.  “I know, but…this is why I don’t like horror films, they creep me out.”


“Don’t worry Lex, you’ve got me.”  Ace smiled.  He walked around to his side of the bed and pulled back the covers; he retrieved his pyjamas and looked at Lexi.  “Are…you, not gonna get your pyjamas?”  He raised an eyebrow.


“Oh yeah!”  Lexi smiled as she stood up, She somewhat hesitated, and looked back at Ace before leaving his room, and entering her room.  She switched on her light and walked over to one of her draws and pulled out her pyjamas.  She hastily put them on and brushed her teeth in her bathroom, before using her super hearing to check that no-one else was around, leaving her room, and returning to Ace’s once more.


She walked in and noticed that the main light was off and a small amount of light was coming from his bathroom, Lexi heard an electric toothbrush and knew he was cleaning his teeth.  She leant against the wall by the door for a while, until Ace finally emerged.


He smiled and put his arms around her flat stomach and rested his head on her right shoulder, and guided her through his room and back to his bed.  He lifted is head off of her shoulder and she sat at the foot of his bed again, while he sat in his spot.  “What are you doin’?”  He smirked.


“Sittin’ here.”  Lexi smiled.  She looked around his dark room before crawling over to him, and sliding her legs under the covers.


Ace shook his head and smiled.  He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and gently pulled her down next to him.  “I love you Lex.”  He smiled as she fidgeted a bit, before finding a comfortable position and resting her head on his shoulder.


“I love you too Ace.”  She smiled as she rolled over, facing him, her torso resting on his; and kissed him.  Ace kissed her back happily, and brought a hand up to rest on the back of her head, and played with her ears.  Lexi pulled away, and sat up slightly, leaning over him while she gazed at him.


Ace smiled and sat up too, “What’s up?”


“Nothing!”  Lexi smirked as she played with the fur on his chest.  “I was wondering if there was any possible way that I could get back at you for throwing me in the lake yesterday.”


Ace rolled his eyes and pushed her down, “You can’t beat me.”  He smiled.


“Dang it.”  Lexi sighed; she flicked some of her hair out of her eyes and smiled up at Ace.  “I bet there are some things that I could beat you at.”




“Yep!”  Lexi grinned. 


“I don’t think so!”  Ace smiled as he hit her lightly with a pillow.  “Cause I’m always one step ahead of ya.”


Lexi giggled and pulled him down, the pillow dividing their torsos.  “Yeah well….”  Lexi tried to think of something.  Ace smiled and played with her hair, he kissed her before leaning up and getting off of her.


“Nah, you’re right….I’m not good at everythin’, so don’t loose any sleep over dis.”


Lexi smiled and sighed again, her pyjama top deflating along with her diaphragm area as it ‘shrunk’ as she exhaled.  The pyjama top moving slightly, and revealing a small glint of silver that caught Ace’s attention.


“What’s dat?”  He asked as he looked down at her.


Lexi smirked.  “My chest, duh!”


“I know dat.”  Ace smiled.  He reached down and felt a small chain around her neck; he sifted it through his fingers and found a small pendant.  He pulled it from underneath her pyjama top and looked at it, a small locket.   It was the shape of an ellipse, and had a small star, moon and sun engraving on it; it was silver, and slightly rough to the touch. 


“What’s dis?”  He asked, as he eyed the metal work, feeling the indentations with his fingers.  It was amazing how so much incredible detail could go into such a small item, and considering how old it looked, Ace was very impressed at the facet of the necklace and of course how much of a good condition it was in.


Lexi looked up, slightly awkwardly and answered his query.  “It’s my locket.  Well actually it was passed down to me from my mother.  Apparently there’s over two hundred years worth of history where at least one female family member was a gymnast, and it was passed down through the generations from each mother to her daughter, well…which ever one took up gymnastics.  Neither of my sisters took much interest in it, so my mum gave it to me.”


Ace smiled.  “Interestin’.”  He opened up the locket carefully, not wanting the delicate item to break; there was a photo of a woman who looked like Lexi, only slightly older, performing the splits on a narrow beam.  “Who’s dis?”


“That’s my mum.”  Lexi replied, “It seems that every time the locket has been passed down it’s had the photo of whoever had it before-hand put into it, my mum gave it to me…so her photo is in it.”


“ So, what’s gonna happen with it now, is it down to us?”


Lexi sat up, awe-struck.  “What?”


“Well, I mean….”  Ace seemed to blush.  “Well, will whoever dis is given to next depend on us?”


Lexi looked at the locket in thought.  “I…guess?”


“Wait, so does dis mean we have to have a kid?”  Ace looked a bit worried.


Lexi smiled.  “No.  And no demons from the grave will haunt us for all eternity if this isn’t passed down.”  She chuckled.  Ace seemed to let out a sigh of relief.  “Besides, who’s to say that if you and I did have kids, that at least one of them would be a girl and would even take interest in gymnastics?”


“Yeah, I guess….”  Ace looked somewhat confused.


“Besides, my little sister Teresa….kinda likes it, so I could always give it to her if I wanted to.”


“….Yeah…”  Ace didn’t seem as though he was listening.  Lexi noticed this and sat up, putting a hand on his shoulder.  “Ace, what’s wrong?”


“Nothin’.  It’s just dat, would you…would you ever… you know, want to have kids?”  Ace looked at Lexi thoughtfully.


Lexi looked taken aback.  “Whoa! Umm…Well, I don’t know…it, its weird.  And we don’t really need to be thinking about this kind of thing now I mean, we’re only dating.”


Ace pressed on.  “Yeah well you know, have you ever considered it?”


“Well, I don’t really actually know why people could bring themselves to have kids.”  Lexi looked apprehensive.  “I mean, for one it’s carrying round a ball of squishy gooey…life in your abdomen for nine months and having to deal with all the crap that comes with pregnancy, and then there’s the whole giving birth thing…I mean, I don’t know about you…But to me it seems… really painful.”  Ace smirked at her little rant but let her continue.  “And then there’s the whole, Life thing again.  I mean it’s screaming, pooping, hungry, crying… life.  I’ve always been scared of that; you know…what if you do something wrong?”


Ace hugged her.  “You’re right; we don’t need to be thinkin’ of dis kind of t’ing now.  Don’t worry about it.”


Lexi pulled away from his embrace.  What about you?  Have you ever thought about that?”


Ace hesitated, “Yeah a few times.  You know, when you see couples with babies’ dey all seem to look so happy.  And you always wonder if it could ever be the same for yourself, but with us…I don’t know…I mean, don’t get me wrong, I t’ink we’d make great parents but…It would be…difficult.”  He sighed, and dropped his gaze, staring down at the bed sheets in a motionless gaze.


Lexi looked at him with pity.  “…Yeah…”  She too looked down, but only briefly.  She leant forwards and kissed him, playfully pushing him back as she did so.


Ace smiled and deepened the kiss, wrapping his arms around her and ruffling her hair.  Lexi soon pulled away and he smiled up at her, she looked at him casually, running her index finger through the fur on his stomach, he never had ever really worn a shirt to bed.  She made little shapes in his fur as her finger ran along the soft grey coat, Ace seemed to find the sensation relaxing and closed his eyes.  “I should really teach you how to meditate Lex, it comes in handy.”  He mumbled, possibly had it not been for Lexi’s super hearing, she never would have heard him.


“Yeah” She nodded too; As Ace wrapped his arms around her thin waist and pulled her down next to him.


“I always find it helps with stress, It might do you some good….”  Ace winced, he shouldn’t have said the last part, now she was probably angry.


“Yeah…It probably beats my method of cooling off by a mile!”  Lexi’s answer shocked Ace, he sat up and looked down at her, analysing her expression, her mood.  Was she tricking him, lulling him into a false sense of security like a praying mantis, right before it strikes?  Whoa’ Ace thought as he shook off the strange thought.  I have got to stop listening to Duck about his thoughts on women, not that I ever take his advice or word for it anyway...’


“Wait.”  Ace turned his head and looked down at Lexi, “What is your method of cooling down?”


Lexi rolled her eyes, she had hoped he wouldn’t ask that question.  “You know, every now and then, when I seem to disappear out of the room for ages?”


Ace thought for a moment.  “…yeah?”


“Well, that’s what I do.  It turns out living with a bunch of guys can be really infuriating.  So...I usually listen to a sad song, and just…cry out everything.”


Ace tensed up, like an animal sensing danger when Lexi said the word ‘cry’.  “What?”  Ace looked at her, trying to make some sense out of it, again he studied her expression.  He was good a reading people, whether it was his enhanced vision that made that easy he couldn’t be sure.  “You mean…dat’s what you do?”  Ace arched his eyebrows, thinking, “Is dat why you always send me and Rev away when we try and see what’s wrong wid ya?”


Lexi nodded slowly, it seemed silly to tell a guy that.  Her Sister, Sam always understood, so did her mother.  Unless it was because they were female and got stressed and upset sometimes too, could most likely be the reason why.  “Well…sometimes I take a bath?”  Lexi grinned sheepishly.


“Lex,” Ace hesitated.  “Are you sure dat’s know…a good…way to deal wid stress?”  He played with her hair as he spoke.  “I mean, won’t dat just eat ya up wid depression?”


“No.”  Lexi sighed.  “It’s actually proven to be a good way to sort out stress, I mean…It’s better than self harm, or taking it out on someone else.  Besides.  I always find that after I have a good cry about it, everything seems okay, it gives me a chance to think things over.  You know, all the emotions just vanish and I feel a lot better.”


Ace still looked at her sceptically.  Why couldn’t she just talk to them about what was bothering her, instead of bottling it up inside her so much that she actually had to cry to make herself feel better?  Ace thought, he decided to verbalise it.


Lexi looked slightly ashamed.  “I didn’t want you guys to worry…or think I was weak because I let my emotions get the better of me…and you know what Duck’s like.”


“Yeah, well couldn’t ya have come and talked ta me about it?  Or Rev, or Tech…or even Slam?”  He couldn’t help the apprehension in his voice.  “We wouldn’t make fun of ya for dat.  I mean, I’m you’re leader.  It’s my job ta look out for all of ya…especially you.  Rev, he can make anyone feel better…Tech, He’d understand…”


“…Yeah, well he’d probably be too busy to listen to me.”  Lexi interrupted sourly.


Ace raised an eyebrow.  “Really?  I don’t t’ink he would for you.  He might for Duck…or even us….but I don’t t’ink he would send ya away.  I t’ink he has a bit of a soft spot for ya…da same wid Rev.” Ace felt a strange sensation wash over him as he said that.  It wasn’t jealousy, but he felt…some form of anger towards them…whether it was the reptilian instinct in his brain kicking in, the primitive part of his brain; the one that claims the territory and females that males naturally would do in the wild.  He had that feeling about him sometimes, and he had a notion that the other guys did too.  Maybe it was something to do with the Anthros’ structure-both physical and mental.  With both animal and human qualities in them…rather than long evolved ape qualities that the humans had, perhaps it made Anthros still have more…’Neanderthal’ instincts and techniques within them, that they inherited from their animal ancestors.  But he wasn’t sure about Lexi; maybe he’d ask her aboutthat…And talk to Tech about Anthro instincts being intertwined with those of their animal heritage.  “…And Slam’s a good listener too.”  Ace almost forgot his original point.


“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”  Lexi sighed.  Ace thought of this as the opportunity to ask her about the questions he pondered in his mind, only a few moments ago.


“Hey Lex…”  Ace started.  Lexi looked back up at him.  Ace wasn’t exactly sure how he would word his query.  “Do you ever get dese…dese weird feelin’s?


Lexi looked up at Ace quizzically, “What?”


Ace sighed.  “It…It’s difficult ta explain.  I mean, do you ever get dese weird feelin’s, feelin’s dat you only really thought dat animals could experience?”


“Well…yeah, I…guess?”  Lexi looked puzzled.


Ace decided to take a different approach.  “Ya know, wid males…dey tend to be more territorial, fight off any male invaders, win over the females right?”


“Right…Yeah...”  Lexi seemed a little bit surer of what he was saying.


“Well, do ya ever get weird feelin’s like dat…I mean, like what a female animal would get?”


Lexi thought for a moment.  “I get nervous around groups of men that I’m not familiar with?”  She looked around as she thought, “And I sometimes get this need to make sure you guys are okay…Like if one of you is sick or something.”


“Hmm…”  Ace thought.  “That might have somet’in’ ta do wid it.”


“Something to do with what?”  Lexi asked, Ace still hadn’t told her why he was asking her all of those questions.


“Well, sometimes the guys and I get weird feelin’s like…around you.”


The question caught the female off guard, and she naturally tensed up.  “What do you mean?”  She sounded scared.


“Okay, Lex…It’s not anything that you would need to be scared of.  But you know, we get protective of you…”


“…Yeah, Like hadn’t noticed that.”  Lexi interrupted him sarcastically.


Ace smirked.  He lay down next to her, having already glanced at his bed-side clock, it was almost midnight, and the two of them had been talking for just under an hour.  “Yeah, well that’s a lot better than us being negligent towards you.”


“Yeah…”  Lexi scooted over to Ace, once again resting her head on his chest.  “…That’s true.  I love you.”  She kissed him before settling herself down again.


“I love you too Lex.”  Ace smiled as he put one of his arms around her securely.  And the two of them, once again, slept together in each other’s arms.

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“Hey Tech.”  Ace asked, knocking on the door of the lab as he entered.


“Yes Ace?”  He heard a muffled answer coming from the coyote.  Ace walked in slowly, not wanting to damage anything.  He looked around for the team’s resident genius but couldn’t find him.


“Er, Tech…Where are ya?”  Ace looked around, becoming slightly concerned for the well being of his friend.


Ace heard a small grunt, and a muffled.  “Over here” coming from behind the bunny.  Suddenly there was a loud roaring that made Ace cover his ears, and most likely would have made Lexi double over in pain with her super-hearing, had she not been grocery shopping with Slam.


Ace turned around, the only sign of the desert canine he could identify being the two green tinted ears that emerged from underneath a work bench.  The yellow bunny walked over, trying to work out what Tech was doing.


Sure enough the Coyote wheeled himself out from underneath the steal structure on what looked like a long, square skateboard.  “Sorry Chief, I needed to finish welding one of the steal joints in place or it would’ve fallen apart on top of me…again.” He rubbed the small of his back, before facing his leader.  “What’s wrong?”


“Oh, nothin’s wrong Tech.  I just wanted ta ask ya a question dat I thought of last night.”


Tech looked at Ace strangely.  What was he talking about?


“I was just t’inking.  Ya know wid that guy, back when we were campin’, that creeped Lexi out?”  Ace leant against one of Tech’s work benches as he spoke.


“Yeah?”  Tech sat down on his chair by one of his super computers, still facing the bunny as he did so.


“Ya know, we’ve all, us I mean not Lexi, have all had dis strange…determination, to look after Lexi?”




“Well, do you ever get dis weird, almost chilling feelin’ go up your spine whenever she needs help …or get unusually…angry if she’s in trouble?”


“Yeah…I do.”


“Well, I was just wonderin’ if maybe it had anything ta do wid us bein’ Anthros.  Ya know, whether we have more of a larger reptilian brain rather dan a knowledgeable brain like the humans do…well, minus you-unless there were more Anthros back where you grew up.  But I have a feelin’ there weren’t?  We’re not exactly the most common form of…intelligent species here.”


“Yeah” Tech rubbed his chin in thought.  “I have always thought about that.  I mean, back at the Acme Tech institute, there were hardly any Anthros…in fact…I do recall me being the only one there.  And I’m sure I’ve heard Lex mention that she was picked on a lot in high school and college for being the only Anthro there…well except with her siblings I suppose.  So maybe there aren’t that many Anthros around?”


“Yeah, But anyway…do you t’ink because we still have more animal qualities rather dan da humans we don’t have such an evolved brain like dey do, I mean…heck yeah we’re smart…but, I don’t know, I’ve always thought we had more…”


“…Animal in us.”  Tech finished.  “Yeah, I agree.  In fact, when we were first brought together as a team I started to wonder that myself.   I had always wondered how many other Anthros were out there, and now I know…But yes, when I collected blood samples from everyone, to analyse whether there were any signs of radiation trapped in our bodies after the meteor; I did begin to wonder that too.  I mean, we are shorter than most adult humans…we have the same physique, and the same internal structure…well, apart from the tail and teeth.”  Tech flashed his perfectly white canines at Ace, proving hid point.  “Yes.  I do believe it is possible that our brains are different to those of the humans, but a lot remains the same.” Tech finished.  He stood up, and was about to pick up his welding torch and mask when he was stopped by Ace placing his hand on the canine’s shoulder.


