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That's what SHE said

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Starting anew

Ok. I know right now we're all like....WTF?!
But I prefer to look on the much lighter side of all things (I'm not usually an optomist so this is good)

Ok, so we have to admit. Loonatics Unleashed is long gone, and there's doubt that it will ever come back to television. That much is true.
With a show's demise does not go it's spirit. Actually that's the whole reason this site was created. From great love to subtle intrest this show had gained a fansite with well over 100 members.
Wandering passersby
We made it a tradition to check while on the internet. Something we looked forward to infact, something we may have thought about on a constant basis.
It had it's slow beginning, then it's hayday; I arrived during the end of it's 'Golden Years' until it led to a gentle, however, abrupt yet...uhhh...dying, in a word.
And yes I know the show is gone, and it was just an old cartoon, but since when has that been a bad thing? I know of quite many cartoons that I'd probably PAY to watch now....and I have; DVDs by the box set! This show included! (though I have yet to get Season1)
Also, thinking critically about a show that even the writers didn't think too much on, doesn't make you weird or make it bad or anything of that sort. It makes you imaginative, fun, and...possibly a critical thinker.
If cartoons inspire you, why not take a deeper intrest in them?

Right at this moment I'm in Gambier, Ohio, a small town no one's probably ever heard of, for a writing program with Kenyon College (also very much unheard of). The only reason I'm even here, having TONS of fun, just writing is because I ove to write fanfiction. In my spare time, at home, school, and parks. I love to use characters with little personality and develop them and tweek them until they seem like real people.
I'm going to college seeking a major in creative writing, probably because I unlocked my talents through this show, and others of it's kind. Not even reality shows or anything. Strictly cartoons; because you can work with them.

I even started drawing again; and good! I used to draw all the time, but then I stopped. Cartoons (old ones like Animaniacs in fact) sparked my intrest to draw again.
And now I feel like I can call myself a cartoonist! I love to draw, and carry around sketch books and paper now. It's mostly because of this very site!

But You don't care about my life anyway, so I'll get to the point.
The point is just because everything on the site was deleted that the site is worth o more.
Obviously the site is still active! With everyone complaining or writing like I am, there's still got to be hope.
So we'll hope. Hope for 2 things.
1. Hope that there might be a way to contact Cali-bunny and get this all fixed
2. Try and start over, fresh and new.

Recently, about last week, just before I left for Ohio, I posted on a thread (of course in what was the hubbub of the Miscellaneous fan Stuff section). The thread was about how the site had changed and became mostly for frequent members to chat about random stuff and make use of thier many Origional Characters. It talked about how we've strayed from the real point of the site, to other, more-or-less, non-important topics.

I have to say I agree. Though it was, and still can be, fun to chat with the OCs and my friends, sometimes I really did want to talk about Rev's rambles or Tech's inventions, Duck's vanity or Lexi's slight boyish-ness, or even Ace's sword or Zadavia's freaking planet!
I think we chould get back to that. Or at least try.
Because I don't want the site to die.

And for those of you who couldn't give a damn. That's fine. You don't HAVE to like Loonatics Unleashed anymore; no one's forcing you to watch or post.
I'm just hoping we can get something going.

So now to end this very long, speech-like post (sorry I'm up on a hill in the midle of no-where and I have to write like this for 2 weeks more XD)

Thanks for reading If you did. biggrin



p.s. To Long to Read version!
We don't have to let the site die, let's try and start over actually talking about the show.

Hey! It's your friendly neighborhood Sye ;D



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So. Duck's a pretty spiffy feller, huh? :3

I'm pretty sure there's a new site though. Now that this one has sadly died.

Man. We could've left the older posts. Deleted the OC topics, fine. But left the older posts. ):



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I actually agree with the whole "this site was being overcrammed by OCs and chats about/starring OCs"-thing. This show is becoming what Invader Zim became a few years ago. Hardly anyone cares about the show or the canon characters, and just focuses on the OCs they and other people have created, based on said show, and just ignore the original characters.

And no, I'm not a fan of OCs. In fact, sometimes, I even catch myself hating them. How could you tell? xD

I listen to Weird Al, I still watch old cartoons, I think about the actors/voice actors when watching movies, I'm in love with a long-haired man with a 'stache


Hahh! And people say I'm weird! 8D


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Jeez, HOW long since I was last here?

Anyways, I would agree with you, sure what happened was shocking and somewhat extreme, this maybe a chance to start with a clean slate and get back to this site's roots.

Yes, the Golden Age is over and most likely never coming back but at least we can preserve what is left. If the person who did this really hated the site, they would have deleted the whole thing. But because they may have loved the site, it's fans and it's history, they cleaned it of all the bad vibes and gave it a second chance.

The best thing I think would be to get back to what this site was all about;
Uniting people from around the globe to share their love for a cartoon. Sure it sounds stupid but this is what this site did and what the Loonatics did.

This place started out as a site dedicated to a cartoon with only a few followers (I am proud to say I was one of the first few). It slowly grew into a little community of great artists, wonderful writers and many different fans from world over. 

Yes, I miss the good old days and (while watching from afar) was saddened to see what it was turning into with people using OCs all the time. But if we all unite again, like we did before, we can return to maybe not the Golden age but to an era that has been reborn fron the flames of a phoenix.

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I'm sure there's some sort of metaphor or something to Loonatics Unleashed that we could make in the "rebirth" of this site or whatever...

But yes, we can try to re-spark this thing. The only concern that I have is that there's a way to save what we once had (because it can still be located by the search option on this site), and that adding more might mess with it somehow.

So... are we good to go with making new LU based topics? Or are we planning to hold off to see how things will play out for a while?


Good to be back?

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I have no idea what happened, but I'm in the process of restoring the topics. Hopefully some of the mods still around will assist in deleting OC topics.

It's good to see some old faces again. :)

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