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Post Info TOPIC: You're Gonna Be A Father! (Rewritten)


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You're Gonna Be A Father! (Rewritten)

Hey, guys. This the first LU topic I've posted in 2010. And, as you can tell by the title...I'M REWRITING YOU'RE GONNA BE A FATHER! WHOO!

Here's the new summary:

When Ace and Lexi's daughter asks them how she was conceived and what happened leading up to her birth as part of an assessment task, they explain to her how it all began. Acexi Tech/OC T to be on the safe side...

The prologue will be posted after this.


Can't think of anything so, don't blame me for being lazy.


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OK. Here's the prologue:

An 18-year-old female anthro bunny walked briskly towards the Loonatics HQ. She was carrying a school bag on her shoulders and her hands were in the pockets of her jacket. Her ears were done up with a gold ribbon above her head and her blonde bangs were spread to one side of her forehead. Her crystal blue eyes shone brightly under the bright sun along with her peach and white coloured fur. She was wearing white jeans and a matching strapless t-shirt with gold glitterly swirly patterns along with matching knee-high boots. She also had headphones in her ears as she listened to one of the songs her, her mother and her aunt were in love with. She immediately deactivated her iPod (AN: In case you're wondering what kind of iPod it is, it's a combination of the latest iPod Nano and the iPod Touch. It's very advanced for our time. Also, I'll tell you who the girl is later in the chapter. Patience is a virtue, Duck! Duck: Excuse me. Danger Duck is full of patience. Me: If you say so.) as soon as she was in fromt of the doors to the HQ. She swiped her access card and entered the tower. As soon as she was on the 134th floor, she immediately went to the kitchen where she saw some members of the Loonatics.

"Hey, guys!" she called as she entered.

"Hey, Brea!" the green-and-black-covered coyote responded.

"Uncle Tech, why is it that every time I come home from school, you're at the table with one of your inventions?" Brea asked.
(AN: Oh. Also, Brea's name is pronounced BRE-AH.)

"Because aside from your parents and aunt, you're the best person to show off a new invention to," Tech responded.

"Speaking of Mum and Dad, do you know where they are?" Brea asked as she placed her school bag on a chair and dug out a pen and her Personal Development notebook.

"They're-in-the-training-room," the red-and-black roadrunner responded.

"Thanks, Uncle Rev," Brea said as she left the kitchen and went to the training room.

When she entered the training room, she saw a male anthro bunny clad in a yellow-and-black Loonatics uniform on one of those hover discs meditationg and a female anthro bunny in a pink-and-black Loonatics uniform practising her karate moves. Brea just sighed at the sight. It wasn't something she didn't see before.

"What is it with you 2 and always having to be in the same room together?" Brea sighed as she approached her parents.

"Oh. Hey, Brea. How was school?" the male bunny asked.

"Same old, same old. Except every single senior including me is looking forward to getting out of high school in a month. I think I even saw some of the Barbies crying over it. It was so funny, my friends and I had to bite our tongues to stop ourselves from laughing," Brea responded.

As you can tell, Brea in in her final term of her senior year at Acmetropolis High School. So, she's been swamped with loads of homework, assignments and assessment tasks. One thing she's looking forward to when she graduated from high school was becoming a member of the Loonatics and being able to fight side-by-side with her parents, aunt, uncles, cousings and her younger brothers and sister when they join.

"Got any homework?" the female asked.

"As usual, tons. But, I have an assessment task from Personal Development that involves you guys," Brea explained.

The 2 bunnies stopped what they were doing and they sat on the steps while Brea opened her notebook and got her pen ready.

"For the assessment task, I have to ask you guys how I was conceived and what happened from the time of that moment to my birth. With that, Ms Jordan will use it to determine the personality of you 2 and the kind of person I will be in the years to come. I have to interview you guys about it and then I have to write a report about it. It goes towards 75% of my final grade," Brea told them while looking at the criteria sheet.

"Do you wanna interview us now and get it over with so you can write that report?" the female asked.

"That might be the best idea for her, Lex. Like Brea mentioned earlier, she's swamped with homework. And...when's the report due?" the male asked.

"My draft is due on Thursday and my final copy is due on the following Thursday," Brea responded.

"You wanna go first, Ace?" Lexi asked.

"Why not? Well, Brea, it all started 18 years ago..." Ace began.

Flashback begins

So what do you think?

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Can't think of anything so, don't blame me for being lazy.

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