“Wait, what do you mean ‘A lot remains the same’?” 


Tech sighed and put down the tools.  “Come on Ace you’re a smart guy, think about it.  We don’t walk on four feet, we can talk…we wear clothes…”


“…Yeah well, dats just because not all the fur grows in da same places.”  Ace chuckled, but let the coyote continue.


“Precisely.  But also, through…maturity, the same thing happens to us that also happens to humans.”


“Yeah, I knew dat one Tech.”  Ace answered monotonly. 


“Well, you asked.”  Tech shrugged his shoulders.  “Just remember, not all of our qualities fit with the same biology as our animal ancestors.  I mean, in the animal world with females, their hips don’t tend to be wider than the males, they might be just slightly to help with pregnancy, but they’re not of a substantial amount like they are with humans and with Anthros.  It’s the same with male animals and how they don’t usually have wider shoulders than those of females.  Whereas if we stood you next to Lexi, we would be able to point out many different qualities between males and females that only really exist in humans and some kinds of primates.  So we’re not all the same as our ancestors…I’d like to think it was a nice mix of both.”  Tech smiled.


Ace returned the gesture.  “Yeah.  T’anks Tech.”  Ace patted him on the back as he left, the Coyote wincing as he did so.  When he was sure that Ace was out of the room Tech sighed. 


“Man, I really need to work out more.”




“It’s-the-Basherball-game-tonight- it’s-the-Basherball-game-tonight- it’s-the-Basherball-game-tonight- it’s-the-Basherball-game-tonight- it’s-the-Basherball-game-tonight!”  Rev ran around the main room in their head quarters dusting, but never ceasing to hide his anticipation to see the Basherball game that night.


Duck grumbled, putting his hands over his ears while he tried to ‘read’ the magazine he sat with on the sofa.


“Hmm, I wonder if Rev’s excited about the Basherball game tonight.”  Ace commented sarcastically as he walked into the room.


Duck grunted in acknowledgement, and rolled his eyes before returning to his magazine.  “At least you haven’t been sitting here for the past HOUR listening to it!”  Duck sat up, raising his voice to hint to the fast-talking avian that he was getting annoyed with the constant chatter.  Rev took no notice, and continued.  Duck sighed and slumped in posture, “Oh go and dust the broom closet or somethin’”


“Okay-Duck!”  Rev grinned as he ran full speed past Ace.  “Oh-morning-Ace!”  The bird reversed back and briefly stopped in front of the yellow rabbit, acknowledging the fact that he was there, before speeding past him again, Ace’s ears blowing as he did so.


“Go and dust da broom closet?”  Ace raised an eyebrow as he walked over to the annoyed water-fowl.


Duck sat up, and smirked.  “Get’s him out of here doesn’t it? Maybe if we’re lucky he’ll get lost in there.”


Ace shot the Duck a displeasing look.  “Duck, it’s a broom closet.  How could he get lost?”


“Let’s not wonder, let’s hope.”  Duck grinned before returning to his magazine.  He hesitated for a moment as Ace sat down near him; Duck looked up, moving the magazine onto the coffee table, and addressing his leader.  “So…how are you and Lex doing?”  He raised an eyebrow.


The question surprised Ace.  “…fine, why?”  He looked at Duck suspiciously, narrowing his eyes at the thought of Duck being jealous, or simply being too inquisitive for his own good.


“Don’t know, just wondering.”  Duck smiled, before moving to the side and looking over the rabbit’s shoulder.  He jumped up in surprise after reading the time on the clock.  “Whoa!  It’s almost time for Misty Breeze’s ‘a quarter of an hour passed noon’ weather report!”  Duck jumped up and grabbed the remote, changing the channel until he found the image of the lady herself.  Duck almost melted into the sofa as he sat back down, Ace rolled his eyes and stood up to leave.


“Well…I’ll be in the trainin’ room if ya need me…”  Ace looked back at Duck as he walked up the small set of steps from the sofa.


Duck waved his hand, grunting as he watched his favourite TV personality report the weather, not really paying any attention to his leader.


Despite Duck’s apparent lack of assertiveness due to the person on the TV, both he and Ace turned their heads to the main door as it opened, a small breeze entering the room, and a Purple and Black clad Tasmanian emerging from the elevator.


“Krr shdf sfjsojfs annoying!”  Slam grunted as he walked into the main room; carrying several brown paper bags, Lexi in tow, carrying a considerably smaller amount of bags compared to the stronger and larger Tasmanian devil in front of her.


“I know Slam.”  Lexi sighed as she put her bags on one of the benches in the kitchen.


“What’s up?”  Ace walked over to the duo as they sat down at the table that separated the kitchen from the main room, overlooking the TV and living area, and the panoramic, wall-length window that overlooked the city.


“It was just really full in the grocery store this morning…afternoon”  Lexi glanced at her watch as she was speaking, realising that she and the purple devil had spent the most of their morning shopping for food.


“sheef ghsoslf amdadl ages!”  Slam sounded upset, and slumped in posture.  The Loonatics never really got up late in the morning, except when they had had late nights, they never liked to miss large amounts of their days, especially if it could be their last as a team; a grim factor that they all considered but never liked to verbalise.


Lexi put her hand on Slam’s shoulder, comforting him.  “Don’t worry Slam, we’ll get a chance to do what we want today, I mean…it’s only like…12:15.”  Lexi turned back to Ace.  “Shall we grab Tech and get some grub?”  Slam perked up as she said this, and he immediately stood up, taking Lexi by the waist and setting her down next to Ace, while she giggled at his actions.  The purple Loonatic immediately started to prepare their lunch, throwing miscellaneous items out of the cupboards and the fridge while he grumbled almost unintelligible words of delight.


Lexi smirked while Ace shook his head in mock annoyance, “Come on den, let’s get da coyote, he isn’t eatin’ without da rest of us… again” Ace started as he walked towards the narrow hallway, with Lexi in tow.   There were no windows, so it was usually dark, there were five bedrooms on either side of the corridor, each closed door facing the opposite one, six rooms for the Loonatics’ themselves, with the remaining rooms, that were situated further from the main room than the Loonatics’ rooms,  being spare rooms for visitors.  There were small supply and cleaning cupboards towards the end of the narrow walkway, and at the end of the corridor: Tech’s lab.




The bunny duo walked down the dark corridor, talking about what happened in the morning while they weren’t together, nearing Tech’s lab.  Suddenly, to their right, Rev fell out of the broom cupboard, with his duster falling on his head.  Lexi flinched while Ace looked down at the avian, smiling.


“Phew!-I-got-a-bit-creeped-out-in-there,-it-was-so-dark-I-couldn’t-work-out-where-the-door-was-thanks-guys,-If-I-hadn’t-heard-you-guys-coming-I-wouldn’t-have-gotton-out-of-here!”  Rev smiled as Ace held out a hand to help him up.  “Thanks-Ace.”  He grinned.  “So-where-are-the-two-of-you-going?”  Rev eyed the two, before glaring at Ace, who stared at him sceptically.


Lexi looked around, trying to identify why Rev would suddenly be looking at Ace so intently.  That was why, she bit her lip, Lexi and Ace had inadvertently found themselves outside of Ace bedroom; the two of them together being found standing outside of Ace’s room must’ve looked very suspicious.  Lexi hugged one of her arms through nervousness, she turned around and grinned sheepishly at Rev, before realising how guilty it made her look and quickly erasing the expression from her face.


“Rev, we’re grabbin’ Tech for lunch.  What’s da deal?”  Ace shrugged his shoulders at the suspicious and hostile looking bird.


Lexi nudged Ace in the side of his arm and gestured behind them, Ace soon realised what the bird was getting at, and returned the glare, he swiftly turned to his left and continued towards Tech’s lab.  Rev turned back to Lexi, who hesitated before following the male rabbit ahead of her, Rev pursued the duo; wanting to make sure they were going to Tech’s lab like they said they were.


Ace knocked loudly on the door of Tech’s lab, before crossing his arms over his chest in an annoyed manner.  Lexi stood next to him, glancing from Rev, who looked equally annoyed, and Ace who refused to make eye contact with the bird opposite him.  She stood between the two males, aloof, her stance becoming rigid as she felt the two pairs of eyes stare at her intently, as if scanning every part of her.  She sighed; Ace put an arm around her while they waited for an answer from the coyote.


After a few minutes of waiting, which seemed like an eternity to the trio, the two steel doors opened, a mechanical whir accompanying the motion.  The three looked at each other, each wondering if they should go in or not, finally Rev walked in; he never really cared if Tech told him off for being in there, it happened enough anyway.


Ace and Lexi hesitated before following, carefully stepping over stray wires, the trio walked towards the main part of Tech’s lab.  Monitors, metal frames, tables, chairs, desks and wires littered the room.  The scene was familiar to the Loonatics, the lab was always in a cluttered state whenever the coyote had a sudden wave of inspiration, or was simply building something new.


The group flinched, just like Ace had heard previously, a loud roaring echoed around the lab and just as Ace had feared-Lexi shut her eyes tightly, desperately flattening her sensitive ears down against her head, while she sank to her knees in agony.


Ace darted down next to her, and put his arms around her for comfort as he pulled her against him, as if it would shield her from the loud noise; he and Rev weren’t affected by the noise, and it merely caught them off guard.  Rev ran towards Tech, practically whacking the welding mask off of the coyote, and pulling him upwards.  Tech, realising that Rev was there, turned off the gas supply to the welding torch and shut it off and faced the road runner.  “Rev, don’t do that!  You should be thankful that I let you in!”


“Oh-trust-me-Tech-o’-pal,-I-am!-But-Lexi-and-Ace-came-too.-They-were-the-ones-who-were-coming-to-get-you-in-the-first-place,-I-just-followed-them-because…”  Rev cut himself off, he didn’t want to say too much. 


“Wait Ace, and…Lexi!”  Tech’s eyes widened in alarm, he looked down at his welding torch, before dumping it on the work bench and running over to the two bunnies, and Rev sighed before following.  He hadn’t finished saying what he wanted to say to Tech, but he’d talk to him later, once the rabbits were gone.


Tech crouched down beside Lexi, while Rev stood before her, looking down at the two bunnies, Ace still had his arms around the female, and the sight made a strange sensation wash over the bird.  He wasn’t jealous of Ace and Lexi’s relationship, but he had a yearning feeling inside of him.  He wanted to be the one who sat there comforting her, he didn’t feel as though he loved Lexi in the same way as Ace did, but after seeing the suspicious looking circumstances earlier in the corridor, he felt a feeling like anger course through him.  It was almost as though he felt so protective of her that he felt as though the person she loved, who also looked after the entire team, couldn’t be trusted with her.  He hated the feeling, he liked Ace- they were good friends, but he also hated the feeling that something wasn’t right between the two; like they were hiding something.  He’d never accuse them of anything…without proof, but still; he was beginning to lose his patience with them.


“Lexi are you okay?”  Tech put his hand on her shoulder, he was worried that the roaring from his high-powered welding torch had hurt her, or even impaired her hearing.


Slowly, Lexi moved out of Ace’s embrace, Rev almost let out a sigh of relief, but he knew that it would draw attention to himself and so he refrained from the action.   “Yeah, I’m fine.  Well I will be once my ears stop ringing.”  She reached up, probing her sensitive, silky ears through her fingers, as if the touch would somehow relieve the ringing that bounced around in her head.


Tech frowned and held out a hand for Lexi, helping her up after he and Ace had stood up themselves.  “Sorry about that” He rubbed the back of his neck in an embarrassed fashion. 


Lexi placed a hand on his shoulder.  “Don’t worry about it, the worst that could happen is me going deaf.”  She smirked, shrugging her shoulders.


Tech rolled his eyes, smirking “Don’t tease me.  Anyway, why were the three of you here anyway?”


“Slam’s makin’ lunch.  Lexi and I were comin’ to get ya, and Rev…decided… to follow.”  Ace sent a glare across to the mentioned bird while Lexi warily looked between the three males, suddenly feeling uncomfortable with the hostility between Rev and Ace, and the now obvious look of scepticism from Tech who glared between the two, silently demanding an answer.


“Oh Boy…”  Lexi sighed, but her sarcastic comment came out louder than she had expected, and the three males simultaneously turned their attention to her.  Lexi was daunted by it, and half hid herself behind Ace, “…Sorry… that…came out louder than I had hoped…”  She said through some hesitation, quietly, before stepping back out and making herself completely visible again.


“…Anyway, Slam’s probably gonna be done soon, we should go.”  Ace broke the awkward pause between the four as he announced his departure, with Lexi in tow. 


After the two bunnies had left, Rev turned to Tech.  “Have-you-noticed-anything-weird-going-on-between-Lexi-and-Ace-at-the-moment?”


Tech hesitated before giving Rev a sceptical look, “Rev, they’re going out.  There’s nothing wrong with that…”  Rev cut him off.


“No-no-no-no-no!”  He shook his handsfrantically.  “I-know-that!  But-don’t-you-think-they’re-hiding-something?”


“Now come on Rev.” Tech addressed his friend sternly.  “It’s their relationship.  They don’t need to tell us about everything that they do together.”

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"Be yourself, don't take anyone else's s**t and NEVER let them take you alive" - Gerrard Way, 'My Chemical Romance'

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“No-No-No, when-I-fell-out-of-the-broom-closet-the-two-of-them-were-outside-of-Ace’s-room; Lexi-looked-very-guilty-and-Ace-just-glared-at-me-when-I-looked-at-them-funny-because-of-it.”


Tech looked at Rev strangely, he knew that he himself had had his suspicions, but he decided to ignore Rev’s comment.  As suspicious as it did sound, there could have been many logical explanations, and he didn’t want to confront the two about it if he was wrong, and he especially didn’t want to get on the bad side of Ace about it.  He seemed less than comfortable with Tech and Rev being around Lexi, especially when they were alone.


He sighed, there was no use in jumping to conclusions, and as concerned as Rev was he knew that letting it pass was best.  The duo left the lab in silence to join the others in the kitchen area.  The rest of the team were waiting for them, Lexi and Slam were bringing the food over to the table, while Ace and Duck sat in relative silence.


Tech and Rev exchanged glances before sitting down at the table.  Rev sat on the end of the table, opposite to Slam who now sat down on the other side of the table to him, sending a toothy grin across to the bird.  For some reason, Rev didn’t feel like smiling back, he nodded his head in acknowledgement but sent no other gestures across to the Tasmanian devil.  This puzzled Slam, who could usually make anyone in the team smile, but seeing Rev like that was just…weird and the devil couldn’t help but wonder if he had missed something that might be making his avian friend act so out of the ordinary.  He pondered the thought for only a few moments however, he was about to eat; which always made him happy; if there was something wrong with Rev, he’d say something; or Tech would get the answer out of him sooner or later.


Tech noticed the actions between Rev and Slam as he sat next to Duck, facing Ace.  He felt his stomach lurch, would he really be able to sit and eat in front of the male rabbit- with Lexi next to him; after he and Rev had had their little talk over the suspicious behaviour between the two? 


He felt the weight of Ace’s cold stare over him, crush his body, like a vice was slowly squeezing the life out of him, and decided to turn his attention to something, or someone else in the room.  But instead of looking over at Rev like he would naturally do, he found himself watching Lexi, as she poured herself a glass of water from the tap.  Deep down, he knew he definitely shouldn’t be looking at her, especially with Ace studying him so intently like he knew he was, he felt himself start to sweat and hoped that the Ace’s enhanced vision wouldn’t show that, and that Lexi wouldn’t noticed his rapidly beating heart beat.  Was it her that was making him so giddy?  He had never really thought of her in an intimate way, he always tried to make time for her, one because he knew she had a temper, but two because she was a good friend, but did he really think of her that way?  Ace would probably kill him if he worked it out, but still; could he actually have feelings for her?  


The coyote sat, pondering the thoughts in his head, he leant back in his chair, while he felt his tongue rub against his teeth.  It was a habit he had developed whenever he was thinking deeply about something.  Scratching his tongue against his sharp canine teeth did sting slightly, but it also had a tingling sensation about it that gave him something else to think about while he mused over things that he wanted to know about, or he wanted to hypothesize.   


Duck looked at the four sitting by him, all were lost in their own little worlds, Tech was off thinking about…something, which wasn’t uncommon for the green coyote to do, and didn’t startle the water-fowl in the slightest.  But Slam, sitting to his right, Slam thinking?  That was the equivalent of Tech not thinking, in Duck’s point of view.  The Devil would normally be gorging himself now, most of the food was already of the table, so what was with the delay?  Was the Devil broken?  Or was he trying to develop table manners.  Duck scoffed, another impossibility. 


He then turned his attention to Ace.  Truthfully he did respect him a lot, he could get a good conversation out of him when he could be bothered to, and he was a good man, and was quite similar to himself in certain ways, apart from Duck being an arrogant show off who, though he gave off the impression that he really didn’t care about…anything, actually he did, a lot.  He would be crushed if something happened to his friends-his family.  But he never did understand why he couldn’t just make that feeling prominent, maybe he just didn’t want to be considered weak?  Or maybe he felt that he just needed to be like that, to give the team something to be stern about. 


He looked passed Ace, who seemed to be looking annoyed, to Rev.  Personally he felt that the red bird being quiet for once was a blessing from the heavens, but he was curious to why he wasn’t being his normal chatty self, in fact,  He swerved his eyes over everyone. What was wrong with all of them today?  They were all fine before Ace and Lexi went to Tech’s lab to get him for lunch, surely nothing could’ve happened in that…short amount of time.  Could it?


Lexi pulled up a seat next to Ace after bringing the salad bowl over to the table.  She eyed the five males around her before sitting down herself. 


She rested her head on her hand while the others began to eat, suddenly she had lost her appetite, and the hostility around her was making her feel sick and angry.  It felt like water surrounded her heart, but it was more central to the chest; like there was a continuous funnel of water circulating on her breast bone, but there was a fire burning within it, a fire that wouldn’t go out and it brought a lump to her throat.  The strange sensation within her made her feel alone, as if she was the only person in a dark world around her, and truthfully it frightened her.  She felt enraged at her team mates’ behaviour, but was too afraid to speak up and say anything, but she felt scared, scared of the outcome, scared of her friends acting so antagonistic towards each other.


“Lexi, are you okay?”  Ace placed a hand on her shoulder, looking up; Lexi realised that all five pairs of eyes were now focused on her.


“Yeah…”She sat up, furrowing her eyebrows in a confused manner.  “…I’m fine.”  Her voice shook, Ace looked at her questioningly; he knew when she was lying to him, and judging by the expressions on everyone else’s faces, they seemed to know that something was wrong with her too.  She saw his questioning look, and that of the rest of the team’s.  “Guys, I’m fine.  Seriously, you don’t have to continually look out for me, I can look after myself you know.”


“We know Lex.”  Ace smiled.  “…We just think that you bein’ miserable kind of reciprocates to all of us, and that just sucks.”


Lexi smiled and shook her head.  “You guys are so pathetic sometimes!  I wonder why people don’t think you’re funny in the head!”


“Nah Lex, we are.”  Duck raised an eyebrow at her, “We’re guys remember.”


“Wow, and all this time, I just thought you were sheep.  Who knew!”  Lexi smiled.


The spirits seemed to pick up from there.  Either everyone in the team forgot their earlier troubles, or simply discarded them.  There was no use in staying miserable, or sceptical, angry or confused when they could erupt into happiness and laughter so easily. 


The all round happiness of the team was short lived however, when they received a distress signal from the mayor of Acmetropolis.  Like they had done on their own com units, and with Zadavia’s underwater base (Before she returned to Freleng) they had also installed them in various places throughout the city, mainly at the police department, the subterranean prison after Mallory Casey aka ‘Mastermind’, managed to escape, and at the Acmetropolis military weapons lab, after the infiltration of ‘Time Skip’.


“It’s from da mayor, Code Red.  Let’s jet Loonatics!”  Ace commanded, standing up.  He, followed by the rest of the team, ran to the hanger and put on their jet packs, before flying to the Mayor’s Office, which was conveniently close to their own head quarters.




“Hostage?”  Ace seemed alarmed after he spoke to the guard outside of the Mayor’s office building.  The Loonatics had found a distraught guard of the mayor’s run out of the building during their decent and has stopped to question him about the situation that they were called to, but weren’t informed of the details to why they were summoned.


“Yes.”  The man panted, “Some men came in through the windows demanding the mayor, we tried to fight them off but they had…guns…they dropped small smoke bombs into the building too, I think…from what I remember, it’s pretty smoky in there.  But I’m not too sure.  It was difficult to tell, everything was so…rushed, it all happened so fast”


“Can you describe what exactly happened, from the point where you found out that they were there, and from when you got out here?”  Ace asked sternly,  he was taking mental notes as he tried to take in all of the facts and think of both the safety risks and what exactly was going on inside, so he could properly, and with detail; work out a plan to take down the attackers, but without risking his team’s safety and their lives.


“Umm.  I had just come back from the men’s room; I was walking along the corridor towards my partner and superior.  They were only a few metres ahead of me, they were talking and laughing, I only had to walk past the window and I’d be right next to them.  But just before I got to it, the window was kicked in, it took me by surprise and I fell backwards and I dropped my gun.  Someone threw in a small black box, and it started to fill the area with smoke, and they had done the same at the other windows on that floor too; and judging by the sounds from the floor above, I think they did the same there too.  I knew it was dangerous to breathe in the smoke, so I got up off of the floor, and I forgot to grab my gun.”  He sighed and looked sour.


“I panicked, I’ll admit it, but this is my third month since getting my training.  I wasn’t…mentally prepared for this, so I got scared.  My friend across the window was shouting about something, but I couldn’t see what was wrong, I saw that two men had jumped in through the window wearing masks, so naturally I reached for my gun; but it wasn’t there.  I got scared, but then I remembered dropping it, I couldn’t see it on the floor because of the smoke.  I had just seen the handle of it when the power cut out.  I heard the sound of a grunt, and I saw that my friend had been knocked to the ground.  I got down on my hands and knees to find my gun…I was determined to now.  But my superior, he had seen me…somehow.  He was struggling against the two infiltrators, he called out to me to get out and call for help from you.  At first I was apprehensive, but one of the men turned to me and I ran.”  He sighed.  “I feel like a coward, I should’ve stayed and fought.”


“Yeah, but that wouldn’t have accomplished anything much.  You did what you were told to, and you’ve made the call, so we’ll hopefully be able to lend a hand.”  Tech reassured him with a small smile.


Ace, however, looked grim, “Was anyone…shot?”


“No.  Luckily not, but they did hit some people with their guns, and it knocked some of them unconscious, but I think the rest are still inside.”


“How many of dem were dere?”




Ace sighed.  “Both.  How many attackers were dere?”


“I’m not sure, it was all too confusing, I guess it was about a dozen, give or take I’m not entirely sure.  How many of us were there, that was probably about fifteen, five on each level of the building.   I think someone must’ve hacked into the central power unit, the distress signal must’ve had a small back-up to it, but everything else has shut down; the power, the heating, the lights…everything!”


“How easy is it to see in there?” Lexi asked, she stood next to Ace now, while the other four members were positioned almost in an arc shape, facing the guard, behind the two bunnies.


The guard turned his attention from Ace to the female rabbit beside him; he looked her up and down before replying. “It’s fairly dark.  There are windows, luckily it’s a sunny day so there is some natural light inside, but it’s not as light as it could be, and with the shards of broken glass and who knows what on the floor, I think it would definitely be better if it were lighter.”


Lexi nodded, “Thanks for that.  But next time try talking to my face instead of everything below it.”  She glared at him, “Last time I checked my eyes were here, not here.”  She pointed from her actual eyes to her chest before crossing her arms and rolling her eyes at his stuttered apology.


The guard looked between Lexi and the other males in the team who looked somewhat angry at his actions, before dismissing himself so that he could sit down and collect himself after his ordeal inside the mayor’s building.


Ace followed the guard with his eyes before turning back to the group, who now moved closer to discuss strategies to help the mayor and the remaining guards that were still in the building.  “You okay Lex?” He looked at her with concern, wanting to make sure she was okay before beginning to asses the dire situation at hand.


“Yeah.  Yeah, I’m fine.”  She sighed.  “That wasn’t the first time it’s happened, and it probably won’t be the last.”  She looked over to Duck as she said the last of her sentence.


“…Well, Dat’s good.  Anyway, most likely they’re holding da mayor on the top floor of da buildin’, probably to make it harder for us.  We need to work out a way to get to her, without putting her and da other guards at risk.  The place is probably littered with those attackers, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried anyt’in’.”  He surveyed the team, picking up their expressions and formulating a plan in his head.  “So here’s what we’re gonna do…”

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“Slam and Rev.” Ace turned to the purple clad Tasmanian devil, and the red Roadrunner, “The two of you will stay on the ground floor.  Make sure no-one gets in or out, and provide back-up for any of us if we need it.”


Ace looked at Lexi and Duck and hesitated for a moment, “You two will first work on the second floor.  Get rid of any attackers, and help any of da injured.  Dat goes for all of you.”  He addressed the two groups as he said the last of his command.  “Tech and I will go to da top floor, Tech,” He addressed the coyote, “You need to find da central power unit, and restore power to da buildin’, or at least just da lights.  When you’re done, give me a hand with da other attackers.”


Ace turned his attention to the entire group of six.  “I’ll handle da demands, Lexi and Duck: come up to the top floor when you’re done with your original task.  Slam and Rev will stay on the ground floor and keep an eye out for anyt’in’ suspicious and keep da attackers at bay.”  He looked unsettled, but felt even worse.  He hated it when he had to lead his team into situations like this.  If they were fighting some form of large machine, monster or other threat it was fine; everyone was together and were able to look after each other.  In this situation, it was blind; no lights, smoke and armed men - against groups of two.  It wasn’t the best way to lead a rescue operation, but it was the best they could do.  The Male rabbit drew in a deep breath, readying himself both mentally and physically.  “So you all know what to do?”


All nodded, some were more uneasy than others, but like Ace they did their best to hide their anxiety. 


“Den let’s do dis.” 




Duck almost yelped as he fell through the window of the second floor, and narrowly missed a long, shard of sharp glass that was upturned and ready to sever his leg, had he not landed just a few centimetres away from it.  “Geez,” Duck surveyed the dark and cluttered corridor around him as he whispered, “These guys certainly know how to make an entrance.”  He turned to face Lexi as she jumped gracefully through the window and into the room.


“And a mess…”  She too looked at the scene.  Curtains were ripped, pot plants were broken and strewn across the floor, shards of glass littered the floor and few scattered drops of blood lay around them. 


Duck wandered forward by a few steps, while Lexi stayed put, carefully looking around her and Duck to check for the original guards of the building, and any of the attackers.  Once satisfied, she turned her attention back to Duck.


“So, I wonder whose blood this is.”  Duck commented.  He examined some of the drops of blood on the carpet, and kicked some glass out of the way.  “Hopefully it’ll be the attackers’, it’ll make out job easier…”  He looked back at Lexi, and the armed man standing at least two feet behind her, while she stood; completely oblivious to him.


Duck’s eyes widened in alarm, and he immediately took action, “Look out Lex!”  He dived forward from his position, just as Lexi turned around and realised the deadly threat behind her.


Duck quickly grabbed the female rabbit, who was taken by surprise, and with the added force of his jump, he knocked both himself and Lexi out of the way.  Duck was glad that Lexi was as light weight as she was, and he easily was able to force her away as the duo tumbled and landed in a heap on the floor.


After collecting himself, Duck held his head, the room was spinning, or at least that was what it felt like to him.  But what actually surprised him was how comfortable the floor was…kind of.  In places it was okay, but what annoyed him was how bony the light red carpet was…wait, bony?


Lexi grunted from underneath the water-fowl, who soon realised that he had landed on top of her.  He quickly sat up, and on his hands and knees, got off of her and checked to see that she was okay.  Lexi awkwardly sat up next to him, and the two stared blankly at each other for a few moments, catching their breaths.  “Thanks Duck” Lexi finally said. 


Duck shook his head slowly, “Nah, don’t worry; Just following orders.”  He smiled at her, but the sound of a loaded gun made both of their heads turn, and their eyes widened in horror.


The masked man who had already tried to take Lexi out, if not for Duck’s quick actions, now stood before the two Loonatics on the floor, and he chuckled at the sight before raising his gun and pointing it at the two, “Yeah, well I am too...”




Slam grumbled as he threw two men over his shoulder and to the back of the room, they landed in a heap and the blow seemed to knock them unconscious.  The Tasmanian devil smiled and looked behind him to check on Rev. 


The mentioned bird was simply running in an oval shape while the attackers within the fiery loop were startled, some of them appeared to already be knocked out, while some attempted to blast the bird away.


Slam considered that Rev was safe from harm, at the speed he was moving it would be difficult for the assailants to shoot him, and Rev could easily move out of the way if he felt that their proximity became too close for comfort.


The Purple devil began his search for any of the guards, he moved swiftly and silently through the dark and smoky corridor, picking up several men as he moved.  Eventually the load became too uncomfortable for the devil, plus, they themselves could risk injury if he were to accidentally drop them. 


Slam activated his tornado, and spun himself out of the building.  He set the men down on the stretchers that had been laid in the park, where ambulance crew attended the injured men immediately.  Satisfied with what was happening, Slam turned around and spun himself back to the mayor’s building. 


He walked up the stairs quickly, but he didn’t check his surroundings like Ace had always made them do.  During missions, the team should check their surroundings constantly, whether to look for crime or people in danger.  Slam always had that in mind, but getting back inside to make sure that Rev was still okay was his primary concern.


As he was about to open the door and join Rev, The purple Tasmanian devil heard a noise behind him, but it was too late; as the last thing he saw was the back of a gun that hit him hard on the back of his head.  And it knocked him out cold.




Ace signalled with his fingers for Tech to quietly find the central power unit, and unsheathing his guardian strike sword, Ace prepared to attack.


It took Ace several moments to convince the desert canine that he would be okay without his help, before finally; Tech retreated to a small shaft in the wall.


Carefully unscrewing the screws at the corners of the panel with his magnetic powers, Tech crouched down to avoid being seen and watched Ace.  He wanted to make sure that his leader would be okay; the electricity could wait if need be.


Ace walked quietly, and made sure that he was low to the ground and he couldn’t be seen by the attackers.  He rolled silently in front of a brown leather sofa, just next to a broken pot plant, and carefully, the male rabbit peered over the sofa. 


There were two armed guards either side of a door, the door which lead to the mayor’s office.  Ace considered his options, not that he had many.  He had to make sure that he wasn’t seen by the two men and get them out of the way as quickly and as quietly as he could.  If there was a struggle, someone on the inside of the mayor’s office might hear him and put the mayor’s life at risk.


Breathing almost silently, as he manoeuvred around the sofa, Ace hid himself behind the broad green leaves of the pot plant.  He tucked his ears down and looked again, the two guards had their guns at the ready, and the slightest glance at Ace could set everything off.


Ace was about to strike when he heard a grunt, and the sound of something tumbling down the stairs.  Ace, and the two guards all turned their heads towards the origin of the sound, the two guards mumbled about what it could be, losing interest in what they had obviously been assigned to do as they conversed.


The Loonatic leader would normally have checked to see what was going on, but he couldn’t give his position away when he was so close.  He quickly jumped up, and flipped over the plant, and landed gracefully on the floor.  He stood up properly and prepared himself for battle.  The two guards hesitated, they weren’t expecting that.  One of them reached for their gun, while the other ran towards the bunny, who jumped up, grabbing the man’s shoulders, and kicking him away.  The attacker stumbled and fell, crashing into the sofa behind Ace. 


The other man, who had been busy working his gun, now took off the strap and discarded the item.  He decided to take a different approach to the man preceding him, instead he mimicked Ace’s movements.  If the yellow rabbit moved left, so would he. 


Ace eventually got annoyed with what was happening and began to ponder questions on his mind,  while he tried to outwit the attacker opposite him, ‘Where’s Tech with the lights, surely he would’ve been back by now?  Ace shook off the thought, as he finally was able to scurry to the door.  The attacker quickly dived at him, but Ace was too quick and raised his right leg, and kicked the man out of the way.  The force knocked the attacker into a wall and he collapsed.


Ace sighed with relief and, bracing himself, he slowly and carefully opened the door.  Suddenly, and luckily not before anyone inside noticed the slowly opening door which was only ajar, Ace felt arms around his neck and shoulders.  It was the previous man, the one who had been knocked into the sofa. 


Ace grunted, and with all the power he could muster, he turned himself around slightly so that there was an empty wall ahead of him.  He quickly ‘ran’ up the wall with his legs, and was able to pull himself free from the attacker’s clutches.  Ace quickly slammed the man into the wall, and pinned him there using a leg and an elbow.  After catching his breath, the yellow bunny relaxed his hold on the attacker, who slipped daintily down the wall.


Not wanting to waste any more time, Ace returned to the door, and pushed it open enough for him to creep through, and surveyed the sight in front of him.




“Whoa!”  Rev shouted in alarm as the almighty purple Tasmanian devil of the team was awkwardly thrown at him.  The devil’s weight knocked Rev over and he was sent cascading to the floor, Rev only had a chance to glimpse at the four armed men who had thrown Slam at him, before he hit the ground roughly and soon was pinned down by Slam’s weight.


Rev tried to squeeze himself out, but it was too difficult, and he wasn’t strong enough to lift the unconscious devil up just by a few inches to allow him to get out from under him.


The red avian sighed, there was no point in doing anything that would waste his energy, it was futile.  He’d have to wait for Slam to come around before he would be able to move, but in his current position, Rev was stuck.



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Ace carefully moved into the room, he squatted down and moved carefully behind a desk, no one had noticed him yet, but he still kept on his guard.  Sitting up, but keeping his ears close against his head, Ace listened to what was going on at the other side of the room.


The mayor was sat on, and tied to, her desk chair, but it had been wheeled over to the panoramic wall-size window that overlooked the park below.  The chair was faced away from the window however, where the mayor faced two of the armed men, who had her held at gun point.


Another man was standing by the phone at the mayor’s oak desk; he was sitting on the desk examining files, while another two men were searching through books and files that originally were placed neatly on a dark brown oak bookcase that stretched across the length of the back wall.  Now the books and files lay scattered and broken at the men’s feet, as they continued to search through the items.


Ace cursed silently to himself.  This was going to be more difficult than he had expected, he was up against five armed men with a hostage.  He really could’ve used back up at this point, but Tech still wasn’t back yet, and neither was the electricity.  Where was Tech, and why couldn’t he hear the others, Why hadn’t Duck and Lexi finished yet and come up to give him and Tech aid?  Ace suddenly felt a horrible, sinking feeling wash over him.  Something had gone very wrong; he hadn’t heard the sound of any gun fire…yet, so at least he knew there was till a chance that they were all alive…


Suddenly the door to the mayor’s office burst open, sending Ace crashing to the floor, and into plain site of the mayor, and her attackers.  The yellow bunny quickly rose to his feet and readied himself for any attack, but none of the original raiders were really focused on him, instead they had their eyes focused on the male Duck and Coyote, and the female Rabbit who were tossed onto the floor by two of the guards who had opened the door to ‘dump’ the three anthros into the room.


Ace winced as he saw them all hit the floor, unconscious.  And he quickly turned to glare at the men who had brought them in, who acknowledged the fact that he was there, but did not stay, and as soon as they had entered, they left the room.


“Well,” the man who had been sitting on the mayor’s desk stood up, fiddling with something in his hand, he slowly walked over to Ace.  “The Loonatics, looking as glamorous as ever aren’t we?”  He smiled, eyeing the trio on the floor.


Ace grit his teeth, “Why are you here, what do you want with da mayor?”


“In time, In time.”  He spoke ever so calmly, but Ace considered this; the male rabbit wasn’t too much of a threat with so many armed men surrounding him, and with his team unconscious and unable to defend him, or themselves.


Ace sighed.  He was at his wits end he wasn’t sure how to help the mayor and he didn’t want to do it alone, especially with so much at risk.


“Sit down; we can continue this talk when they wake up.”  The man said, he lazily pointed again at the anthros on the floor, sitting down at another chair; he simply placed his hands behind his head, and waited.




Slam groaned and placed a trembling hand to the back of his head.  His vision was blurred and watery, and he felt someone underneath him, startled; The Tasmanian devil quickly stood up. 


 Turning around quickly to investigate, he found Rev, lying on the floor day dreaming; he was hastily shaken out of his trance however, by a concerned Slam who had woken him up to check that he was okay.


“Yeah-I’m-fine-Slam,-I’ve-just-been-under-you-for-a-while,-so-I-got-really- really- really- really- really-bored-so-I-guess-I-accidentally-started-to-day-dream-which-isn’t-really-that-bad-after-all-but-anyway-I’m-okay,-we-really-should-keep-it-in-mind-to-look-at-our-surroundings-better-though, -not-that-I’m-blaming-you-for-knocking-me-over,-I-wasn’t-fast-enough-to-move-out-of-the-way-which-is-funny-since-I’m-the-fastest-in-the-team-but-you-know-how-our-reactions-can-be-sometimes-when-we’re-startled-by-something-well-actually-I-don’t-know-whether-you-know-if-you-know-what-I-mean,-oh-look-there-I-go-again-rambling,-It-even-annoys-me-sometimes-that-I-can-go-off-subject-so-easily-but-you-know,- aww-man-I’ve-done-it-again,-really-I-should-stop-asking-if-people-know-you-know?-because-I-don’t-know-if-they-know-what-I’m-talking-about…but-I’ll-just-stop-now…hee-hee.”  Rev smiled innocently as he stood up.


Slam grinned back at the avian as he and the red bird quietly investigated the rest of the ground floor, wanting to make sure they couldn’t risk something like that incident happening again.


The duo walked cautiously along the dark corridor in silence, not wanting to give away their positions to any possible foes that could be waiting for them.


“Oh-yeah-Slam!”  Rev turned and quietly addressed the devil next to him, “When-those-raiders-threw-you-at-me-I-saw-that-about-four-of-them-threw-you,-so-they-might-be-here-somewhere.  Or-I-guess-they-could’ve-gone-upstairs.  Hey,-have-you-heard-from-Lexi-or-Duck,-it’s-been-awfully-quiet-up-there, I-hope-they’re-okay.  But-I-guess-Ace-did-say-that-we-had-to-stay-down-here,-so-there’s-no-point-in-worrying-about-them-if-we-don’t-need-to…”


Slam suddenly stopped in his tracks, causing the red bird to discontinue with what he was saying, he too now stared straight ahead, at the man with a gun raised to the duo, standing at the other end of the corridor, at a distance of maybe five metres, and he was still in close range.  Slam and Rev simultaneously looked at each other, they could easily take him, but getting into the right place to do something about the threat was the hard part, but they’d manage.  They had to.




A green glow accompanied by a strange whirring noise wrapped itself around Tech before it disappeared and the green coyote wearily and slowly sat up.  He stared, at first, at the men in the room who he was not familiar with, each doing a certain job, none of them spoke and they all had monotone expressions on their predominately masked faces.


He then turned to his left where he was met with the site of Ace, he looked annoyed at his position, sitting down, bored and defenceless, while he watched his team-mates, his friends, lie helplessly beside him, unaware of the danger.  Ace looked at Tech with concern, and gestured to Lexi and Duck who sat to the right of the coyote.  Tech looked down at the two in pity, while Ace leaned over to whisper to him.


“Are you okay?”


“A couple of aches and pains but I’m good.  I was knocked down the stairs when one of the guards came up carrying Lex, but I think the one with Duck must’ve hauled me up here too.  I hit my head on the stairs a couple of times so I think I was knocked out, it’d explain my aching head I guess.”  Tech described to his leader, before gesturing to Lexi and Duck, “What about them?”


Ace sighed, and half smiled, “You guys were worse earlier, all sprawled together, but I sorted you out, at least so you wouldn’t be all knotted together when you woke up.  Duck and Lex…”  Ace rubbed the back of his head, “I not sure, you guys have been out for a while, I’m just wondering why dey haven’t woken up yet.”


Tech looked up at the other men in the room, making sure they weren’t watching the two Loonatics, as he moved over slightly and inspected Duck’s head, while Ace made sure the other men didn’t see that the two of were ‘up and about’.  But the Loonatic leader did occasionally turn to see what Tech was doing, especially when Tech inspected Lexi.


Tech ‘scooted’ back to Ace after checking the two injured Loonatics and reported his findings, “I don’t know chief, they’re unconscious, but I just don’t know why…”


Duck moaned as he sat up, rubbing his head.  The sound and motion turned the heads of both Ace and Tech, the two anthros quickly asking Duck what happened, catching the water fowl off guard.


“Duck, what happened? Are you okay…is Lexi?”  Ace asked frantically.  Duck looked at him blankly with a scowl across his face after he felt the room begin to spin again.


“Can’t a guy recover from an injury without someone bombarding me with questions?”  Duck continued to rub his head as he sat up, he looked around himself as he spoke, his last gaze resting upon Lexi, who was still unconscious.  “Whoa, is she okay?”  Duck immediately voiced is concern for his team mate as he looked her over.


“Dats what I just asked you.”  Ace replied monotonly, “Duck…what happened?”


Duck drew in a breath before explaining, in marvellous detail, what had happened to him and Lexi, making sure he didn’t miss any piece of vital information out.  “…and then he just fired the gun, we thought it was gonna kill us, but somehow it didn’t…”  Duck turned his head to address Ace, “Ace…about Lexi…I heard her say your name right before we were hit, I guess…since we thought it would be the end….I guess she wanted her last thought to be of you.”  Duck half smiled at his leader, who looked shocked and at a loss for words.


Ace felt a lump come to his throat, he wasn’t going to cry, and if he felt the need to; he’d choke back the tears.  It warmed his heart to know that she would’ve thought of him right before the end, but it upset him that she could’ve been killed and he wouldn’t have been there to help her.  He was glad that Duck had pushed her out for the way earlier, or she may’ve been killed then.  Duck, as arrogant as he was, did care a lot for his team, so much that he would put himself in danger to help them.  And although Duck liked to hide his caring personality, Ace knew of it, but he decided not to mention it to save Duck his reputation. 


Ace moved past Tech and Duck, to his right, and sat with Lexi, he rested her head on his lap and waited for her to wake up, he wanted to see her again and to see her smile and laugh.




Lexi stirred and moaned softly after she woke up, she had been unconscious for the longest amount of time, and the Loonatics who had been accompanying her had started to get worried.


She made a face of pain and brought a hand up to her head as she breathed in deeply, obviously in pain.  Noticing this, Tech and Duck crawled over to the two bunnies, sitting themselves in front of the female rabbit to make sure that the guards in the room did not see that she had awoken, they were waiting for all of the Loonatics to wake up, and Ace had voiced that he didn’t want the attackers to find them all awake, unless he knew that they were uninjured and would be able to fight or defend themselves if they needed to.


“Lex…are you okay?”  Ace looked down at her, running a hand through her hair as he looked over her with concern, Lexi looked up, gave a brief smile at him; before a shot of pain ran through her head and she immediately clenched her fists and shut her eyes tightly.


Tech looked at the injured bunny with trepidation.  She was in a bad way and he assumed that she may have suffered from a head injury somehow, that she hadn’t recognised prior to waking up.


Tech held her head in his hands, while he caressed the right hand side, feeling for any wounds or swollen injuries to her head.  He furrowed his eyebrows; he couldn’t feel that there was anything wrong with her, so maybe the damage wasn’t external, and was internal instead; something that the coyote feared deeply.


Tech glanced worriedly at Ace, who picked up what the coyote had discovered instantaneously.  “Lexi….how…how are you feeling?”  The coyote asked, he wasn’t sure what he could do; they were surrounded by a deadly threat and Lexi had possibly sustained a life threatening head injury and there was very little that the coyote could work with, other than the bunny herself, to properly hypothesize and examine what was wrong with his team mate.


Lexi drew in a deep breath before replying, “I’ve just got this awful pain in my head…”  She started, but Tech interrupted her.


“What kind of pain, jabbing…throbbing?”


“It’s just throbbing, I feel thirsty and it’s been a while since I last drank anything…so I’m guessing I’m just dehydrated.”  Lexi looked up at the three males who now stared down at her with relieved expressions painted across their faces.


“Oh,” Tech blushed, he rubbed the back of his neck, he was embarrassed that he had gotton himself, and the others so worked up.


Lexi looked from Tech to Ace quizzically, “…Why…what do you think is wrong?” 


“Don’t worry Lexi; we just thought it could’ve been somet’in’…more…serious dan lack of water…”  Ace awkwardly replied.


“But still,” Tech looked troubled, “Dehydration is serious, we need to get you some water, or you’ll be in no condition to fight…or think, depending on the severity of this.”


“Yeah, dehydrated brains don’t perform well…”  Ace remarked as he remembered what he had always been taught back during his stunt double days.  Lexi sat up from her position next to him, still holding her head, she took in her surroundings, and after realising what was going on around her she turned back to the group.

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“Oh…”  Was all she could think of to say, but suddenly her alarmed face transformed into one of confusion, “What are they doing?”


“No idea.”  Duck frowned.


“…And where’s Rev and Slam?”


Ace noticed the anxiety in Lexi’s voice, “Don’t worry about dem” He replied sternly, “I’m sure they’re fine.  Right now our main concern is you, and getting out of here…with da mayor.”  Ace assessed the situation, “dere’s only one t’ing we can do…”


“Hey!”  Ace shouted over to the ‘lead’ attacker, who was occupying himself with a book after becoming bored with waiting for the Loonatics to wake up, he turned to look at the yellow bunny and his comrades beside him, and stood up, approaching the four with caution; gun raised, ready to fire it if need be.


Ace held up his hands defensively, “We don’t mean you any harm.  Could we just get a glass of water?”


The man looked startled, and he reluctantly turned his attention to the two men searching relentlessly through the book case.  “Hey Joe!”


One of the men turned his head to the leader, while his companion continued with his task, “Go get some water will you?”


‘Joe’ looked puzzled, but, glad to be temporarily withdrawn from his book case search, he complied, and walked over to a small water dispenser.  He retrieved a plastic cup from the stack and filled it with cool water, before slowly walking back to his leader, and placing the cup in one of his hands.  “Here you go Tom, you need any help?”  He gestured to the Loonatics, as ‘Tom’ handed the cup over to Ace, who in turn, gave it to Lexi.


“Drink it, all of it.” Tech whispered.  He commanded Lexi to drink the entire cup-full of the cool fluid; he didn’t want her to risk getting hurt if she ran out of sense during any fights that seemed inevitable.  Lexi unquestioningly drank.


“....No Joe.  I’m fine, it’ll all be over for them soon anyway.”  He smiled, while Joe returned to the book case obediently, before turning his attention back to the Loonatics.


“Well, Well, Well.  It looks like everyone’s finally woken up.”  Tom walked up and down, eyeing the four anthros before him, who made no movements whatsoever.  “Well, I can guess why you’re all here, but can you guess why I am?”


Ace scowled.  “You’re holdin’ da mayor hostage for somet’in’, we’re not sure what, but dat’s not exactly a priority right now.”


Tom raised his eyebrows, “Not a priority, not a…!”  He scoffed, outraged for an unknown reason, “That’s all you guys ever care about, ‘priorities’ you completely disregard everyone, or everything else unless it’s a ‘priority’.  What about her?”  Tom pointed to the Mayor, who wasn’t in ear shot, but had been eyeing the situation intently from her trust-up position on the chair.  “She’s the only reason you came here, what if there was something larger attacking down town, and who would you choose; the mayor, or hundreds of innocent citizens?”


Ace remained quiet, honestly he wasn’t sure, he didn’t want to contradict the man, but he definitely didn’t want to admit that he had a good point.


Tom smirked, “I though that’s how you’d reply.  Do you think you’re too good for villains like us?  Do you think we’re just gonna surrender to the mighty Loonatics because you’re super freaks?  ‘Cause we’re not, we have you right where we want you, defenceless and willing to do anything that we want, because of course you don’t want the mayor to say her good bye’s before her legitimate time has come…do you?”


Again, Ace remained quiet, and the mute actions of their leader told the rest of the Loonatics that they were to do so too.  Even Duck refrained from opening his beak.


Tom’s smirk vanished, and he swiftly leant forwards and grabbed Lexi by the wrist, hauled her up and held her against him.  “So what about her then?”  Tom smirked, nudging Lexi’s arm with his gun while she remained perfectly still, not daring to talk or move, but her heart kept pounding with anxiety, and her eyes were wide with fear and shock.


Ace grit his teeth, but he had to refrain himself from making any sudden movements, he couldn’t risk anything.  His eyes kept focusing on three different things, Tom, the gun, and Lexi; three important factors that could lead to a devastating outcome if the situation wasn’t handled carefully.


Tech and Duck had raised their heads in alarm when Tom had grabbed Lexi, she was sitting right next to them, but the sudden movement had caught them off guard, but they still felt guilty for not making an attempt to help her; and they now glared at the man, they too couldn’t do anything that was too risky to save her.


Tom continued his previous rant, “Is she more important?  Would you help her if you had to choose between all of your team mates?”  Tom only addressed Ace.


Ace Looked between Lexi and Tom, “I’ll cross dat bridge when I get to it…”  His agitation was showing, but also the stress that was tugging at him, if he said the wrong thing; Lexi could be killed, or injured badly.


“Answer me.”  Tom looked and sounded like a mad man as he pulled Lexi closer to him, and pointed the gun this time, at her chest, “You’ve got someone’s life on the line!”  He smiled cynically.


Ace sighed, he looked at Tech and Duck with pity as he felt the secret flow from his lips, “I’d save her…”


Tom smiled, “I thought that would be your answer.”


New forms of agitation now coursed through Ace.  Not only was Lexi in grave danger, but that man had crossed the line; he had made him verbalise a secret that he hadn’t given much thought to before, he knew that Duck and Tech understood, and that was the answer Tom wanted to hear anyway.  “Why do you want to know anyway?”  Ace hissed, he glared at the man, and he could barely hold back the temptation to shoot the man with his laser vision, but that would only cause mayhem.


“I was just wondering.”


Ace now looked both confused and annoyed, “Then what do you want Lexi for?”


“I guess it’s just one of the best ways to get an answer out of you…and to get you to do whatever I damn well please.”  He briefly looked down at Lexi, who was shaking with fear, and then over to the two men at the book case.  “Hey Shane” He called to the previously unnamed man as he held Lexi by the arm, “Watch them, will you?”  He gestured to the three anthros on the floor.  Shane walked over, with his gun at the ready.


“Sure thing boss, can I ask where you’re going with this lovely young lady here?”  He placed one of his free hands on Lexi’s chin, but she roughly moved her head away with a snarl.  Shane scoffed, “Have fun.”


“Trust me,” Tom looked down at the now enraged Ace on the floor, “…I will.”  He grinned, as he pulled Lexi away forcefully.  She did her best to fight his pull, but he was too strong, and the hold he had on her restricted her movement; sadly for her, she couldn’t stop him from pulling her into another room…




Rev sighed with exhaustion. 


He and Slam had finally taken down all of the men.  The two stood back to back, panting and sweating.  Eventually the two sank to the floor to collect themselves; they had been fighting for a long time.  All of their surroundings were broken, some beyond repair. 


The attackers had a lot of backup, and the two finally were able to get rid of them all.  But it was a pain staking process; they were hungry, thirsty and were very tired.  If there was another ambush they could be in trouble.  They didn’t have enough stamina to face up to more.




“Where did he take her?”  Ace demanded, he had to fight the urge to stand up, he couldn’t though; the three Loonatics had Shane’s gun trained at them, and Ace couldn’t afford to have any fatal mistakes being made.


Shane smiled, “Into another room.”


“Why?”  Duck glared at Shane with a hostile look that the others had never seen before.


“Because.  He’s the boss, I don’t ask questions; I follow orders.”


“Yeah.  But you knew why, what’s going on?”  Tech asked in a quiet but intense voice that was so typical of him.  He looked at Shane severely, reading him; his expression, his attitude.


“Why don’t you go and find out yourself?”  Shane smirked.  He had them there, they wouldn’t and couldn’t do anything, and seeing them suffer was enjoyable for him.


Duck snarled, “Don’t think we wont!”  Duck hastily teleported and leaped onto Shane once he had rematerialized, and tackled the man to the ground, the waterfowl kicked the man’s gun out of his hand while Ace and Tech, who had been delayed due to shock, quickly sprang into action. 


Ducking and rolling, flipping and kicking; the three Loonatics fought long and hard to rid themselves of their foes, as quickly as possible.


Ace landed next to Tech, a man quickly running towards the male rabbit and preparing himself for attack. 


“Ace, find Lexi…go help her.  I’ll take care of things here.”  Tech whispered to Ace sternly.


“T’anks Tech” Ace smiled, and patted him on the back.  “Good luck!”  And he quickly ran to the room that Tom had pulled Lexi through, carefully and quietly, he opened the door, and slipped into the darkened room.


The obscurity of the room daunted Ace, who became exceedingly worried for Lexi’s safety.  She had already gone through the trauma of a similar situation before, and was in fear of it happening again just a few days ago.  If it happened again, Ace wasn’t sure how much she would be able to take.


Ace heard movement towards the back of the room, it was quiet and the movement sounded small and hushed, and Ace feared that something bad was happening to Lexi. 


Cautiously, so that Tom wouldn’t hear him, Ace edged closer to where he heard the noise, as he moved he heard it again.  This time it was accompanied by the sound of a slap and someone breathing out loudly.  Both anger and curiosity brought Ace closer to the origin of the sound and he placed his hand on the hilt of his sword, ready to attack.


A gap in the curtains illuminated some of the room, but only in small patches that revealed objects in a bluish tint, it was only about a metre and a half ahead of him that he saw the scene that was unfolding ahead of him.


Tom had Lexi pressed against a wall, with his hands running up and down various areas of her torso, mainly around her chest, while he had his gun against her side and his lips pressed against hers while Lexi tried her best to keep his hands and lips off her, but not aggravating the dangerous man when he had a weapon against her.

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Ace was outraged.  How dare he do that to her!  He was glad he came when he did, at least Lexi wasn’t in too much of a bad way, but had he come later she might have been; Ace was about to attack when he heard Tom speak to Lexi.


“So, I wonder what you’re little friends are doing right now.  Obviously they have more things on their minds than helping you.”


We were running though the town
Our senses had been drowned
No place we hadn't been before


Lexi glared at him, “They’re doing their job.  If I needed help I would’ve called out by now.”


We learned to live and then
Our freedom came to an end

Tom gave her a look of disbelief, “Really now?”  He gestured his head towards the gun, “You would’ve risked being shot to call out for help?”


We have to break down this wall


“Anything’s better than being here with you.”


Too young to live a lie
Look into my eyes


“Really?  I’m sure I can make it worth your while.  It’s not like anyone else is gonna come to help you anyway.  They probably don’t even care.”  Tom raised an eyebrow, before he went to her lips again.


“You sure about that doc?”  Ace tapped Tom on the shoulder and sent him a menacing glare before his fist met Tom’s face.


Ready, set, go it's time to run
The sky is changing we are one
Together we can make it while the world is crashing down

 “Don’t ever say that again.”  Ace shoved the man onto the floor before checking on Lexi. 


Don't you turn around


 She had begun to cry and Ace put a hand on her cheek to wipe away the tears.  “Don’t worry Lexi, I’m here now.”  He cooed as he pulled her into a hug.


We are looking back again
On loneliness and pain
Never been so wide awake


Lexi found comfort in the hug, and momentarily forgot about the man, until she realised that he was approaching Ace from behind, with the back of his gun ready to strike the male rabbit’s head. 


Breathe slowly in and out
somewhere beyond the clouds
I can see the morning break


Too young to live a lie
Look into my eyes


“Ace move!”  She screamed.


Ready, set, go it's time to run
The sky is changing we are one
Together we can make it while the world is crashing down


She pushed Ace out of the way and ducked.  The gun swung near her, barely missing her shoulder as Ace swiftly grabbed the man’s shirt and pulled him away from her.


Don't you turn around


Ace kicked him in the stomach and the man sank to his knees, but not before he pulled Ace’s leg, making the rabbit fall hard on his back.


Leave it all behind you now
The final wall is breaking down


Tom was ready to finish the male rabbit off as he reached for his gun, but Lexi kicked it away from him and ran to help Ace onto his feet. 


We are what it's all about
Nothing can stop us now


Receiving no response from her partner, Lexi got onto her hands and knees to try and communicate properly with the rabbit.  Ace soon sat up, and upon realising that Tom had recovered his gun and now had it trained on the two made his instincts take over as he pulled Lexi behind him, effectively using his own body to shield her from the gun. 


I promise you right know
I never let you down


But Ace wasn’t ready to be shot and killed yet.


Ready, set, go it's time to run

A long, hot beam of laser knocked the man to the ground and effectively made him lose consciousness.


The sky is changing we are one
Together we can make it while the world is crashing down


Don’t Turn Around


Upon hearing the noise, Lexi crawled out from behind the rabbit, “Why did you do that?”  She whispered to Ace as he wrapped his arms around her.


Ready, set, go it's time to run
The sky is changing we are one
Together we can make it while the world is crashing down


“It was me he wanted, I couldn’t bare to see you get hurt because of me.  I love you Lexi.”  Ace pulled away, again, removing the salty tears form her eyes, “Even if it was you he wanted, I wasn’t gonna let him shoot you, even if you survived it I wouldn’t want to see you suffer or die, I wouldn’t be able to carry on.”


Don't you turn around

Lexi drew in a deep breath and smiled at him, “Thanks then…”


Don't you turn around


“Yeah,” Ace smiled awkwardly, “Thanks for helping too.  Now lets get out of here, it’s givin’ be the creeps after what he tried to do with you in here.”  Ace stood up and took Lexi’s hand.  “Let’s go home.”  The two opened the door fully and were met with a bright light. 




Don't you turn around


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The Loonatics waved off the mayor as she was loaded into an ambulance for psychiatric care after receiving quite a shock in the mayhem of the situation at her office. 


Though many of her guards were also being loaded into the emergency vehicles for more physical treatment at one of the city’s nearby hospitals, they would still have to undergo medical checks, undergo treatment for shock and also be retrained and questioned by authorities after the situation was not carried out as it should have been.


The attackers were also being handcuffed, and loaded into the back of police vans, ready to be sent to the Acmetropolis Subterranean Prison, where they would too be analysed by psychiatrists, and questioned by the authorities for their actions.


“Well gang, dat was some good work today, from all of ya.”  Ace smiled as the Loonatics turned back to face each other, their leader praised them each individually:  Slam and Rev for their endurance and ability to follow orders despite their longing urge to check on the well being of their fellow team mates. 


Duck.  For his quick thinking when he and Lexi were originally on the second floor; where the waterfowl saved Lexi’s life after pushing her out of the way of an attacker who had been sneaking up on her from behind.  And also for his quick actions at disarming Tom and launching a surprised attack on the rest of their new found foes after becoming tired of being a ‘sitting duck’. 


Tech was praised for his determination, making sure that Ace was going to be okay when the two were on the top floor and the coyote had to leave the bunny’s side to restore power to the building. 


Lexi was praised for her bravery, though she felt that she didn’t deserve her leader’s commendation, Ace had convinced her that although she was taken somewhere against her will which was a traumatic experience for her, after being held a gun-point and not crying out for aid or putting herself at risk, she showed excellent valour even in the life-threatening situation that she was in.  


“I’m proud of you all, and I’m sure da mayor is too.”  Ace smiled, he glanced down at the built in watch on his uniform’s wrist cuff, “Well, its gone 5:00, we should probably head back home, you guys are gonna need to get ready if you want to make it to da Basherball stadium before shoot off at 7:00.”  Ace activated his jet pack, the rest of the team following suite, and the six superheroes of Acmetropolis flew home together.




“Come on already Rev!”  Duck called from the main room as he, Slam and Tech stood in their casual clothes; ready to go to the Basherball game that had been Rev’s birthday present from Duck. 


The waterfowl was wearing a Blue and white striped shirt with denim blue jeans, he also had the four tickets in his black feathered hands as he stood with his arms folded over his chest; tapping his foot impatiently.


“He’ll be here in a minute, he was last to take a shower remember.”  Tech reminded the bird, he had looked back at the waterfowl after he had finished talking with Ace and Lexi about their mission.  The Bunny duo stood by the sofa, away from the group.  The desert Canine was wearing a green button-up shirt, with the first two buttons left undone, and a pair of blue jeans or natural brown fur. 


Slam was also in casual clothes, revealing his brown fur too.  The Tasmanian devil, wearing a multicoloured striped polo shirt with jeans, grumbled out loud to the assembled group, “Ehuipo ijdfj Rpfpg dhrpny cjcpd, wdfe stidf going?”


“Trust Me Slam,” Duck flipped through the tickets as he spoke, before looking up and addressing the Tasmanian devil of the team, “If Rev’s mauled by a bear, we’re still going to the Basherball game.” 


Slam gave Duck a toothy grin, but his brown fur was soon blown by the wind shear that was made by the team’s fastest member, running from his room and stopping still by the door where the four anthros stood waiting.


“Sorry-guys-I-know-it-took-a-long-time-but-I-couldn’t-find-my-camera-I-was-looking-for-it-every-where-and-I-was-paniking-because-I-didn’t-want-to-be-late-so-then-I-took-lots-of-time-to-find-it-because-I-was-worrying—about-being-late-and-us-missing-the-game-and-then-having-you-guys-getting-annoyed-with-me-but-then-I-remembered-that-it-was-on-my-bedside-table-after-I-had-taken-it-out-of-my-bag-after-the-camping-trip,-and-my-bedside-table-was-kinda-the-last-place-I-expected-to-have-it…so-I-kinda-didn’t-look-there-until-I-was-about-to-give-up-and-get-going,-but-then-I-found-it-so-we’re-good-now!”  Rev grinned.


“Yeah, let’s get going already then.”  Duck announced.  Ace and Lexi approached the group of four to give them their goodbyes as they departed.


As he was about to follow the group out, Tech turned back to the bunny duo, “The game starts at 7:30, we’ll get dinner there so we’ll probably be home by 11:00.  So, I guess we’ll see you then...or in the morning…”  The coyote eyed the duo suspiciously before leaving Ace and Lexi home alone.




“I don’t see why they all look at us so…suspiciously whenever they leave the two of us alone.  Why are they so concerned about what we’re gonna do when they’re not around!”  Ace sighed as he sat down on the sofa roughly; he looked back at Lexi as she walked down the small set of steps and hesitantly sat next to him as he put his arm around her. 


“Well you know,” Lexi sat forwards so she could look back at Ace, “They’re just concerned…I mean, with the whole…me being a girl…and you being a guy…stuff can…happen…”  She blushed and redirected her stare to her feet.


Ace smiled and leaned forwards, grabbing her and pulling her back against him while she giggled.  “…yeah well stuff has happened…”  Ace whispered into her ear quietly.


Lexi smirked and rolled her eyes, she stood up and stretched out.  “I’m gonna go and take a quick shower…I’ll be out soon, and then I’ll make a start on dinner.”


Ace looked up at her, surprised, “Oh…ok den, I’ll be in da trainin’ room den.”


Lexi looked at him quizzically, and then awkwardly began to step backwards, “…Okay then…I’ll be back soon…”


Lexi looked at the male bunny intently as she moved, before finally coming to a halt, “Ace, what’s wrong?”  She sighed as she walked back over to him and into his embrace.


“It’s just dat…”  Ace moved backwards slightly, so that he could look into her eyes as he spoke, Lexi mimicked his movements and stared up at him, “…I was kinda hopin’ you and I could spend some more time together, you know…now dat we’ve finally got a chance to be alone.”


Lexi stared at the ground somewhat guiltily, “Well…I guess a shower can wait ‘til the morning.”  She smiled up at him.   Sooooooo, what are we gonna do?”


Ace looked at her blankly, “Umm….I’m not sure….”  He blushed, while Lexi smiled at him.  She looked over to the kitchen with a small sigh.


“Might as well make dinner, I suppose.”


Ace gave her a pitiful look, “Y’know Lex, you and I could go out for dinner, save you cooking…I know you don’t like to.  I’ll buy.”  He smiled at her.


Lexi turned her head back to face him and frowned, “No Ace.  We’ve already been out for dinner not so long ago,” She hesitated, thinking of that evening….and night, “It wouldn’t be fair.”


“Well, if you insist, we’ll split da check.”


In an annoyed fashion, Lexi blew away a stray hair from in front of her eye and sighed, “But…”  She started.


Ace rolled his eyes before pressing a finger to her lips, hushing her, “Come on Lex, It’ll be fun.  We could see a movie afterwards too…or somethin’, just da two of us, and we won’t have to worry about da others interrupting anythin’…”  He smiled, kissing her in the place that his finger had been.


Lexi drew in a deep breath, he had her there.  He was good when it came to persuasion, “Fine then.”  She smiled.


“Dat’s my girl,” He smiled as the two walked out of the main room and into the corridor to access their rooms.


Lexi abruptly turned around and looked at him when they neared their rooms, and gave him a confused stare, “Don’t ever say that again” She shook her head as she spoke before smiling up at him.


Ace, realising he had just made a fool of himself, looked down, “Sorry” He replied, smiling; he looked back up when he felt her lips on his cheek.


“Don’t be sorry.”  She said softly as she pulled away, “See you in a few!”  And she turned and went into her room.


Ace put a hand on his cheek, and grinned, “Yep.”




“Alright ma’am, you might experience some post traumatic stress after the incident today, but I doubt you have suffered any cerebral problems, so I think you’ll be just fine.”  The doctor pulled the small torch away from the woman’s eye sight.  “You weren’t injured and your vitals still look good, so I think all you need is a good night sleep and you’ll be fine.”  He stood up, allowing the slightly plump lady to rise as well.


The Mayor fixed her skirt and hair before addressing the tall, young, blond doctor in front of her, “Thank you, Doctor Mason.”


The man smiled, “Any time.”


The Mayor looked around the private office she had been sitting in.  Her Doctor, the one standing ahead of her, was one of her most trusted associates; he had helped her through many predicaments.  Especially after the shock of the meteor landing in Acmetropolis, and all of the stress that came with it for the Mayor.  He was a good friend to her too. 


She looked around the room, as her doctor filed away x-rays from previous patients, her eyes landed on a family photo that sat on his desk.  There were several actually, some hanging on the walls, and some placed on shelves. 


This particular photo was a photo of him, a shorter blond haired girl, with a larger family standing on the right of the photo.  There were two, peach-tanned coloured and almost identical (if not for the hair colour and style) rabbit anthro girls, who looked about the same age as the human girl.  One of the girls was hugging the human girl and was smiling, the other, a blond haired rabbit who the Mayor could vaguely recognise, was sitting on a rock with another smaller rabbit anthro.  Behind the initial group, were four male rabbit anthros, who looked to be older than the two twins.  The four were all wearing smart white shirts and trousers, with some badges on them, as well as naval hats.  They were all smiling.  Just in front of them were two other rabbit anthros.  The Male, looked to be the same height as the other four, whereas the woman standing next to him was somewhat shorter.  They all had smiling faces and were standing in a forested area, where the tips of distant canyons could be seen behind them, as well as the setting sun.


The photo made the Mayor smile.  She turned to look at some of the other photos that were dotted around the room; they all seemed to have a selection of the same people in them; Doctor Mason and the four naval rabbit Anthros, the two anthro twins and the human girl, the youngest rabbit anthro being held by the human girl; and the bunny couple standing together.


The Mayor smiled.  “So how’s Leah?”  She asked, turning to face Doctor Mason.  “Is she still working in Utah?”


“Er, Yeah.”  Doctor Mason looked back and smiled.  “Yeah, she’s working hard.  She finally got the certificate.”  He looked at the photo of the human girl.


The Mayor looked at him, confused, “What certificate?”


“Oh,” Doctor Mason looked up, “She’s trained to be both a doctor and a surgeon.  She’s really lucky, and I’m proud of her.  It takes a lot to be able to get into both of those medical fields.  I’ll probably bid for some leave soon so I can go back and visit everyone, so I can congratulate her properly.  I only got the call this morning.”


The Mayor smiled, “Well…the next time you speak to her, tell her I said congratulations.”  She picked up her hand bag and eyed her watch, “Well I had better get going.  I need to feed the cat at home, cook some dinner.”


Doctor Mason seemed to be lost in thought, but he turned to face the Mayor quickly after he had snapped out of his thoughts.  “Er yes.  Okay, but take it easy, get plenty of rest and I’m sure you’ll be fine.”


The Mayor looked at him thoughtfully, “I...might be able to grant you some leave, so you can take some time off.  You should be able to see your sister and friends again, especially after she’s achieved something like that.  I’ll see what I can do.”  The Mayor gave him a quick smile before leaving his office.


Doctor Mason smiled, he sank down into his chair and stared fondly at the group photo and began to muse over everything.  The Mayor was always true to her word.  And with her kind of authority, and all of the things he had done to help the woman, it was inevitable that he would be able to go back to Utah.


He picked up the photo and looked over it fondly, remembering everything, all of the good times, how much he missed his sister and friends.  He scanned his eyes over all of the faces in the group photo, remembering everyone and it made him smile, knowing he’d see them all soon as he continued to look.  But his smiled slowly withered away as his eyes rested on one particular person.


He frowned as he put the photo back on his desk, lent back in his chair and sighed.  “Now it would be even better if everyone would be back home when I got there.  It would be just like old times again.  Everyone, together.”  He shut his eyes briefly and let his gaze rest on the ceiling when he opened them again, “Why’d you have to get a job where it was difficult to leave the city?  Why can’t you come back home for a visit Lexi?”




“Okay, seats J22-J26.”  Duck announced as he eyed the tickets and looked along the row labelled ‘J’. 


The Mallard cleared his throat loudly to get the attention of the two people blocking his way to the central seats in the row.  Startled, the couple stood up, allowing more room for the four Loonatics to walk through, awkwardly, but still.


At the end of the small line of anthros, Tech put on an apologetic smile, and spoke quietly to the couple as he walked past and sat in his seat, “Sorry about him…”


The coyote wasn’t exactly one for sports, especially live sports.  But, being in a team of athletic anthros made it difficult for him to object to things like his.  He never was good at sports in school…or ever.  He had a fast working metabolism, so he was always thin.  But he never did do much physical…stuff unless it was necessary…or he was forced to like in high school.


Tech slumped in posture; he’d just have to endure it.  It was Rev’s birthday present anyway.  He had somewhat hoped that when he had offered his ticket to Ace, that the grey bunny would have taken his offering, and the coyote would have been back home in the quiet, relaxation of his Lab, or, maybe watching a movie or something with Lexi.  This was just plain boring.  Tech didn’t even know the rules of Basherball! But he couldn’t just get up and leave, Rev would be torn.  The bird spent so much time trying to get his desert friend to leave the confinement of his lab that Tech actually had improved his hearing and ‘sixth sense’ techniques because of the amount of times that the red bird had literally pulled him from his lab after sneaking up on him.


Whenever someone looked at him, Tech would just have to smile and pretend that he was enjoying himself.  Maybe he could just analyse the angles that the ball would have to be shot at for it to successfully penetrate the spiralling goal without being intercepted by another player before it reached the goal, or bouncing off of it. 


Or he could study the power that the ball was shot at, and work out how the techniques and strategise of the players would have to be improved if they wanted a one hundred percent chance of winning.


Tech smiled.  Physics was fun.  All of the angles, formulae and mind-boggling theories were fascinating; how someone would have had to sit and work out how the universe was created, or what it is expanding into, whether the universe in fact one of many in a giant multi-verse; or whether the universe had different dimensions that would explain the concept of worm holes and increased gravity fluctuations. 


At least this would give the scientist something to ponder while pretending to be interested in the game.  He knew that if Rev ever found out that Tech wasn’t paying any attention to the game, and in fact the coyote was devising hypothesis’ he was as good as…hurt.  But at least the coyote was actually at the game…right?



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 “So, I guess we’re gonna have to head down to the subterranean prison tomorrow, and have our go at interrogating the hostage takers from today, find out what da heck dey thought dey were doing, and listing all of da charges…and confirming it with da police.”  Ace spoke quietly.  The restaurant that he and Lexi were in was relatively quiet.  Soft guitars played in the background and a small candle in the centre of the table gave a small glow that illuminated whatever the fiery light touched.


There were small lights which gave the restaurant a soft, calm and quiet atmosphere about it, and one couldn’t help but talk quietly as the mood of the restaurant played with one’s conscience, fooling them into believing that whatever they said could be heard by everyone if they didn’t keep their voice down.


“Yeah,” Lexi sighed.  She slumped in posture; the light from the candle caught her eyes in a different way, causing the soft glow to make her emerald eyes sparkle, as if they were dancing in a golden fire. 


Ace smiled.  She looked so beautiful in the candle light, well, to him she always looked beautiful, but in the soft light; he couldn’t help himself from getting lost in the sparkling jade orbs.


Lexi looked at him; his dazed look confused her, “What?”  She smiled at him.


“Nothin’…well, you just look really, really nice tonight…well, not that you don’t always look nice, but you do right now and…”


“Ace…”  Lexi slowly removed her finger from the male rabbit’s lips, which had successfully refrained him from finishing his rambling sentence, “You’re staring to sound like Rev.  Please don’t!”


Ace smiled back, “Sorry.  Anyway, do you know what you’re gonna have?”


Lexi briefly looked down at the menu that was on the table in front of her, “Er, yeah. Yeah”


“Good, ‘cause I t’ink there’s a waiter comin’ now.”






Tech rapidly folded his ears down with his hands, trying to block out the sound of the booming loud speaker.  “Could this damn thing get any louder?”  He grumbled.




“Rev, I don’t actually like Basher-Whoa!”


“Move it Tech, I’m comin’ through!”  Duck announced as he shakily walked down the narrow isle of seats.  The Coyote stood up angrily, allowing the loud mouthed waterfowl to pass.


Tech sighed as he sat back down after the water-fowl had gone, “How long until it’s the end of the game, Slam?”


“ghtsk fufsojfsp jdgjl hour.”


“Half-an-hour?”  Rev repeated sadly, “There’s-only-half-an-hour-until-the-end-of-the-game…that sucks!”


“Wow Rev, you can actually talk slowly...sometimes?”  Duck laughed, it wasn’t often that Rev ever talked slowly…unless he was sad.


“Duck?”  Tech asked the bird puzzled, “Where did you go, you came back so fast…”


“I went to stretch my legs.  Superheroes need to have good working muscles and limbs.  That way they’re always ready for action!”


“Uh-huh?”  Tech replied sarcastically, ‘Ducks’




“An eight dollar tip, wow.   Thanks sir!”  Replied the young waiter as he took back the plate with the bill and his tip.


“Don’t mention it.”  Ace smiled as the man happily walked away.  He then turned back to Lexi who sighed, “What?”


“Ace, I told you that I didn’t want you to pay for all of it!  You said we would split the cheque!”


“Well…it doesn’t mean I had to remember dat.”  Ace smirked.  “Come on, let’s go.”  He held out a hand for Lexi as she stood up.


Lexi sighed, “Ace Bunny, you are a sneak!”  Ace smiled as the two left the restaurant together.




“Thanks Ace, the dinner was great.” Lexi smiled as she sat down on the couch in their headquarters.  The male rabbit didn’t reply, but he smiled instead, kissing the female before walking to the kitchen.


Ace opened a cupboard and pulled out a glass, “Hey Lex, you want something to drink?”  He began to pour himself a glass of water.



“Er, Nah I’m not…” Lexi was interrupted by the sound of a song coming from her bedroom.  “Whoops, my phone’s alive.  Be right back, Ace!”


“Umm...okay then?”  Ace smiled.


Within moments, Lexi returned, looking at her cell phone with some interest as a small smile began to form on her face.  “Oh my god!”  She grinned as she looked up from the small device.


“What’s wrong Lexi?”  Ace asked as he came over, with his drink still in his hand.


“Nothing’s wrong.  My friend, Leah, from back home, she’s just…she’s, she’s a surgeon now too!”


“’Too’, Lex, what do you mean?”


“Well, she’s a doctor, at a hospital near to where we live…well, in Utah.  She’s worked so hard for a long time to be able to be a surgeon too. Apparently it’s really hard to get the two jobs within the hospital because it takes a lot of skill, and time to achieve it.  And she’s just got it!  She’s wanted the job since…well, for a long time…”  She ‘trailed off’ at the end of her speech, her voice getting softer as if she was remembering something as she spoke.


“Why the interest in being a surgeon and a doctor?”  Ace asked.  He was both intrigued, and somewhat confused.


“Umm, she has an older brother, Alex.  He actually works somewhere here in Acmetropolis.  Their Dad, he’s in the navy…but not as an aviator like my brothers, he works in some…different field.  But he works in a submarine…as a medic, so that’s where they got it from.  Their mum, she works in the same little shop that my mum does, they’re good friends.  A lot of their family are into medicine, so I guess that’s partially where they got it, but it was mostly from their dad.


“Oh, Interestin’.  Utah seems like it would be a nice place to go to, well, at least the town that you grew up in.  Everyone seems to nice and skilful, not to mention…” 


Ace was cut off from his sentence when suddenly he noticed that Lexi had turned her attention to the door, her super hearing picked up the sound of movement on the other side of the door to the Loonatics’ headquarters.


Ace looked at the female with concern as she slowly stood up and began to walk to the door. “Lexi what…” He whispered, until she gestured for him to hush.  He walked with her to the door, bracing themselves, the two opened the door, and slowly they looked around.  No one was there.  But there was a small envelope resting at the bottom of the doorway.


“What’s this?”  Lexi picked up the envelope; it was addressed to all of the Loonatics.  She turned to Ace and showed him the envelope as they walked back into the room, “Do you think we should open it…or should we wait for the guys….we probably should wait…Y’know?”


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“Yeah…”  Ace replied.  “Funny.  It doesn’t say who it’s from?”


“Well…maybe the sender’s name is on the letter…or whatever is inside?”


“Yeah probably.  Anyway…”  Ace stretched out, and yawned before picking Lexi up bridal style, “…shall we go to my room and…” He smirked at her, his voice getting warmer with every word he spoke.


“…Watch a movie?”  Lexi finished.


Ace sighed, “Well I was more thinking that we could…”


“…Yeah…I know what you were thinking…and the brain that was doing the thinking, Ace.”  She smiled.  “But…could we, um…not tonight please.  Couldn’t we just watch a movie together?”


“Yeah I guess.  My room though, dat way we can avoid any suspicious comments when da guys get back.  They wouldn’t come into either of our rooms incase we were asleep, so dey won’t be able to ask what we did…’cause you know they will.”


“Yeah.”  Lexi sighed.  “I don’t see what they’re so worried about.  I mean, it’s our relationship, they can’t tell us what we can and can’t do.”


“Well, maybe they’re just concerned…for you, more dan me.  But still, I wouldn’t like it if say…you and Tech were…like you and I are.  I’d probably be behaving in the same way; dey just don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”  Ace put Lexi back down and the two started to walk back to Ace’s room together.


“Yeah…but…why?  Why me, it’s not like I can’t take care of myself.”  Lexi quickly eyed Ace, “You know I can take care of myself right?”


Ace smirked, “Of course we do.”


“Yeah, then explain why you’re always so protective.”


“Well…”  Ace scratched the back of his neck, thinking, “…because you’re a girl!”  He blurted out; he immediately regretted what he said when he saw the look in Lexi’s eyes. 


She was mad.


“Because I’m a what?”


Ace flinched, “Because you’re a girl...woman, umm, you know…you’re female because you have…well you know…girl stuff, and you defiantly weren’t born with a…”


Lexi shut her eyes in an annoyed manner, “…Yeah, yeah thank you.  I know that I’m a girl.  At least, the last time I checked, I was…”  She took a brief glance down at her chest before looking back at him, “Yep.  Still female.”  She smiled, before looking into space for a moment, “…Unless I’m a guy with moobs…?”


Ace smirked at her behaviour, before his amused expression turned to a confused one, “Moobs?”


“You know: Man boobs.”  Lexi smiled.


“Oh,” Ace smiled, raising his eyebrows, “Wow it must’ve been funny to be a girl in high school.”


Lexi gave him a blank stare before walking past him, “Noooooo.”  She turned back to him, “Definitely not.”


Ace crossed his arms and walked over to her, “How so?”


Lexi turned back to him, but jumped slightly upon realising that he was as close to her as he was, the last time she saw him, he was standing a few metres away, but she spoke nonetheless.  “Because, high school is that milestone where you become a woman” She spoke triumphantly, before muttering something quietly, “…well, sometimes you’re one before then, but that’s beside the point.”  She turned back to him, “Anyway, high school isn’t fun.  You practically lose your self esteem because there are always girls who will do whatever they can to crush your happiness.  Whether it’s fooling you into thinking that you’re really unattractive and you’re gonna live and die alone.  Or they make you think that being a bunny means that suddenly you have no rights, so they put a snake in your locker at school and laugh when you pick it up and throw it out of the window!”


Ace looked at Lexi, startled.  “Wait, people actually did dat…to you?”


“Yeah.”  Lexi sighed, and slumped in posture, before sinking to the ground by Ace’s bed.  “Kinda makes you wonder if they would ever be right about what they say.”


“Lexi don’t think that!”  Ace sat down on the floor with her and pulled her into a hug.  “It doesn’t matter about what dey say.  Dey weren’t even right anyway.  You’ve got lots of friends, you told me dat, you’ve got your sisters, brothers, their friends, all of da people you grew up with, your parents, us...and you’ve got me!”  He smiled at her, “So dey were wrong with lots of things.  Dey were only trying to mess with your head so that they could have their fun.”


Lexi looked back up at him, “Yeah.  If only you could’ve told me that when I was in high school.  It would’ve helped…a lot!”


Ace smiled at her, “Dey were probably just jealous of you anyway.  People who make fun of others are usually the ones who have the problem, dey just won’t admit it.”


“Ace, they made fun of me ‘because I’m a bunny, I doubt they had anything to hide there.”


“So?  Dere’s nothin’ wrong with what you look like, or where you come from, or who you are.  All dat matters is what you feel about yourself.  T’ink about it, you’re healthy, you’ve got a good job and you’ve got some great friends, you have lots of people who love you back home, you’ve got a successful family and a great leader who is in love with you!”  He gave her a thumbs up, which made her giggle, he then continued, “I mean look at you, you’ve got a great figure, a beautiful smile, your eyes sparkle no matter what type of light you’re in…and, you’re smart, you’re agile, you’re a great friend and you’re really wise.  From what I’ve heard you say, you’ve got a lot of family and friends back home in Utah who really care about you, who miss you and who love you.  And it’s da same with us.  Lexi, you’re like the heart of the team, I don’t t’ink we’d be able to go on if you weren’t here.  We all love you…well, not in the same way that I do…I hope, but you get along with all of us.  You can get a conversation out of us all, even Duck!”


“I guess you’re right…” Lexi wiped away a tear that she hadn’t even realised was on her cheek.


“I know I’m right, Lex.”  Ace placed a hand on her cheek and kissed her.  “And don’t let anyone ever tell you that there’s something wrong with you.  Because, the way I see it, you’re perfect

"Be nice to nerds, You'll probably end up working for one" - Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft

"Be yourself, don't take anyone else's s**t and NEVER let them take you alive" - Gerrard Way, 'My Chemical Romance'

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Lexi yawned and stretched out as she entered the kitchen area where the rest of the team were seated, she had just taken a shower, but was obviously the last one to have done so; it somewhat annoyed her, but she stepped into the room nonetheless.


The team all gave her the usual ‘good morning’ that they always did, but as usual, they continued either eating their breakfasts, or preparing it.


Ace walked up to the female bunny, kissed her on the cheek, before whispering to her, “Where’d you go this morning, I couldn’t find you?”


Lexi smiled and rolled her eyes.  “You’re so paranoid.  I went to take a shower, it…kinda would explain the wet hair.”  Lexi pointed to her dripping blond hair, and then to the blue town that she held in her left hand.


Ace smirked, “I guess it would.”  He walked back over to the bench to collect the toast that had just finished cooking, a loud bell chimed, informing him that it was still in need of being collected from the futuristic toaster.


Lexi gave her hair a quick rub with the towel, to get rid of any excess water, before sitting down at the table with the rest of the team.


Tech, who was sat next to the female rabbit, looked at her with a concerned expression on his face, “Lexi, are you look…annoyed?”


Lexi smiled at him, “I’m fine.  My hair’s just bugging me, I swear the moment I stop thinking about it it’ll frizz up, and then it will have my undivided attention until I sort it out.  Seriously, I think it’s just an attention seeker.”


Tech smirked at her, “Sure.  That’s not crazy at all…”


“Thank you Tech, really.  Did that Basherball game mess with your head or something?”  Lexi too spoke sarcastically to the other; she took the morning newspaper from the coyote’s hands so that he would have some incentive to answer.


“Probably.”  He replied as he took a sip from his glass of orange juice, finding this an adequate answer, Lexi gave him his newspaper and stood up, smiling.  Tech watched Lexi as she got up to make her own breakfast; she slowly walked to the fridge and retrieved the carton of cranberry juice.  Turning around, she got a glass out of a cupboard and poured the red liquid into it, the actions didn’t go unnoticed by Duck.


“Cramps again, Lex?”  He smirked, “has it been a month already?”


Lexi froze, and glared at him.  “Yeah, thanks Duck.”  She replied sarcastically, “Way to make a person feel uncomfortable...” She turned back to her glass and took a sip from it, cringing as the vile tasting liquid stung her taste buds.


“Keep your comments to yourself, Duck.”  Ace glared at the water fowl, sending him a warning.


Rev eyed all of the commotion, “Oh-boy.”  He frowned as he spoke quietly to himself, until an envelope that was resting on one of the benches caught his attention and he hastily ran over to read who it was for.  “Hey-what’s-this, -or-who-is-it-for?”  Rev held up the white envelope in the air, the rest of the Loonatics turned to look.


Ace stood up and walked over to the bird, “Oh, dat.  It came last night.  It’s for all of us.”


“ghdjd dfhkdfjl sfhsj it?”  Slam grumbled, before picking up a large stack of pancakes and consuming them.


“Yeah…” Duck looked from the Tasmanian devil, to the bunny, “Well, open it then.”


Ace scowled at the waterfowl.  He then turned his attention to the small white envelope in his hands; he walked over to the table with the others and sat down next to Lexi’s vacant seat, before she sat down too.


Carefully, as to not damage whatever was inside, Ace opened the small envelope, inside was a rectangular disc.  It wasn’t very large; it looked to only be roughly fifteen centimetres in length, seven in width and maybe less than two centimetres in height.  It had a small bluish screen on the front, which lit up as soon as Ace had a proper hold on the item.


Neat writing started to form on the holographic screen, as a French accented man spoke the words that were writing themselves on the screen:



Dear Loonatics,

       I, Pierre Le Pew, invite you to a formal dinner at my new mega structure, situated in the centre quadrant of the city.


Quality French cuisines will be served, as well as a selection on drinks, quality entertainment, and a chance to explore and enjoy the new five-star resort.


I would be delighted if you could attend this ‘get together’ as you might call it, it would also present you with a chance to meet others of        Acmetropolis’ elite as well as offer you a memorable evening out.


The address of the resort is enclosed on the back of the envelope, from which this invitation came, and I must ask that you bring this when you arrive; as this acts as your ticket to enter the building.


Please dress formally and I hope to see you tonight.


       Yours sincerely,

                Pierre Le Pew



“Pierre Le Pew?”  Duck spoke for all of the team when he said this, “You mean the creepy, sleazy French dude who tricked me and Slam into entering that illegal fighting arena, which almost made us lose Slam?!”


“Yes Duck.”  Ace replied monotonly.


“Hey.  I remember seeing the commercial for that place!”  Lexi announced.


“You do?”  Ace looked at her quizzically, “When?”


“That time you guys went out for dinner and I stayed home, remember?”


Ace nodded his head in confirmation.


“Our names were on the guest list of the advert.”  She looked around and suddenly felt awkward.  “…I... just thought… that it would be... Interesting…. to point out...”  She grinned sheepishly, “…So, what do we do?”  Lexi asked, as she looked around the group of males, searching for an answer to her query.


“I don’t know.  This…thing is tonight.  Are we gonna go, chief?”  Tech asked, through examining the messaging device.  Fascinating’ he mused.


“I…I’m not sure.”  Ace replied, “I mean, dat guy is a total creep.  He tricked Slam and Duck, almost getting Slam killed, and he threw you off a balcony like…a week ago.”  Ace turned to Lexi as he said this.


“Wait, -he-threw-you-off-a-balcony?-when-did-that-happen?”


“When Ace and I went out for dinner…you know, that time…”  Lexi replied to the red fast-talking bird.


“Well…it might be cool to go y’know.  Free French food, drinks and a free chance to see the cool hotel...thingy.”  Duck considered.  “I mean, how often do we get invited to this kind of thing?  I mean, we save the world like…all of the time, and this is like the first time that they’ve ever let us go to some big prestigious event?”


“I guess…”  Ace thought out-loud, “But what it it’s a trap?”


“It seems like he’d be spending a lot of time and money on a trap to catch a bunch of superheroes, Ace.” 


“Lexi?!”  Ace looked at the female next to him, in surprise, “Are you saying that we should go?”


“No...Well, I’m not sure; I mean….I don’t know.”  She sighed.


“Well…I guess it couldn’t hurt?”  Ace rubbed the back of his neck in thought.  “But we do need to interrogate those guys from yesterday down at the subterranean prison.  Dat’s our first priority, if it runs overtime; we still have to do our job.”


“Fine.”  Duck sighed.  “Let’s get it over with already.”






The booming voice of a prison officer over a loud speaker addressed all of the criminals as the Loonatics descended to the ground floor of the Acmetropolis Subterranean prison in an elevator. 


They were now on the ground floor. 


The floor above the contained the more dangerous criminals, the likes of Mallory Mastermind, Massive, Sypher and Weathervane were all contained in ‘prison bubbles’ which were able to withstand their special and unique abilities and prevent them from escaping.


The ground floor was where dangerous criminals were kept which needed interrogating by the Loonatics.


The Loonatics all moved quickly on the moving platform, which transported them across from the elevator shaft, to the prison cells.  What they were ‘levitating’ over, was a massive ditch, used to deter villains who try to escape and enter the elevators, the only means of escape.  The moving platform brought them more and more closer to the men who had tried to kill them all on the day before; it gave some shudders to see their faces again.    But they did their best to keep their composure and remain calm in front of the men.


Both Ace and Tech had their arms crossed over their chests when they approached the cell that the group of men were being held in, while Rev, Slam and Duck had their arms at their sides. 


All of the five males wore stern expressions, though some were annoyed to even be there, or were somewhat scared, or who were just angry about what had happened to them – and to their team.


Lexi’s stance was more rigid.  She had experienced a more personal…encounter… from the criminals’ leader, Tom.  And she didn’t like the thought of having to see him again.  She felt uncomfortable when the others had asked her what he had done to her when they had left the mayor’s office at the end of the attack yesterday.  Luckily Ace was there to explain it instead of her, he even spoke to them about it in private, rather than when Lexi was there and would feel awkward around the group of males after they had known what Tom had done to her…and what he had tried to do.


She stood silently, trying to hide the fear in her eyes. She mentally decided that she would let the guys do the talking, and if any of the attackers said anything to her, she would ignore the comment.  Ace and the others would sort them out anyway.  The guys knew that she felt uncomfortable, and they had even offered that she stay behind, but she had declined, not wanting Tom and the others to think she was scared…even though she was.


“Oh look, if it isn’t the Loonatics again.”  Tom spat out, crossing his arms in a disgusted manner, “I hope you’re all okay after everything that happened yesterday…they were just following orders.”  Tom pointed to the men who accompanied him in the cell.


“Oh don’t worry,” Duck pointed up at them, “We were too, which is exactly why you are, where you are.  All.  Locked.  Up.”


Tom smirked, but he didn’t respond to the water fowl’s comment.  He couldn’t think of what to say, instead he looked at all of the Loonatics, eyeing their facial expressions, trying to pick out who was scared, who was vulnerable.  His eyes finally landed on Lexi.


“So, I hope I didn’t scare you too much yesterday ‘hun’, I know you didn’t want me to do what I did.”  He smirked at her before sending her a wink.


Lexi furrowed her eyebrows, then, embarrassed; she crossed her arms and turned away from everyone.


Ace looked from Lexi, to the men in the cells, glaring at them.  “Leave her alone; don’t you t’ink you’ve done enough?”


“Yeah sure, like we’re really gonna listen to you, Bunny.”  Another man spat out in a gruff voice.


Ace glared at him, “Anyway gang, “He turned back to the rest of the team, “we’ve got a job to do.”  He turned back to Tom in his cell, “We’ll speak to Tom first.”  He sent the man a ****y grin while a guard handcuffed the man, and two brought the man out of his cell.


The men held onto Tom’s arms securely, making sure that he couldn’t get away, while they hauled him into a room with the Loonatics in tow.


One of the men tapped loudly on the cell wall, attracting the attention of Lexi who was the last of the group to walk to the room, she turned around to see what he wanted, still annoyed and uncomfortable after what Tom said earlier.


“Hey,” One of the men whispered, “If you get us out of here, we can make it worth your while...”


Lexi gasped, but glared at them, before turning around, but she jumped when she saw Tech standing behind her, “Tech, what are you..?”


The coyote put a hand on her shoulder and sent a glare at the men before turning both himself and Lexi around, and walking towards the interrogation room, “Were they bothering you, Lex?”


Lexi hesitated before replying, “No.  No they weren’t….and I’m fine.”  She answered his query, predicting that he would ask if she was okay.


Tech sent her a disbelieving look, but decided not to say anything, he heard the shouts and mutterings of the men behind them, ‘Pigs’ he thought sourly.


The two walked in silence from that point, when they reached the interrogation room, the two guards who had brought Tom and the Loonatics to the room were standing outside, making sure no unauthorised people went in, ensuring that all was well with the men in their cells, and close enough to the interrogation room in case the Loonatics needed help if Tom suddenly got out of hand. 


When the guards saw Tech and Lexi approaching, they opened the door for the duo, and they quietly entered.


Inside, was a dark room with a single table in the middle, Ace and the rest of the Loonatics, minus Tech and Lexi who now stood by the door.  Tom sat in a seat where Slam and Rev stood close by, in case he got violent or tried to escape.  Ace and Duck stood on the other side of the table to Tom, parallel to Tech and Lexi.


The Loonatic leader glanced at the coyote and female bunny, before turning back to Tom, “So, why did you break into da mayor’s office.  You appeared to be searching through a lot of files…what were you looking for?”


“Details.”  Tom muttered.

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Tech eyed the man suspiciously, “What details?”


Tom looked up at him, “Just information that we needed.”


Ace was getting frustrated, “What information…why did you need it.  You obviously went to a lot of trouble to get to it.  So what were you trying to do…find codes to banks?  Locate mines…what?”


Tom scowled, “We needed the rest of our gang to do that kind of thing.”


“So….what?”  Duck asked quizzically, “You were trying to bust your friends out of jail?”


Tom smirked, but quickly hid his small gesture.  But the action didn’t go unnoticed by the Loonatics.


Ace smiled triumphantly, “You know Duck, I t’ink dat you actually got it.”  He turned back to Tom, “Was he right?”


Tom rolled his eyes, “Okay…yes!  But wouldn’t you do the same?”  He leaned forward in his chair, addressing Ace, “Wouldn’t you go out of your way to help your friends if they were in trouble…kinda like how you help her.”  He pointed to Lexi.  “It seems like the two of you seem to be more than just team mates.  If you know what I mean.”  He raised an eyebrow.


Ace glanced at Lexi, and then glared at Tom.  “Dat’s none of your business.”


“Hmm, sounds like I’ve got you there.”  He leant back in his chair in a relaxed fashion.


Ace grit his teeth, “Yeah, well you’re looking somewhat smug for someone whose gonna be locked up for a long time.  Let’s go Loonatics.”


Sending the man glares moved, The Loonatics left the interrogation room, Leaving Tom to sit in silence.  Soon to be brought out by two of the guards, and was put back in his cell.




“Well, I guess that now that we’re home we should get ready to go to that Pierre hotel...thingamajig!”  Duck announced as he walked over to the sofa, after they had returned from the Acmetropolis subterranean prison.


“Yeah, yeah Duck, we know!”  Ace sighed as he too sat down.


While the rest of the male Loonatics sat down, Lexi slowly walked over to the couch, musing about something, she stood with her hands on her hips.


Ace noticed the female’s behaviour, “What’s wrong, Lex?”


“I was just thinking….about the thing.   I mean…” She sat down next to Ace, “…do you guys even…like…have anything formal that you’d be able to wear to this hotel dinner thing?”


“Yeah, Lex.”  Tech smiled, “We’d be panicking otherwise.”


Lexi smiled back, “Wait….does formal mean ‘wear a dress’?”  She looked around the room to someone with an answer.


“Umm, I’m thinking….yes...well, not for us…I hope…”  Duck gave her a quizzical look, “Why?”


Lexi slouched, Ace put an arm around her, “I don’t know, I just don’t really like to wear dresses unless I like…want to.” 


“I thought that you wore one when you and Ace had that date?”  Duck raised an eyebrow as he spoke.


Both Lexi and Ace blushed, and shifted uncomfortably, they weren’t exactly expecting the water fowl to be reminding them of that evening. “Well...yeah, but…you know, going back to the whole…thing I said like...”  She checked her watch, “like…twelve seconds ago.  You know, that’s when I said: ‘I’ll only wear one unless I want to’ does that ring a bell, Duck?”


“Hey, I thought I was the only one who was allowed to be sarcastic around here.”  He pouted.


“And-that-just-looks…-really-weird,-Duck.”  Rev giggled.


“Yeah,” Ace smiled.  “Anyway, should we get ready.”




Lexi sighed, looking at herself in the mirror.  What she saw…she didn’t really like.  She had on a black, strapless dress that had a wide pink waistband which highlighted her narrow middle.  The dress reached the floor and the dark shade of the fabric brought out her slim figure.  Pierre’s gonna love this.’ She thought sarcastically, thinking of the sleazy creep who had tried to flirt with her when he had first seen her.  She blew a stray hair out of her eyes, the torso part of her dress moving down slightly, she sighed, reaching behind her with her arm, she couldn’t reach the zipper.  Damn it’


Quietly Lexi looked outside of her door, making sure that no one would see her, she quickly slipped out of her room and knocked quietly on Ace’s door.


Naturally, the grey rabbit let her in, greeting her with a smile and a kiss, “Hey Lexi…” Lexi looked at the grey bunny, seeing what he was wearing.  He had on a Black pair of smart trousers, with shiny black shoes, a white shirt, a yellow bow tie and a black jacket with a yellow strip of ribbon that lined the bottom on the sleeves.  His bow tie was still undone as he took in her appearance.  Lexi smiled up at him, before walking past him.  


“So, I’m guessing all of the guys have their signature colour on their suits…like you?”


“Yeah, I t’ink so.  I’m not sure; I haven’t seen any of dem yet.”  Ace replied.  He walked back into his main room where Lexi was, as he began to tie his bow tie.


 “Ace, could you…can you zip me up?”  She turned her back to him, indicating to him that her dress was still undone at the back.


“Oh, sure.”  Ace stepped forwards and pulled up the zipper.  He wrapped his arms around her small waist, resting his forehead on the back of her neck.  He then turned her around so that she could face him.  He looked her up and down before smiling at her, keeping his arms around her waist as he pulled her against him.  “Hey, you look nice.”


Lexi gave him a look of disbelief, “You think?”


“Yeah.”  He was smiling as he kissed her.


Lexi pulled away and chuckled, “Right.”  She replied sarcastically.  “This, is why I hate dresses.”  She looked down at herself, obviously focusing on something that Ace hadn’t noticed.


“What?”  He shrugged his shoulders.


Lexi looked up at him, “Do… think…that…this dress makes my hips look too wide?”


Ace smiled at her, placing his hands on her hips and pulling her towards him.  “No.  I think you look just beautiful.”


Lexi half smiled up at him, “Really?”


Ace sighed and rolled his eyes, “Yes, now stop worrying about yourself.  I told you this last night, you look great.”


“Thanks Ace.”  She smiled, kissing him, “Anyway, we should go to the main room and wait for the guys.” 


“Err, yeah.  Once I’ve done up my bow tie.”  Ace replied as he put his arms up behind his head.


Lexi looked at him strangely, “What are you doing?”


“Tying a bow tie, what does it look like?”


“Usually you don’t put your hands behind your head though, Ace.”


“Yeah…”  Ace grinned sheepishly at her, “I decided to take the easy way out.”


“How so?”


“It’s a clip on.”  He showed her the two clips at the end, looking much like the ‘hook and eye’ clips that you find on bras.  “Even though it’s supposed to be easier to ‘tie’, it still doesn’t make it…”


Lexi smiled at his actions, “Come here…”  Ace did as he was told, Lexi’s next actions took him by surprise, she swiftly moved her hands behind his neck, and simply did up the bow tie without even having to look.  “There you go, done.”  She grinned.


Ace smiled, “But how did you..? Never mind….T’anks.”  He took her by the waist and kissed her, before leading her out of his room.  Lexi stopped suddenly.  “What is it, Lex?”


Lexi smiled back at him, “I just need to get my jacket…and bag.  I’ll be right back.”


“Oh, okay den.  I’ll be out here.”  Ace watched Lexi disappear into her room, her door automatically closing behind her. He sighed and waited. 


“What are you doing?”  Came a voice from behind the rabbit, Ace turned around and was met with the sight of Duck, wearing a suit similar to his own, but with an orange strip of fabric lining the ends of the sleeves as well as an orange bow tie around his neck; rather than yellow.


“Just waiting for Lex.”  The grey rabbit relied, simply.


“Uh…huh?”  Duck muttered suspiciously, as he passed the bunny and walked into the main room, tripping down the steps as he did so.


Ace couldn’t help but snicker as he watched the water fowl tumble down the small set of steps, and land in a heap on the floor.


Duck shook his head before standing up, and facing the rabbit, “You’re despicable.”


Ace smirked when the mallard walked away, but with a slight limp.  Ace turned back to face Lexi’s door, just as she opened it to leave her room, turning off a light as she left.


“So, are you okay now?”  He asked, taking her hand.  She was now wearing a small pink jacket that matched the waistband on her dress, with a smaller bag which hung off of her shoulder, and tucked itself between her torso and her arm.


“Yep.  I’m good.”  She smiled; she gave him a quick kiss before he led her out of the corridor, and into the main room, where the rest of the team stood waiting.


“Wow-Lexi-you-look-really-nice!”  Rev commented as he ran up to the two bunnies, like Ace and Duck, he too had on a suit where the bow tie and sleeve ends were red, his signature colour.  The same with Tech and Slam.


Lexi half smiled at his comment, and the ones that came from the rest of the team who all smiled at her, including Ace.  “Umm, Thanks…guys.”


Rev put his hand on her shoulder, smiling, “Aww-Lexi,-don’t-look-so-embarrassed!”  He turned back to the rest of the team, “Anyway-we-should-go.”


Lexi smiled back at him, “Yeah.  The cab’s here….or whatever we’re using to get to the place.”


“How’d you know that?”  Duck asked her quizzically.


Lexi rolled her eyes and pointed to her ears, “Super hearing, remember?”


“Oh yeah..!”




Surprised at the vehicle that was sent for them by Pierre Le Pew, the Loonatics stood outside of the shiny black limousine, awe struck, they hadn’t expected that.


Soon, after becoming impatient, the Limousine driver, who had been standing by an open door to the car, waiting for them to get in, cleared his throat.  “Umm, would you…like to get in, so that we can leave?”


Blinking away his thoughts, Duck was the first to move, “Oh yeah!  So this is what the life of luxury is like!”  He said triumphantly as he stepped inside.


Ace was the next to enter the vehicle, followed by Lexi, Tech, Rev, and finally; Slam. Once they had their seatbelts fastened, the driver shut the door, and returned to his own seat, where he began to drive.


“This is…cool.”  Tech smiled.  He was impressed, which was how the rest of the team felt.  He grinned, “I’ve never been in a limo before.”


The rest of the team nodded in agreement.  Obviously before becoming superheroes, none of tem had really been in any position where they had been driven in such a vehicle.


“What about you Ace, Isn’t your dad like…famous?”  Lexi asked, resting a hand on the grey bunny’s knee.


“Okay….yeah, I have been in a limo…a few times.  But dat was when I was really little…before I went to live with my uncle.”






“Bonjour…monsier…Ace, Tech, Rev, Slam…and…Duck” Pierre shook hands with the five male Loonatics when they entered the massive building.  They all stopped, waiting for Lexi.


“Ahh!”  The French man said happily, “And Mademoiselle Lexi.”  He kissed her hand, “You look….how you say….beautiful tonight.”  He smiled at the female bunny.


Lexi smiled back at him, after she had walked back to the main group and was out of sight of Pierre Le Pew, her smile turned into a look of mock disgust, “Aww man!”  She wiped her hand on her dress, “Now I have to sanitise my hand!”


Ace smirked at her before putting his arm around her waist.  The Loonatics were lead to a circular table, with a white table cloth on it.  The layout on their table was the same as those of the others in the grand hall.  There was a candle at the centre of the table, a large selection of cutlery at everyone’s place, neatly folded napkins in the space where their plate would soon be, and each place had a crystal wine glass to the right of ones’ seating place, there was also a small glass where ice cold water was, water that had obviously been poured from the crystal jug that was placed by the candle.


“Wow!”  Duck commented, looking around the massive hall, “I guess he wasn’t kidding when he said ‘Grand Opening’, this place is huge!”


The mallard was correct.  The room was predominately marble finished.  The beautiful and expensive stone was everywhere.   The floor, the walls and even on the ceiling, crystal chandeliers hung from various points on the ceiling, the light shimmering and sparkling in the tiny glass beads.   Also, in various positions around the hall, there were palms, planted in sandy brown pots.


There was a stage at the front of the room, with a podium that was completely dwarfed by the size of the room, there was a bar area towards the left of the stage, where waiters in smart waistcoats and bow ties, white shirts and long black trousers…similar to the attires of most of the men in the room, minus the jackets.  Waiters also served drinks to the tables, as well as taking early orders of food.

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Ace pulled out a chair for Lexi as she was about to sit down, luckily the female rabbit noticed that it had moved before she sat down on it.  “There you go Lex.”  He smiled.


Lexi sighed and sat down, waiting for the grey bunny to take his place next to her on her left, when he did, she turned to face him.  “Ace, you know you didn’t have to do that.”


“I know.”  He smiled, “But I wanted to”


Lexi rolled her eyes and took a sip of water; Tech took up a seat to her right, he sat next to Slam, who was next to Rev, whose seat faced away from the stage.  On the roadrunner’s right was Duck, and to his right was Ace.


“Well-isn’t-this-nice,-this-is-a-great-way-for-us-to-have-some-fun-as-a-team,-it’s-great! –And-have-you-seen-how-fancy-this-place-is-it’s-amazing,-who-would’ve-thought-that-we-would-ever-get-invited-ot-this-kind-of-thing.  Well...actually,-I-don’t-know-who-would-of-thought-that-we-would-be-invited-to-this-kind-of-thing,-so-don’t-mention-any-names, ‘cause-otherwise-we-might-be-here-forever-y’know?  I-mean,-think-about-how-annoying-it-would-be-if-someone-kept-saying-names.  They-would-just-be-talking-and-talking-and-talking-and-talking-and-talking…”


Rev was interrupted when Duck clamped his beak shut, “Rev…” he said sweetly, “Do you know what it’s like to have someone continually talk?”  His tone turned sour towards the end of his sentence.


Rev shook his head.


“Wow.”  Duck replied, amazed.  Truthfully, the mallard would have come out with a sarcastic comment, saying how the bird should look in a mirror, or record himself speaking, or actually listen to himself for once, just so he could know what it was like for the rest of the team…and the world.  But the Duck was interrupted from his predicted telling off of the bird when a waiter came to the table, asking what everyone’s choice of drink was.


The waiter first turned to Lexi, who simply shook her head slowly as she spoke, “Umm, I’ll be fine with just water, thank you.”


The waiter looked puzzled, “Are you sure?”


“Yes.  I’m fine.”


The waiter reluctantly turned to Ace, who gave the waiter his order.  The waiter continued to receive the male Loonatics’ choice of beverage.  When he had finally taken Slam’s order (After the rest of the team had to translate the Tasmanian devil’s estranged speech) the waiter turned back to Lexi. 


“So you’re defiantly okay, you…haven’t changed your mind?”


Lexi smiled, “No.  Water’s good for me.”  She sighed when the waiter left.  “You would have thought that he would’ve taken that hint already.”


Ace looked alarmed and eyed her suspiciously, “What hint?”


Lexi rolled her eyes and smiled at him, “You know….the one where I said that I just wanted water…and nothing else.”


“Oh.”  He replied.  “I…I knew that.”


“Of, course you did, Ace.”


Lexi briefly looked around, before beginning to stand up, “I’m just gonna…you know, go to the ladies room.”




Lexi gave Duck an annoyed look, “Yes, because I’m really gonna tell you guys that one, Duck.”  She replied sarcastically.




Moments later the female bunny returned, she took her place at the table and sat down.  Just as she did, the lights dimmed in the room, and a spot light shone on Pierre Le Pew who stood at the podium on stage.


His white suit shone perfectly in the light, almost making him look like a beacon.  He cleared his throat before speaking, “Ladies and Gentlemen, “  He started, “I, Pierre Le Pew, am glad to see how many people have turned up at my….how you say, get together.  I trust that everyone is having a good time, And that some of you may even consider staying here, or recommending it to ay visiting friends or relatives.” 


He sent a friendly wink to the audience.  Some people gave a chuckle at his actions.  Pierre seemed to shuffle some papers around on his podium, obviously notes for his speech.  He cleared his throat again to hush the audience once more. 


“Now, I would like to take these few moments to speak to you about this magnificent building, its structure, its short history…even some, funny moments that have arisen when building and planning it.”  He continued after a brief pause, “Obviously Acmetropolis’ elite, would find this interesting….well, at least I hope you do.  Otherwise I’ve prepared this…how you say….stupidly long speech for nothing!”  He chuckled.


Once again, members of the audience laughed or at least chuckled at his ‘little jokes’,  The Loonatics however, weren’t exactly finding the man funny; especially after their own experiences with him.


Lexi, out of the six of the Loonatics, was probably the most detached; she hardly listened to a word of what the man said.  Yes she had super hearing, so it wasn’t as if she couldn’t hear him, in fact the annoying ‘buzzing’ of his voice while she thought was beginning to annoy her.


Why hasn’t it come yet?’ she mused to herself, ‘surely it would’ve by now?’


She continued to contemplate various thoughts that she found in her head, suddenly getting lost in her own world.  She failed to remember where she even was, as a sudden dizziness made her vision somewhat dazed, and made her stomach feel strange.


What the…?’ She thought, putting a hand on her stomach, as if it would calm it.  She took a sip of water, suddenly feeling warm and uncomfortable.  Not wanting to raise any alarms to the guys, she merely sat and continued to act as though she was listening….and as if she had been listening the entire time.  But it didn’t help, she still felt strange, and she couldn’t stop herself from musing over more things, instead of listening to Pierre like she should have been.


Suddenly, Lexi was brought out of her thoughts when she heard Pierre Le Pew speak, picking up a certain sentence, “I would like to ask the Loonatics, one of our most